Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2179 Raw 2286 : Refine on the Spo

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Chapter 2179 Raw 2286 : Refine on the Spo

A miserable shriek cracked the Primal Chaos sky, where Demonic Qi and Immortal-Qi-like Spiritual Energy coexisted.

The expressions of the various super faction disciples in the herb field changed as they all started fleeing.

A great terror was about to appear.

Before entering Paradise, the various seniors had given instructions to leave when miserable shrieks sounded in the herb field.

If the disciples did not, they risked the untimely termination of their experiential training, forced to leave Paradise.

If one got careless, one might even end up dying.

After subduing the Thunder Cliff Tree and leaving, Xiao Chen also saw the cracks in the sky.

The Primal Chaos sky turned extremely viscid, some cracks even appearing. This startled Xiao Chen.

Then, black fireballs fell like rain from the cracks, looking extremely scary.

“Are the things buried in the ground going to come out?” Xiao Chen wondered with a slight frown.

He had long since discovered countless corpses prostrate or kneeling to an ancient, withered skeleton on a throne under the herb field.

Many of the Spirit Herbs hid underground. With so many people subduing Spirit Herbs, it was just a matter of time before the corpses were startled in action.

“It’s time to go.”

This herb field was a land of treasures. Just obtaining one ten-thousand-year-old Herb King counted as a great harvest.

Naturally, everyone would be reluctant to leave. This was especially so for the disciples who had failed to collect an Herb King and the ones in the process of subduing one.

The hope in their hearts would prevent them from being decisive.

Xiao Chen already had a great harvest. Naturally, he would not linger. His figure flashed, and he soared into the air. He moved quickly and gracefully, appearing like a roaming dragon. The bedsheet around him flapped in the wind, looking like snow or clouds as he flew.

He appeared nimble and graceful like a celestial as he dodged black fireballs. Even though a bedsheet covered him, his agile figure inspired awe.


Outside the Trial Tower, that huge light screen fixed on Xiao Chen again.

Many of the Faux God powerhouses muttered to themselves. At this moment, the various Faux Gods had more or less figured out the eccentric fellow’s identity.

It was Xiao Chen.

The Dragon Race bloodline, peak saber skills, Firmament’s Rage, perfect Divine Seal, and various other aspects that Xiao Chen showed did not fit many people.

More specifically, this combination fitted only Xiao Chen.

However, based on the information everyone got before this, Xiao Chen had failed in forming a perfect Divine Seal and suffered a backlash. No one knew his fate; however, he could not possibly be so vigorous and lively within three days. That was confusing.

The various Faux God powerhouses reached a tacit understanding. Even though they guessed Xiao Chen’s identity, they did not say it.

They felt too embarrassed. Furthermore, Xiao Chen was not from their factions, so there was nothing much to say.

Also, there were some unexpected incidents that made them doubt that it was Xiao Chen.

Aside from that, there was another point: the Thunder Cliff Tree, a one-hundred-thousand-year-old Herb King.

Even Faux Gods found the one-hundred-thousand-year-old Thunder Cliff Tree tempting. These Faux Gods were all interested in obtaining this Spirit Tree from Xiao Chen.

This was especially so for the Faux Gods who cultivated the Thunder Dao. They felt excited, and a brilliant light flashed continuously in their eyes.

“Is it really him?” Mu Zifeng muttered after some thought. However, he simply could not reconcile his image of Xiao Chen with this bandaged, bedsheet-draped eccentric.

Mu Zifeng already arrived at the answer. However, he still could not believe it.

The images were too different, simply two polar extremes.


In the herb field of Paradise:

Xiao Chen increased his speed. The situation had deteriorated already, but some cultivators were still unwilling to leave.

Many of these cultivators were currently subduing Herb Kings. They were simply clinging to hope, unwilling to let go of the fortuitous encounter before them. They thought that they had enough time to subdue the Herb King and quickly leave.

They thought this way to console themselves.

Naturally, Xiao Chen would not care about people with such thoughts. They were risking their lives for what they wanted.

“That is?”

Suddenly, Xiao Chen stopped and looked down at two people wearing Alloy Battle Armor and working hard to subdue a ten-thousand-year-old Herb King.

It was Yun Fei and Nangong Feng.

“Why are these two not leaving yet?”

Like Xiao Chen, Yun Fei and Nangong Feng were Heavenly Alliance newcomers from Desolate City. He had a deep friendship with these two, unlike others. This was especially so with Yun Fei, who was also a follower of the Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor, like Xiao Chen.

“Nangong Feng, something does not feel right. Let’s leave. If we don’t, we might be too late,” Yun Fei said with an anxious expression as he executed the Thirteen Wind Controlling Swords.

Nangong Feng said after some thought, “You go first. This Dream Lotus Flower is compatible with my attribute. Once I obtain it, I definitely can break through to half-step Sovereign Emperor. If I miss out on this chance, who knows how long I have to wait?”

Nangong Feng recognized the extreme danger in this situation. However, he felt reluctant to give up.

