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Chapter 2187 Raw 2294 : Paramita Lamps

Fang Shaobai and Xiahou Wu blocked Gu Yuhan and Mu Yunzhu. However, that did not affect Xiao Chen at all.

Xiao Chen was very strong in the first place, about as strong as a false Emperor. When he donned the Alloy Battle Armor, he immediately entered his peak state.

After he knocked the six back with Firmament’s Rage, he did not hold back, leaping onto the God Conferring Platform, where the Divine Might was strongest.


A strong wind blew on the God Conferring Platform. Xiao Chen just pressed half his foot on the ground when the strong wind nearly blew him over.

Xiao Chen glanced down, and the land where countless corpses were buried seemed very insignificant in his eyes.

Heaven bridging, heaven bridging. If it were in the past, I would be just one step away from heaven.

Interesting. Xiao Chen’s lips curled up into a smile. As he stood at the summit of the Heaven Bridging Peak, he took in the surroundings.

He saw Yuan Zhen, the crafty and unfathomable monk from the Hidden Spirit Temple.

Right now, Yuan Zhen was walking among the boundless corpses, chanting scriptures and purifying the dead. Even from the God Conferring Platform, Xiao Chen could see the Buddhist light silhouetting him.

Xiao Chen could not be bothered with this monk, whose intentions were unknown. He swept his gaze around and fixed it on the God Conferring Platform he stood on.

The top of the Heaven Bridging Peak had been shaved off. However, it did not show any signs of manufacturing.

It was like the world had worked mysteriously and formed this naturally. Many divine characters were inlaid on the God Conferring Platform, inspiring marvel.

Every divine character was like a lifeform, but one without a soul or a spirit.

This made this God Conferring Platform appear somewhat strange, like a withered corpse missing its soul.

Xiao Chen understood that this was because the Heaven Bridging Peak had broken into three parts and lost its divine nature. The World Tree that supported the Heavenly Realm had broken; thus, the Heaven Bridging Peak also broke. Now, the Martial Epoch could not confer true godhood.

Although this God Conferring Platform was ancient and mysterious, it had already lost its spirituality, leaving an empty platform.

Calling this the God Conferring Platform was somewhat of an exaggeration.

Xiao Chen focused, knowing that this was not the time to think about history. While the God Conferring Platform could not confer godhood, that did not mean it was useless to him.

As a Sovereign Personage, Xiao Chen still needed to respect the God Conferring Platform. He could not look down on it or profane it.

At this moment, Xiao Chen stood at the edge with half his foot still in the air. He was not truly standing on the God Conferring Platform yet.

“It is time to step onto it properly.”

Xiao Chen showed a resolute look. Whether I lose control or not and expose the Demonic Dao has nothing to do with me. Since I stepped onto the bridge of courage, there is no turning back.


Xiao Chen set his feet down, formally entering the God Conferring Platform. Then, something strange happened.

Xiao Chen’s Veritable Essence Energy suddenly surged uncontrollably, flooding into the God Conferring Platform, which gave off a rumbling sound.

As Xiao Chen’s Veritable Essence Energy poured out, the God Conferring Platform started to spin slowly like a millstone. The scenes around turned illusory, and the flow of space-time manifested as beams of light, showing all sorts of colors.

Xiao Chen did not feel flustered. Before he came here, he had learned about the mysterious phenomena that would appear when he stepped onto the God Conferring Platform.

Cut off karma and mess up the cycle.

True Gods could surpass space-time, leaping out of the cycle, free of the restrictions of karma.

However, right now, Xiao Chen could only watch the Faux Gods of the past cut off the karma binding them to the world on the God Conferring Platform, becoming genuinely free—the most exciting moment of their lives.

Messing up the cycle and breaking the chains of time, no longer suffering from the torture of aging or sickness. They became eternal and immortal, living as long as the world.

Unfortunately, the Heavenly Realm shattered, and the World Tree was destroyed. All these were only legends now.

