Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2205 Raw 2312 : Holy Relic Appears

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Chapter 2205 Raw 2312 : Holy Relic Appears

Since Lin Feng did not show up, Xiao Chen could only enter the Final Blood Battlefield alone.

The ancient battlefield appeared bleak and desolate, filled with broken weapons. Occasionally, one could see evil ghosts and malicious spirits drifting through the air, showing ferocious and terrifying expressions. These were formed by the lingering spirits and resentments of the cultivators who died on the battlefield.

Most of these spirits did not have sentience, only a ferocious and bloodthirsty nature, behaving violently.

However, these malicious spirits stayed far away from Xiao Chen. Their basic instinct told them that they could not afford to provoke him.

While Xiao Chen waited for Lin Feng at the periphery, he had scouted the area several times and was already extremely familiar with it.

This time, he did not hesitate to fly into the depths of the Final Blood Battlefield.

After reaching the depths of the battlefield, Xiao Chen had to be careful. The many Dao and Martial Techniques used in the war back then still lingered.

It might be a blade of grass or a flower, perhaps a gust of wind, but these things could contain the Martial Technique or Dao of a Faux God powerhouse.

Of course, what one should guard against were the zombies.

The overwhelming resentment and Demonic Qi of this place reanimated these corpses, giving them a strength that was no weaker than when they were alive.

Furthermore, these zombies would kill relentlessly, even if they got destroyed in the process. As long as the blood moon remained and the resentment did not scatter, they would eventually “revive.”

“Pa! Pa! Pa!”

Xiao Chen held the Snow God Whip replica and swung it, causing snow to drift down and cold wind to blow. The long whip with its branches laden with plum blossoms looked like a beauty dancing in the snow. However, this beauty did not have a good temper, appearing so cold that no one dared to get close.

Amid the thunderous whip cracks, Xiao Chen sealed the corpses pouncing at him in ice, then shattered them.

Xiao Chen was somewhat surprised to discover that controlling the Snow God Whip replica that Mu Zifeng gave him felt very easy when he drove it with his Ice Dao Domain.

Suddenly, Xiao Chen frowned slightly, and he sighed softly.

Xiao Chen’s Heavenly Alliance medallion detected someone approaching. Aside from Lin Feng, there should not be any other Heavenly Alliance members in the Abyssal Underworld’s ninth layer.

When Xiao Chen turned his head to look, he saw a cold figure quickly approaching him. It was Lin Feng.

“Sorry, something happened, making me late,” Lin Feng apologized calmly after he landed. His words and tone revealed nothing.

Xiao Chen did not overthink. He replied sullenly, “It’s fine. I happened to discover something as well and wanted to tell you about it. Before I arrived, I heard that there seems to be something wrong in this Final Blood Battlefield. A treasure was found. It startled not only the nine layers of the Abyssal Underworld into action but also the experts of the Xuewu Dynasty.”

Lin Feng nodded and said, “I was about to talk about that. The thing found is not the holy relic of our Heavenly Alliance; it is the corpse of an ancient Demonic Sovereign that fell out from a space-time crack.”

“An ancient Demonic Sovereign corpse?”

“Yes, a True God ancient Demonic Sovereign corpse. Perhaps he fell into a space-time crack while he was fighting and reappeared here today.”

After hearing that, Xiao Chen thought to himself, Simply put, it is a True God corpse that appeared in the Final Blood Battlefield.

The crux of this was that this corpse had entered a space-time crack and reappeared only recently. This was equivalent to a fresh corpse.

The value of something like that went without saying. No wonder Xiao Chen had not heard anything about it previously.

Probably only the people at the peak of the Abyssal Underworld’s major factions would know such a secret.

As for Lin Feng, he was from the Abyssal Underworld, so he probably had access to some relatively hidden information network.

“Since it is not the Heavenly Alliance holy relic, it has nothing to do with us. Should we split up or continue together?”

The next thing to do was search for the Heavenly Alliance holy relic. They both had a jade strip on them that let them sense the dart head as long as they got within a certain range of it.

Although it was like searching for a needle in the sea, with this jade strip and the speed of a Sovereign Emperor, they definitely could find the holy relic as long as it was still in the Final Blood Battlefield. All they needed was time.

“Let’s split up and search. Then, we meet weekly. We should eliminate the scouted areas, that will save us from having to recheck those places. This way will be more efficient.”

“I have the same thought. Let’s do that, then.”

After the two discussed, they parted in the depths of the Final Blood Battlefield.

Searching for the holy relic would be extremely dry. Furthermore, they still had to deal with the zombies that appeared from nowhere.

Some of these zombies were extremely horrifying. Even with Xiao Chen’s strength, he had to avoid them.

Of course, if one was unlucky, one might accidentally activate the Dao or Martial Technique that a Faux God powerhouse had left.

This equaled a Faux God traveling through space and time to attack one.

If one was careless, one might get destroyed, falling here.

No wonder the Heavenly Alliance never managed to find the dart head. If one was too weak, one could not survive in this Final Blood Battlefield.

If one was too strong, one could not hide, readily discovered by the Underworld God Hall.

It was just like Hua Tianyang. He had gone here nine times but came up empty. He even nearly died here.

However, the Demon Blood Vulture was like a fish in water here. It was incredibly delighted.

