Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2207 Raw 2314 : All Parties Preparing

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Chapter 2207 Raw 2314 : All Parties Preparing

This was indeed an opportunity for Xiao Chen to snatch the Heavenly Alliance holy relic.

However, it was too risky. Who knew when Luohou Wang would return?

If the group of Sovereign Personage guards delayed Xiao Chen slightly, there might be big trouble.

After thinking for a while, Xiao Chen chose to give up. He changed the topic and started idly chatting with Luohou Yun.

After a while, Luohou Wang and the other two Sovereign Emperors returned. Fortunately, Xiao Chen had not made a move.

“The situation is not good. There are a lot of experts.”

Luohou Wang and the two Sovereign Emperors discussed the situation they saw. They frowned heavily, not feeling optimistic.

“Unexpectedly, the Rakshasa Race and the Yaksha Race came as well. However, it is fortunate that we were not exposed.”

Luohou Wang revealed a smile as confidence flashed in his eyes, “As long as the other three Asura Kings do not come, the True God Flame of this ancient Demonic Sovereign will most likely be mine.”

Xiao Chen felt somewhat suspicious when he heard this. Luohou Wang should not have a strong desire for a True God Flame.

The most valuable part of a True God Flame was the expert’s inheritance. Luohou Wang was already a 3-Vein Sovereign Emperor. If he took in another school’s inheritance, it would likely clash with the Luohou Clan’s inheritance.

At that time, one would have to choose between giving up one’s cultivation to cultivate the new inheritance or giving up on the new inheritance.

Choosing the new inheritance might not be worth it. Furthermore, Luohou Wang was already quite old. It would be hard to say whether he had sufficient time to recultivate using the new inheritance.

In more straightforward terms, Luohou Wang was destined to reach only 6-Vein Sovereign Emperor, at best, in his life.

Obtaining the True God Flame would be a significant waste; Luohou Wang could not bring out its greatest value.

Of course, perhaps Luohou Wang only valued the Divine Might and Soul Energy contained in the True God Flame, which would strengthen his Divine Seal.

However, was there a need to take such huge risks just to strengthen his Divine Seal?

Luohou Wang had brought only two Sovereign Emperors. Clearly, he intended to make a surprise move, extracting the True God Flame without startling the other three Asura Kings.

Xiao Chen looked around, and his gaze landed on Luohou Yun. Then, his eyes lit up.

He suddenly understood the reason. The situation would be quite different if the True God Flame’s inheritance ended up with Luohou Yun.

Luohou Yun was young, only about twenty-odd years old. However, he was already a Star Venerate.

Luohou Yun’s talent, comprehension ability, and bloodline went without saying. If he could obtain such a great opportunity, it would be like soaring to heaven in one go, giving him unlimited possibilities.

No wonder Luohou Wang took the risk, traveling lightly and bringing only two Sovereign Emperors.

“Mister Xiao, take this.”

As Xiao Chen’s thoughts wandered, Luohou Wang took out a black talisman and handed it to Xiao Chen. “This is for hiding your figure. We will be heading to the ancient Demonic Sovereign corpse after four hours. The people from the Xuewu Dynasty are already losing their patience and intend to make their move soon.”

“The Xuewu Dynasty?”

“Yes. That group of people seemed to desire the ancient Demonic Sovereign corpse greatly. However, since the corpse appeared in the ninth layer of the Abyssal Underworld, getting it would just be wishful thinking for those demonic cultivators.”

Hearing that stunned Xiao Chen slightly. He looked into the distance, where the Divine Might of the ancient Demonic Sovereign corpse gathered into a towering majestic figure. Are we finally going to approach it?

Despite lingering in the Final Blood Battlefield for so long, Xiao Chen had not gotten close to the ancient Demonic Sovereign corpse.

“At that time, we do not need Mister Xiao to make a move. Mister Xiao just needs to protect my son,” Luohou Wang said as he looked at Xiao Chen.

Luohou Yun smiled and said, “Father, go in peace. With Senior Xiao around, I definitely won’t be in any danger.”

Luohou Yun felt very confident in Xiao Chen; he was even more confident in his father.

Be it Luohou Yun’s father or Xiao Chen, they were both unrivaled existences to him.

This little fellow simply did not understand the gravity of the situation.

Luohou Wang gave Luohou Yun a doting look. This time, he took the risk only because of Luohou Yun.

Luohou Wang wanted to give Luohou Yun a future, a possibility to surpass him and the Asura Race.

“Let’s go.”

Xiao Chen activated the black talisman. Demonic Qi immediately covered his entire body; his aura perfectly matched the surrounding battlefield.

Interesting. This talisman is terrific. Given this, even Faux Gods would find it hard to discover us.

Now, Xiao Chen’s group appeared just like the resentment and baleful aura in the battlefield.

