Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2183 Raw 2290 : My Buddha Is Merciful

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Chapter 2183 Raw 2290 : My Buddha Is Merciful

The brave showed no fear, advancing boldly.

The overcautious should abandon this bridge.

Previously, the various super faction disciples tried to leap to the floating bridge more than three hundred meters away in one go.

Without exception, all of them fell into the absolutely dark, bottomless Ten Thousand Demon Abyss and probably died there.

After that, no one dared to try.

Everyone thought hard about how to get to the floating bridge three hundred meters away, as Xiao Chen had.

Unfortunately, they overthought and ended up falling into the trap. The more cautious they were, the more they could not find the solution.

The Great Dao showed a simple truth. After coming to this understanding, one would realize that the test of this floating bridge was simply courage.

Perhaps someone thought of it; perhaps someone figured out that this was a test of courage. However, they did not dare to step forward; they did not dare to take the step that might result in a fall. Hence, they only thought about it. In reality, they did not truly understand.

No matter how much one thought about it, if one was not confident and did not dare to test it out, what was the point?

Only Xiao Chen was smart enough and confident enough. Why is it that the other outstanding talents have already stepped onto a floating bridge, yet I have not?

Along the way, when did I, Xiao Chen, fall behind those outstanding talents in the Faux God World?

That being the case, it is not that I, Xiao Chen, am stupid. It is not that I, Xiao Chen, do not have sufficient comprehension ability.

No one is stupid, especially the outstanding talents that can come to the Faux God World. What they lack is not comprehension ability but confidence.

By coincidence, pride and ambition had sunk deep roots in Xiao Chen’s bones since he started on the Martial Dao. They flowed endlessly in his blood.

Xiao Chen never lacked confidence.

Ancient planks appeared under Xiao Chen’s feet with every step. Soon, he arrived at the floating bridge more than three hundred meters away.


The instant Xiao Chen stepped onto the bridge, he felt as light as a swallow. The hot-bloodedness that pushed him to advance boldly was burning in his body. The floating bridge he stood on now seemed like the wind, allowing him to move quickly and advance boldly.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Like a cloak, the bedsheet flapped in the wind. Who dared to mock him?

No one dared to laugh. They only felt that this person had an indescribable pride and confidence. Even the bandages that completely covered him could not help his sharpness.

“Damn it! I should have thought of it long ago. The test of this bridge is courage!”

“Indeed, it is actually quite simple. It hangs three hundred meters away. One cannot fly, use tricks, or use force. This is clearly telling everyone not to be cowardly.”

When many people saw Xiao Chen moving like the wind, looking like he would catch up with the other outstanding talents, they all felt regretful.

However, what was the point of regret?

This regret proved that they still had not understood. The overcautious should abandon this bridge.

Xiao Chen had already gotten very far on the floating bridge, but this group of people behind him still remained at the edge of the abyss, hesitating and unable to decide.

“If we fall, we will die. If we end up stepping on nothing, it is all over. Should we bet on it?”

“Damn it! What if we are not as courageous as that person? What should we do?”


Just because everyone saw Xiao Chen walk to the floating bridge did not mean that the others would have the courage to try. As many people hesitated, one person closed his eyes and took a step forward.

In the end, a miserable shriek followed. The ancient planks did not appear, leaving him to fall into the Ten Thousand Demon Abyss.

This startled everyone into backing away quickly, paling in fright.

“Those who harbor the slightest cowardice in their hearts cannot cross this bridge. One can travel on it only by being truly fearless like that strange person.”

The group of people showed conflicted and unsightly expressions. They understood the principle, but not many dared to try.

On the other hand, Xiao Chen’s steps on the floating bridge were light, and his bearing was relaxed.

This floating bridge wound around as it headed up. It looked level, but it inclined sharply, heading into that Primal Chaos sky.

This was a bridge to heaven, a bridge leading to the Heaven Bridging Peak.


Outside the Trial Tower, the spectating Faux Gods saw Xiao Chen moving ahead despite starting later. To think that Xiao Chen reached the front without causing any commotion.

The light screen clearly showed Xiao Chen surpassing Yuan Zhen, who figured out a solution first.

Xiao Chen had taken the lead and looked like he would arrive in the sky soon.

“Damn! That fellow is actually first!”

Gu Fei still did not dare to believe it. He looked around and cursed again, “Damn! He’s really first. However, this is just the start. It is not that easy to get to the Heaven Bridging Peak. That fellow already offended so many people. I don’t believe he can hold off all of them!”

“Lord Mu, it really is as you said,” a Heavenly Alliance Elder said excitedly.

Mu Zifeng said indifferently, “There’s no rush. It is like that crazy Gu said, this is just the beginning.”

Finally, some other people managed to drum up their courage and step into the Ten Thousand Demon Abyss, walking over to the floating bridge.

However, this delay meant that those people could not be faster than Xiao Chen and the group of false Emperor outstanding talents.

Just from this, it was clear that those false Emperor outstanding talents were indeed superior to the rest.

There were no weaklings among those called outstanding talents in the Faux God World.

Just at this moment, Xiao Chen was starting to feel that his surroundings were fantastic. As the floating bridge slowly led into the sky, it seemed like he could touch that viscid sky just by stretching out his hand. However, the sky also felt incredibly far away. It appeared so close, but he could not touch it.

While this felt very strange, Xiao Chen continued forward, walking until he could not proceed any further.

