Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2210 Raw 2317 : We Are Heroes! tes

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Chapter 2210 Raw 2317 : We Are Heroes! tes

A piercing light lit up the entire Final Blood Battlefield like a blazing sun. Even from one million kilometers away, Xiao Chen saw the dazzling and eye-catching intense light.

As the light was glaring, it caused temporary blindness. One would see nothing but the intense light.

When the intense light scattered, Luohou Yun exclaimed in shock, “Light Dao Domain! It’s a Righteous Dao cultivator. How could there be a Righteous Dao cultivator in the Final Blood Battlefield? Are these people suicidal?!”

After the group of Sovereign Personage guards startled to their senses, they showed worry on their faces, clearly feeling ill at ease.

“How could it be like this?”

“Did King Luohou consider this? What a terrifying Light Dao Domain! It is even stronger than the might of that Eighth Prince’s sacred weapon.”

Although the light appeared for only a short time, not lingering like the sacred tool’s might, it had erupted with a much stronger might than the sacred tool.

Luohou Yun and the other Asura cultivators could not help feeling anxious. Everyone worried about Luohou Wang’s safety under such circumstances.

Xiao Chen had already recovered his calm. Previously, he had heard rumors of Righteous Dao cultivators coming to the Final Blood Battlefield.

However, these people hid very well, mixing with the Demonic Dao loose cultivators.

Demonic Dao loose cultivators were humans. The Righteous Dao cultivators were humans too. When mingling, they just had to be careful to hide their aura, and discovering them would be a challenge.

Furthermore, baleful auras and chaotic energies pervaded this Final Blood Battlefield, easily interfering with a cultivator’s perception.

“Let’s go. This place is no longer safe,” Xiao Chen said softly. While Luohou Yun and the others had not seen it, he had seen Luohou Wang getting attacked.

Xiao Chen did not know the current situation, but he could be sure that Luohou Wang had lost control of it.

“No, I want to find my father. I will not leave. Something must have happened to him; I must go and save him.”

Luohou Yun appeared flustered, his eyes turning bloodshot. Perhaps it was the connection between father and son, but he sensed that Luohou Wang was in dire straits.

This was genuinely tragic. Before coming here, Luohou Yun did not know anything.

He had thought that his father brought him here just to see the world. He did not expect such a cruel thing to happen.

Xiao Chen frowned slightly. He could understand Luohou Yun’s emotions. However, the rational move was to leave.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!”

Luohou Yun tried running back. However, he got trapped in Xiao Chen’s Taiji force field, which made it hard to move away. Demonic Qi Veritable Essence Energy surged all over his body as he cried out, but nothing worked.

“Damn it! Let me go! Let me go!” Luohou Yun bellowed angrily and started cursing Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen could not be bothered. He ordered calmly, “Capture him. Let’s go.”

The Sovereign Personage guards knew that Xiao Chen was right. Although they were not happy with Xiao Chen, they still obeyed.

However, Luohou Yun suddenly put on a tough front. He said seriously, “Release me. If you dare to touch me, I’ll commit suicide.”

“Young Prince, stop being so stubborn. Listen to Mister Xiao, and let’s go.”

“Indeed. With my king’s strength, he will definitely survive. At that time, if he comes out and sees that something happened to Young Prince, there will be trouble.”

Luohou Yun refused to obey. He kept repeating that something had happened to his father.

Xiao Chen sighed softly and said, “Leave him be. We’ll wait here for King Luohou.”

Xiao Chen understood Luohou Yun. This was just a twenty-odd-year-old kid. After his emotions flared up, Luohou Yun would lose his rationality.

If Xiao Chen forcibly brought him away, something bad might happen.

If that was the case, then so be it.

Xiao Chen felt helpless in his heart. Luohou Wang gave him something very problematic to deal with.

Xiao Chen could not be bothered with anything else. He closed his eyes and cultivated quietly on the Demon Blood Vulture’s back.

However, he left his Taiji force field spread out. That way, no matter what Luohou Yun did, Luohou Yun could not get out.

When Luohou Yun became tired, he would naturally stop.

Two hours later, Xiao Chen suddenly opened his eyes. He saw a horrifying Demonic Might heading towards him on the fog-covered battlefield.

However, when Xiao Chen carefully probed it, he noticed that this strong aura was already a spent force.

This person was barely hanging on as he rushed forward.

Indeed, when this person got within range of Xiao Chen’s Spiritual Sense, Xiao Chen discovered that it was Luohou Wang.

As Luohou Wang frantically rushed over, a group of Sovereign Emperors gave relentless chase.

The shocking thing was that the Profound Heaven’s Holy Son, Wenren Yu, Mu Yunzhu, and Gu Yuhan were among the pursuers. To think that Demonic Dao cultivators, Abyssal Underworld Sovereign Emperors, and Righteous Dao cultivators were working together to chase Luohou Wang.

