Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2196 Raw 2303 : I Have Already Killed Them and Torn Down Their Shop

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Chapter 2196 Raw 2303 : I Have Already Killed Them and Torn Down Their Shop

A cluster referred to an astral cluster.

Most of the clusters in the Great Thousand Realms had a starry sea in the center. Hence, the clusters were named after the starry seas.

For example, there was the Grave Sea Cluster, which Xiao Chen once stayed in before. The various clusters surrounded the Central Great Realm like stars around the moon.

The outer regions that the Central Great Realm cultivators spoke of generally referred to these clusters. To the Central Great Realm cultivators, the outer regions were like the boondocks.

Aside from some special clusters, most of the clusters lacked natural Spiritual Energy and sufficiently complete inheritances. The competition was also not intense enough, making it very difficult for people to advance to Sovereign Emperor.

With a Sovereign Personage’s cultivation, one could already be treated like a Faux God in the outer regions.

This was how the Grave Sea Cluster was. Openly, there were no Sovereign Personages. Perhaps some of the Rank 4 sects might have Sovereign Personages approaching the peak. However, these Sovereign Personages would not readily appear.

The Ink Sea Cluster was much stronger than the Grave Sea Cluster. They had two Rank 5 sects, and the Sect Masters were Sovereign Personages. Several of their Supreme Elders were heaven-defying Sovereign Personages, and some might even be false Emperors.

However, no Sovereign Emperor had appeared for the past millennium.

The various factions maintained a delicate balance. Now, one of the Rank 5 sects produced a Sovereign Emperor, which was incredible.

Xiao Chen knew how strong a Sovereign Emperor was. Before a Sovereign Emperor, a Sovereign Personage would last only one move.

No matter what powerful trump card a Sovereign Personage had, it would be useless. Even if one had a Soul Tool, it would just be a mild threat.

With one party suddenly becoming strong, the balance broke. The allocation of interests naturally would be shuffled.

On this trip to the Ink Sea Cluster, Xiao Chen’s job was to protect the interests of the Heavenly Alliance’s subordinate merchant association. It could not possibly give up on its interests just because the other party had a Sovereign Emperor.

The mission did not specify the method for dealing with this problem. Xiao Chen could choose to kill the newly advanced Sovereign Emperor or just reach a deal with the other party.

There were many options that would meet the objective. However, only one method would maximize the benefits and safeguard the interests of the Heavenly Alliance’s subordinate merchant association.

The better this matter was dealt with, the more contributions Xiao Chen would gain. On the other hand, failure would mean punishment, and that scaled with the severity, as well.

Using the Heaven Outside of Heaven’s Dao Platform, Xiao Chen arrived at a Dao Platform near the Ink Sea Cluster.

Everyone shared this Dao Platform; it did not belong solely to the Heavenly Alliance.

When Xiao Chen arrived in the Ink Sea Cluster, half a day had passed already. He clearly felt the difference in Spiritual Energy between here and the Central Great Realm the moment he landed, like that between clouds and mud.

“The Nine Cauldron Pavilion.”

The Heavenly Alliance subordinate merchant association here was the Nine Cauldron Pavilion. Xiao Chen felt that he had a strong fate with it.

If he recalled right, he even had a VIP card for the Nine Cauldron Pavilion.

“Let’s go to the Nine Cauldron Pavilion’s headquarters in the Ink Sea.”

The starry sea possessed a strong suction. If one fell into the corrosive starry sea, one might die if one’s cultivation was insufficient.

Xiao Chen recalled that when he first arrived in the Grave Sea and traveled with Xiao Suo, he had moved very carefully and did not dare to let his guard down.

Now that he was a Sovereign Emperor, he did not need to be so concerned.

Xiao Chen turned into a lightning bolt streaking over the Ink Sea and traveling among the clouds without fear.

Four hours later, an island large enough to be called a continent appeared before Xiao Chen. This was the largest island in the Ink Sea, Red Cloud Island, which hosted the Nine Cauldron Pavilion’s headquarters in the Ink Sea Cluster.

Going by the usual conventions, since this island was called Red Cloud Island, the largest city of this island would be called Red Cloud City.

Xiao Chen flew boldly into the city, but the city guard experts did not notice him.

As he hovered in the air, he swept his eyes around, spreading his Spiritual Sense to every corner of the city.

