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Chapter 2201 Raw 2308 : Secret Exposed

There was a divine mountain in Heaven Outside of Heaven and a residence at the top of this divine mountain.

Aside from the Heavenly Alliance’s Alliance Chief, naturally, no one was qualified to stay in the residence at the divine mountain’s summit.

Administrator Mu led Xiao Chen all the way to the residence at the peak.

Xiao Chen could feel the wonders of the divine mountain. The waist and the foot of the mountain could not compare at all. There was a world’s difference in the density of the divine nature.

No wonder everyone wanted to climb as high as possible. Everyone wanted to stay high up, they wanted to be strong, and they wanted to hold a high status. They wanted to look down from an aloof position, watched by everyone’s longing gaze.

There was no need to describe the wonders and mysteries of the Alliance Chief’s residence. Xiao Chen took only one look and felt helpless.

Every single brick and tile was made of Alloy. With the Spirit Herbs and celestial flowers decorating the place, it had the elegance of a celestial realm.

“Little Brother Xiao Chen, please enter. I am not qualified to enter,” Administrator Mu said somewhat enviously. When one stood at the summit of this divine mountain, one could look down on the entire Heavenly Alliance continent. It was not easy to enter the residence to meet the Alliance Chief.

Xiao Chen nodded and entered the residence.

There was no one to lead the way inside. However, there was only one path. Xiao Chen just needed to follow it.

There were ponds on both sides of the path. The walls showed elegant and ancient paintings in an unknown epoch’s style.

After some time, Xiao Chen pushed a door open to what he believed should be the main hall.

One person stood inside. It was Grim Reaper Lin Feng, who had arrived before Xiao Chen. When he saw Xiao Chen, he nodded slightly in greeting.

Xiao Chen reciprocated the nod. He was in awe of this Grim Reaper Lin Feng.

Xiao Chen had heard that Lin Feng had been a Sovereign Emperor in the Abyssal Underworld, who later betrayed the Abyssal Underworld and crippled his Demonic Dao cultivation.

Lin Feng’s cultivation returned to the starting point. However, he resumed cultivating and rose once more. He pushed his Death Dao Domain to greater heights. For him to surpass his previous peak was genuinely incredible.

According to rumor, Lin Feng’s master had betrayed him, offering his Extreme Yin Body lover to the Underworld God Hall’s Vice Hall Master. This was the reason for his betrayal of the Abyssal Underworld.

This person gave off an extremely heavy Death Qi. He was quite introverted and maintained a low profile, practically having no presence in the Heavenly Alliance.

However, no one could ignore his strength. There would always be some news of his exploits.

Xiao Chen had heard that Lin Feng had entered the service of Suiren Ji, the same Suiren Ji that wanted to take Xiao Chen in back then.

“How long have you been here?” Xiao Chen asked softly as he walked over.

Lin Feng gave a simple answer, “One hour before you came.”


Just as Xiao Chen thought that this Lin Feng was not that cold, light and shadow flickered at the main hall’s end.

Nine figures appeared in the depths of the main hall. While they looked very close, they seemed to be in another world. They were right in front but looked as far as the horizon. Their figures appeared ethereal.

Of the nine, two sat cross-legged, and the other seven stood behind. They all looked different, appearing like shadows.

Xiao Chen noticed Mu Zifeng among the seven and guessed that the seven were the Heavenly Alliance’s core Doyens.

The seated two were probably the Heavenly Alliance’s Alliance Chief and Vice Alliance Chief.

“Greetings, Alliance Chief, Vice Alliance Chief, and the seven lords.”

Xiao Chen and Lin Feng bowed slightly and performed cupped-fist salutes to show their respect.

These nine were the Heavenly Alliance’s upper echelon. They held high statuses and were rare experts.

“Good. I have heard that two outstanding talents appeared in my Heavenly Alliance. Today, I finally get to see you two.”

The seated black-clad old man was the one who spoke. This should be the Heavenly Alliance’s Alliance Chief, Hua Tianyang, one of the rare peak experts of the Martial Epoch.

“Mu Zifeng, Suiren Ji, these two are your followers?”

