Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2185 Raw 2292 : As Difficult as Flying into the Blue Sky

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Chapter 2185 Raw 2292 : As Difficult as Flying into the Blue Sky

When Xiao Chen first saw the Heaven Bridging Peak, it gave him a feeling of familiarity yet unfamiliarity. At that time, he already had his suspicions.

However, Yuan Zhen appeared and interrupted Xiao Chen’s train of thought, preventing him from following it to its conclusion.

As Xiao Chen climbed increasingly higher, the sense of familiarity intensified.

When the entire mountain peak turned purple from the lightning’s illumination, he recalled the azure mountain with the missing dragon head in the old lands of the Azure Dragons.

With this thought, Xiao Chen immediately felt stunned. Could it be that the azure mountain was one of the Heaven Bridging Peak pieces?

However…however, while the three calamities and nine disasters of this Heaven Bridging Peak seemed terrifying, it still had some Divine Might and spirituality. It looked vast and majestic, inspiring reverence.

The azure mountain missing a dragon head in the Azure Dragons’ old lands was a demonic mountain that nearly made him lose control.

Xiao Chen immediately felt greatly shocked. He wondered what was happening.

Back then, when he climbed the azure mountain, he lost control. Would the same thing happen when he ascended to the God Conferring Platform?

If Xiao Chen lost control in front of everyone, that would be a problem. Who knew what the consequences would be?

Staring blankly, Xiao Chen sank into deep thought and hesitated for a moment.


Suddenly, pipe music rang out by Xiao Chen’s ear. He felt boundless killing intent and startled awake.

He twisted the bedsheet into a saber and swung it after turning around. This chop happened to resonate with the World Annihilating Lightning Calamity’s Dao. While he was distracted, he had been spreading out his Thunder Dao Domain. He did not even have to divide his attention to resonate with the Heaven Bridging Peak’s lightning calamity.


When this chop landed, it happened to burst forth together with the World Annihilating Lightning Calamity. Given the favorable timing and location, this saber strike became ridiculously strong.

Gu Yuhan’s face sank. He had to blow his pipe continuously as his figure weaved through the electric light. Then, he flicked his finger and shot out powerful beams of light formed by Divine Energy.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Gu Yuhan shot out a total of nine beams of light, shattering the falling purple lightning. However, he failed to scatter the saber light contained in the purple lighting. He had no choice but to use his Movement Technique to retreat.

“In this Heaven Bridging Peak, I hold the advantage of time and location. No matter how capable you are, you can forget about having an advantage over me.”

The lingering Divine Might in the Heaven Bridging Peak produced heavy pressure. If one did not advance, one would end up retreating. Once one stepped back, the pressure would increase.

Gu Yuhan showed an unsightly expression. The Divine Might pressed on him, forcing him to move further back.

At the same time, he had to dodge the World Annihilating Lightning Calamity. His initially nimble figure immediately became a sorry sight.


A few tribulation lightning bolts fell, forcing Gu Yuhan to dodge continuously as he rolled down the mountain peak.

“Hahaha! Brother Gu, excellent Movement Technique. To think that the Profound Heaven Holy Land’s outstanding talent has a rolling donkey move practiced to such familiarity.”

Gu Yuhan stood up and looked around. He had landed near the Universe Origin Sect’s Chu Feng and Fang Shaobai.

The one who mocked Gu Yuhan was the Universe Origin Sect’s Chu Feng, who smiled at him.

“You are seeking death.”

Gu Yuhan was an icily arrogant and reclusive person. Without saying anything more, he bounced back up and charged at Chu Feng.

Fang Shaobai and Chu Feng felt stunned by this person’s resolution. He just got mocked, and he attacked—on the Heaven Bridging Peak.

However, the two did not fear Gu Yuhan. It was two against one. No matter how strong Gu Yuhan was, he would just be sending himself to die.

“Senior Brother, don’t be rash!” Mu Yunzhu quickly called out to stop Gu Yuhan at this moment.

As they were from the same sect, Gu Yuhan still had to give Mu Yunzhu some face. So, he withdrew his killing move and turned around.

Chu Feng and Fang Shaobai heaved sighs of relief. Although they were not afraid to fight, they could not continue climbing this Heaven Bridging Peak if they really fought.

