Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2186 Raw 2293 : The Brave Hold No Fear

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Chapter 2186 Raw 2293 : The Brave Hold No Fear

As Xiao Chen’s mind raced, the six false Emperor outstanding talents could not be bothered with what he was doing.

The six slowly approached Xiao Chen, a murderous intent appearing in their eyes.


“Why is this eccentric fellow not moving?”

“Is he seeking death?”

“He is only three kilometers away from the God Conferring Platform. Why is he hesitating?!”

While Xiao Chen did not feel anxious about it, the spectators outside the Trial Tower did. They all shook their heads and sighed, not understanding.

Even Mu Zifeng felt confused. Some anxiety appeared in his eyes.

“If he still does not move, he won’t be able to do so when he wants to later.”

Mu Zifeng immediately lost his confidence. Even with the Alloy Battle Armor for protection, Xiao Chen would find it hard to survive with six false Emperor outstanding talents surrounding and attacking him.

At this moment, the various super faction disciples rushing over also saw this scene.

Although these disciples were still far away and the Divine Might pressured them, they were heaven-defying Sovereign Personages, and nothing obstructed their vision. They could see this scene in the distance well enough.

“The one in the lead is actually that strange person!”

Zhang Yushan, who had more or less recovered from his wounds, saw Xiao Chen in the distance. His face immediately smarted.

Zhang Yushan hated this strange person. Xiao Chen had slapped him hard several times, completely humiliating him.

“Senior Brother, why is that strange person not moving? If he still does not move, Senior Brother Gu and the rest will catch up. At that time, he will definitely die.”

Zhang Yushan’s two junior brothers felt incredibly confused as they saw this strange sight.

Zhang Yushan said through clenched teeth, “It would be good if he died and even better if he rolled down this Heaven Bridging Peak. This great me would definitely immediately go and kick him a few times.”

Zhang Yushan’s two junior brothers exchanged looks. Since their senior brother got beaten into a pig’s head, his brain seemed to have stopped working.

This was the Heaven Bridging Peak. Going up was a struggle, but going down was even more challenging. With the Divine Might around, how could Zhang Yushan jump around as he pleased? Before the other party died, Zhang Yushan might be crushed into a paste first.

“Come on, let’s go. I want to see how those people are going to beat that bastard up!”

Zhang Yushan appeared very anxious, and he pushed himself. He wanted to go over quickly and see. He could already imagine the scene of the six false Emperor outstanding talents beating up that strange person.

If there was an opportunity, perhaps he could trample on that strange person as well, so he could vent the hatred in his heart.

“The God Conferring Platform!”

Xiao Chen looked at the summit just three kilometers away. For him, it was very close; he could see it very clearly.

The auras of the six false Emperor outstanding talents approached from behind. He could even feel a prickling killing intent.

Sharp and cold. If these people had the opportunity, they would instantly kill him without any mercy.

Xiao Chen closed his eyes, letting the cold wind blow at him and the surging killing Qi press on him. He let his thoughts wander, seeking to relax his mind.

Actually, whether to go up or not is the wrong question, a false proposition.

If I go up and cannot control the Demonic Qi in my body, replaying the scene at the azure mountain and falling into the Demonic Dao, I will definitely die.

The various super factions cannot possibly tolerate a Demonic Dao cultivator appearing in the Faux God World.

The super factions would treat me as a Demonic Dao spy and immediately kill me to avoid problems.

So, the real question that I need to ask myself is not whether I should go up or not. Instead, it should be whether I am afraid or not, whether I fear death or not!

How stupid…

Xiao Chen suddenly scolded himself. The overcautious should abandon this bridge. The bridge that he had chosen was one that tested courage.

Since Xiao Chen stepped onto the bridge of courage, his heart already gave him the answer.

I will enter this God Conferring Platform. Why should I worry?

I should not think about whether I will lose control and fall into the Demonic Dao. So what if I do?

As long as my heart is at peace, there is no need to mind what others think. It is just like how I do not mind what they think of my wearing just a bedsheet.

Xiao Chen opened his eyes, and a brilliant light flashed in them, showing his sharpness. “Boom!” Resplendent electric light burst out of his body, looking as dazzling as the sun.


The piercing electric light stunned Chu Feng and the others, forcing them to squint against the glare. However, they found this extremely strange.

“Surround him! This fellow probably just made a breakthrough in some Secret Technique!”

After seeing the situation, the six felt slightly stunned. Then, they soared into the air, charging towards that clump of resplendent electric light.

When the light scattered, the six saw a person wearing the Alloy Battle Armor. His facial features looked like they were exquisitely carved, looking very handsome and heroic. His tyrannical air revealed itself fully.

If that face did not belong to Xiao Chen, whose else could it be?

“Xiao Chen!”

“Indeed, it is you!”

“Today, I will definitely kill you!”

After seeing Xiao Chen reveal his true appearance, Bai Yunfei, Mu Yunzhu, Fang Shaobai, and the other people with grudges against him felt their blood boil. Their overwhelming rage twisted their expressions; they wished that they could chop him down on the spot.