Mu Zifeng replied softly, “Xiao Chen is not my follower; he is Peach Blossom’s follower. I am just his initiator in the Heavenly Alliance.”

“Peach Blossom…so, it is Peach Blossom’s follower. It looks like he still remembers the kindness that the Heavenly Alliance showed him.”

Hua Tianyang added softly, “Help me prepare a gift and send it to Desolate Sea’s Peach Blossom City tomorrow.”


Right after Mu Zifeng answered, Suiren Ji smiled and said, “While Xiao Chen is not Mu Zifeng’s follower, Lin Feng is definitely my follower. When he just entered the Heavenly Alliance, I noticed him.”

The powerhouses chatted with each other, but Xiao Chen and Lin Feng could not participate in this discussion. They could only listen and wait.

Xiao Chen took in Suiren Ji’s appearance. He had a cold face with wild ambition flickering in his eyes, giving the impression of a venomous snake hiding in the shadows.

“Xiao Chen, Lin Feng, the two of you have been with my Heavenly Alliance for a year or so already. Perhaps the two of you did not notice it, but the secret guards of the Heavenly Alliance protected you during every mission. The secret guards saw everything you did, which is sufficient to prove your loyalty to my Heavenly Alliance.”

Hua Tianyang was relatively straightforward, not bothering with any formalities. He also confirmed Xiao Chen’s feeling of being monitored.

“In reality, Heavenly Alliance newcomers do not receive such treatment. My Heavenly Alliance also does not care about loyalty. There are spies from other factions in this vast Heavenly Alliance, and we know who they are. However, it does not matter. As long as my Heavenly Alliance can use them, we just leave them be.”

Such boldness felt shocking. However, giving the Heavenly Alliance’s unique nature, this was indeed so.

As long as one was of use, it would be fine. As for those with other thoughts, they were just prevented from touching the core.

Hua Tianyang continued, “This time, we called the two of you here for a mission. We need the two of you to work together to complete it. This mission is tailor-made for the two of you; no one else is suitable.”

Xiao Chen thought to himself, Tailor-made for the two of us? Something common to Lin Feng and me suits the mission that Alliance Chief is talking about.

What do we have in common?

After thinking about it, Xiao Chen figured that their only commonality was their Dragon Race bloodline. However, Lin Feng was a Flood Dragon Human; his Dragon Race bloodline had mutated long ago.

As for Xiao Chen’s bloodline, outsiders believed that he possessed a mutated mixed-blood dragon bloodline.

“Mu Zifeng, tell them about it,” Hua Tianyang instructed softly.

Mu Zifeng nodded and said, “Xiao Chen, Lin Feng, this time, the Alliance Chief wants to send you two to the Abyssal Underworld to find a holy relic that the Heavenly Alliance lost there, the dart head of the Snow God Whip.

“Four thousand years ago, the five Righteous Dao super factions worked together and attacked the Abyssal Underworld to try and eradicate the Underworld God Hall. During that war, the Heavenly Alliance’s holy relic, the Snow God Whip, broke, and the dart head has been lost since then. The Heavenly Alliance wants to search for it, but it is too hard for the people of the Righteous Dao to enter the Abyssal Underworld. If one is too strong, one will be discovered before entering the Abyssal Underworld. However, if one is too weak, one cannot complete the mission.

“As long as the two of you can complete this mission, you can be promoted immediately to a four-petal member. The Alliance Chief will also agree to a request from the two of you.”

Hua Tianyang sighed, “It is really embarrassing to speak of it. I lost this holy relic, but I cannot go and search for it myself.”

Suiren Ji quickly said, “Alliance Chief, don’t feel guilty. If not for that war back then bringing glory to our Heavenly Alliance and showing our strength, our Heavenly Alliance would not have become a super faction. Furthermore, you have entered the Abyssal Underworld nine times and fought with the Underworld Monarchs, putting yourself in danger. You have already done enough.”

The other core Doyens immediately consoled Hua Tianyang, not wanting him to feel too guilty.