“Senior Brother, that bandaged person is Xiao Chen!” Mu Yunzhu said sullenly as he looked at Gu Yuhan.

“What?!” Fang Shaobai exclaimed in disbelief, his expression changing drastically.

“If it is not him, who else can it be?!” Cold laughter rang out. It was Bai Yunfei rushing over together with Xiahou Wu.

Bai Yunfei said sullenly, “You are all fools. Just think about it. This is the Faux God World. Besides Xiao Chen, who else has the Dragon Race bloodline, is skilled at the saber, and grasps the Thunder Great Dao and Ice Great Dao?”

“But…didn’t he fail in forming a perfect Divine Seal and suffer a rebound? Furthermore, why would Xiao Chen dress so strangely, coming out in only a bedsheet?”

Mu Yunzhu said, “I discussed this with Brother Bai before. Previously, he showed too few of his attacks, and his getup looked strange. Furthermore, there was the information we obtained before this. So, we doubted it and did not expect him to be Xiao Chen.

“However, if you think about it carefully, who else among the disciples in the Faux God World fits this strange person, aside from Xiao Chen?

“Actually, it should have occurred to me long ago. However, Xiao Chen’s getup is simply too outlandish. Furthermore, we heard news of Xiao Chen failing to form a Divine Seal. Which is why we never thought of him.”

Now that the group was startled awake, they felt that the strange person was most likely Xiao Chen.

“Damn it. Had I known it was him, I would have killed him in the herb field. To think that this fellow actually dared to show up!” Fang Shaobai cursed, unable to contain his rage.

Bai Yunfei looked at the Heaven Bridging Peak and said, “Without that baldy Yuan Zhen here, no one else has a stronger advantage on the Heaven Bridging Peak. The right time, the right place, and the right people. Of these three factors, he already has two. He will probably end up monopolizing the benefits of the God Conferring Platform.”

“What do you mean?”

Bai Yunfei said indifferently, “We have conflicts and differences among us, but right now, we have a common enemy. If we still do not work together and just run solo, we won’t be able to catch up. If we work together, we do not need to fear the three calamities and nine disasters with our strength.”

The six thought about it, not saying anything. If they worked together, they would have to split the benefits of the God Conferring Platform. However, everyone here wanted to monopolize the God Conferring Platform.

Otherwise, if everyone obtained benefits, there would be no way to pull ahead of the others.

However, Xiao Chen was getting farther and farther away as it was. Now, they could not even see his figure.

If they did not work together, only Xiao Chen would benefit.

Senior Brother, what do you think? Mu Yunzhu sent a voice projection as he looked at Gu Yuhan.

Gu Yuhan replied with a voice projection. These people cannot be trusted, especially that Chu Feng and Bai Yunfei; they are very scheming. We can work with them, but we have to hold something back for ourselves. We will play it by ear, and if there is an opportunity, we will monopolize the God Conferring Platform.

Senior Brother has the same idea as I do. Chu Feng is still fine. However, that Bai Yunfei has not used any trump cards yet, despite having undergone two calamities. He is very terrifying.

After the voice projection conversation ended, Mu Yunzhu said, “My senior brother and I just discussed it. Only two calamities passed of the three calamities and nine disasters. If we do not work together, we indeed cannot catch up to Xiao Chen.”

“I agree, as well.” Chu Feng smiled faintly while a meaningful look flashed in his eyes.

“Good. Let’s work together to overcome the three calamities and nine disasters.”

Everyone in this group harbored sinister designs, making their own plans as they decided to cooperate against Xiao Chen.


Outside the Trial Tower, the group of Faux God powerhouses exchanged looks. However, they had unnatural expressions on their faces.

Mu Zifeng laughed loudly, “Hahaha! Interesting. Since the establishment of the Heavenly Alliance, this seems to be the first time the disciples of the Universe Origin Sect, the Profound Heaven Holy Land, and the Martial God Palace have to unite to handle a Heavenly Alliance member.”

Compared to the other super factions, the Heavenly Alliance had always been weaker, ranked at the bottom.

With the other super faction disciples forced to work together, even if Mu Zifeng lost the bet, there would be no damage to the Heavenly Alliance’s reputation.