Xiao Chen pondered this as he sat on the Demon Blood Vulture. Did Luohou Wang manage to snatch the True God Flame?

This was the only possible reason for these factions to set aside their differences and face Luohou Wang together.


A strong wind blew, scattering the demonic fog for five thousand kilometers around. Then, Luohou Wang’s figure appeared before Xiao Chen and the others.

Wounds covered Luohou Wang’s body. A huge gash emitting a profound white light on his chest was the most eye-catching.

Luohou Wang forcefully carved out a path of blood along the way. When seen from a distance, it looked like a scarlet blood river spanning five thousand kilometers.


The somewhat despondent Luohou Yun completely broke down, letting his tears flow freely. Xiao Chen dismissed the Taiji force field, and Luohou Yun struggled out. Then, he raced over frantically.

“Protect King Luohou!”

The group of Sovereign Personage guards all rushed out, wanting to block that group of Sovereign Emperors. They had lost their patience long ago.

When Luohou Wang saw Luohou Yun, he squeezed out a smile on his handsome face. Then, he leaped and landed before Luohou Yun.

“Pu ci!”

However, the instant Luohou Wang landed, he fell to the ground and could not get up. After vomiting three mouthfuls of blood, he coughed continuously.

Agonized shrieks rang out. How could the Sovereign Personage guards have the power to block Sovereign Emperors? These guards died instantly. However, they were very resolute. Right before they died, they chose to self-detonate, which was tricky for those Sovereign Emperors to deal with.


The Demon Blood Vulture turned into a flash of scarlet light and arrived beside Luohou Yun and Luohou Wang. Luohou Wang was already unable to speak. He only used one hand to grip Luohou Yun’s hand. The other hand tightly clenched, showing no sign of relaxing.


Luohou Yun looked at Xiao Chen with red eyes as he cried, “Senior, can you save my father? I beg you, please!”

Xiao Chen thought irritably in his heart, As a 3-Vein Sovereign Emperor, how could he die so easily?

If he hands over the True God Flame, would these people really dare to kill him, King Luohou? The Luohou Clan also has older-generation Faux God experts.

This little kid making it sound like his father is dying does make me feel a bit sorry for him, though.

While Luohou Yun spoke, Luohou Wang’s energy drained. Luohou Wang struggled to raise his head to look at Xiao Chen.

At this moment, there was no need for words. Xiao Chen already knew what Luohou Wang wanted to say from Luohou Wang’s expression.

Luohou Wang wanted him to protect Luohou Yun and help him receive the True God’s inheritance.

Xiao Chen did not show any response. It was not that he was cold and unfeeling but that he was a person from the Heavenly Alliance. He just needed to take away the Heavenly Alliance holy relic.

There was no need to get involved with other trouble, taking the risk to make enemies of so many Sovereign Emperors.

Luohou Wang could not say anything. However, he showed intense sorrow in his eyes. Now, even his lifeforce started scattering.

If one’s heart died, even if one’s body were fine, one would be no different from a dead person.

Luohou Wang’s final look touched the softest and weakest part of Xiao Chen’s heart.

Xiao Chen thought of the Faux God World, recalling the five years he spent facing Liu Ruyue in Cloud Fiend Hall and the indescribable pain he had felt.

He recalled that his heart erupted and broke, making him live like the living dead for days.

The Final Blood Battlefield had existed for a long time. The demonic fog did not scatter, the strong wind did not stop, the dark clouds lingered, and the blood moon hung high. The howling wind carried the souls of the dead singing sorrowful songs of the past and coldly watching today’s events unfold at the same time.

The sorrowful song was eternal; the battlefield never changed. The story remained the same, just with different waves of heroes. Sooner or later, everyone would become heroes, legends that the succeeding generations spoke of.

Luohou Wang, are you a person of passion, as well?

In that case, I, Xiao Chen, will help you just this once. Xiao Chen nodded silently under the conical bamboo hat.

When Luohou Wang saw Xiao Chen nod, he relaxed, finally closing his eyes. His tightly clenched fist opened, and a black flame immediately struggled free and slowly floated up into the air.

Horror and fear always went hand in hand with the dark Demonic Sovereigns. However, this black flame appeared dazzling, looking as pure as gems or the stars in the sky; it actually looked somewhat divine.

The ten-odd Sovereign Emperors behind immediately turned crazed. However, not all the Sovereign Personage guards had died yet. They were still exploding themselves, so the Sovereign Emperors did not dare to advance rashly.

Luohou Yun hugged Luohou Wang, crying endlessly. This little fool still did not know what arrangements his father and Xiao Chen made with each other.