In the next moment, Xiao Chen’s figure flickered, leaving behind a faint purple mark. He reappeared at the entrance to the Nine Cauldron Pavilion.

The building was tall and glorious, occupying the best location. However, the entrance seemed somewhat desolate.

This did not fit the image of the top merchant association of the Ink Sea, but Xiao Chen could roughly guess why. He entered directly.

“This young master, are you here to buy something?”

When Xiao Chen appeared, a pretty maidservant with a faint smile immediately went to attend to him.

“Long Yi, you may withdraw first. I will entertain this guest.”

Before Xiao Chen answered, a spirited old man wearing embroidered robes appeared on the hall’s stairs.

The maidservant gave Xiao Chen a strange look before withdrawing obediently. However, she still felt confused. Why did the Pavilion Master come out to entertain a youth personally?

“This old man’s family name is Qin, and my name is a single character, Po. Might I ask for Young Master’s great name?” the old man wearing embroidered robes said to Xiao Chen with a wide smile as he walked down the stairs.


Xiao Chen guessed that this old man figured something out. Thus, he cut to the chase, quickly flashing the Heavenly Alliance medallion at him.

Qin Po’s expression did not change. He said seriously, “Young Master, come with me.”

After the two entered a private room on the top floor, Qin Po’s expression changed drastically as he extremely respectfully performed a cupped-fist salute and said, “Greetings, Milord. I did not bow earlier, as I did not want to attract attention. I hope Milord will forgive my rudeness.”

With a calm expression, Xiao Chen sat on a redwood chair and waved a hand, indicating that it was not a problem. Then, he said softly, “Xiao Chen, the Xiao character with the grass head and Chen as in the morning. I prefer cutting to the chase, so please give me a simple explanation of the situation. I will resolve the problem within ten days.”

“Very well, Milord.”

Qin Po acted carefully, not daring to be negligent. He faced a major character from the Heavenly Alliance, someone he could not afford to offend.

Even though Qin Po had seen many grand scenes before, he still felt nervous. After calming himself, he reported, “There are two Rank 5 sects in the Ink Sea: the Flying Cloud Sect and the Azure Smoke Pavilion. Two years ago, an Azure Smoke Pavilion Supreme Elder, Qingyan Shangren, advanced to Sovereign Emperor. Half a year later, the Azure Smoke Pavilion occupied seventy percent of the Ink Sea’s resources, leaving thirty percent for the other factions to split among themselves.

“The Azure Smoke Pavilion has always had business transactions with our merchant association. In previous business deals, we took seventy percent of the profits while they took thirty. After Qingyan Shangren advanced to Sovereign Emperor, they demanded an exorbitant price, wanting eighty percent of the profits and giving us only twenty percent.”

[TL Note: The family name “Qingyan” means azure smoke, the same characters for the Azure Smoke Pavilion.]

Xiao Chen entered deep thought. The resources of the Ink Sea are definitely in the hands of that sect. However, if the sect wants to develop, they need to cooperate with a merchant association before they can maximize the benefits from the resources.

This would be considered mutually benefiting each other, helping each other out.

There are many ways to do this. However, simply put, the one with the advantage takes more benefits.

Previously, the various factions worked together. The Nine Cauldron Pavilion possesses great power and wealth, allowing them to take seventy percent of the profits. Now, the situation has changed; a Sovereign Emperor appeared in the Azure Smoke Pavilion. Now, the Nine Cauldron Pavilion no longer holds an advantage and is even bullied.

However, there is no need to question the business aspect too deeply; it has nothing to do with me.

Xiao Chen quickly grasped the main points of this problem. Then, he asked, “He has been a Sovereign Emperor for two years already?”

“Yes. I reported this to the Heavenly Alliance’s headquarters two years ago. However, they never paid any attention to it,” Qin Po said helplessly.

Xiao Chen thought to himself, It is not that they did not pay attention. It is that they are shorthanded.


“Yes. They wanted eighty percent of the profits. Naturally, we were unwilling. Henceforth, the Azure Smoke Pavilion stopped doing business with us, and they supported a small merchant association to suppress us. Over the past two years, nearly all our business was snatched away. You can see for yourself how bleak business is.”

The confused Xiao Chen asked, “They are just a small merchant association. How could their strength compare to the Nine Cauldron Pavilion’s?”