On the contrary, this would boost the Heavenly Alliance’s name. Mu Zifeng could say that a Heavenly Alliance member fought alone against three super factions.

Useless things.

Gu Fei felt somewhat embarrassed and cursed in his heart. However, he still showed a defiant expression, smiling coldly, and said, “What are you getting cocky for? Let’s see if you can still smile when Xiao Chen falls off the Heaven Bridging Peak and dies.”

Mu Zifeng knew that Gu Fei was feeling furious right now. Hence, he did not care and smiled. “Haha! You are overthinking. If he is really someone from my Heavenly Alliance, he would have the Alloy Battle Armor to protect him. Even if he falls off the Heaven Bridging Peak, he will not die. You are better off worrying about the two disciples from your Profound Heaven Holy Land. If they fall off this ancient Heaven Bridging Peak, who knows if they can be saved?”

“Humph!” Gu Fei snorted coldly and remained silent. Before this bet came to an end, he had already lost a lot.

Even if Gu Fei won in the end, it would be pointless.


The six false Emperor outstanding talents on the Heaven Bridging Peak each had their own talents. By working together, they swept away everything before them.

The three calamities and nine disasters could not stop the progress of the six. Soon, they left the people behind in their dust.

“Xiao Chen!”

After four hours, the eyes of the six lit up. They finally saw Xiao Chen’s figure.

They immediately felt thrilled, undisguised excitement gleaming in their eyes.

“After him!”

“Put in a little more effort. We should be able to catch up in less than an hour.”

At this moment, Xiao Chen was already less than three kilometers away from the God Conferring Platform. He felt the surging auras behind him and turned his head back to look. He showed a slightly surprised expression at seeing the six false Emperor outstanding talents actually working together.

“Xiao Chen, if you stop there, our grudges can be written off!”

“Xiao Chen, you bastard. Are you not going to reveal your true self? Do you think you can trick us by acting like a fool?!”

“Stop right now! Otherwise, you will die on this God Conferring Platform today.”

The six people below felt excited but also anxious and worried, as they were already quite close to the God Conferring Platform.

“They figured it out?”

Xiao Chen did not feel surprised. If these six outstanding talents still could not guess his identity, they would be idiots.

“He can’t move. This fellow is stunned from fright. When we catch up later, everyone should attack together and destroy him.”

“Damn it! Previously, he worked together with that baldy at the Ice Fire Wasteland and fooled us all.”

When the six saw Xiao Chen at a standstill in front, their morale immediately received a boost, and their auras soared.

Only Gu Yuhan had some misgivings. Previously, Xiao Chen had been in such a state, as well, not moving forward. However, Xiao Chen had still turned around and landed a saber strike, forcing him down.

Gu Yuhan had thought that he could sneak-attack Xiao Chen but ended up suffering.

Junior Brother, be careful. This fellow is a little strange. He is definitely not stunned from fright. Gu Yuhan did not remind the other four, only sending a voice projection to Mu Yunzhu.

Mu Yunzhu also felt suspicious. He replied, Right, based on my understanding of him, he is not like that. However, why is he remaining still there?

We should just observe and react accordingly. If he is really stunned, we should not give up on our chance to attack.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

The six made their moves again, all of them speeding up. Clearly, they had held back when working together earlier.

Although Xiao Chen was only a short distance away from the God Conferring Platform, the six did not reveal their trump cards.

The six were well aware, but they still withheld something. They only increased their speed, unwilling to fall behind.

Should I go up or not?

If I want to go up, I only need three steps to reach the God Conferring Platform with my full strength.

If I don’t want to go up, I can turn around and avoid these six. My life will not be in danger. I have already gained a lot from Paradise. There is no need to regret missing out on this. It is not that I have to get onto the God Conferring Platform to seek my opportunity to soar.

The memory of losing control at the azure mountain flashed in Xiao Chen’s mind, making the ordinarily decisive him hesitate somewhat.

If Xiao Chen climbed onto the God Conferring Platform and lost control of his Demonic Dao, even Mu Zifeng could not save him.

Difficult. This path is difficult, as difficult as flying into the blue sky!

In the time it took for a spark to fly, the six false Emperor outstanding talents pressed closer. Xiao Chen did not have much time left.