This was Nangong Feng’s chance to break through to half-step Sovereign Emperor. However, he did not want to implicate Yun Fei, so he told Yun Fei to leave first.

“Let’s go together. I’ll help you to subdue it. It will be faster.”

Yun Fei shook his head, refusing to leave by himself. He remained behind to help Nangong Feng subdue this ten-thousand-year-old Herb King.

The two had moved around together while in the Faux God World and developed a deep friendship. Should the situation be reversed, Nangong Feng would not abandon Yun Fei, either.


However, just at this moment, something strange happened. A withered skeleton arm suddenly broke out of the ground. Before Yun Fei could react, that skeleton arm pulled him down from the air.

It grabbed his ankle and instantly yanked him half into the ground.

Yun Fei felt flustered; he could not make use of his Martial Technique at all.

When Nangong Feng saw the situation, he immediately gave up on subduing the Dream Lotus Flower and went to rescue Yun Fei.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Several more withered skeleton arms emerged. Now, Nangong Feng was about to fall himself.

We’re going to die here.

Nangong Feng despaired in his heart. He also felt some guilt. It was one thing if he died himself, but he even implicated Yun Fei.

I should have left long ago. I caused this disaster by being greedy.


At the critical moment, a figure descended from the sky. This figure first scattered the Dream Lotus Flower’s ferocious nature and subdued it. Then, he let out a dragon roar that surged into the surroundings.

This person activated his perfect Divine Seal as he roared, the Great Dao in the dragon roar spreading out.

“Crack! Crack!”

The withered skeleton arms shattered. Xiao Chen did not stop moving, ghosting about. He pulled Yun Fei, who was half-buried, out of the ground.

Xiao Chen subdued the Herb King, activated his Divine Seal, and rescued Yun Fei. The series of actions flowed very smoothly, instantly completed.

Yun Fei and Nangong Feng felt dazzled, like they were in a dream. They only startled awake after a while.

“Brother, many thanks for helping us. We are unable to repay the favor of saving our lives.”

Seeing the strangely dressed Xiao Chen draped in a bedsheet and his shocking strength, the two found him very strange.

“It’s me, Xiao Chen.”

There was no need for Xiao Chen to hide his identity from Yun Fei and Nangong Feng, so he honestly told them.

“Xiao Chen!”

The two were pleasantly surprised—as well as incredulous. To think that Xiao Chen already became so strong.

“Here, take this. This is not the time to talk. Let’s go first. Aside from the half-step Sovereign Emperors who formed their Divine Seals, Sovereign Personages cannot handle those monsters underground. I’ll escort you out.”

Xiao Chen handed the Dream Lotus Flower to Nangong Feng. Then, he led the way forward.

The true danger had not arrived yet. There was still time to leave.


The two did not dare to be careless and had long wanted to leave. Now that nothing held them back, they quickly followed behind Xiao Chen.

With Xiao Chen paving the way, the journey naturally went smoothly.

The three experienced shocks but no danger. After one hour, they left the herb field behind. When they looked back, the cracks in the viscid, black Primal Chaos sky were already very terrifying. The miserable shrieks coming from underground sounded bone-chilling.

Nangong Feng and Yun Fei were appalled. Had Xiao Chen not helped them, they would have died for sure.

“Xiao Chen, many thanks,” the two said in gratitude. This was especially so for Nangong Feng as Xiao Chen had subdued the Dream Lotus Flower.

Nangong Feng felt very grateful and did not know what to say.

“We are all brothers; there is no need to be polite.”

Xiao Chen smiled faintly. Then, he remembered the Cultivation Technique that Yun Fei practiced and gave Yun Fei one of his ten ten-thousand-year-old Herb Kings.

“This…I can’t take this.” Yun Fei felt startled to see this ten-thousand-year-old Herb King, something worth cities. He did not dare to accept it.

Xiao Chen said calmly, “By a coincidence, I collected a one-hundred-thousand-year-old Herb King. This one herb is nothing.”

Yun Fei and Nangong Feng were flabbergasted and showed it on their faces, unable to hide it.

“I still have something to deal with, so I’ll go first.”


There was a fog sea in front. Past this fog sea was the other land of experiential training in Paradise.

The other people in the fog sea were already doing their best to cross it, trying to get a headstart.

When Yun Fei and Nangong Feng saw Xiao Chen’s figure enter the fog sea, they remained speechless for a long time, feeling grateful.

“Let’s go too. It is probably inconvenient for Xiao Chen to accompany us now.”

“I really could not recognize Brother Xiao Chen when he is dressed like that.”

At the mention of Xiao Chen’s getup, they burst into laughter. Then, they entered the fog sea together.


Xiao Chen left in a rush, not because it was inconvenient to be with the two. Instead, it was because he wanted to deal with the Thunder Cliff Tree, the one-hundred-thousand-year-old Herb King, right away.

If he did not, it would cause a lot of trouble.

Hence, he chose to refine it on the spot, not giving anyone a chance to snatch it away. He would consume it first before making other plans.