A seven-colored whirlpool with overwhelming Spiritual Energy appeared at the end of the floating bridge.

Xiao Chen did not hesitate, taking a big step forward and entering.

Others could not see the whirlpool. They only saw Xiao Chen walk to the floating bridge’s end, and his figure vanished into the sky.

“This is…”

The scene before Xiao Chen suddenly changed. He saw a gray sky, and the world around him was dark.

A cold wind blew in this world. Countless corpses littered the desolate ground.

A broken fortress ship stuck out of the ground, half-buried, flying a blood-stained war banner. Shattered skeletons were everywhere.

All the skeletons radiated startling auras, telling stories of boundless regret.

As the cold wind blew, the regrets, rage, and hatred turned into howls, sweeping through the desolate place. It sounded like they had been here for a long time.

Xiao Chen appeared solemn and respectful, showing a grave expression. He wondered where these corpses came from. Why was the Heaven Bridging Peak filled with overwhelming resentment and evil winds?

A mountain peak stood not far in front of Xiao Chen.

This mountain peak rose deep into the clouds. There seemed to be another world within the cloud sea.

The Heaven Bridging Peak!

This has to be the Heaven Bridging Peak. A feeling of familiarity yet unfamiliarity struck Xiao Chen.

His heart skipped a beat. This is bizarre. The unfamiliarity is to be expected, but why do I find it familiar?

Just as Xiao Chen was lost in his thoughts, confused, a dazzling Buddhist light burst forth in this dark world. A solemn and dignified Yuan Zhen with a benevolent expression quickly appeared and discovered this world as well.

“Xiao Chen, your getup is quite eye-catching. Although the people of the Buddhist sect do not care about the attention of the mundane world, there really is none in the Buddhist sect who would dare to dress like you,” Yuan Zhen said with a smile as he looked at Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen asked gravely, “You recognized me?”

“That is natural. Others might not recognize you, unable to guess your identity. However, you cannot hide your Buddhist nature from me. No matter how you change, you cannot escape from the Buddhist sect’s insightful eyes.”

Smiling faintly, Yuan Zhen answered honestly. Then, he glanced at the corpses around.

Yuan Zhen’s smile slowly faded as he let out a soft sigh. “How many hurdles are there on the path to become a god? These boundless corpses are the Faux God powerhouses that have died on the God Conferring Platform ever since the Heaven Bridging Peak existed.”

“The God Conferring Platform?”

“That’s right. The God Conferring Platform is at the top of this Heaven Bridging Peak. Before the Heavenly Realm was destroyed and the Heaven Bridging Peak broke, the Faux Gods of the world would go up. When they reached the God Conferring Platform, they would undergo a divine tribulation to turn faux to true, becoming an eternal True God. Unfortunately, this is not an easy path to take. Who knows how many corpses got buried here over one million years? How many ambitious heroes got destroyed here? Previously, this Heaven Bridging Peak was much harder to climb than it is now. There would be all sorts of difficulties: three minor calamities, three major calamities, nine minor tribulations, nine major tribulations, and many more.”

Xiao Chen muttered, “You really know a lot. What is the point of saying so much? Are you not planning to climb to the God Conferring Platform?”

Yuan Zhen pressed his two palms together, and a solemn look flashed in his eyes. Then, he said, “There is no need. The Heaven Bridging Peak no longer has a divine nature. The God Conferring Platform is also broken, unable to confer godhood. It merely increases your cultivation a little and gives you some comprehension. Before I came, I announced a great ambition. These corpses here belong to heroes. My Buddha is merciful. Although this insignificant monk is weak, I will purify as much as I can and accrue beneficence. You should continue climbing this peak; we each have our own encounters.”

Xiao Chen smiled coldly. If one did not know, one might be cheated by Yuan Zhen’s solemn and dignified expression, saying that Buddha was merciful.

However, Xiao Chen was familiar with Yuan Zhen’s character. He said in disdain, “Speak properly and stop pretending.”

Yuan Zhen felt somewhat embarrassed. He coughed a few times and said, “Some of my Buddhist sect seniors are definitely among these boundless corpses. I will search for an ancient śarīra. That would be much more beneficial than going to the God Conferring Platform.”

Xiao Chen would not trust a single thing that this monk said. However, since the monk wanted to stay here, there was no need for Xiao Chen to care. He still needed to climb the Heaven Bridging Peak and get to the God Conferring Platform.

Xiao Chen wanted to bet on an opportunity on that God Conferring Platform, an opportunity that Lu Benwei mentioned to him.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Just at this moment, Mu Yunzhu, Chu Feng, Gu Yuhan, and the other false Emperor outstanding talents arrived one after another.

These people gave Xiao Chen a murderous glance but did not say anything to him.

After they appeared, they immediately looked at the Heaven Bridging Peak. Without saying a word, they rushed over.

Xiao Chen smiled coldly in his heart. He also did not say anything as he leaped up, climbing the Heaven Bridging Peak as well.

Yuan Zhen looked at the boundless corpses and placed a palm on his chest while bowing. “My Buddha is merciful. Excellent, excellent!”

[TL Note: The usage of “excellent” here is not meant to express Yuan Zhen’s joy at seeing the corpses. Instead, it is one of the traditional Buddhist monk greetings and meant as praise for the other person. The usage is similar to “May the Lord Buddha preserve us” as a greeting.]