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Chapter 2181 Raw 2288 : Final Trial

Xiao Chen traveled through the boundless fog sea, heading for the final trial land of Paradise.

Paradise was vast and boundless. However, the final trial land was the only place where Sovereign Personages truly sought fortuitous encounters.

Of all the fortuitous encounter lands in Paradise, the simplest one was naturally the herb field. Even Sovereign Emperors found it hard to obtain ten-thousand-year-old Herb Kings outside. However, Sovereign Personages could obtain such Herb Kings there.

Xiao Chen even managed to reap a heaven-defying harvest like a one-hundred-thousand-year-old Herb King, the Thunder Cliff Tree.

The place with the lowest chances was the fog sea where Xiao Chen was now. It was once an ancient battlefield.

There were broken Divine Tools and divine flame remnants here. However, Death Qi filled the place, and the vast fog obstructed perception and Soul Energy. Searching for Divine Tool fragments was like searching for a needle in the sea. Even if one possessed overwhelming strength, one could only bet on the boundlessly intangible luck.

Incidentally, this fog sea was very fair as a land of fortuitous encounters. It did not favor strength.

The final land of fortuitous encounters was the Heaven Bridging Peak.

Before the Heavenly Realm shattered, the World Tree held up the Central Great Realm and the Heavenly Realm. The Heaven Bridging Peak had been the divine mountain that led to the Heavenly Realm, the place where Faux Gods went to become True Gods.

Unfortunately, when the Heavenly Realm shattered, the Black Dragon King broke the World Tree.

The Heaven Bridging Peak split into three pieces: this one in the Faux God World, one in the Central Great Realm, and one in the Abyssal Underworld. A divine mountain ended up as three Heaven Bridging Peaks.

From then on, there were no more new True Gods.

The Heaven Bridging Peak had lost its ability to help one comprehend the Heavenly Dao, turning faux into true, allowing one to reach the peak—the legendary True God.

Although the Heaven Bridging Peak still had the remnants of the Heavenly Dao and the eternal supreme truth, the lingering effects of the divine tribulation were more common there.

Faux Gods no longer found comprehending the Dao and cultivation on the Heaven Bridging Peak effective.

However, the Heaven Bridging Peak still held a fatal attraction for Sovereign Personages and Sovereign Emperors. They could comprehend the Dao and instantly undergo a complete transformation.

There had been many such examples when Paradise opened in the past.

Xiao Chen had heard about Paradise from Lu Benwei. When Xiao Chen was preparing for Paradise, Lu Benwei had told him about it.

As Xiao Chen traveled through the fog sea, he continuously thought about the Heaven Bridging Peak’s various mysteries and legends.

I truly yearn for that time when the World Tree was not yet broken and the Heaven Bridging Peak was still intact. Everyone could risk their lives to try for the peak of the Martial Dao. Now, one is already at the peak after reaching Faux God. If others did not know, they might really think that Faux Gods were True Gods.

I can’t understand why the Black Dragon King would do that. How would destroying the Heavenly Realm and preventing people from reaching True God benefit him?

As Xiao Chen’s thoughts wandered, he felt the fog sea thin out. Soon, his range of vision started to broaden.

He saw many super faction disciples stopped in front. They showed grave expressions, appearing to have run into some difficulties.

Xiao Chen did not reveal himself. As he sized up his surroundings, he entered deep thought.

So, this is still deep within the fog sea. We have not left it yet.

However, there is a vast, boundlessly deep abyss full of the unknown in the center of this fog sea. No matter where one comes out from, they will encounter this deep abyss.

This deep abyss was a huge, incredibly pitch-black pit brimming with terrifying Demonic Qi.

Xiao Chen hovered in the air and looked over the edge. The sight inspired fear, prompting him to turn away quickly after taking a few looks. It felt like a fearsome monster that would swallow him.

Nine mysterious bridges floated above the deep abyss, each of them formed by ancient pinewood planks.

They looked like divine bridges to heaven and, at the same time, like divine chains locking something terrifying down.