If the White Dragon King were here, he would definitely celebrate that he had a daughter. If he had such a stupid son, he would be frustrated to death.

“Don’t cry. Your father is alive.”

Xiao Chen leaped down and grabbed the True God Flame. Then, he used his other hand to shift Luohou Wang and Luohou Yun, one after another, onto the Demon Blood Vulture.

When Luohou Yun heard Xiao Chen’s words, he did not get angry. He asked in surprise, “Senior, my father is fine?”

Xiao Chen did not have much time, so he cut the explanation short. “Your father is only overly injured, and his body entered a state of automatic self-preservation, falling into a deep sleep. After he recovers, he will naturally wake up. Don’t say anything, and don’t ask anything. Remove your crown.”

Communicating with someone lacking smarts took effort.

Luohou Yun did not dare to say anything. Hearing that his father was fine, he relaxed and did as Xiao Chen said, removing his crown.

Xiao Chen received the crown. Then, he glanced at the Sovereign Personage guards; most of them already died. Then, he said calmly, “Go on, then. Don’t be so silly to jump off yourself. You and your father will be fine.”

Luohou Yun startled awake and said, “Senior, what about you? Come with us. I’ll bring you to the royal residence of the Luohou Clan.”

There’s nothing wrong with being kind. However, being brainless is really a problem.

Xiao Chen felt helpless. If I come with you, would you be able to leave?

Xiao Chen did not feel like explaining. He opened his left hand and looked at the ancient Demonic Sovereign’s True God Flame. Then, he quickly made his move, separating the inheritance flame and the divine nature flame.

Then, Xiao Chen gently tapped the ancient Demonic Sovereign’s inheritance flame, sending it into Luohou Yun’s forehead.

Before Luohou Yun could cry out, the Demon Blood Vulture turned into a flash of scarlet flame, soaring into the sky.

The ancient Demonic Sovereign’s inheritance did not interest Xiao Chen. However, the divine nature flame could greatly nourish him.

After giving Luohou Yun the inheritance and keeping the divine nature flame, he would have fulfilled his promise to Luohou Wang.


Suddenly, a strong wind blew, accompanied by an overwhelming aura. This kicked up sand and nearly blew Xiao Chen away.

Xiao Chen did not need to look to know that all the Sovereign Personage cannon fodder was now dead.

With nothing left to fear, the ten-odd Sovereign Emperors immediately charged over.

Xiao Chen did not say anything, only removed the Seven Color Stone from the crown. Now, the Seven Color Stone showed a dart head shape. Then, he attached it to his Snow God Whip.

Back then, Hua Tianyang shook the world with the Snow God Whip, gaining fame and turning the Heavenly Alliance into a super faction.

Now, the Snow God Whip reappeared. Even without a Secret Technique to drive it, as long as Xiao Chen could bring out ten percent of its might, he would not need to fear this group of rascals.

The many Sovereign Emperors looked at Xiao Chen, not daring to act rashly.

Everyone had more or less heard of a mysterious, unknown demonic cultivator who displayed strange whip skills. Unexpectedly, this demonic cultivator was with Luohou Wang.

The Xuewu Dynasty’s Eighth Prince immediately leaped out and shouted furiously, “No matter who you are, hand over the True God Flame, and I can spare you from death.”

“Eighth Prince, it looks like your eyes have not recovered yet. To think that you do not recognize me.”

Xiao Chen laughed and casually tossed aside the conical bamboo hat on his head. Then, his black clothes exploded, revealing white robes and long hair fluttering in the wind.

“It’s you!”

“Xiao Chen! Lord Feng Xun, he is Xiao Chen, the Xiao Chen who killed Rakshasa Tian’s clone back then.”

After the Eighth Prince saw Xiao Chen’s appearance, his jaw nearly fell off in stupefaction.

The Profound Heaven’s Holy Son, Wenren Yu, Mu Yunzhu, and Gu Yuhan also felt indescribably shocked.

The Rakshasa cultivators also recognized Xiao Chen. This was the Dragon Race cultivator that Rakshasa Tian wanted dead.

These people could not hold back their murderous intent. They roared, “Kill him!” And ten-odd Sovereign Emperors charged at Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen snorted coldly and said, “All of you, back off for this Xiao!”

He held the Snow God Whip with his right hand and gently swung it. The vibrant, red whip that looked like plum blossom branches immediately produced a thunderous crack in the air.


The talisman scripts in the whip activated segment by segment. The instant the thunderous crack roared out, the seven-colored dart head shone with a magnificent light.

It was like spring arrived overnight; plum blossoms covered the land.

With that whip crack, snowflakes filled the sky, covering the land. The ten-odd Sovereign Emperors felt their souls tremble as they vomited blood. This whip crack knocked all of them back at the same time.