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Chapter 2208 Raw 2315 : Luohou Wang

The dense dark clouds always covered the sky of the Abyssal Underworld.

The Final Blood Battlefield rarely turned bright. This made it feel like time crawled, arousing impatience and restlessness.

The Eighth Prince Li Yun felt this. Seeing the Demonic Might not weakening, he cursed, “Bollocks! Why is it not weakening? Old Tang, I can’t wait any longer. Hand me the sacred tool.”

Clearly, Old Tang still felt unconfident. He warned, “Your Highness, if you use the sacred tool to break through the Demonic Might, it will not last long. If you wait for the Demonic Might to weaken before using the sacred tool, we are almost guaranteed to obtain the Demonic Sovereign corpse.”

“Wait! Wait! Wait! How long do I have to wait?! The longer we wait, the more variables there will be. This prince already waited for two months. I can’t wait any longer. Hand me the sacred tool!” the Eighth Prince ordered somewhat irritably, with anger in his voice.

Old Tang sighed. After thinking for a while, he agreed. The longer they waited, the more variables there would be. If they used the sacred tool while no one expected them to, perhaps they might achieve good results.

Consoling himself with that thought, Old Tang took out the sacred tool.

This sacred tool was an unusual weapon—a crescent-moon-shaped scarlet scimitar. The structure of the inner curve looked complicated, interconnecting like a skeleton.

The scimitar’s blade was close to three meters long, an incredibly huge weapon. This weapon also radiated a strange Demonic Might.

Old Tang had a solemn and grave expression as he started to activate the scarlet scimitar. The divine characters on the skeleton seemed to come to life.

Soon after that, a scarlet liquid seeped out of the crescent blade. The entire scimitar seemed like an ancient ferocious beast coming to life.


In that instant, everyone in the Final Blood Battlefield heard a terrifying, furious roar ringing in their mind.

“This is?”

Xiao Chen’s body trembled slightly as shock flashed in his eyes. Then, he looked in the direction of the Eighth Prince and saw a blood moon slowly rising.

At this moment, nearly everyone in the Final Blood Battlefield was looking at the blood moon.

“Indeed, he brought out the Xuewu Dynasty’s sacred tool, the Scarlet Moon,” Luohou Wang muttered, not showing much surprise in his eyes.

“Scarlet Moon? What is that?” a Sovereign Emperor at the side asked, appearing confused.

Luohou Wang explained softly, “It is the Xuewu Dynasty’s sacred tool, refined by secret methods. It is said that only ten were forged in the Xuewu Dynasty. This sacred tool can display the might of a peak Medial Grade Soul Tool for a short period, which is extremely horrifying.”

While Luohou Wang spoke, the Eighth Prince made his move. Holding that Scarlet Moon upraised, he ferociously swung it forward.


The dazzling, scarlet Divine Energy turned into a crescent scimitar and forcefully split the Demonic Might, carving out a path.

“Whoosh! Whoosh!” Li Yun’s figure flashed, instantly advancing one hundred meters after he broke the impassable barrier.

The Xuewu Dynasty experts quickly followed close behind.

As Li Yun barged in, the initially strong Demonic Might weakened somewhat. The opening of a hole had affected the blazing Demonic Might.

“Should we make our move?” the other Rakshasa Sovereign Emperor asked Feng Xun. Seeing Li Yun slowly approach the Demonic Sovereign corpse made them restless.

Feng Xun crossed his arms and replied indifferently, “There’s no rush. The Demonic Might has not weakened to the point where we can make our move. Wait for him to get halfway; then, we can make our move. If that is all he is capable of, he can forget about snatching the Demonic Sovereign corpse.”

Undercurrents immediately started flowing; an overwhelming force accumulated in secret. Once it erupted, it would definitely startle everyone.

Xiao Chen did not care about all this. He wondered where Lin Feng hid.

As Xiao Chen sized up his surroundings, he did not discover the other party. He believed that Lin Feng did not have a talisman to hide his aura. However, since Lin Feng comprehended the horrifying Death Great Dao, it might be possible for him to hide in this Final Blood Battlefield.

Actually, Xiao Chen had never considered whether Lin Feng would be interested in the Demonic Sovereign corpse.

If Lin Feng was also interested in it, this situation would be even more interesting.

Both overt and covert experts all felt very nervous. Only Xiao Chen remained as calm as still water, feeling indifferent.

Luohou Wang, who was at the side, slowly showed a grave expression on his handsome face, his hands trembling slightly.

The silly prince Luohou Yun noticed the tense atmosphere. His usually buoyant emotions slowly turned nervous as well.

No matter how stupid Luohou Yun was, even a fool could sense that the current atmosphere was abnormal.

It seemed like Luohou Yun finally realized that his father bringing him on this operation was not just as simple as showing him the world.

“Father, Yun`er is feeling a little scared.”

In reality, the moment the Eighth Prince took out the sacred tool, Luohou Yun’s expression already turned somewhat unsightly.

Luohou Yun was the weakest in this place. Even Xiao Chen felt fearful when the sacred tool appeared, what more an insignificant Star Venerate like him?