Xiao Chen’s gaze followed the floating bridges upwards. The nine floating bridges coming from different directions met in the center and entered the Primal Chaos sky.

Now, Xiao Chen understood. The nine floating bridges should lead to the Heaven Bridging Peak.

Since there were nine floating bridges, then any of them should lead to the Heaven Bridging Peak.

Many people thronged the entrance of every floating bridge.

Xiao Chen wondered why these people gathered there and did not step onto the floating bridge.

I need to appear now. Otherwise, who knows until when I will have to wait?


Xiao Chen’s figure flashed, and he leaped out of the fog sea, leaving behind a faint purple mark. When he reappeared, he was at the edge.

When Xiao Chen looked around, he saw that the floating bridges did not connect to the edge. If one wanted to get onto a bridge, one had to fly over to the floating bridge hovering in the air.

Flying five thousand kilometers in an instant should be easy for the people here.

However, these people stopped here for some reason, showing grave expressions and not daring to advance.

Xiao Chen looked down and saw the Demonic Qi in the deep abyss, appearing pitch-black. It was absolute darkness, so dark that it terrified people.

One could only take a few glances before feeling strangely frightened, feeling like one’s soul got sucked in.

So, that’s the reason. This deep abyss is strange. One cannot just fly over.

If one wants to head to the Heaven Bridging Peak, one can only obediently take a floating bridge. Aside from that, there is no other way.

Given these people’s grave expressions, someone probably tried flying up and fell into the deep abyss, scaring everyone into not daring to go up.

“Damn it! There is no way to access this bridge. Earlier, several people tried to fly over to it but fell into the abyss.”

“We can’t even try to jump over. The bridgeless area has a terrifying suction that can pull in even half-step Sovereign Emperors.”

A few people complained, speaking with extreme depression.

Indeed, it was similar to what Xiao Chen expected. Just at this moment, someone noticed Xiao Chen.

It would be impossible not to notice Xiao Chen. No one else dressed in such an eye-catching fashion as he did.

He was completely bandaged and wearing a bedsheet. Anyone would at least take a few glances at him.

“Look! It’s that weirdo!”

“It really is him. I heard that he was the one who snatched the one-hundred-thousand-year-old Herb King.”

“To think that he dares to appear. Quickly, go let Senior Brother Mu know…”

The people here were disciples of the five super factions. Most of their disciple leaders had grudges against Xiao Chen. One of these people who saw him thought of reporting back.

However, someone else immediately stopped that person. He scolded, “You idiot. Don’t rush to report back yet. Perhaps he might have a way to get to the bridge. Furthermore, those false Emperors are all thinking of how to do that. Even if they want to settle scores with him, they will wait until this is over.”

“Right, right, right. Let’s see if he has a way. I went over to the other bridges earlier. None of the nine bridges are easy to get to. Everyone got stopped. Those false Emperor outstanding talents are all thinking hard about a solution.”

“Right. Perhaps our chances are higher if we follow this bedsheet monster. After all, he managed to snatch away that one-hundred-thousand-year-old Herb King before so many false Emperors. He should be quite strong.”

Xiao Chen ignored the idle chatter, heading straight to the bridge entrance. The others quickly gave way.

As Xiao Chen stood on the very edge, he saw the dangling, winding bridge heading up to the sky, hovering over the deep abyss. This appeared mysterious and unfathomable.

The bridge was at least thirty kilometers long and ended in the clouds.

However, the initial few hundred meters were empty.

Xiao Chen sank into deep thought. Naturally, the easiest way is to jump over and land on the bridge.

However, clearly, someone tried that already. That person probably fell into the deep abyss and died.

If all floating bridges are not easy to access, it should not be a coincidence. Someone purposely set up a test. Each of the nine floating bridges should be testing for something different.

Hearing the discussions about the other floating bridges being equally difficult, Xiao Chen concluded that this was a test.

If one wanted to get onto the bridge, one had to pass the test first.

In that case, there would definitely be a way to get onto the bridge. Xiao Chen rubbed his chin as he pondered, What exactly is this floating bridge testing for?