Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2200 Raw 2307 : Summoned by the Alliance Chief

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Chapter 2200 Raw 2307 : Summoned by the Alliance Chief

Outside Heavenly Cloud Mountain in the Ink Sea, as the Azure Smoke Pavilion disciples looked at the destroyed blessed land, a figure silently observed everything.

If Xiao Chen were around, even he would not discover this figure, what more these people?

The mysterious person looked around and fixed his gaze on Qingyan Shangren’s arm injury, where Xiao Chen’s saber intent lingered.

This saber intent containing Xiao Chen’s merged Divine Seal and Dao Domain would be very problematic to remove—especially since Xiao Chen purposely left it behind.

Qingyan Shangren could remove this saber intent only if he found someone a lot stronger than Xiao Chen to help.

Otherwise, even though Qingyan Shangren was a Sovereign Emperor himself, he could not recover his arm.

“This is a perfect completion.” The mysterious man slowly withdrew his gaze, no longer paying attention.

To the Heavenly Alliance, it did not matter whether Qingyan Shangren died or not. The most important thing was to maximize the Nine Cauldron Pavilion’s benefits in this place. If Xiao Chen had killed Qingyan Shangren, the Ink Sea would definitely plunge into chaos—perhaps even into a chaotic war between the various factions—and the situation would change.

The Nine Cauldron Pavilion was only a merchant association. It did not want to see such a scene. It needed a stable Ink Sea without any strong factions ruling it.

Chopping off Qingyan Shangren’s arm significantly decreased his strength. This left the Azure Smoke Pavilion a sufficient threat to the other factions. However, it would not achieve the same level of dominance it had in the past.

Furthermore, with this lesson, the Azure Smoke Pavilion would fear the Nine Cauldron Pavilion and not dare to do anything to it.

As for Qingyan Shangren, he did not matter. This was just a Sovereign Emperor who rose to power in the Ink Sea; he was not strong enough.

Xiao Chen’s evaluation of him was actually very fair. The true experts of the Central Great Realm all held disdain for these outer regions.

“It looks like he really obtained the Fiendish Saber inheritance. I have to note that down. Aside from that…there should not be anything else,” the mysterious man muttered to himself before quickly leaving the place, immediately vanishing.

Just like how no one knew when he came, he did not leave any signs of his presence behind when he left. It was like he had never existed.

As for Xiao Chen, he had completed his mission when he chopped off Qingyan Shangren’s arm.

He could go to Red Cloud Island to report it, or he could just ignore everything and head back to the Heavenly Alliance headquarters.

However, another option occurred to him. He wondered if he could take this opportunity to make a trip to the Azure Dragons’ old lands.

After some thought, Xiao Chen chose not to.

When he was in Heaven Outside of Heaven, he felt like he was being monitored. After he came out, he still had that uncomfortable feeling.

If he could be cautious, it would be best to remain cautious.

It would not be too late to go when he could independently accept missions. In any case, if there were hidden people watching him, he did not have to worry about his life.

Xiao Chen headed back to the Starry Heavens Dao Platform and returned directly to the Heavenly Alliance headquarters.

Just as Xiao Chen entered Heaven Outside of Heaven, he saw the administrator that gave him the mission waiting there for him.

Xiao Chen performed a cupped-fist salute and said, “Administrator Mu.”

Administrator Mu nodded and said, “Headquarters gave you an evaluation of five stars. Be it mission completion time or the effects, you got full marks. Congratulations on completing your mission. You obtained one thousand contribution points.”

As Administrator Mu spoke, he took out his Heavenly Alliance Medallion and placed it against Xiao Chen’s medallion.

After that, Xiao Chen noticed the number “1,000” appear under the two lit petals on the reverse of his medallion.

The numbers were carefully inlaid in the vast snowy scene. If one did not look carefully, they would not be noticed.

“You can use contribution points to exchange for resources. However, after making the exchange, the corresponding contribution points will be gone.”

Administrator Mu gave Xiao Chen a simple explanation, then turned to leave, not lingering. However, before he left, he took a few more glances at Xiao Chen as though committing him to memory.

Xiao Chen toyed with the medallion. Then, he thought to himself, To think that there is no reward for completing the mission. The contribution points are the reward?

If I use the contribution points, it will take longer to light up more plum blossom petals. Contribution points are obtained by completing missions. However, if I spend them on resources, the day I rank up will be even further away.

The Heavenly Alliance must be doing this on purpose.

Xiao Chen returned to his residence and greeted Bao`er. Then, he soaked in the medicinal spring after removing his clothes.

The medicinal spring had curative effects. During the fight with Qingyan Shangren, some sword lights managed to injure Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen could relax, treat his injuries, and remove any hidden injuries by soaking in the medicinal spring; it was pretty good.

He closed his eyes and dozed off. When he woke up, Bao`er stood at the side, waiting to help him with his clothes.

“Big Brother Xiao, you completed your mission very quickly, taking less than three days.”

After helping Xiao Chen put on his clothes, Bao`er smiled gently and said, “Many of the administrators are praising you. If everyone had the same level of efficiency, they would not be short-handed.”

