Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2209 Raw 2316 : The Situation Changes

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Chapter 2209 Raw 2316 : The Situation Changes

The moment Luohou Wang appeared, his strong aura and the vast accumulations of a 3-Vein Sovereign Emperor shocked the entire place.

When he led two Sovereign Emperors charging over, no one dared to block him.

Luohou Wang instantly launched attacks at a few of the Sovereign Emperors who were slow in dodging, which severely injured them and knocked them away. Their life statuses were unknown after that.

The strongest Sovereign Emperor here was just a 2-Vein Sovereign Emperor. However, Luohou Wang had been a 3-Vein Sovereign Emperor for many years already.

Of the nine Divine Veins, every three was a hurdle. Every time one crossed each set of three, it was like a whole new world. If one could not cross it, one would stagnate.

Although the Divine Vein Realm was said to have nine grades, there were only three grades in reality.

Those with three Divine Veins or less were considered to be Small Perfection Sovereign Emperors. With four to six Divine Veins, one would be a Great Perfection Sovereign Emperor. With more than six Divine Veins, one would be a Consummation Sovereign Emperor.

As a 3-Vein Sovereign Emperor, Luohou Wang could be said to be a peak Small Perfection Sovereign Emperor. He had been stuck at this bottleneck for many years already. If no Great Perfection Sovereign Emperor appeared, no one here could match him in a solo fight.

Although there were many Sovereign Emperors here, most of them fought alone. They were like a plate of loose sand. After being shocked by Luohou Wang’s aura, how could they dare to block him? All of them made way for him.

Luohou Wang only had one target: Li Yun, who held the Xuewu Dynasty’s sacred tool over his head. His aim was even simpler: kill Li Yun and take the ancient Demonic Sovereign’s True God Flame.

However, making it happen was not that easy.

After all, Li Yun alone blocked the terrifying attacks of ten-odd Sovereign Emperors earlier.

This clearly showed the strength of the sacred tool.

When Luohuo Wang appeared, an inconspicuous fluster flashed in Li Yun’s arrogant eyes.

Li Yun did not feel confident in using the sacred tool to block the peak 3-Vein Sovereign Emperor Luohou Wang. If the sacred tool broke, his end would be even more miserable. It would be hard to say whether he could last even three moves against Luohou Wang then.

“Insignificant prince behaving atrociously in my Asura Race’s Abyssal Underworld, quickly scram. Otherwise, don’t blame this king for not giving face to the Xuewu Dynasty.”

Luohou Wang’s handsome face appeared exceptionally domineering, his eyes brimming with startling murderous intent. The might of a ruler leaked out, putting tremendous pressure on Li Yun. Li Yun even wavered for a bit.

However, after thinking about it, Li Yun recalled that he still had Yan Cangming to help him, so he might still be able to fight.

Furthermore, the True God Flame of this Demonic Sovereign was Li Yun’s only chance to rise again. He absolutely could not give up on it.

After making up his mind, Li Yun no longer wavered. He shouted furiously, “Even if the ninth layer’s Underworld Monarch comes today, he can forget about getting me to back off. Luohou Wang, since you dare to appear, then let me experience your Asura Arts!

“Only I reign supreme under the blood moon!” Li Yun pushed the sacred tool’s might to its limits. The Scarlet Moon above him looked like a blood moon hanging high in the sky. The image of a dynasty quickly appeared behind the moon.


At this moment, Li Yun activated the accumulations of an ancient dynasty. Startling Demonic Might erupted from his body, making him look like he was thirty kilometers tall.


Miserable shrieks rang out. The Savage Beasts that the three Sovereign Emperors rode died all of a sudden. Luohou Wang’s previously supreme aura got forced back. When the auras clashed, the surroundings started shaking.

“Wu! Wu! Wu! Wu!”

The countless souls and spirits that lingered in the Final Blood Battlefield for tens of thousands of years seemed to have startled awake. Actual howls came from the ground. The beat of war drums even traveled through space and time, sounding like startling thunder roaring endlessly.

This caused one’s bloodline to surge. Li Yun’s battle hunger blazed, together with his soul.

“I’ll deal with this brat. The two of you go to the Demonic Sovereign corpse,” Luohou Wang instructed, getting his two Sovereign Emperor subordinates to stop Li Yun’s subordinates from doing anything to the Demonic Sovereign corpse.

“Trying to get past me? Forget about it. Lonely Moon Solely Existing!”

Upon seeing the situation, Li Yun instantly attacked, trying to block these two Sovereign Emperors.


The moon image sent out a beam of scarlet light, encasing the two. Then, Li Yun threw two palm strikes, producing thousands of scarlet images that turned into many layers of crescent moons flying at the two Asura Sovereign Emperors.

The scarlet crescent moons flickered between light and shadow as they spun. Scarlet light flashed continuously within five thousand kilometers.

This was the move that blocked the many Sovereign Emperors earlier; dealing with this move had flustered and fatigued them.

Every crescent moon was like a real blood moon, containing the vast and powerful might of the Xuewu Dynasty.

Li Yun’s Dao Domain reached the peak of the third layer when supported by the scarlet light, displaying a startling might.

Luohou Wang snorted coldly, and a slender saber appeared in his hand. As the saber light rose and fell, a force that could split mountains and rivers erupted from his body. Using his powerful 3-Vein Divine Vein Realm cultivation, he forcefully broke these two terrifying palm strikes.

The two Asura Sovereign Emperors quickly took this opportunity to rush over to the ancient Demonic Sovereign corpse.

Old Tang and the others felt shocked. They had to stop what they were doing to fight these two Sovereign Emperors.

