Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2182 Raw 2289 : Bridge to Heaven

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Chapter 2182 Raw 2289 : Bridge to Heaven

The scene of the nine floating bridges appeared on the light screen outside the Trial Tower. Each of these bridges had people standing near them and thinking hard about how to get to them.

The Profound Heaven Holy Land’s Mu Yunzhu and Gu Yuhan, the Universe Origin Sect’s Fang Shaobai and Chu Feng, the Martial God Palace’s Xiahou Wu and Bai Yunfei, the Hidden Spirit Temple’s Yuan Zhen, and the other false Emperor outstanding talents stood before the bridges, racking their brains for a solution.

Every floating bridge all had its own difficulty.

They might have planks that continuously spun around, preventing one from having firm footing; planks that appeared and disappeared, which made choosing the next step hard; planks covered in frost or fire; and even some that seemed normal, but when one got onto it, one’s senses would get confused.

“Nine bridges, nine tests. I wonder who can figure it out first. The God Conferring Platform and the Heaven Bridging Peak are not that easy to get to.”

“The God Conferring Platform…hah… How unfortunate! If the God Conferring Platform were still intact, we would not be stuck at the Faux God Realm for the rest of our lives.”

“Indeed. Now, the God Conferring Platform is helpful only to Sovereign Personages and Sovereign Emperors. It is not of much use to us.”

“There is no point in speaking about this now. Let’s just continue to watch. Based on what I saw so far, the first to break this puzzle should be the Hidden Spirit Temple’s Yuan Zhen.”

At the mention of the God Conferring Platform, these Faux Gods could not help sighing. They stopped speaking about it after a few words.

“The false Emperor outstanding talents should not find breaking the mystery of the bridges to heaven difficult. It is just a matter of time. Historically, the Hidden Spirit Temple’s outstanding talents are usually the first to figure it out. There should not be an exception this time.”

“That strange fellow might. He seems to have noticed something.”

“Humph! That fellow would rather waste most of the Thunder Cliff Tree’s Medicinal Energy than let us have it. I hope he dies in this Ten Thousand Demon Abyss. Just thinking about it makes me angry.”

When mentioning Xiao Chen, the many Faux Gods felt somewhat resentful.

Among them, the Profound Heaven Holy Land’s Gu Fei felt the most resentful. When he heard someone mention Xiao Chen, he could not help cursing.

First, Xiao Chen beat Zhang Yushan, a Profound Heaven Holy Land disciple, into a pig’s head. Then, he tricked the false Emperor Gu Yuhan.

If Gu Yuhan had not left at that time but continued fighting Xiao Chen, he would have forced Xiao Chen out of Paradise. That being the case, the later incidents would not have happened; Xiao Chen would not have obtained the Thunder Cliff Tree.

“Gu Fei, what is the meaning of this?”

Gu Fei cursed just to vent his emotions. However, Mu Zifeng found his words unpleasant.

You are a Faux God, after all. What justification do you have for cursing my Heavenly Alliance disciple to die?

Gu Fei startled awake, realizing that it was inappropriate for him to say that, given his status. However, he already said it and could not take it back.

So, Gu Fei could only stick to his guns, saying, “What’s wrong? So what if I say a thing or two about a strange person draped in a bedsheet? Could it be that he is your Heavenly Alliance’s disciple?”

Although there were a lot of uncertainties about it, most of the Faux Gods here thought that the bedsheet monster should be Xiao Chen.

However, due to the bedsheet and the bandages, no one could be sure.

When Mu Zifeng heard Gu Fei argue like that, he had no way to rebut.

“Humph! Are the people of your Heavenly Alliance so eccentric, wearing a bedsheet and leaping about everywhere? Haha! This old man really did not know. Could it be that this bedsheet is actually a transformation of the Alloy Battle Armor?”

Seeing that Mu Zifeng did not rebut, Gu Fei pushed harder.

“Gu Fei, you are being too overbearing. Everyone knows that this person is very likely my Heavenly Alliance’s Xiao Chen, and you cursed him to die in front of everyone. Is it wrong for me to say something about it?”

Seeing Gu Fei taking advantage of his silence, Mu Zifeng turned angry.

The others sensed the tense atmosphere and smiled, treating this as entertainment.

“What a joke! If you say that he is from your Heavenly Alliance, then where is the proof? I can say that he is my Profound Heaven Holy Land disciple. Do I need you to interfere when I lecture my sect’s disciple?!”

“Interesting. Then, do you dare to wager on it, whether he is from the Heavenly Alliance or not? The winner can make a demand of the loser.”

Gu Fei smiled coldly in his heart. Naturally, he would not be fooled. He said indifferently, “What is the point of this bet? If you want to bet on something, then bet on who gets onto the God Conferring Platform first. I bet that the person who gets onto the God Conferring Platform first will not be from your Heavenly Alliance.”

