Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2202 Raw 2309 : There Are No Heroes in the World; the Selfish Rule

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Chapter 2202 Raw 2309 : There Are No Heroes in the World; the Selfish Rule

When Xiao Chen returned to his residence, he had already calmed down. He had not expected his secret to get exposed.

Xiao Chen felt stupefied at that time. However, after some thought, he concluded that the exposure might not be a bad thing.

Cultivating a Demonic Dao Cultivation Technique had been one of his concerns. Now that it was exposed, he felt more relaxed.

From today on, he no longer had to worry about it.

Hua Tianyang was right. What war between righteous and demonic? What eradicate demons to uphold righteousness? In the end, it was just a fight for benefits.

The people of the Righteous Dao were not that pedantic. How could the Faux Gods have such low ken?

Since ancient times, many people had cultivated Demonic Dao Cultivation Techniques. It was just that most ended up badly.

Everyone showed fear on the surface. However, who could guarantee that one would not learn a Demonic Dao Cultivation Technique in secret?

From the angle of knowing yourself and the enemy, this was not necessarily a bad thing.

However, Hua Tianyang’s final words were even more right. If one were strong enough, no matter what Cultivation Technique one practiced, others would not dare to say anything.

Say something about it? Say another word, and I’ll kill you.

The only problem was if one was not strong enough and did not have a strong backer. If one still dared to practice a Demonic Dao Cultivation Technique, there would be no consequence if one were killed. In the end, it would be justified as killing a demon. The other party would even gain a good reputation. One would just be handing over their weakness to another without any hope of redress.

“Big Brother Xiao, your expression looks off. Did something bad happen when you met the Alliance Chief?” Bao`er asked shyly when she saw Xiao Chen remaining silent after he returned with a somewhat scary expression.

Xiao Chen took a sip of tea and replied calmly, “I’m fine. The Alliance Chief gave me a mission. However, it is very dangerous and not easy to deal with.”

Bao`er answered with an “oh” and did not ask any further. She only cutely refilled Xiao Chen’s teacup.

Just as the atmosphere felt depressing, Mu Zifeng made his way over to Xiao Chen’s residence. Then, he waved his hand to dismiss Bao`er.

“Big Brother Mu.” Xiao Chen stood up and greeted him.

Mu Zifeng gave Xiao Chen a meaningful glance. Then, he said, “You should have told me about your cultivating a Demonic Dao Cultivation Technique. If so, I would not have been so passive when Suiren Ji caught hold of this weakness.”

Xiao Chen showed a puzzled look as he said, “Big Brother Mu is implicated?”

“Naturally. Why do you think the Alliance Chief asked if you were my follower at the start? Do you think it was for no reason at all?” Mu Zifeng added softly, “Alliance Chief Hua is injured and will retire in a few years. At that time, the position of Alliance Chief will definitely be handed to one of the seven core Doyens.”

Xiao Chen suddenly felt somewhat tired. This Heavenly Alliance really was not a comfortable place, quite different from the days he spent in the Heavenly Dragon Palace back then.

Politics was everywhere. One had to keep one’s guard up at all times, making one feel somewhat pressured for some reason.

Now, Xiao Chen came to understand more and more why the Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor chose to leave back then.

Mu Zifeng was also different from what Xiao Chen imagined. However, this made sense. For him to climb to the position of core Doyen, how could he be a simple person with few desires?

“Sorry for implicating Lord Mu. I’m really sorry about that,” Xiao Chen replied calmly without changing his expression. However, he did not seem sincere in his apology.

Mu Zifeng noticed the distance in Xiao Chen’s tone. He sighed in his heart and stopped dwelling on this. “Let’s drop this matter. Let me tell you about the holy relic. If possible, you need to be the one to get the dart head. You have to get the credit for this mission.”

Xiao Chen frowned slightly, somewhat upset. Mu Zifeng was purposely driving a wedge between Lin Feng and him. Before the mission started, they already had to play politics.