Even the True Gods that survived the last great war between the righteous and demonic factions lost their eternal life. Karma bound them again; they did not dare leave the Faux God World lest they suffer a rebound from the world.

Now, Xiao Chen stood on this God Conferring Platform and looked at the flowing space-time and the karmic lines moving in reverse.

He could only watch. He stretched out his hand and touched a karmic line.

Immediately, a miniature scene appeared above his finger, showing this strand of karma.

Xiao Chen squinted and looked. It was a scene of him fighting Chu Chaoyun during the Five Nation Youth Competition in the Sky Dome Realm.

With a reminiscing expression, Xiao Chen gazed at the surrounding karmic lines and the flowing time. Then, he entered deep thought.

Why should one cut off karma?

By cutting off karma, one can seek true freedom, no longer restrained by anything. Everything of the past becomes void. Many of the mental blocks and obsessions would no longer be there. One will not be affected by any karma or any restraint of the world. One can do anything one wants.

However, what is the point of that?

Although one gains new life by cutting off karma, one also denies one’s life. Perhaps one has regrets in one’s life, feeling the mundane world too bitter and difficult. Even if one possesses overwhelming strength, as long as one is affected by karma, there will eventually be unbearable pain.

Is this life bitter? Do I have regrets? Do I feel any unbearable pain? Xiao Chen asked himself.

This life is very bitter. There are many regrets. My heart even tore apart, causing me unbearable pain.

Even so, I cannot cut off my karma.

If I had a choice before me, allowing me to cut off all my karma and become a True God, what would I choose? Xiao Chen could not help thinking. However, he quickly dropped this question. There was no point in asking such a hypothetical question.

As Xiao Chen continued to infuse his Veritable Essence Energy into the God Conferring Platform, the air in the God Conferring Platform became as thick as liquid. Then, an azure lamp slowly appeared.

The Paramita Lamp!

Xiao Chen promptly set aside his train of thought in excitement. He knew that his opportunity was here.

This was originally the Paramita Lamp, which led to godhood, lighted the Divine Bridge, and allowed one to surpass death. Now, it could only help Sovereign Personages comprehend the Dao and obtain a heaven-sent opportunity.

Xiao Chen flicked his finger. A drop of blood shot out from his fingertip and landed on the azure lamp.

A swaying lamp flame emerged, and a spot of light immediately appeared in the dark land with countless buried corpses, brightening the place.

When the light appeared, it illuminated Xiao Chen at the summit. Everyone on the Heaven Bridging Peak saw the mysterious phenomenon.

Everyone also saw Xiao Chen’s appearance. His silver armor flickered with flowing light, and his handsome facial features and heroic appearance showed clearly.

“Xiao Chen!”

“So, that strange person was Xiao Chen. How inconceivable!”

“Xiao Chen already entered the God Conferring Platform. I wonder how many Paramita Lamps he can light up. I heard that the most anyone managed to light up in the past was five.”

Discussions rang out all over the Heaven Bridging Peak. Everyone felt extremely shocked at the contrast.

At the foot of the Heaven Bridging Peak, Yuan Zhen, who was chanting scriptures and purifying the dead, glanced over for a quick moment. His expression did not change as he continued wandering the vast and boundless land of buried corpses.


The many Faux God powerhouses outside the Trial Tower appeared distracted as they looked at this scene.

This was not their first time seeing the Paramita Lamp. However, they still felt disappointed and frustrated. If only they could light up the Divine Bridge and enter the Heavenly Realm. How great would that be?

At this moment, no one spoke. Even Mu Zifeng and Gu Fei’s wager was temporarily pushed aside.

One lamp…two lamps…three lamps…

Xiao Chen felt that he still had sufficient Veritable Essence Energy and Soul Energy, his joy obvious on his face. The more Paramita Lamps he could light up, the more benefits he would obtain.

