Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2204 Raw 2311 : The Unfathomable Heart of Men

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Chapter 2204 Raw 2311 : The Unfathomable Heart of Men

The Asura Race had a very interesting characteristic.

The nobler the bloodline of the clan, the better their appearance, and the higher their status. This held true for both males and females.

If one saw an ugly Asura Race person, it went without saying that the said person would have just average strength and talent.

This was a race that looked at the aesthetics of the face. With one look, one could make out an Asura Race cultivator’s status and strength.

The Asura Race youth before Xiao Chen was handsome. He had one horn on his head, snow-white hair, and blood-jade-crystal-like eyes.

“What is it?” Xiao Chen asked indifferently as he turned around.

That Asura Race youth calmed himself before saying, “This humble self is Luohou Yun, from the Luohou Clan, one of the Asura Race’s four royal clans. Sorry for interrupting. I just want to befriend you. It is my Luohou Clan that forged this underworld boat.”

Xiao Chen raised his eyebrows under his conical bamboo hat. This youth’s appearance and the many cultivators following that youth seemed to support the youth’s claim.

“My family name is Xiao. Young Master Luohou is too polite.”

Seeing that Xiao Chen did not get angry, Luohou Yun rejoiced as he said, “Senior, please come with me. This is not the place to speak.”

Xiao Chen followed the other party to the top floor of the underworld boat. Then, Luohou Yun heartily entertained him.

Luohou Yun took out a rare mutated fruit filled with demonic nature and containing pure Demonic Qi Spiritual Energy.

Xiao Chen took a look and thought, I don’t really like these demonic fruits.

Not eating it could easily expose me. That cannot happen. I can only feed all of these Abyssal Underworld spirit fruits to the Demon Blood Vulture on my shoulder.

When Luohou Yun saw this scene, he felt shocked. “Senior normally uses such one-thousand-year-old spirit fruits to feed the Demon Blood Vulture?”

That was quite true. After Xiao Chen entered the Heavenly Alliance, Old Liu nurtured the Demon Blood Vulture with one-thousand-year-old Demonic Spirit Fruits.

Xiao Chen did not acknowledge or deny this, just said indifferently, “It’s still alright.”

Luohou Yun felt slightly flustered. To think that I took out spirit fruit for feeding demonic pets to entertain Senior Xiao. He quickly apologized, “Sorry for the earlier offense. However, this is just a simple underworld boat; I am really unable to take out any appropriate spirit fruits to entertain Senior Xiao with.”

“It’s fine.”

Xiao Chen responded casually. He just took this as understanding the Asura Race. It seemed that the Asura Race was the noblest among the many Abyssal Underworld races.

The Rakshasa Race, the Yaksha Race, and the other Abyssal Underworld races used to be the Asura Race’s servants long ago. Later, they slowly became stronger.

However, while it looked like the various Underworld Monarchs had conflicts with one another, not willing to submit to anyone, they had to acknowledge that the Asura Race was the strongest. The Asura Race ruled the Underworld God Hall.

As the two spoke, Xiao Chen shifted the topic to the Final Blood Battlefield, trying to see if he could obtain any useful information.

“The Final Blood Battlefield? That place has been very restless recently. Normally, it would be a forbidden land that only experts dared to visit. This time, it seems that some incredible treasure has appeared there, drawing the experts of the nine layers of the Abyssal Underworld and the Xuewu Dynasty over. This has caused a lot of chaos.”

When Xiao Chen mentioned the Final Blood Battlefield, some excitement flashed in Luohou Yun’s eyes. However, this spark of excitement was short-lived.

Luohou Yun already could not go to the Final Blood Battlefield in normal times, much less now when it was chaotic.

Bravery flowed in the blood of the Asura Race. They naturally desired battle and respected the strong.

While the place was chaotic, the more it was so, the more it interested the Asura Race cultivators, arousing their curiosity and hot-bloodedness.

However, Luohou Yun was merely a Starry Sky Stage Cloud Sea Realm cultivator. Even if he went to the Final Blood Battlefield, he could only wander around the periphery. If he dared to enter its depths, there would only be one result: death.

Xiao Chen felt somewhat uneasy. Could the thing that appeared in the Final Blood Battlefield be the dart head made of the Seven Color Stone?

“Do you know what it is?”

Luohou Yun shook his hand and said, “I’m not sure about that. However, the Final Blood Battlefield is the decisive battlefield where the Abyssal Underworld and the Great Thousand Realms fought four thousand-odd years ago. Countless people from both sides died. The things that can be dug out are Faux God remains, Soul Tools, demonic weapons, or powerful treasures… However, they are normally just damaged fragments. I think someone probably discovered a relatively complete Soul Tool or powerful treasure. Or perhaps, it might be some holy relic of our ancestors. The things that can be found in the battlefield won’t deviate from that. There won’t be any natural treasures or precious spirit fruits.”