Mu Zifeng observed Xiao Chen and guessed what Xiao Chen was thinking. Then, he said seriously, “You probably do not know how much time and effort the Heavenly Alliance put in for the sake of this holy relic. For the sake of finding the holy relic, Alliance Chief Hua nearly died. Left without a choice, we came out with today’s solution. This is the best chance for us, and the Heavenly Alliance was already planning this when this intake of newcomers started.

“After some secret rounds of selections, we finally decided on Lin Feng and you. The appearance of you two was simply a godsend.”

When Xiao Chen heard this, his heart sank. This meant that Mu Zifeng already had this mission in mind when Mu Zifeng first saw him.

The depth of Mu Zifeng’s sophistication was somewhat frightening.

“You could say that the core Doyen behind whoever finds the holy relic would be the next Alliance Chief,” Mu Zifeng whispered to Xiao Chen.

When Xiao Chen remained silent, Mu Zifeng said indifferently, “I can promise you that if I become the Alliance Chief, the position of Dragon Emperor will be yours. There are no more heroes in this world. If you rely on the so-called dreams and passion, it will be impossible for you to obtain the position of Dragon Emperor.

“I can tell what you are thinking, but the factions behind the Dragon Emperor’s position are much greater than you imagine. You absolutely cannot become the Dragon Emperor by relying on yourself. You will need my support, the support of the Heavenly Alliance’s Alliance Chief.”

Mu Zifeng did not speak any polite words or threaten Xiao Chen. He only explained the benefits and relationships to Xiao Chen.

Upon seeing Xiao Chen reveal a contemplative look, Mu Zifeng chuckled and said, “You are very similar to Peach Blossom, only focused on seeking the Martial Dao and not caring about the cause and effect of the mundane world. However, as we live in the mundane world, cause and effect are unavoidable. After the Heavenly Realm shattered, one can no longer become a True God. What is the point of following one’s dream of seeking the peak of the Martial Dao? It’s so comical, in my opinion. Of course, I really admire these people, including you and Peach Blossom.”

This era could be considered a period of decay. True Gods no longer existed for the Martial Dao; there was no peak, no target. Several generations of Faux Gods had already lost their bearings.

This was the worst age. Mu Zifeng’s words represented the thoughts of most of the Sovereign Emperors and Faux Gods.

Xiao Chen put down his teacup and said, “Let’s not talk about that for now. Lord Mu, let’s talk about the mission.”

Mu Zifeng smiled faintly and said, “You still want to avoid it. It’s fine. I won’t force you. I have already said, there is no way to avoid the cause and effect of the mundane world while living in this mundane world. At that time, you will make your choice.”

Xiao Chen raised his eyebrows. He understood what Mu Zifeng meant. At this moment, Suiren Ji was probably saying the same thing to Lin Feng.

“Let’s not talk about that for now. I’ll tell you about the mission. This is a replica of the Snow God Whip. Take a look.”

Mu Zifeng took out a long whip that looked like a plum blossom tree made of Transcendent Alloy. It had nine segments, each segment like a branch. Each of these branches had plum blossoms on them.

When touching the Snow God Whip replica, Xiao Chen could sense a flourishing lifeforce amid the coolness. This contained an extremely strong Life Dao.

At the other end of the nine-segmented plum blossom whip was a dart head flickering with seven-colored light. It was like a speartip, except sharper and more exquisite.

“This…” Xiao Chen found this somewhat familiar but could not think of what it was.

Mu Zifeng smiled and said, “Feels familiar, right? Take out your medallion and take a look.”

Xiao Chen took out the Heavenly Alliance medallion and immediately understood. There were divine characters made of seven metal piles on the obverse of the Heavenly Alliance medallion.