“Damn it! Luohou Wang, how dare you ruin my plans?! I’ll fight it out with you!”

Feeling Luohou Wang’s strength, Li Yun entered a frenzy. His figure flashed as he actually took the initiative to attack Luohou Wang.

Luohou Wang’s expression did not change as he calmly dealt with the attacks. It would not be easy to quickly finish off the frenzied Li Yun, who held the sacred tool.

The two started fighting, and terrifying shock waves continuously swept out.

Immediately, the Sovereign Emperors watching retreated hastily. Of these two, one was a 3-Vein Sovereign Emperor, and the other was a madman wielding the Xuewu Dynasty’s sacred tool. Neither should be provoked.

No one dared to interfere with this intense battle. The spreading shock waves were challenging to deal with.

Xiao Chen’s expression changed slightly. He had already confirmed that aside from the Rakshasa Race experts and the Yaksha Race experts, there definitely were Righteous Dao cultivators in disguise among the loose cultivators.

As those people retreated, he felt a familiar aura. However, he could not identify it at the moment.

“Let’s go.”

Not wanting to take risks, Xiao Chen brought Luohou Yun further back.

The Rakshasa Race and the Yaksha Race hoped that Luohou Wang and Li Yun would injure each other. Intending to take advantage of the situation, they did not retreat far.

Xiao Chen felt that something was not quite right. He stopped focusing on the ancient Demonic Sovereign corpse and quickly brought Luohou Yun far away, continuously retreating.

“Senior, I wish to observe my father. I don’t want to go.”

Luohou Yun was worried about his father’s safety, so he resisted. However, Xiao Chen could not be bothered to explain, forcefully carrying him away.

Xiao Chen kept retreating until they were five hundred kilometers away. However, they still could hear the sounds of the startling battle.

He continued retreating and stopped only after moving a total of one million kilometers away. The group of Sovereign Personage guards quickly caught up and consoled Luohou Yun, who was kicking up a fuss.

“Young Prince, stop causing trouble. Mister Xiao did this in consideration of Young Prince’s safety.”

Luohou Yun’s eyes appeared moist as he protested, “I don’t care. I want to see Father. I don’t want anything to happen to him. I want to return.”

As Luohou Yun spoke, he started to cry.

The Sovereign Personage guards felt helpless, and they became somewhat flustered.

Xiao Chen could not bear to keep watching this. He ferociously flung Luohou Yun off the Savage Beast and dropped him on the ground.

“You are a man. How can you cry like that? If you return, you will die. If you really want to die, I’ll just kill you right here and now.” Xiao Chen snorted coldly and released his killing intent, scaring the Sovereign Personage guards. This also startled Luohou Yun into a fluster.

“Mister Xiao, don’t be angry. The Young Prince lost his mother at a young age. King Luohou raised the Young Prince by himself from childhood, so they share a deep bond. It is hard to avoid…” the group of Sovereign Personage guards quickly explained, thinking that Xiao Chen would really kill Luohou Yun.

Xiao Chen sighed on hearing that. He said softly, “Since your father handed you to me, I have to be responsible for you. The place where the Demonic Sovereign corpse is located is much more complicated than you imagine. You are just a Star Venerate; if you go there, only death awaits.”

Luohou Yun was not that silly. After Xiao Chen scared him, he startled awake. Then, he asked, “Senior, nothing will happen to my father, right?”

Xiao Chen did not feel confident. If he really had confidence in Luohou Wang, he would not have retreated so far.

Xiao Chen made such a decision only because he felt something off.

“He should be fine. He is a 3-Vein Sovereign Emperor, so he should be able to survive.”

That was all Xiao Chen could say. Immediately after he spoke, he suddenly sensed the Xuewu Dynasty accumulations from the Scarlet Moon in the distance weaken somewhat.

This is?

Xiao Chen could not care so much now. A vertical eye opened on his forehead under the conical bamboo hat; he had activated his Heavenly Eye.

His vision extended continuously until the scene of the Demonic Sovereign corpse appeared before his eyes.

He saw cracks appear in the Scarlet Moon above Li Yun’s head. It seemed that the Xuewu Dynasty’s sacred weapon could not last for much longer.

Xiao Chen immediately rejoiced. Something must have gone wrong when Li Yun forcefully broke the Demonic Might.

Otherwise, the Xuewu Dynasty’s sacred tool would have lasted for much longer. Li Yun’s crazed expression now changed to sheer fright. He kept muttering curses under his breath, apparently wondering who betrayed him.

When it looked like Li Yun could not win and the sacred tool would break soon, he merged the sacred tool into his body and quickly retreated.

Luohou Wang snorted coldly and wanted to press his advantage so he could kill Li Yun.

However, something strange happened right at this moment.

Xiao Chen’s Heavenly Eye suddenly saw an intense, piercing light that made his Heavenly Eye bleed.

He gritted his teeth and grunted. Then, he quickly closed his Heavenly Eye with an uncertain expression.

The moment the intense light appeared, Xiao Chen had seen who attacked. It was the Profound Heaven’s Holy Son, Wenren Yu.

Mu Yunzhu and Gu Yuhan, whom Xiao Chen had a history with in the Faux God World, had been standing beside Wenren Yu. The three seemed to work together to activate some kind of treasure, which erupted with a Dao Might that surpassed the Xuewu Dynasty’s sacred tool’s Dao Might in an instant.

No one expected such a scene.

Although Luohou Wang kept his guard up against people attacking him in secret, he had lowered his guard somewhat when he saw Li Yun losing.

Xiao Chen did not see what happened later, but he could guess it.

After that strike hit Luohou Wang, the ten-odd Sovereign Emperors probably surrounded and attacked him. The situation would definitely be bad.