Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2206 Raw 2313 : Heavy Doubts and Suspicions

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Chapter 2206 Raw 2313 : Heavy Doubts and Suspicions

The holy relic that the Heavenly Alliance was bitterly searching for was actually a decoration on Luohou Yun’s crown.

Xiao Chen and Lin Feng did not expect such a result. This meant that someone had found the holy relic long ago.

The two of them had worked hard for nothing for the past two months.

Lin Feng said sullenly, “It looks like Luohou Wang is here for the ancient Demonic Sovereign’s corpse. You can probably infiltrate them using the identity of a loose cultivator. When you have an opportunity, snatch the dart head and run; don’t care about anything else.”

Xiao Chen felt somewhat helpless upon hearing that. “How could it be so easy to snatch the holy relic from under Luohou Wang’s nose? With his strength, we might not win even if we work together.”

“There’s no need to worry so much. If you snatch the holy relic, I will protect you. With the two of us blocking him, it should not be a big problem,” Lin Feng said seriously, feeling very confident in his and Xiao Chen’s strength.

“It is settled, then.”

Xiao Chen was a decisive person. He could not think of a better plan immediately, so he could only follow this plan.

Lin Feng turned around and jumped off, silently disappearing into the clouds and leaving Xiao Chen alone on the Demon Blood Vulture.

After thinking for a while, Xiao Chen got the Demon Blood Vulture to release a blazing trail as he purposely flew over Luohou Wang’s troops.

“Senior Xiao!”

Indeed, when Luohou Yun, who was beside Luohou Wang, saw the Demon Blood Vulture, he immediately called out excitedly.

Luohou Wang had an even more handsome face than Luohou Yun did. He raised his hand to stop his troops from advancing. Then, he looked at the blazing trail in the air and asked, “Yun`er, you know that demonic cultivator?”

Luohou Yun nodded and replied, “Father, that is the Senior Xiao I mentioned to you. I met him by chance on the underworld boat. Unexpectedly, I see him here again. I wonder if he heard me calling out to him.”

Luohou Wang thought for a while before saying, “With so many people gathering at the Final Blood Battlefield, it is no surprise that this demonic cultivator came here. With his cultivation, he probably heard you. However, who knows if he will come and meet you or not?”

Luohou Yun said happily, “That Senior Xiao will definitely come!”

Luohou Wang shook his head and just smiled without saying anything. Often, demonic cultivators hold little regard for friendship, killing without batting an eyelid. How can one have a true friendship with a demonic cultivator?

Even if he comes, it would be to give me, Luohou Wang, face.


The fiery light flashed. The Demon Blood Vulture carrying Xiao Chen turned around and flew back.

“Father, I told you, right? Senior Xiao would definitely come,” Luohou Yun exclaimed with great joy, feeling excited.

“My King, should I stop him?”

Luohou Wang waved his hand slightly and said, “Let him come.”

A Divine Vein Realm Sovereign Emperor would attract attention anywhere. If this person did not have a special background, Luohou Wang would feel more confident if he added this person to his group.

Xiao Chen’s gaze met Luohou Wang’s from under his conical bamboo hat. Then, he said, “This Xiao greets King Luohou and Young Master Luohou.”

Luohou Wang smiled faintly and said, “You have good judgment. I heard from my son that you are a Demonic Dao loose cultivator. Why are you here in the Final Blood Battlefield?”

Xiao Chen retorted calmly, “I don’t think I need to report my purpose to King Luohuo.”

“How audacious! How dare you not answer King Luohou’s question?!” a guard below immediately shouted, dissatisfied with Xiao Chen’s attitude.

“You are just an insignificant Sovereign Personage. Where did you get the courage to scold me?” Xiao Chen snorted coldly. When he used his Demonic Qi Divine Energy to drive the Snow God Whip, it became like a pitch-black venomous snake instantly wrapping around that person’s neck.

Xiao Chen gently swung the whip, curling it around that guard. “Pa!” Then, he smashed that person into the ground.

This guard grabbed the whip with his hands, trying to loosen it. However, ice instantly froze his body, preventing him from moving.


All the Asura guards immediately became nervous and drew their weapons while radiating a murderous intent. Their auras locked on to Xiao Chen as they awaited Luohou Wang’s command.

Luohou Yun had never seen such a scene or seen Xiao Chen make a move before. He did not expect Xiao Chen to be this strong.

The Sovereign Personage guards, whom Luohou Yun normally found incredibly strong, could not even last one move against Xiao Chen.

This felt too shocking to Luohou Yun, dazzling him somewhat.

The two Sovereign Emperor experts beside Luohou Wang showed calm and indifferent expressions.

“How audacious! What do I usually teach you? When a Sovereign Emperor speaks, how are you qualified to interrupt? Put away your weapons,” Luohou Wang scolded. The guards promptly obeyed.

Xiao Chen released his bated breath when he saw the situation. In this horrible place, no one would listen if you tried to be nice and negotiated; no one would believe you, either.

