Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2190 Raw 2297 : God Conferring Platform Denouemen

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Chapter 2190 Raw 2297 : God Conferring Platform Denouemen

Sovereign Emperor!

Divine Vein Realm Sovereign Emperor!

The aura that Xiao Chen showed and the surging Divine Energy from his palm proved that he was a bona fide Divine Vein Realm Sovereign Emperor already.

First, Xiao Chen’s cultivation fell greatly, falling from half-step Sovereign Emperor to Great Perfection Sovereign Personage. Then, it jumped up by two grades, pushing him to Sovereign Emperor.

Many people felt stupefied. Xiao Chen’s advancement felt like a wild dream.

Even a false Emperor could not advance to Sovereign Emperor so quickly and easily.

The bottleneck between Sovereign Personage and Sovereign Emperor was not that fragile.

The Cloud Sea Realm had three stages: the Starry Sky Stage, the Holy Light Stage, and the Sovereign Stage. After surpassing Sovereign Personage, one would break through the limits of personhood and start cultivating the divine.

Hence, the bottleneck between Sovereign Personage and Sovereign Emperor was equivalent to rising from personhood to godhood.

This was extremely difficult. Even the peak geniuses of the Faux God World would need at least one year to break through such a bottleneck.

The people who left the Faux God World early—the Dragon God Crown Prince Qin Ming, the Profound Heaven Holy Son Wenren Yu, Chu Chaoyun, and others—spent one or two years in meditation before they broke through this bottleneck.

Practically no one had ever broken through the bottleneck in an instant as Xiao Chen had.

One moment earlier, Xiao Chen was still a Great Perfection Sovereign Personage. In the next moment, he became a Divine Vein Realm Sovereign Emperor. With the flip of a hand, he suppressed Gu Yuhan and the other three.

Then, Xiao Chen soared high above the God Conferring Platform.

“He…actually became a Sovereign Emperor!”

Zhang Yushan’s voice trembled as he showed a stunned expression below the God Conferring Platform.

It was not just Zhang Yushan. All the super faction disciples on the entire Heaven Bridging Peak were stupefied.

Everyone came to the Faux God World with only one purpose: to become a Sovereign Emperor as soon as possible and return to the Great Thousand Realms to show off their power.

However, for most people, becoming a Sovereign Emperor within ten years in the Faux God World was just a dream.

Even if the Faux God World had a much better environment and more fortuitous encounters than the outside world, becoming a Sovereign Emperor within ten years was still quite a challenge.

Those who could become a Sovereign Emperor within ten years would be heavily nurtured by their respective super factions and given high status. They would have unlimited potential.

Previously, the Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor had told Xiao Chen that no matter how talented one was or how powerful one was, it was pointless before one became a Sovereign Emperor.


Outside the Trial Tower, Mu Zifeng looked at Gu Fei said, “Brother Gu, it looks like I won this bet in the end.”

Gu Fei showed a sullen expression as he said loudly, “This old man can afford to lose. Don’t worry.”

After Gu Fei finished speaking, he left in a hurry with an anxious expression, flying towards the True God Palace.

Everyone knew that Gu Fei was going to meet the Divine Master to try and preserve Gu Yuhan’s and Mu Yunzhu’s lives.

These two were outstanding talents, and their strength was clear for all to see. The Profound Heaven Holy Land had also invested a lot of resources in them.

If the two died, the losses would be massive.

The many Faux Gods sighed softly. No one expected this outcome. In the end, the Heavenly Alliance’s Xiao Chen monopolized the greatest benefit of the God Conferring Platform.

In the process, there had been many hurdles. Gu Yuhan, Chu Feng, and the others had done their best to monopolize the benefits but ended up with nothing.

If Chu Feng and Bai Yunfei had accepted Xiao Chen’s offer and worked on refining their own Paramita Lamp to absorb the energy, the results might have been considerably different.

However, there were no ifs in the world. Xiao Chen had absorbed an unprecedented seven Paramita Lamps, breaking through the bottleneck between personhood and godhood, becoming a Divine Vein Realm Sovereign Emperor.


However, had Xiao Chen really absorbed only seven Paramita Lamps?

Only Xiao Chen knew the answer. He had not absorbed seven Paramita Lamps but fourteen.

While the divine bridge and the demonic bridge had merged, the Paramita Lamps had not. There had been seven Paramita Lamps on the left and another seven on the right for a total of fourteen.

The instant Xiao Chen refined the fourteen Paramita Lamps’ energy, he felt his cultivation soar. That feeling of rapid advancement had been quite delightful. This was the first time he felt so delighted in his life.

“Sovereign Emperor.”

Xiao Chen clenched his right fist tightly. A divine light glistened in his eyes, showing a boundlessly sharp light. Strong confidence surged up in him.

It had been many years. He had waited for this moment for very long already.

I did not waste these seven years in the Faux God World. Many outstanding talents remain stuck at Sovereign Personage, never to become a Sovereign Emperor. They squander their lives and die in sorrow.