The Nine Cauldron Pavilion was a merchant association with branches even in the Central Great Realm. In terms of strength and accumulations, a small merchant association could not compare to it. In a fair competition, the Nine Cauldron Pavilion could take out treasures, Medicinal Pills, Cultivation Techniques, and Martial Techniques. The other merchant associations could not wait to pander to it.

Qin Po smiled bitterly and explained, “With the Azure Smoke Pavilion supporting them, there is no way to continue doing business. The ships sending cargo over from the merchant association were robbed several times. During this period, they became even bolder in suppressing us. Several of my Nine Cauldron Pavilion’s guards died. The Azure Smoke Pavilion upper echelon even leaked the news that all Azure Smoke Pavilion disciples were prohibited from doing business with our Nine Cauldron Pavilion.”

On the surface, the Azure Smoke Pavilion was just preventing their disciples from doing business with the Nine Cauldron Pavilion. In reality, they were warning all the cultivators in the Ink Sea. Who would dare to offend the only Sovereign Emperor in the Ink Sea?

Xiao Chen grasped the main point again. He asked sullenly, “They have killed the Nine Cauldron Pavilion’s people?”

“Yes, with the Azure Smoke Pavilion supporting them, the other party does not hold any fear.”

Xiao Chen said calmly, “This is easy to deal with, then. What is the name of that merchant association?”

Qin Po did not understand what Xiao Chen meant, but he still answered honestly, “Previously, they were called the Red Cloud Merchant Association. Now, they are called the Ten Cauldron Pavilion.”

When Qin Po mentioned the other party’s merchant association, his expression turned even more unsightly. This name was simply a slap on the face.

One was nine, and one was ten. This change of name was a declaration of superiority.

“Is the Association Chief of that merchant association in Red Cloud City?”

“He always is.”

Qin Po just finished speaking when he looked up and saw that Xiao Chen had disappeared from the chair.

The curtains shook, showing that someone just went out from there at a breakneck speed.

This sight startled Qin Po. However, after he sat down, he felt somewhat unnerved. This Xiao Chen is simply too young.

His cold attitude also feels somewhat unreliable. The Heavenly Alliance did not send anyone over for two years. When they finally send someone, it is a greenhorn that leaves at the drop of a hat.


Qin Po did not see anyone for a moment, but Xiao Chen appeared before him once more. When he raised his head to look, he ended up spitting out the tea in his mouth.

Xiao Chen held a human head in his hand—the head of the Red Cloud Merchant Association’s Association Chief, whom Qin Po hated so much, someone Qin Po wanted chopped into thousands of pieces.

The head’s expression appeared sluggish. Based on that expression, he probably did not even know how he died.

If Qin Po recalled correctly, this fellow was a Holy Venerate, and he had a heaven-defying Sovereign Personage from the Azure Smoke Pavilion protecting him.

So, did this person die like that? How did Xiao Chen do this?

Qin Po had not even warmed his seat or swallowed his tea yet before Xiao Chen returned from killing the other party.

Qin Po quickly stood up. Horrified, he trembled as he said, “Milord, you…”

“I have already killed them and torn down their shop. Make your preparations; business will come within these two days,” Xiao Chen said indifferently. He appeared calm, as though he did something unremarkable.

This was just killing a Holy Venerate before a heaven-defying Sovereign Personage. It was indeed nothing worth mentioning for Xiao Chen.

Frightened silly, the trembling Qin Po said, “I’ll…I’ll go make preparations. This little one will withdraw and take my leave first.”

“Wait a moment.”

Qin Po immediately asked in a fluster, “Milord, do you have any instructions?”

“Send this head to the Azure Smoke Pavilion at the fastest speed possible.”

Qin Po was startled. “Milord, this means you are challenging the Azure Smoke Pavilion. You have to think this through carefully.”

“Just do as I say. There’s no need for all this nonsense.”

Xiao Chen frowned slightly. Qin Po seemed to be telling him not to offend the other party.

However, when Xiao Chen recalled that Qin Po had been suppressed for quite a while and was afraid of the Azure Smoke Pavilion, his words seemed reasonable.

Xiao Chen relaxed his tone as he explained gently, “I am trying to agitate him. The faster I deal with this problem, the more contributions I obtain. Your Nine Cauldron Pavilion will also receive more benefits.”

“Yes, yes, yes. I will go do it right away.”

Qin Po immediately felt somewhat excited. This little lord’s temper and boldness are genuinely great. It looks like the Nine Cauldron Pavilion’s situation is about to turn around.