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Chapter 2195 Raw 2302 : Mission

Under Bao`er’s arrangement, the group of people quickly tidied up the residence.

Xiao Chen already found the residence clean in the first place. However, after the tidying up, it turned brighter.

Calling it brand-new would not be an exaggeration. The grass was cut, and the flowers were trimmed. The walls were repainted, and fragrant incense was lit in the house.

Wherever one went, one could smell a refreshing fragrance that made one feel very comfortable.

Xiao Chen sighed in his heart, Having servants has such a big impact on the living environment.

“Big Brother Xiao, we have tidied up the residence. However, we still have not planted anything in the herb field. If you have any natural treasures or other spirit herbs, you can plant them there. Also, you can go to the shops to buy seeds. We have disciples of Alchemists among us; they are skilled in this aspect. There are also people trained to take care of pets; any pets will be well treated.”

Bao`er bowed slightly and asked shyly, “Is Big Brother Xiao satisfied?”

Xiao Chen entered deep thought when he heard that. He could ignore the herb field for now. After all, he was not an Alchemist and did not need natural treasures to aid his Cultivation Technique. However, he could consider his pets.

Xiao Chen pretty much left the Demon Blood Vulture alone, practically free range.

It probably would be better for a trained person to take care of the Demon Blood Vulture.

“Who is responsible for rearing spiritual pets?” Xiao Chen asked.

An old man immediately appeared and knelt before Xiao Chen. “Young Master, this old servant is responsible for spiritual pets. Just call me Old Liu. What instructions does Master have?”


A red light flashed, and the Demon Blood Vulture appeared on Xiao Chen’s shoulder. Its feathers looked as vibrant as blood, glistening and exceptionally beautiful.

“Do you recognize this bird?”

Old Liu’s eyes lit up as he answered, “This is the Demon Blood Vulture. It is said to live in the Ash Gray Sea, one of the seven great forbidden seas. Its race is isolated from the world, and it is very difficult to capture. It can consume any demonic nature in the world, possessing infinite potential. If it can activate its bloodline and is fed with spiritual blood and fruits, it has the potential to revert to its source, gaining its ancestor’s blood and becoming a Blood Phoenix, a Great Desolate Eon ferocious beast.

“Master, this Demon Blood Vulture is incredible. Since it has a hint of gold in its pupils, it probably comes from a noble lineage among the Demon Blood Vulture race. Even rarer is that its bloodline seems to have mutated already. It stands a high chance of mutating into a Blood Phoenix.”

Haha! My old father is the Demon Blood Vulture King. How can my lineage not be noble? This old man has good judgment. He can serve me. The Demon Blood Vulture’s cocky voice rang out in Xiao Chen’s heart.

Xiao Chen ignored the Demon Blood Vulture. He sized up the old man, startled by the breadth of this old man’s knowledge; some of the things the old man said were new to him. However, he still had to test the old man out.

“Then, do you know how to nurture a Demon Blood Vulture?”

Old Liu smiled and said, “This old servant grew up taming beasts. I am familiar with how to nurture more than nine thousand kinds of spiritual pets and demonic pets. Although I have not raised a Demon Blood Vulture before, I am still aware of the method.”

Standing at the side, Bao`er interjected softly, “Big Brother Xiao, this Old Liu is a treasure. He once raised an Underworld Ghost Bird into a mutated beast rivaling a 9-Vein Sovereign Emperor. He is one of the rare expert beast tamers in the Heavenly Alliance. If not for Lord Mu, he could not possibly come here with me.”

Xiao Chen raised his eyebrows and said softly, “My judgment is poor. Unexpectedly, Old Liu is so capable. Sorry for the disrespect. It looks like I cannot underestimate anyone in this Heavenly Alliance. What about you?”

Xiao Chen shifted the focus, turning his head to look at Bao`er.

Bao`er’s expression did not change as she smiled mischievously. “How am I capable? I am just a maid, a maid for helping Big Brother Xiao to dress up, pour tea, and serve water.”

Xiao Chen smiled faintly and dropped this topic. Instead, he said, “Old Liu, tell me how to raise this Demon Blood Vulture.”

Old Liu nodded and said, “That would depend on how much resources Master gives me. With enough resources, I would feed it a Demonic Spirit Fruit every day and bring it to Blood Hell every fortnight. Then, I would go to the Spirit Beast Palace to exchange for Cultivation Techniques and Martial Techniques that demonic pets can practice. Of course, it would also depend on how Master wants to nurture it. We could nurture it in an all-around manner or focus on specific attributes, like speed or killing intent. The Demon Blood Vulture is a relatively well-rounded demonic pet, so you can nurture it however you wish. It all depends on Master.”

Xiao Chen thought, This Old Liu knows a lot. Then, he asked, Demon Blood Vulture, are you willing to follow him?

Hehe! I am already salivating at the prospect.

The answer went without saying. Xiao Chen said seriously, “From today on, you will take care of this Demon Blood Vulture. There is no need to be stingy with resources. I also have a question: what is the currency used in the Heavenly Alliance?”

