Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2184 Raw 2291 : Why the Familiarity?

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Chapter 2184 Raw 2291 : Why the Familiarity?

Yuan Zhen called out a Buddhist greeting and started to chant scriptures in this place where countless corpses lay. Lotus flowers appeared under his feet, carrying him as he walked among the boundless dead. Who knew what he was searching for? Perhaps he was really purifying the dead, accruing beneficence.

Yuan Zhen’s thoughts aside, the focus of Paradise’s final trial was the Heaven Bridging Peak.

All the false Emperor outstanding talents of the super factions climbed the Heaven Bridging Peak, wanting to be the first to stand on the God Conferring Platform.

Without a doubt, he who could monopolize the God Conferring Platform would be the greatest winner of Paradise.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

The many disciples of the Heavenly Alliance, the Martial God Palace, the Universe Origin Sect, the Hidden Spirit Temple, and the Profound Heaven Holy Land appeared one after another in the land where many corpses were buried. After arriving, they flew towards the Heaven Bridging Peak.

Soon, many people were at the foot of the Heaven Bridging Peak. Hundreds of outstanding talents from the five super factions gathered there and climbed towards the peak.

However, the ones at the very front were Xiao Chen and the false Emperor outstanding talents. These people left the others far behind. Those that came late could not even see their figures.

Everyone wanted to get to the God Conferring Platform quickly and work on comprehending the Dao to let their cultivation soar and grow stronger.

However, the Heaven Bridging Peak is not that easy to climb.

Although the Heaven Bridging Peak already lost its divine nature, the pressure from the lingering Divine Might was not something a Sovereign Personage could easily endure.

Occasionally, scenes of the three calamities and nine disasters appeared.

These three calamities and nine disasters were not the ones that Faux Gods had to experience. They were just illusions that persisted over time. However, they were still dangerous for Xiao Chen and the others.

Even if Gu Yuhan and the others wanted to seek trouble for the strange person, even if they know that he had snatched the one-hundred-thousand-year-old Herb King, they could not afford a distraction here to seek revenge.

As Xiao Chen walked on the peak, he found it easier than the others did. He had already awakened his Azure Dragon Divine Body once, which gave him an edge here.

Yuan Zhen practiced the Indestructible Iron Body. His Arhat Dharmic Body even surpassed Xiao Chen’s Divine Body.

Unfortunately, for some reason, this monk did not want to climb the peak.

Without Yuan Zhen around, no one could surpass Xiao Chen.

Hundreds of people climbed the Heaven Bridging Peak. The various false Emperor outstanding talents were the vanguard. However, Xiao Chen led the charge, ahead of the various false Emperor outstanding talents.


Outside the Trial Tower, the expression of the Profound Heaven Holy Land’s Gu Fei turned somewhat unsightly.

Gu Fei never expected that his sure-win wager would turn into such a situation.

Mu Zifeng smiled faintly and said, “Crazy Gu, it looks like I still stand a chance at victory. You got cocky too early.”

Gu Fei retorted sullenly, “Humph! The show has just begun. You only win if he stands on the God Conferring Platform and lights up Paramita Lamps. There is no point if he gets knocked down, unable to obtain any benefits. Furthermore, none of the three calamities and nine disasters have appeared yet. Being in front counts for nothing.”

Mu Zifeng’s eyes gleamed as he said indifferently, “I know what you are thinking. However, just wait and see. Let’s see who will have the last laugh.”

“This strange person managed to take the lead.”

“Indeed. Had he not wasted time speaking with Yuan Zhen, he might have gotten even farther already.”

“Just because he is in front now does not mean that he will win. He is relying on his physical body advantage. However, the later three calamities and nine disasters cannot be cleared just by relying on the physical body. At that time, the others will be able to show their advantages. They might overtake him.”

“Right. Let’s continue watching. This wager is really interesting now. Initially, I thought that the outcome was set. Who knew, this strange person managed to take the lead!”

Discussions rang out in the surroundings. Although the many Faux God powerhouses did not like Xiao Chen, they still admired him in their hearts for charging to the front.

Furthermore, Xiao Chen had taken the bridge of courage, which was much more difficult than the bridges the false Emperors had taken.

“The three calamities and nine disasters are coming!” someone cried out.

Boundless flaming clouds gathered at the top of the Heaven Bridging Peak in the light screen. In the next moment, flames spread throughout the entire sky, looking like the end of the world.

This was the first calamity of the three calamities and nine disasters: Flaming Doomsday.

Of course, this was just an illusion that leaked out from the flow of space-time and not the true Flaming Doomsday. If it were the real deal, not to mention Sovereign Personages, even Faux Gods would find it hard to block.

The appearance of Flaming Doomsday was both a test and an opportunity for many people.

The test needed no explanation. No one dared to let down their guard against Flaming Doomsday.

Naturally, the opportunity was that if Xiao Chen did not deal with this well, it would be an excellent opportunity to overtake him.