Only Sovereign Emperors qualified to participate in this situation. Sovereign Personages were barely considered cannon fodder. As for Star Venerates, they could not even be cannon fodder, only as good as air.

Luohou Wang showed a smile on his tense face. Then, he murmured, “Don’t worry. Father is here. Furthermore, Mister Xiao is here. No one can hurt you.”

Luohou Yun seemed to both understand and not understand. He asked sullenly, “Father, what are you going to do later?”

Staring at the ancient Demonic Sovereign corpse, Luohou Wang said, “I am going to fulfill the promise I made to your late mother… Just wait here in peace. Father will return after I finish killing.”

“My King, we swear to protect the young prince and ensure his safety,” the group of guards behind said in unison, their voices solemn and stirring.

Xiao Chen sighed in his heart, You are all just cannon fodder. If anything really happens, you will find it hard to survive.

Luohou Wang appeared somewhat helpless as he looked at the group of Sovereign Personage guards. Some things did not need to be said; everyone understood with just one glance.

This group of guards also knew that they were cannon fodder. At best, they could only buy Luohou Yun a little more time to flee. However, they still came willingly.

Such loyalty was precious and praiseworthy.

“Mister Xiao Chen…” Luohou Wang shifted his gaze to Xiao Chen.

Before Luohou Wang finished, Xiao Chen said, “King Luohou, don’t worry. While we loose cultivators do treasure benefits, we do our best to fulfill what we promised.”

“In that case, I’ll leave it to Mister Xiao. Here is the remaining Origin Liquid. If we can return, come to my royal residence, and I will give you an Inferior Grade Soul Tool.”

Luohou Wang handed Xiao Chen a jade bottle containing twenty-five tons of Origin Liquid.

“My King, it is time,” the two Sovereign Emperors, who had been closely monitoring the situation, said softly.

Luohou Wang’s expression instantly changed after he handed the jade bottle to Xiao Chen. He focused all his attention on Li Yun, who was walking over to the ancient Demonic Sovereign corpse.

“Sunrise Heavenly Cloud Chop!”

“Evil Wind Palm!”

“Blood Breaking Sword!”

The Sovereign Emperor experts of the Rakshasa Race and the Yaksha Race attacked simultaneously.

The loose cultivators wandering the surroundings also attacked at this moment. In an instant, ten-odd Sovereign Emperors launched a simultaneous offensive.


Immediately, various Dao Domains contended for supremacy. Several mysterious phenomena caused the sky and ground to change color, and the entire place shook.

The talisman hiding Xiao Chen got affected. Ripples appeared in the baleful aura the talisman spread out, appearing incredibly chaotic.

However, some slight chaos did not matter much at this moment.

No one paid attention to Xiao Chen’s group at all. The scene of ten-odd Sovereign Emperors attacking at the same time was too shocking.

This was a first for Xiao Chen, startling him somewhat. The Dao Domains that contained a divine nature appeared at the same time and managed to suppress the overwhelming Demonic Might of the ancient Demonic Sovereign corpse temporarily.


Despite facing so much pressure, Li Yun, who held the sacred tool above his head, laughed instead of getting frightened. His laughter contained hot-bloodedness and lofty aspiration. He shouted, “Old Tang, lead the men to extract the essence blood and parts of the Demonic Sovereign corpse. Leave the True God Flame to me to extract. I will deal with these people.”

The sacred tool’s might increased by another level, thoroughly reaching its peak and bringing out a pressure and might comparable to a Medial Grade Soul Tool’s.

That was not the most horrifying thing. The most horrifying thing was that Li Yun’s bloodline was perfectly compatible with that sacred tool; this allowed him to bring out eighty percent of the might of a Medial Grade Soul Tool.

Immediately, Li Yun relied on the Xuewu Dynasty’s sacred tool to block ten-odd Sovereign Emperors by himself.

“I have been waiting for you for a long time. No matter who comes today, you all can forget about preventing me from obtaining this Demonic Sovereign corpse. Only I reign supreme under the blood moon.”

After blocking ten-odd Sovereign Emperors, Li Yun started laughing somewhat arrogantly, appearing very cocky.

Feng Xun and the other 2-Vein Sovereign Emperors clenched their teeth. Normally, this Li Yun would be no match for them.

Unfortunately, the sacred tool’s might was too strong.

Even though they were 2-Vein Sovereign Emperors, they could barely block Li Yun’s attack.

Everything proceeded according to Li Yun’s plan. However, the winds and clouds suddenly surged, and a ruler’s aura swept through the place.

Luohou Wang revealed himself, riding a Bloodthirsty Savage Beast. He brandished a golden saber as he rushed over.

“Move aside. Those who block me will die!”

As a 3-Vein Sovereign Emperor, Luohou Wang was the strongest around. He led his two Sovereign Emperor subordinates and charged over. No one dared to block him.

“Luohou Wang! It’s Luohou Wang! Why is he here?”

“Damn it! What is he doing here, not guarding his land?”

“Damn it! Has this fellow gone mad?”

The reputation of a person was like the shadow of a tree. The moment Luohou Wang, one of the four Asura Kings, appeared, he shocked everyone, drawing all the attention to himself.