One should directly show off one’s power. The stronger one was, the more respect one would receive and the more credible one would be.

It looked like Xiao Chen’s gamble paid off. Otherwise, if he had gotten into a fight with this group of people, he would no longer be able to remain in this Final Blood Battlefield.

He unsealed that frozen Asura guard. Then with a casual wave, he used the whip to return the guard to the guard’s mount.

Because Xiao Chen was coming to meet Luohou Wang, he had changed the Snow God Whip’s dart head beforehand to avoid the other party’s discovery.

Luohou Wang noticed the Snow God Whip. However, it did not appear remarkable to him; it was just a peak Dao Tool.

What Luohou Wang valued was Xiao Chen. Xiao Chen was uninhibited, domineering, and ruthless. If not for giving Luohou Wang face, Xiao Chen would have already killed the person who scolded him.

Meeting this person here should just be a coincidence.

After all, we traveled light and brought only two Sovereign Emperors and a group of Sovereign Personages, rushing to the Final Blood Battlefield within one day.

If the other party knew about this beforehand, that would be too terrifying. Furthermore, Yun`er initiated their first contact.

“I will take my leave, then. I was just curious why Young Master Luohou came to this Final Blood Battlefield. Now that I see King Luohou, I understand.” After speaking, Xiao Chen turned and left.

“Father, why did you not ask him to stay?” Luohou Yun asked with some resentment.

My King, this person should be a loose cultivator trying his luck in the Final Blood Battlefield. However, he probably underestimated the Demonic Sovereign corpse’s Divine Might and did not gain anything.

“Since he is a loose cultivator, perhaps we can use him if we promise to reward him heavily.

The two Sovereign Emperor subordinates sent voice projections to Luohou Wang, presenting their suggestions.

By offering sufficient benefits to a loose cultivator, one could hire them and make use of them.

Luohou Wang entered deep thought. Then, his figure flashed. In the next moment, he suddenly appeared before Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen pretended to be shocked. Then, he asked seriously, “King Luohou, what is the meaning of this?”

Luohou Wang smiled and said, “Mister Xiao, don’t overthink. I just have a deal for you. If you are willing, I can give you an Inferior Grade Soul Tool or fifty tons of Origin Liquid, whichever you choose.”

Xiao Chen’s expression changed slightly as he said sullenly, “You want me to scout the way ahead? There are too many factions targeting it. If I go over, I would just be seeking death. Even if you offer me ten Soul Tools, I will not do it.”

Luohou Wang said, “Don’t worry. I just want you to protect my son. Take these twenty-five tons of Origin Liquid as a deposit.”

After speaking, Luohou Wang tossed a jade bottle to Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen casually caught the bottle. After thinking for a while, he nodded slightly and said, “If it is just protecting Young Master Luohou, I can take this deal.”

“Good, it is a deal, then. I will definitely reward you well after this is over.”

“Whoosh! Whoosh!”

After a while, Luohou Wang and Xiao Chen returned to the group. Then, Luohou Wang announced, “Mister Xiao will be traveling with us from here on. You are all not to be rude to Mister Xiao. If the two lords and I are not around, listen to Mister Xiao.”

Luohou Wang’s command confused the Sovereign Personage guards, but they still obeyed.

“Go find Mister Xiao a Savage Beast.”

Riding on the mutated beasts, Luohou Wang and the others sped towards the ancient Demonic Sovereign’s corpse.

Xiao Chen discovered that the three Sovereign Emperors, including Luohou Wang, were very anxious. They rushed all the way, kicking up dust clouds.

This seemed somewhat strange, stirring suspicions in his heart.

This Luohou Wang seemed to fear others seizing the initiative and snatching away the ancient Demonic Sovereign corpse before he arrived.

This group had only three Sovereign Emperors. Clearly, they traveled light in a small group to avoid startling the other three Asura Kings and the other stronger factions.

Luohou Wang and the other two Sovereign Emperors scouted the place during the night, trying to figure out the situation with the ancient Demonic Sovereign corpse.

Xiao Chen took this opportunity to ask Luohou Yun, “Young Master Luohou, this Final Blood Battlefield is very dangerous. Why did your father bring you here?”

Luohou Yun smiled and replied, “I begged him to bring me. Father said that it is good for me to see the world as well. However, you don’t have to worry about my safety. The crown on my head is a peak defensive Soul Tool that my father forged for me. I can protect myself even from a Sovereign Emperor.”

Xiao Chen naturally did not believe this. Even Luohou Wang could not be in full control over the situation in this place.

Only an older-generation expert of the Luohou Clan could control the situation here. However, that would startle the older-generation experts of the other factions. At that time, the factions near the ancient Demonic Sovereign corpse would be even more chaotic.

Xiao Chen looked at the Heavenly Alliance holy relic on Luohou Yun’s crown from under the conical bamboo hat.

This is a chance to take the holy relic away and immediately flee far away.