I finally cleared this step and became a Sovereign Emperor.

Looking down at the Heaven Bridging Peak, Xiao Chen shouted, “Where are the Heavenly Alliance members? I, Xiao Chen, will pave the way for you. Aside from the Heavenly Alliance members, others may not enter the God Conferring Platform!”


“Damn it! What is this Xiao Chen doing? Why can he forbid us from going over?”

“Because he is a Sovereign Emperor. If you are not convinced, just look at what happened to Gu Yuhan and the other three.”

“Hahaha! Xiao Chen is a Sovereign Emperor. Come on, let’s go. Let’s see who dares to stop us now.”

Immediately, some people rejoiced, and some people despaired. Naturally, the Heavenly Alliance disciples were the elated ones.

The Heavenly Alliance members had been bullied throughout their time in Paradise. At the Heaven Bridging Peak, the other super factions pushed them aside. All along, they had been at the back of the pack on the Heaven Bridging Peak.


“Mu Zifeng, this disciple of yours is very savage. After gaining the upper hand, he immediately became arrogant.”

“Humph! He should think about how pitiful he appeared before, draped in only a bedsheet for everyone to see.”

“How shameless! To think that I took him for some incredible character. He is merely so-so.”

When the other Faux God powerhouses saw this scene, they naturally showed unsightly expressions. The very idea that Xiao Chen chased their disciples away from the God Conferring Platform infuriated many Faux Gods.

Mu Zifeng smiled and said, “Everyone is right. This Xiao Chen is really overboard, simply shameless. I will discipline him when he returns.”

However, Mu Zifeng felt extremely delighted, guffawing in his heart. I indeed made the right judgment on Xiao Chen!

This is how he should be. Despite standing in a high position, he did not forget his identity. Previously, when the other super faction disciples shoved aside Heavenly Alliance disciples, these Faux Gods did not say anything about it.

It serves you right to have this day!


Naturally, Xiao Chen had the Heavenly Alliance to thank for his current accomplishments. These actions were merely to repay the favor; he did not feel there was anything wrong with this.

He looked down the Heaven Bridging Peak and entered deep thought. Then, he moved to a corner of the God Conferring Platform.

After that, he suddenly used his strength to bear all the Divine Might there.


Immediately, Xiao Chen forced open an easy path to the God Conferring Platform on the Heaven Bridging Peak, which was covered in Divine Might.

Naturally, only the Heavenly Alliance members could use this path.

Soon, Wu Meng, Gongzi Lan, and Mo Yun—the Heavenly Alliance’s stronger members—climbed onto the God Conferring Platform. They showed somewhat complicated expressions, feeling very grateful.

“Xiao Chen, congratulations.”

“You are too polite.”

Xiao Chen smiled faintly and withdrew his move after the Heavenly Alliance members made their way to the summit.

“I’ll leave the rest to the three of you. I’m going down.”

Wu Meng nodded. There were many Heavenly Alliance members, so there needed to be some order. These three also understood how to deal with this and easily laid down some measures.


Xiao Chen gently leaped up, jumping off the summit.

As Gongzi Lan watched Xiao Chen’s figure dwindle into the distance, he sighed, “To think that I defeated him in the past. Now, he has already left me far behind.”

Mo Yu said after some thought, “Xiao Chen is very tenacious. He also possesses pride and sharpness but remains firm and low-profile. The Faux God World is a very suitable place for him, simply tailor-made for him. It is not strange that he surpassed us.”

The three withdrew their gazes and turned their attention to the God Conferring Platform.

Wu Meng said after some thought, “The three of us should still be able to form one Paramita Lamp each. Such a harvest is already a great opportunity.”

“Right. If not for Xiao Chen, we might not even have reached the God Conferring Platform, not to mention forming a Paramita Lamp.”

The three sighed in their hearts. Even with the Alloy Battle Armor, the Heavenly Alliance members were still inferior to the other super factions.

They indeed had to thank Xiao Chen for their current opportunity.

However, Xiao Chen had to rush off for some reason.


Yuan Zhen chanted the scriptures in the land with countless buried corpses, purifying the dead. The Buddhist light coming from him inspired reverence and respect as he walked among the corpses, looking like an arhat walking the world.

“I found it.”

Yuan Zhen suddenly showed joy on his face. A pile of corpses had dissipated into motes of light after they attained peace from purification, revealing a dusty, ancient key.

However, just as Yuan Zhen was about to take it, a strong aura descended from the sky.

This forced the Buddhist light coming from Yuan Zhen back into his body. The strong aura then made Yuan Zhen stumble a few steps back before he regained his footing.

“Ethereal Immortal Palace key? Venerable Yuan Zhen, why are you looking for this thing?”

After Xiao Chen descended from the sky, he grabbed the key. Then, he looked at Yuan Zhen with eyebrows raised.