“This is Seven Color Stone, the thing that the Heavenly Alliance was founded upon. Seven merchant associations collected supreme treasures and refined this illusionary divine stone that possesses an illusionary Divine Energy. If not for fear of getting into trouble from having a powerful treasure, given the level of the Heavenly Alliance’s grandmasters, they could have forged it into a Transcendent Grade Soul Tool. However, we only forged a dart head and made a peak Superior Grade Soul Tool, the Snow God Whip. The other parts of this Snow God Whip are precious. However, they are not worth mentioning next to Seven Color Stone.”

Xiao Chen toyed with the Snow God Whip, gently waving it. Snowflakes immediately flew. The vibrant, red plum blossom whip in his hand looked exceptionally poignant against the backdrop of the snowstorm. It was like an extraordinary existence swaying in the snow.

“Since this dart head is so mystical, are you not afraid that Lin Feng and I will run after obtaining it?”

Mu Zifeng smiled and said, “Don’t even think about it. Without an accompanying Cultivation Technique, you would not be able to bring out its true might. Furthermore, you two are smart and would not do such a stupid thing as taking a treasure you cannot control.”

That was right. Controlling such a treasure without sufficient strength would bring disaster to themself. Hence, the Heavenly Alliance was not worried.

Furthermore, the two of them had weaknesses the Heavenly Alliance grasped. They would not dare to defy the Heavenly Alliance.

No wonder Hua Tianyang said that this mission was tailor-made for the two of them. To the Heavenly Alliance, the two of them were the best choice; no one was more suitable.

After casually chatting for a while, Mu Zifeng stood up and said, “There is nothing more to this mission. This whip is a peak Dao Tool that is no weaker than some Inferior Grade Soul Tools. It is yours now. There is this as well; take it.”

Xiao Chen received a seed. Finding it strange, he asked, “What is this?”

“This is a Grade 9 seed of the Femme Fatale Peony, the king of flowers. The instant the flower blooms, it will fill the place with lifeforce. It can suppress the Death Dao Domain for one hour. Even if you don’t need it, it would be good to keep it to protect yourself. Of course…I hope that you will take the initiative to use it. After all, who knows what Suiren Ji prepared for him.”

Mu Zifeng smiled meaningfully and patted Xiao Chen’s shoulder before turning to leave.

Xiao Chen placed the seed aside and picked up the teacup. Then, he mused over Mu Zifeng’s words.


As Mu Zifeng expected, Suiren Ji also gave Lin Feng instructions.

“Do you understand all my instructions?” Suiren Ji’s deep voice sounded somewhat hoarse.

Lin Feng nodded silently.

Suddenly, Lin Feng’s expression changed slightly as he took two steps back. Horror flashed in his eyes.

A ghostly image had appeared, winding around Suiren Ji. This made him look even colder and more sinister.

Suiren Ji chuckled sinisterly as he flicked his finger. The ghostly figure revealed itself; it turned out to be a Hou ghost.


The soul in Suiren Ji’s hand coalesced into an arrow flashing with a lush green light. It became a bona fide Hou ghost arrow that gave off a chill from the tip of the arrow.

Lin Feng could not suppress his horror and involuntarily took another step back.

Smiling faintly, Suiren Ji said, “Are you afraid? It’s not for killing you. This Dragon Killing Arrow is for sending that fellow to heaven. After you obtain the holy relic, use it to kill him! That child actually dared to reject my invitation back then. He must be tired of living. Moreover, he dares to walk so closely to Mu Zifeng. How reckless!”

Lin Feng grabbed the Dragon Killing Arrow. Even his soul trembled from the Dragon Race bloodline’s innate fear of the Hou.

However, this was Lin Feng, after all. After he grasped it in his hand, a ruthless look flashed in his eyes. He actually managed to suppress the might coming from the arrow.

“Very good. I hope that you can bring back not only the holy relic but also Xiao Chen’s head.”

Suiren Ji revealed a satisfied smile. He liked ruthless people, like Lin Feng, who were ruthless to themselves but even more ruthless to their enemies.