Among the five super factions, the Heavenly Alliance was inferior in the first place. Be it the outstanding talents or accumulations, they were all weaker.

Mu Zifeng did not hold too much hope for Paradise in the first place, already resigned to a bad result.

However, Mu Zifeng felt extremely angry. Despite Xiao Chen’s identity being mostly certain, this Gu Fei still cursed Xiao Chen.

“Very well, I bet with you that the first person to reach the Heaven Bridging Peak’s God Conferring Platform will be from my Heavenly Alliance!” Mu Zifeng said seriously as a cold and sharp look flashed on his elegant face.

“Hahahaha! Good, it is a deal, then! Everyone here is a witness. The loser will have to agree to a demand from the winner!”

Upon hearing that, Gu Fei could not help laughing. Initially, he just wanted to humiliate Mu Zifeng. Who knew, Mu Zifeng actually accepted this sure-win bet, so he rejoiced.

The other Faux God powerhouses were incredulous when they heard this.

They shook their heads. No matter how they looked at this, Gu Fei stood a much higher chance of winning.

“Lord Mu.”

The few Heavenly Alliance Elders frowned slightly, wanting to advise Mu Zifeng.

Mu Zifeng showed a serious expression as he waved his hand. “I have made up my mind. There is no need to say anything more.”

“Yuan Zhen is making his move.”

In the light screen, Yuan Zhen stepped onto the seemingly ordinary floating bridge that was actually filled with illusions and befuddled the mind.

As everyone guessed, the Hidden Spirit Temple’s Yuan Zhen reached a floating bridge first.

Lotus flowers grew under Yuan Zhen’s feet, and a Buddhist light flowed behind him. He pressed his thumb against his middle finger’s second joint, forming the meditation seal, and his left hand held a Buddhist treasure. He appeared stern and dignified, moving increasingly farther in the blink of an eye.

Yuan Zhen moved more than one kilometer without any obstruction on the floating bridge.

Cheers immediately rang out. Close after that, Chu Feng, Fang Shaobai, and the others stepped onto the floating bridges and climbed up, heading into the sky.

On the other hand, Xiao Chen already thought of many things but had not made a move yet. He should have failed in figuring out a solution.

“Lord Gu, Gu Yuhan and Mu Yunzhu are already on the bridge!”

The two false Emperor outstanding talents of the Profound Heaven Holy Land had stepped onto different bridges and started their own paths up into the sky.

Gu Fei looked around and saw the bedsheet monster still staring at the empty floating bridge, not moving at all.

Gu Fei could not help smiling coldly, showing clear disdain without having to speak.

“Lord Mu, is that bedsheet-draped person really Xiao Chen?” A Heavenly Alliance Elder could not help doubting when he saw the situation. After all, the other outstanding talents already made their moves, but Xiao Chen still had not.

Mu Zifeng said after some thought, “The floating bridge before him is somewhat different. Those that are too smart cannot cross it. However, those that manage to cross it can catch up quickly. There is no rush.”


At the edge of the Ten Thousand Demon Abyss:

Xiao Chen stared at the hovering floating bridge and muttered, “I have tried at least one hundred different methods and simulated more than one thousand results. Logically speaking, I should have already figured out a solution.”

These words were not to reproach himself but to show his confidence.

Mu Yunzhu, Gu Yuhan, and the others already stepped onto a floating bridge. Xiao Chen should not be unable to solve this.

Xiao Chen’s talent and comprehension ability far surpassed others. Now, he started thinking in reverse. Now that he had exhausted all the possibilities, he arrived at a rough guess.

“So, that is the case.”

Inspiration flashed in Xiao Chen’s mind, and he took a large stride forward, arriving at the very edge. If he took another step forward, he would fall into the Ten Thousand Demon Abyss.

Each of the nine floating bridges tests for different things.

I have thought of thousands of solutions, variations, and results. Actually, I was wrong from the start. The Great Dao shows a simple truth. The test of this floating bridge is simply courage.

If Xiao Chen had not seen the others stepping onto the other floating bridges, he might have needed more time to climb out of the pitfall he had dug for himself.

However, the pride and confidence in Xiao Chen’s heart instantly startled him to his senses, forcing him out of the limitations of his thoughts.


The cultivators crowding behind Xiao Chen cried out, feeling shocked. They saw Xiao Chen, who stood on the very edge of the cliff, take a step into the deep abyss.

This was undoubtedly a suicidal action, causing everyone’s chest to clench tightly, stupefying them.

However, the next scene was even more startling. The expected scene of Xiao Chen falling into the deep abyss did not appear. Ancient pinewood planks appeared under his feet out of nowhere.

It was like a lotus flower growing wherever Xiao Chen walked. With every step, an ancient pinewood plank appeared under his feet.

Soon, Xiao Chen stepped onto the floating bridge before everyone’s shocked gazes.

The brave showed no fear, advancing boldly.

The overcautious should abandon this bridge.