Bao`er answered softly, “Any form of currency will work in the Heavenly Alliance. After all, we are an organization of businesses. You can use Spirit Jades, Primeval Heavenly Pills, Origin Liquid, or Divine Crystals. However, Origin Liquid is the most common.”

Xiao Chen thought for a while before taking out all the Primeval Heavenly Pills in his storage ring and the nine ten-thousand-year-old Herb Kings he obtained in Paradise. Then, he handed them all to Bao`er and said, “Help me exchange these for Origin Liquid. From today on, you will manage the finances of the residence.”

Xiao Chen took out a large sum. This was especially so for the nine ten-thousand-year-old Herb Kings.

Originally, he planned on using the Herb Kings himself. However, there was not much point in using them after he refined the Thunder Cliff Tree.

Bao`er received everything without evincing any shock whatsoever. Xiao Chen thought to himself, Even the Heavenly Alliance servants are servants who have seen the great world.

“Many thanks for Big Brother Xiao’s trust. I will help Young Master settle this within half a day.”

After Bao`er counted everything, she quickly promised to deal with it without any hesitation.

“You may withdraw, then. I need to rest.”


After the group of people left, Xiao Chen went to a medicinal spring in the residence. The springwater gave off Spiritual Energy as it gushed out.

This was a medicinal spring specially refined by a Heavenly Alliance Alchemist. Soaking in it could eliminate fatigue, nourish the mind, recover one’s energy, and remove hidden injuries. If one was willing to spend some Origin Liquid, one could add some Medicinal Pills for aiding cultivation.

As Xiao Chen soaked in the warm springwater, he felt exceptionally comfortable. After he closed his eyes, he actually dozed off.

Sovereign Emperors practically no longer had to sleep. In fact, they had difficulty falling asleep.

If one wanted to rest, one just needed to meditate. However, falling asleep would be difficult. In fact, many people suffered from insomnia; their minds would more or less remain conscious.

However, in reality, sleep was the best nourishment for Sovereign Emperors; it might even aid cultivation.

The medicinal spring probably had Spirit Herbs with some sedative effects. Otherwise, it would not be this effective.

Xiao Chen did not object to this sleepiness, so he drowsed off.

When Xiao Chen woke up, he felt refreshed and spirited, brimming with endless energy. He looked around and discovered Bao`er standing across from him with a white towel in her hands.

Steam wafted up. Looking at Bao`er, who was not far away, was like looking at a flower in the fog, a hazy but intense sense of beauty.


When Xiao Chen stood up, some water splashed up. Bao`er walked over, wiped down his body, and helped him dress.

Xiao Chen did not want to be too independent in the Heavenly Alliance. Furthermore, he did not overthink it, so he did not avoid or reject her aid.

Bao`er found it strange that Xiao Chen had so many scars on his body. It was not as smooth and as clear as his delicate facial features.

Some of the scars even overlapped. The many crisscrossing scars all over his body appeared somewhat terrifying.

Even after Bao`er finished helping Xiao Chen with his clothes, her heart had not regained its previous calm.

“How long was I asleep?”

“Big Brother Xiao Chen slept for the whole night. I have already finished the task that you assigned yesterday. In total, I obtained fifty tons of Origin Liquid. I gave half of it to Old Liu, and the remainder is with me. Does Young Master need it?”

“There’s no need for now. Keep it for me.”

Xiao Chen still had two thousand five hundred kilograms of Origin Liquid. That was already sufficient for regular cultivation. Since he had yet to open a single Divine Vein, he did not need so much Origin Liquid.


After some hesitation, Bao`er said, “Young Master had best not cultivate for now. You should continue resting and wait for the Heavenly Alliance mission to arrive. At that time, you would no longer have time to rest.”

“I’ll take your advice.”

Hence, Xiao Chen leisurely wandered through his residence, only occasionally cultivating. The residence was massive. He had not fully explored quite a few places yet, so he now seized the opportunity to do so.

This peaceful time lasted for only two days. Then, Xiao Chen’s first mission in the Heavenly Alliance arrived.

A black-clad administrator hovering above Xiao Chen’s residence said, “Heavenly Alliance two-petal member Xiao Chen, heed the command. A local sect’s Elder in the Ink Sea Cluster advanced to Sovereign Emperor, and that threatens the interests of the merchant association. You are ordered to go there and deal with this problem within ten days. Otherwise, the mission will be considered a failure, and you will be heavily punished.”


A jade strip fell, and Xiao Chen reached out to catch it. After grabbing the jade strip, he held it to his forehead to check the information and gain a rough understanding of the situation.

“Big Brother Xiao, should I get Old Liu to call over the Demon Blood Vulture?” Bao`er asked.

“There’s no need. The Demon Blood Vulture is in its early stage of growth. It is not convenient for it to fight now. Just help me manage the residence.”

Then, Xiao Chen’s figure flashed as he left with the administrator, heading for the Heavenly Alliance’s Dao Platform.