This fellow seemed to understand the Final Blood Battlefield quite well. These were indeed the only things that could be found in the battlefield.

Xiao Chen thought somewhat worriedly, If the dart head is really exposed, Lin Feng and my mission will be quite difficult to complete.

When the underworld boat approached the shore, Luohou Yun invited Xiao Chen to accompany him to his clan. He wanted to introduce Xiao Chen to his father.

There were four Asura Kings in the ninth layer of the Abyssal Underworld. The position of the ninth layer’s Underworld Monarch rotated between the four royal clans.

If Xiao Chen guessed right, Luohou Yun’s father was likely Luohou Wang, one of the four Asura Kings.

This was because Xiao Chen discovered many Sovereign Emperor hidden experts protecting Luohou Yun.

However, even Luohou Yun did not know about them.

Luohou Yun’s Sovereign Emperor guards proved that he held a high status in the Luohou Clan.

If Xiao Chen went to see this Luohou Wang and got exposed, only death awaited him.

However, the other party was also an Asura King. He would definitely know what happened in the Final Blood Battlefield. That would be very helpful in completing his mission.

After some thought, Xiao Chen chose not to meet Luohou Wang. He could slowly find out more about the Final Blood Battlefield by himself.

Xiao Chen only had one life. If he lost it, it would be all over. Furthermore, he did not feel very enthusiastic about the mission to retrieve the holy relic in the first place.

“I have something to do, so never mind that. We will meet again if it is fated,” Xiao Chen said indifferently. Then, he slowly vanished from Luohou Yun’s reverent gaze.

“Big Brother Hong, how high do you think Senior Xiao’s cultivation is? Peak Holy Venerate, Sovereign Personage, or false Emperor?” Luohou Yun asked a guard at his side.

“I could not tell. I only felt very wary when standing beside him. There is a feeling like I could get eaten up at any moment.”

“I hope we can meet again in the future. To think that I was lucky enough to get to know such an expert. How incredible!”

After thinking about it, Luohou Yun somewhat admired himself for actually managing to drum up the courage to greet this Senior Xiao.

Meeting Luohou Yun was just a small detour in Xiao Chen’s trip in the Abyssal Underworld. His plans did not change.

After arriving at the nearest city and obtaining a map, Xiao Chen headed for the Final Blood Battlefield.

Along the way, he paid attention to any information about the Final Blood Battlefield. However, there were so many rumors flying around that he could not obtain a definitive answer.

He even heard that Righteous Dao cultivators had also joined in, startling the Underworld God Guards.

This situation gave Xiao Chen a slight headache. As he was not familiar with the Abyssal Underworld, he could not find any reliable information.


Xiao Chen reached the Final Blood Battlefield three days ago.

He wandered around its periphery, killing some reckless Abyssal Underworld ferocious beasts and familiarizing himself with the environment.

It was said that this Final Blood Battlefield’s history was not limited to that epic battle four thousand years ago. Since ancient times, many battles had occurred here.

This was also where the Black Dragon King found the nine Underworld Monarchs. The decisive battles with the Demonic Dao cultivators had also taken place here.

This was an ancient battlefield with a long history. Just by leisurely wandering the periphery, Xiao Chen could feel corpse Qi that had accumulated for countless years.

Without reaching the Cloud Sea Realm, one would not be qualified to enter this place. Even a Sovereign Personage would have to be very cautious here.

Divine Vein Realm Sovereign Emperors, on the other hand, just needed to be a little careful. Nothing much could endanger them in this ancient battlefield.

Even if a Sovereign Emperor ran into something they could not handle, they should still be able to run away.

The truly scary ones would be the other Sovereign Emperors that came here. These people were more dangerous and more problematic than the forbidden land itself.

“Is Lin Feng not going to show up?”

The appointed time with Lin Feng approached, but he still had not shown up.

The Heavenly Alliance medallions could sense each other’s presence. However, it did not react at all. That meant that Lin Feng was still far away.

Xiao Chen watched the blood moon rise and set. The appointed time passed, so Xiao Chen shook his head and entered the Final Blood Battlefield alone.

Since Lin Feng did not come, there was no need to keep waiting.

However, Xiao Chen did not notice a figure at the summit of a mountain, at a place that his Spiritual Sense could not reach. This figure slowly put away a bow. The arrow flickered with a cold light, looking very shocking under the light of the blood moon.

No one knew what would happen if this figure shot that arrow. However, that person chose not to shoot in the end.