The group soon sensed the horrifying might of the ancient Demonic Sovereign and slowed their pace.

Xiao Chen frowned slightly. Even after death, this fellow still displays such Divine Might. How terrifying!

When the group arrived within ten kilometers of the ancient Demonic Sovereign corpse, Xiao Chen and the other Sovereign Emperors could already see it.

That figure wore scarlet armor, and its body was as huge as a small mountain. Its eyes glared furiously, and black Demonic Qi continuously leaked out, manifesting all sorts of mysterious phenomena.

Many towering ferocious beasts manifested from Demonic Qi stood around the corpse, looking like they were alive. This presented a very scary sight.

Amid the Demonic Might, the many factions stood ten kilometers away from the Demonic Sovereign corpse, unable to get closer.

Luohou Wang whispered to Xiao Chen, “The ones to pay attention to among these factions are the Rakshasa Race, the Yaksha Race, and the Xuewu Dynasty’s people. The leaders of the Rakshasa Race group and the Yaksha Race group are experts under Rakshasa Tian and the Yaksha King. They are 2-Vein Sovereign Emperors. As for the Xuewu Dynasty’s people, they seem to be from the royal court. If I recall right, their leader should be the Eighth Prince.

“The others are just some disorganized groups. There is nothing to fear from them.”

Xiao Chen pondered this. There seemed to be another strong faction nearby. However, that faction hid like they did, waiting for an opportunity to make a move.

Xiao Chen also found the disorganized groups somewhat off. His sharp Spiritual Sense detected people of the Righteous Dao pretending to be demonic cultivators.

If Luohou Wang was overconfident and rashly made a move, the consequences could be dire.

However, Xiao Chen could not be sure about this, either. If he mentioned it, it might arouse suspicion, so it was inconvenient for him to do so.

All the parties made their final preparations simultaneously as they waited for the Demonic Sovereign corpse’s Divine Might to weaken.

There were two Sovereign Emperors and a few heaven-defying Sovereign Personages with the Rakshasa Race group standing ten kilometers away. They could do nothing besides look at the Demonic Sovereign corpse, unable to approach it.

“Lord Feng Xun, we are unable to get closer.”

The leader of this group was a 2-Vein Sovereign Emperor whose family name was Feng, with a personal name of Xun. Feng Xun possessed horrifying strength; the other Sovereign Emperor appeared average.

Feng Xun said after some thought, “It looks like we can only try to think of a way after the Demonic Might fades. However, it seems like the people from the Xuewu Dynasty have other plans.”

The Sovereign Emperor at the side nodded and said, “They might have brought a tool for breaking through the Demonic Might, but they do not seem confident and have not made a move yet.”

After further thought, Feng Xun said, “We might as well see how capable this group of Xuewu Dynasty demonic cultivators is.”

On the other side, the two Sovereign Emperors from the Yaksha Race also watched the Xuewu Dynasty’s group.

In addition, the loose cultivators wandering nearby and the hidden factions all focused their attention on that group of people as well.

Back at Desolate Sea’s Azure Mountain Town, Xiao Chen had blinded Li Yun, the Xuewu Dynasty’s Eighth Prince, causing Li Xun to flee in a sorry state.

Now, Li Yun’s eyes had already recovered. Not only that, but he also reached the Divine Vein Realm.

Li Yun must have cultivated in the Demonic Dao Hall’s secret realm. Otherwise, his cultivation would not have risen so fast.

“Old Tang, is the sacred tool not ready yet?”

Li Yun stood ten kilometers away, showing a somewhat frantic expression as he looked at the Demonic Sovereign’s corpse.

Li Yun could feel the gazes of many Sovereign Emperors fixed on their group. He merely smiled coldly and did not pay them any attention.

This was something expected. Although the Abyssal Underworld Sovereign Emperors of the various races did not get along, they were still from the Abyssal Underworld, after all. If there were any fights, they would clearly target the demonic cultivators like him first.

The Eighth Prince already anticipated this before coming, so he did not feel flustered.

“Your Highness, it is not time yet. Right now, I am not fully confident. The sacred tool is ready and can be used anytime. However…”

Li Yun prompted, “However, what?”

“This old man is still quite worried. Is Yan Canming’s group really reliable?”

The Eighth Prince Li Yun laughed, “There’s no need to worry. That fellow only dreams of having a place for the Flood Dragon Humans to establish themselves. I offered him a piece of conferred land in the Central Great Realm. He cannot refuse.”

“In that case, this old man will stop worrying. We can activate the sacred tool at any moment with a word from Your Highness.”

Li Yun looked around indifferently before finally fixing his gaze on the Demonic Sovereign corpse.

Li Yun thought that no matter how many hidden people there were or what the Rakshasa experts and Yaksha experts thought, everything of the ancient Demonic Sovereign would belong to him as long as he activated the sacred tool.