Given his condition, he could light up at least four Paramita Lamps without any problem.

“Whoosh! Whoosh!”

However, two gusts of strong wind blew at this moment. Bai Yunfei and Chu Feng appeared at the same time and landed on the God Conferring Platform.

When Fang Shaobai saw Xiao Chen’s three Paramita Lamps, he laughed softly and said, “Not bad. Xiao Chen, thank you for lighting up three Paramita Lamps for us. Brother Chu and I will remember this favor. Now, you can scram!”

However, just as the two circulated their Veritable Essence Energy, their expressions immediately flickered.

The two’s Veritable Essence Energy flowed into the God Conferring Platform without pause, making it incredibly difficult to unleash their Veritable Essence Energy.

Two Paramita Lamps appeared for the two at this moment.

Chu Feng and Bai Yunfei made somewhat unsightly expressions at this development, appearing anxious. They exchanged looks and voice projections.

Xiao Chen had a calm expression as he said, “The opportunity of this God Conferring Platform can be shared among three people. Why the need to fight to the death? If there are any grudges, we can settle it after everyone gets off the God Conferring Platform.”

“Humph! In your dreams. The two of us put in a lot of effort into getting onto the God Conferring Platform. How can we let you get an advantage here?”

Bai Yunfei suggested coldly, “Brother Chu, if both of us condense some Divine Energy, we can knock him off.”

Chu Feng smiled sinisterly and replied, “I have the same thought. I am not willing to share the benefits of this God Conferring Platform with a third person.”

Xiao Chen snorted coldly, not showing any fear. He had expected this long ago.

Before the two could do anything, Xiao Chen spread out his peak third-layer Thunder Dao Domain.

“Boom!” The strong Thunder Dao Domain established itself. Caught off guard, Bai Yunfei and Chu Feng got forced back several steps, instantly pushed to the edge of the God Conferring Platform. Their bodies wobbled, on the verge of falling off.

The two paled with fright, looking drained of blood and in a panic.

“Third-layer Dao Domain! This…how can this be?!”

Ignoring the two’s shock, Xiao Chen smiled coldly and said, “You two are not capable of chasing me off. Condense Divine Energy? Let’s see how the two of you are going to condense Divine Energy on this God Conferring Platform.”

If it were another place, Xiao Chen would somewhat fear the power of Divine Energy. However, the God Conferring Platform continuously absorbed a cultivator’s Veritable Essence Energy.

Condensing Divine Energy would be a tough challenge.

The right time, the right place, and the third-layer Thunder Dao Domain. Xiao Chen held many advantages. Even though he had offered to share the benefits of the God Conferring Platform with the two, they ended up being arrogant, wanting to chase him off.

Xiao Chen had given them face, but they did not want it.

He used his third-layer Thunder Dao Domain to pressure them relentlessly. Then, he pressed forward and commenced a powerful assault.

It was difficult to use Veritable Essence Energy here. However, Xiao Chen had the Azure Dragon Divine Body. His physical body’s Vital Qi was much stronger than the two’s.

Xiao Chen’s tempestuous attacks were boundlessly powerful. Chu Feng and Bai Yunfei used their trump cards but could only barely hold on, unable to advance. They both had one foot dangling in the air, their bodies wobbling, about to fall off.

“Xiao Chen, Brother Xiao, give us a chance. We have realized our mistake!”

Seeing that they could not hold on, Bai Yunfei and Chu Feng no longer dared to be arrogant. They showed bleak expressions and started begging Xiao Chen.

“It’s too late.”

“Bang! Bang!”

Xiao Chen showed no mercy, punching the two and sending them off the God Conferring Platform.

“Xiao Chen, if I don’t die today, I will definitely chop you up into pieces in the future!”

“Damn it!”

Miserable shrieks immediately echoed through the Heaven Bridging Peak, startling those who heard them. Fighting two on one, Xiao Chen managed to knock off Chu Feng and Bai Yunfei.