Xiao Chen did not acknowledge or deny anything. After chatting with Bao`er for a while, he went to the meditation room and entered closed-door cultivation.

Cultivation at the foot of the Heavenly Alliance’s Heavenly Divine Mountain was much faster than in the outside world. Xiao Chen could clearly feel the joy and excitement of the Divine Energy in his body.

He wondered how this Heavenly Divine Mountain was forged. To think that it had such wondrous effects.

Driven by the Ten Thousand Dragons Art, various dragon images appeared in Xiao Chen’s Divine Energy Sea. Then, his progress stopped after one hundred had appeared.

Xiao Chen was still far from reaching the first step of the Ten Thousand Dragons Art, forming the Ten Thousand Dragons Picture.

However, he had time. With this Heavenly Divine Mountain, he could save a lot of time.

The peaceful days did not last for long. After another three days, another mission arrived.

Xiao Chen’s days continued like this. Being a two-petal member, he had little time to rest.

He finally understood what Bao`er meant. If he had not rested then, he would not have had any time to rest at all.

Xiao Chen did not bother with any pointless words. He would take the mission and immediately leave; he always completed the missions at the fastest pace possible.

His high efficiency was flabbergasting.

After one year, Xiao Chen’s name had spread throughout the Heavenly Alliance. Everyone knew of this white-clad bladesman.

This was because Xiao Chen used only one year to become a three-petal member.

He did not use any of his contribution points, accumulating them all. When he had enough to satisfy the requirements, he chose to rank up.

As far as Xiao Chen was concerned, the Heavenly Divine Mountain of the Heavenly Alliance was sufficient to meet his needs.

“Little Brother Xiao Chen, are you sure you want to rush into ranking up?”

By now, Administrator Mu was already very familiar with Xiao Chen. He advised kindly, “You can use these contribution points to exchange for plenty of resources. However, if you choose to rank up, they will all be gone.”

Xiao Chen replied calmly, “I know. However, I have my own plans. With a higher rank, I can earn more contribution points from the completed missions. The highest reward from a mission that a two-petal member can take only gives out one thousand contribution points at most. However, a three-petal member’s missions give at least ten thousand. This is more economical.”

There was also one more thing that Xiao Chen did not say, as a three-petal member, he could freely choose his missions, no longer as passive as before.

Administrator Mu smiled and said, “Since you chose already, I will not say anything more.”

Administrator Mu handed the Heavenly Alliance medallion back to Xiao Chen. Now, one more of the eight plum blossom petals lit up on the vast snowy scene on the reverse, for a total of three lit petals.

The number under the plum blossom petals also changed to zero, returning Xiao Chen to the starting point.

“This is for you.”

Xiao Chen felt it was slightly strange as he received a jade bottle from Administrator Mu. When he opened it, he saw that it was Origin Liquid, a total of five tons.

This was already a considerable sum. When Xiao Chen sold his ten-thousand-year-old Herb Kings, he received only about fifty tons of Origin Liquid.

“This is…” Xiao Chen asked, feeling somewhat puzzled.

Administrator Mu explained, “This is the Heavenly Alliance’s reward for you. Everyone saw your efforts for the past year. Originally, they thought that the contribution points you obtained were already a big reward, able to exchange for an Inferior Grade Soul Tool. However, you never used them. That was as good as you working for nothing. The various lords felt that they could not mistreat you like this, but they did not know what you needed, either. So, they gave you five tons of Origin Liquid.”

Xiao Chen agreed after thinking about it. He had worked hard over the past year. Normally, he did not think much of it, as he felt that being in the Heavenly Alliance was already the greatest reward. He had the Heavenly Divine Mountain to cultivate, and someone helped him nurture the Demon Blood Vulture. Furthermore, he had continuous battles to temper himself and gain practical combat experience as a Sovereign Emperor.

Honestly speaking, even though the days were dry and tiring, this lifestyle suited Xiao Chen.

Although Xiao Chen had not opened a Divine Vein yet, his Ten Thousand Dragons Art had advanced rapidly over the past year. He was only one step shy of forming the Ten Thousand Dragons Picture.

“Many thanks.”

Xiao Chen expressed his gratitude as he put away the jade bottle. Origin Liquid was something good. Since it was given to him, he would accept it.

Administrator Mu smiled and called out to stop Xiao Chen, who was turning to leave. “Don’t be in a rush to leave. The Alliance Chief wants to meet you!”

The Heavenly Alliance’s Alliance Chief, one of the leaders of the five Righteous Dao super factions, could be considered one of the people who stood at the peak of the Martial Epoch.

Even though Xiao Chen was part of the Heavenly Alliance, it was impossible for him to meet the Alliance Chief whenever he wanted. Their ranks differed too much.

“Why is he looking for me?” Xiao Chen asked seriously with a calm expression, not letting it change.

Administrator Mu shrugged and replied, “How could I know that? However, he is not meeting you alone. He also summoned Grim Reaper Lin Feng.”