“I know of that battle. It is known as the Final Blood Battle in the Abyssal Underworld. Many in the nine layers of the Abyssal Underworld died or were severely injured. If not for the Xuewu Dynasty sending reinforcements, the Underworld God Hall might have been destroyed. If I am not wrong, the dart head was left in the Final Blood Battlefield. That place is considered a forbidden land in the Abyssal Underworld,” Lin Feng said softly. He was quite familiar with this battle.

Before Lin Feng betrayed the Underworld God Hall, the Underworld God Hall had been preaching about how horrible the people of the Central Great Realm were. He even once thought of charging into the Great Thousand Realms, making outstanding contributions to the Underworld God Hall, and helping the Flood Dragon Humans return to the Divine Dragon Empire.

However, that was all in the past. It no longer mattered.

“That’s right. Barring the unexpected, the dart head should be in the Final Blood Battlefield. The two of you possess the Dragon Race’s bloodline. Lin Feng does not even need to disguise himself to return to the Abyssal Underworld. As for Xiao Chen…the Demonic Dao Cultivation Technique that you practice can cover up your identity.”

Hua Tianyang suddenly changed the topic as he smiled at Xiao Chen.

When Xiao Chen heard that, he was stunned, and it showed on his face. Initially, he thought that the other party would say that he possessed a mixed-blood dragon bloodline, and he would not be discovered with some covering up.

Who could have imagined that Hua Tianyang would directly unveil the secret of him cultivating a Demonic Dao Cultivation Technique? This left him at a loss.

Hua Tianyang smiled and said, “You don’t have to be anxious. There have always been people of the Righteous Dao cultivating Demonic Dao Cultivation Techniques. All those excellent and powerful cultivators would research Demonic Dao Cultivation Techniques. There are also people of the Demonic Dao cultivating Righteous Dao Cultivation Techniques. For example, my Heavenly Alliance’s Doyen Suiren Ji has a Secret Technique from a Demonic Dao Cultivation Technique. However, he is still a core Doyen of my Heavenly Alliance. No one from the Righteous Dao dares to say anything. Don’t think of the people from the Righteous Dao as too pedantic. Some things are only said on the surface. In the end, what matters are profits and interests. If you are strong enough, who would dare say anything? Of course, if you are not strong enough and do not have a strong backer, things would be different.”

As Hua Tianyang spoke, Suiren Ji smiled sinisterly at Xiao Chen. This smile was very meaningful.

Xiao Chen cursed in his heart, I thought I already covered it up sufficiently. Ordinary people, even Faux Gods would not notice it easily. It must have been Suiren Ji who noticed it.

Hua Tianyang’s words sounded like consolation. However, in reality, it was also a threat.

You are protected by my Heavenly Alliance, like Suiren Ji. No one will dare to say anything. However, once you leave the Heavenly Alliance, you will be hunted down as a demon with no reprieve.

However, this was not necessarily a completely bad thing. If Xiao Chen showed no openings and only excellence, Hua Tianyang might not dare to trust him.

Having discovered Xiao Chen’s secret, Hua Tianyang would trust Xiao Chen more, as he had leverage.

Xiao Chen calmed down and said, “Alliance Chief is right. Xiao Chen has learned a lot.”

Hua Tianyang nodded slightly and said, “It is settled, then. The two of you go and prepare first; be ready to move out at any time.”

The moment Xiao Chen turned around, he appeared somewhat sullen. He silently left the place quickly.

This Heavenly Alliance is not exactly a good place to remain in. No wonder the Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor chose to leave back then.

As Mu Zifeng watched Xiao Chen leave, he sighed in his heart. The Alliance Chief had decided this matter; Mu Zifeng could not warn Xiao Chen, either.

“Suiren Ji, you did well in discovering Xiao Chen’s weakness this time. Otherwise, with his cautious nature, not showing everything, the secret guards watching would not have discovered any weakness,” Hua Tianyang praised softly. Control came from grasping another’s weakness. Only then could he rest assured in sending Xiao Chen off to do this.

Otherwise, Hua Tianyang could not hand this mission over to Xiao Chen.

Suiren Ji smiled and said, “Finding the holy relic is Alliance Chief’s deepest wish. Naturally, Suiren Ji will do my best.”