Flaming Doomsday suddenly descended practically the instant the flaming clouds appeared. No one on the Heaven Bridging Peak could avoid it. It was just a matter of who met it first. Naturally, the first was Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen’s expression did not change; he had mentally braced himself long ago.

He quickly covered himself with the bedsheet and infused it with the Ice Dao Domain. The bedsheet immediately turned snow-white, bone-chillingly cold as it covered his body.

This happened to neutralize the terrifying might of the Flaming Doomsday.

The entire Heaven Bridging Peak turned into a blazing fire mountain due to the Flaming Doomsday.

The people who comprehended the Fire Great Dao looked pleased.

These people spread out their Fire Great Dao and instantly found their situation much easier to bear. Some could even refine the Flaming Doomsday. Instead of being injured, they benefited from it. Of course, they only dared to refine it because it was an illusion.

If this were the real Flaming Doomsday, even Faux Gods would not dare let their guard down, much less refine it.

The people without the Fire Great Dao naturally showed unsightly expressions. Not to mention continuing forward, just holding on posed a difficulty.

At the moment, the cockiest ones were naturally the Universe Origin Sect’s Fang Shaobai and Chu Feng.

Both of them had a flame mark burning on their foreheads—the Universe Origin True Flame mark that had been inherited for one million years.

Compared to Xiao Chen’s Universe Origin True Flame, these two’s Universe Origin True Flame appeared more spiritual and divine.

“Shaobai, let’s use this opportunity to surpass that strange person in one go. If you are confident, help me delay him,” Chu Feng said seriously as a sharp light flashed in his eyes.

Chu Feng wanted to sacrifice Fang Shaobai at the crucial moment in order to succeed.

Although Fang Shaobai felt dissatisfied, the other party was of the Royal Clan, holding a higher status. Thus, there was no need to think this through.

“If there is an opportunity, I will make a move.”

The two appeared like they received divine help while within the flames. They soon left the other false Emperors far behind as they chased after Xiao Chen.

“These two hold too much of an advantage. They are probably going to overtake that strange person,” the Martial God Palace’s Xiahou Wu said depressedly when Chu Feng and Fang Shaobai passed him.

Bai Yunfei, who was beside him, smiled coldly and said, “There’s no rush. The three calamities and nine disasters are just beginning. It won’t be that easy for the Universe Origin Sect to have the last laugh. If these two end up fighting the weirdo, we will be the ones laughing.”

“Right. We should be careful. We should focus on stability for this first calamity. We should not use our trump cards yet.”

“Thud! Thud! Thud!”

Chu Feng and Fang Shaobai sprinted in the surging Flaming Doomsday. However, they were shocked to discover that Xiao Chen was not much slower than themselves.

“What’s going on?!”

Chu Feng’s expression changed drastically. This was an excellent opportunity. If they could not catch up to Xiao Chen, they would not have much of a chance when the second calamity arrived.

Fang Shaobai heaved a sigh of relief. He did not feel confident in attacking this strange person on this flaming mountain.

If he got careless, he might end up falling off the Heaven Bridging Peak.

World Annihilating Lightning Calamity!

While the two were distracted, the second calamity, the World Annihilating Lightning Calamity, quickly descended before the Flaming Doomsday faded.

Suddenly, thousands of purple lightning bolts fell on the Heaven Bridging Peak.

From the outside, the Heaven Bridging Peak looked resplendent and dazzling. The entire mountain peak bathed in the lightning tribulation, shining with a dazzling purple light.

“Whoosh! Whoosh!”

The falling lightning bolts scattered the frost on Xiao Chen’s snow-white bedsheet, sending it falling off like white snow.

Xiao Chen’s peak third-layer Thunder Dao Domain silently spread out. For him, the World Annihilating Lightning Calamity was easier to deal with than the Flaming Doomsday.

Chu Feng and Fang Shaobai just blocked the lightning bolts that fell and looked up immediately after that. However, they could no longer see Xiao Chen. He had left the two far behind.

Just at this moment, pipe music rang out in everyone’s ears. Gu Yuhan held his pipe up and blew it; the melody he played could actually control lightning.

Not only did Gu Yuhan stop the lightning, but the lightning even aided him in climbing the Heaven Bridging Peak.

Soon, Gu Yuhan saw Xiao Chen’s figure. Then, a murderous intent flashed in his eyes.

When Gu Yuhan thought about how Xiao Chen fooled him in the herb field, he could not suppress the murderous intent in his heart.

“Why is that fellow not moving?”

Gu Yuhan saw that the swift Xiao Chen had suddenly come to a stop, appearing dazed. Gu Yuhan found this strange.

At the moment, Xiao Chen felt greatly shocked as he looked at the Heaven Bridging Peak bathed in lightning and radiating dazzling purple light.

Xiao Chen finally understood why the Heaven Bridging Peak seemed both familiar yet unfamiliar.

The feeling of familiarity came from the azure mountain missing a dragon head in the Desolate Sea.