As the Demon Blood Vulture could consume all types of demonic nature, when it opened its beak and sucked, it swallowed the demonic nature like it was consuming a demonic spirit fruit.

With the Demon Blood Vulture to scout for Xiao Chen, he could be a little more relaxed in this hostile place.


A majestic image with a powerful tyrannical air appeared in a distant dust cloud in an even deeper part of the Final Blood Battlefield.

The eyes of the image scanned the surroundings. Any cultivator that met its eyes trembled, not daring to lock gazes for long.

An ancient Demonic Sovereign!

Xiao Chen knew that that should be where the ancient Demonic Sovereign corpse landed. He had seen a constant stream of Abyssal Underworld Sovereign Emperors and Demonic Dao experts rushing over during the past few days.

Actually, in the depths of his heart, he wanted to go and take a look too. He had heard that no one managed to get within one hundred kilometers of the ancient Demonic Sovereign until now.

Even after death, the strong Divine Demonic Might lingered without scattering, making it hard for people to advance.

However, this matter had nothing to do with Xiao Chen’s mission, so he could only let it go and not join the excitement.


Two months later, the two still had not found anything in the Final Blood Battlefield.

There were no clues to the location of the Heaven Alliance holy relic. However, one could use the dry days to temper one’s mental state.

Xiao Chen discovered that he could let the Demonic Dao Divine Energy fill his entire body and explore this Final Blood Battlefield. Even in such a state, he could freely control his killing intent, rage, and all sorts of negative emotions.

In the meantime, he even rescued some Demonic Dao experts and Asura Race cultivators. This gained him some fame among the cultivators searching for that ancient Demonic Sovereign’s corpse.

Word spread of a loose cultivator who had not opened a Divine Vein yet but cultivated an incredible Demonic Dao Cultivation Technique and possessed incredible strength. He excelled in the Ice Dao, and his whip skills appeared extremely strange.

“It looks like the thing that we least hoped to see has happened,” Ling Feng sighed helplessly.

The two had already searched every corner of the Final Blood Battlefield except where the ancient Demonic Sovereign’s corpse was.

Clearly, this Heavenly Alliance holy relic should be somewhere near the Demonic Sovereign corpse.

However, that place was the focus of several factions and was very chaotic. As for the hidden experts, that all the more went without saying.

“I heard that the various experts worked together, and they could now get within ten kilometers of the Demonic Sovereign’s corpse.”

Xiao Chen suggested softly, “Perhaps we can wait for a while and take action after they have dealt with the Demonic Sovereign’s corpse.”

“It looks like that is all we can do.”

However, just at this moment, a strange light flashed in the two’s eyes. Then, they each took out a jade strip.

The two saw their jade strips flickering with a seven-colored light, looking brilliant. They looked in the same direction at the same time.

Lin Feng said sullenly, “That’s impossible. I explored that place before. How can the Heavenly Alliance holy relic be there?”

“It is moving!”


A light flashed. The Demon Blood Vulture turned into a beam of scarlet light, flying quickly in the air.

Xiao Chen sat on the Demon Blood Vulture’s back, and he got it to fly in the direction of the holy relic.

Under such environments, the Demon Blood Vulture could move significantly faster than regular Sovereign Emperors. This should allow him to get a headstart.

However, Xiao Chen underestimated Lin Feng. The instant Xiao Chen moved, Lin Feng followed him and got on the Demon Blood Vulture’s back as well.

“Brother Lin, if this Demon Blood Vulture carries the two of us, it will move slower,” Xiao Chen said somewhat unhappily. This fellow reacted very quickly, directly jumping onto the Demon Blood Vulture’s back. Hence, he could not do anything about it.

Lin Feng glanced at Xiao Chen, showing an expression conveying, “We both know what is going on, so stop acting stupid.” Then, he retorted indifferently, “It is still faster than me.”

When the holy relic appeared, whoever held the initiative would get the holy relic first.


Xiao Chen was about to argue when he sensed a powerful aura. He quickly ordered the Demon Blood Vulture to stop in the clouds. Lin Feng frowned slightly. Both of them felt that something was wrong.

When Xiao Chen looked over, he saw a large group of Asura Race cultivators five hundred kilometers away.

The weakest of this group was still a Sovereign Personage. One of them showed extremely horrifying strength, a 3-Vein Sovereign Emperor.

A Sovereign Emperor was already extremely strong if he could open three Divine Veins.

Each vein equaled one cultivation grade. At the very least, Xiao Chen and Lin Feng were no match for this person.

“Luohou Wang!”

Lin Feng’s expression changed slightly. He recognized this 3-Vein Sovereign Personage. They had met before.

Xiao Chen also recognized Luohou Wang, who rode on a tall mutated beast. Another person rode a mutated beast next to Luohou Wang. This was Luohou Yun.

After recognizing Luohou Yun, Xiao Chen could guess Luohou Wang’s identity.

However, this was not the important point. The important point was a certain decorative item inlaid in the crown that Luohou Yun wore.

After Xiao Chen saw this, his mind could not help crumbling a little. He had worked hard for nothing over the past two months.

Someone had already discovered the Heavenly Alliance holy relic long ago. However, these people were apparently ignorant of the wonders of this holy relic.