This was especially so for Bai Yunfei, who had felt so frustrated that he had vomited blood, fainted, and nearly died at the gates to the Divine Capital. The expression he showed with clenched teeth inspired great terror with just one glance.

“It has been a long time. You all still look as excellent as you were before. However, it is not that easy to kill me. Get back down!”

Seeing the hateful expressions on the six, Xiao Chen felt delighted as he smashed his palm down while guffawing.

Dragon’s Gate’s Secret Technique, Firmament’s Rage!

The rage from the Great Desolate Eon shook the Heaven Bridging Peak slightly. A gigantic palm materialized a lightning world with the Five Element Divine Lightning. That lightning world also abounded with boundless saber intent spreading out.

Firmament’s Rage was a powerful Dragon’s Gate Secret Technique in the first place. Now, Xiao Chen drove it with his third-layer Thunder Great Dao, and he held the upper hand in the Heaven Bridging Peak.

Xiao Chen threw a palm strike from high ground, and the attack happened to merge with the Divine Might.

In that instant, the six felt like the sky fell on them. Their expressions all changed as the heavy pressure pushed down, making breathing difficult.


Xiao Chen suddenly launched a palm strike while holding the advantage in time and location. This instantly extinguished the six’s auras and forced them to take three steps back.

These six managed to form Divine Energy and execute their killing moves only after that, breaking Xiao Chen’s move.

“It’s Xiao Chen!”

Down below, Zhang Yushan saw this scene and nearly fell. His junior brothers quickly supported him.

“Senior Brother, be careful.”

Feeling shaken, Zhang Yushan muttered distractedly, “Damn it! Didn’t he fail in forming a perfect Divine Seal? Why is he here?”

Xiao Chen, who suppressed him for five years in Fiend Cloud Hall, was the person who beat him up into a pig’s head.

Zhang Yushan could not accept such a result.


“It really is the Heavenly Alliance’s Xiao Chen!”

The group of Faux God powerhouses outside the Trial Tower also were startled when they saw Xiao Chen make his move.

Although these Faux Gods already guessed it in their hearts, they still felt some shock when Xiao Chen revealed his true appearance.

“Indeed, it is him!”

Mu Zifeng showed joy in his eyes. The smile he revealed showed incredible delight.

“It really is that fellow!”

Gu Fei showed a grave expression, feeling a mountain-like pressure. After Xiao Chen threw a palm strike, he had immediately turned and flew towards the God Conferring Platform.

It looked like Xiao Chen would stand on the God Conferring Platform soon.


“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

The six were false Emperor outstanding talents, after all. After taking three steps back on the Heaven Bridging Peak, they gathered their Divine Energy and shattered Firmament’s Rage in one breath.

The electric light scattered, and the six looked up. However, they saw that Xiao Chen was already within three hundred meters of the God Conferring Platform.

“Had he not delayed earlier, we would not stand any chance at all. Now…it is hard to say.”

Bai Yunfei and Chu Feng exchanged glances and voice projections. Then, the six gave chase once again.

Mu Yunzhu felt very frustrated and overlooked the actions of Bai Yunfei and Chu Feng. Right now, he only had Xiao Chen in his eyes.

“Damn it. I don’t believe that you can run this time.”

Although the Divine Might here was the heaviest, it was just a distance of three kilometers. The six could cross this in merely four or five breaths of time.

“Whoosh! Whoosh!”

However, just at this moment, Xiahou Wu and Fang Shaobai turned around and blocked Mu Yunzhu and Gu Yuhan.

Chu Feng smiled faintly and said, “Brother Bai and I will be going first. Don’t worry. We will kill Xiao Chen for you.”

“What is the meaning of this?!” Mu Yunzhu demanded, enraged at the sudden turn of events.

Xiahou Wu smiled and replied, “Brother Mu, there is no need to act stupid. Everyone knows that the benefits of this God Conferring Platform are not sufficient for six people to share. You can just wait here peacefully and grant Brother Bai and Brother Chu this.”

Now, Mu Yunzhu understood. These four had plotted together in secret. Chu Feng and Bai Yunfei must have promised the other two some benefits.

They just waited for this moment to get Xiahou Wu and Fang Shaobai to block Mu Yunzhu and Gu Yuhan.

“Senior Brother, what should we do?” Mu Yunzhu could not help feeling anxious. The two pairs possessed similar strength to each other. It would not be a problem for Xiahou Wu and Fang Shaobai to delay them.

If they fought, as long as the other two could delay them until Bai Yunfei and Chu Feng finished up, Mu Yunzhu and Gu Yuhan would be at a significant disadvantage when the other four worked together.

Gu Yuhan glanced indifferently at the summit. Xiao Chen had already reached the God Conferring Platform.

Gu Yuhan could not help thinking, Xiao Chen does not just hold the right time and the right place; he clearly also has the right people, holding all three factors.

Bai Yunfei and Chu Feng—those two fools—think that they can defeat Xiao Chen. However, they have never fought Xiao Chen. If they underestimate him, the consequences will be dire.