Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2176 Raw 2283 : Everyone Has a Plan

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Chapter 2176 Raw 2283 : Everyone Has a Plan

Both Gu Yuhan and Xiao Chen were biding their time, hiding their moves. However, one was on the offensive, and one was on the defensive.

Gu Yuhan’s “The Loneliness the Faithful Widow Feels Every Night” would eventually come to an end. Although Xiao Chen was on the defensive, using the sound of a saber draw, and disadvantaged, as long as he could maintain his defense, the final victor would be hard to predict.

Gu Yuhan continuously piped as he walked, not changing his movements. However, everyone could tell that while his footsteps were slow and steady, they increased in speed and intensity.

A great blue sky! The boundless sea! Waves rising! Descending pipe notes! Cold killing intent!

A note rang out with every step. Each musical note felt like a towering wave with surging rage. A long, ancient night arrived within the blue sky and jade-green sea. Darkness encased this part of the world, materializing as a vast sea. Xiao Chen and Gu Yuhan stood on the crests of the waves.

Only the pipe music rang out endlessly under the dark night; only the waves surged endlessly…only the light of Xiao Chen’s saber draw could light up this long, ancient night and illuminate this vast sea.


Many Faux Gods observed outside the Trial Tower, attracted by this scene and showing grave expressions.

Although these two had low cultivations in the Faux Gods’ eyes, what these two competed with were their Martial Dao. This appeared breathtaking, causing the spectators’ eyes to lit up and prompting cheers.

“This ‘The Loneliness the Faithful Widow Feels Every Night’ is incredible. Too bad, we can only see this scene and not hear it for ourselves.”

“That eccentric fellow is also really incredible. To think that he can use his own body to simulate the sound of a saber draw, using that to bring out his Martial Dao. He adapted quickly, realizing that the nature of this clash was not one of Divine Seals, cultivations, or sounds. Instead, it is a clash of the hearts, seeing whose Martial Dao is superior and more perfect.”

“That’s right. This ‘The Loneliness the Faithful Widow Feels Every Night’ is challenging to deal with. Even Sovereign Emperors would find it hard to block because it is hard to fathom its true nature. If one missed the crucial point and fell into the trap, one would immediately lose.”

“While it looks like Gu Yuhan holds the upper hand, his advantage is not big, just a slight edge. That strange person adapted very quickly. By rights, Gu Yuhan should hold a suppressive advantage. However, he only has a small upper hand in this situation. In reality, it can only be called a draw.”

The Faux God experts had excellent judgment. After all, their cultivations were much stronger. They could immediately make out the truth with just one glance.

The Profound Heaven Holy Land powerhouse Gu Fei showed a grave expression and did not rebut. The situation already surpassed his expectations. In all logic, Gu Yuhan should have been able to make Xiao Chen kneel and beg for forgiveness before he even landed. However, the two ended up in such an intense clash now.

“It’ll be over soon. The victor is about to be decided!”


In Paradise, the tune “The Loneliness the Faithful Widow Feels Every Night,” which Gu Yuhan played, deepened. The waves retreated, and the blue sky and jade-green sea showed no surges. It seemed like the music would end soon.

The calm did not last for long, just an instant. Then, this exciting melody suddenly turned quiet.

The difference generated caused space to freeze, as though time stopped.

In the next instant, everything started moving again. The long river, the setting sun, and countless stars hanging down showed the loneliness a faithful widow experienced every night.


Gu Yuhan held his pipe with both hands and started blowing it again. However, in just a short moment, only the ending note remained, ringing out endlessly. He seemed to have gouged his heart out and infused it into this final note.

The song ended, and the heart never died. The sun set, and countless stars hung down; the sky was nightless.

The melody that paused suddenly erupted. Starlight cascaded, and the vast sea surged.

Xiao Chen’s expression changed slightly as he faced the final musical note that the other party blew using his life. While he knew that it was extremely horrifying, he did not choose to dodge.

A crazed look flashed in Xiao Chen’s eyes as his entire body trembled. Who knew whether it was anxiety over a life-and-death situation or the excitement of the burning hot-bloodedness?

Xiao Chen only knew that he had to use his full strength, betting the pride of the mighty Azure Dragon and fighting to the death.

The Dragon Tone Art, which Xiao Chen had suppressed for so long, burst out at this moment.

Xiao Chen roared furiously, and the dragon roar thundered in his chest. This dragon roar sounded vast and heavy. The buried Azure Dragon bloodline power activated and burned all over his body like flames.

The perfect Divine Seal shone with resplendent light, driven at full power with nothing held back.


The boundless sea with the setting sun and stars hanging down above it looked like it would swallow Xiao Chen when a dragon roar thundered and forcefully shattered the mysterious phenomenon.

A loud sound rang out as the vast sea shattered, the mysterious phenomenon breaking completely.

Boundless starlight burst out. Had this not been Paradise, the ground for five hundred kilometers around would have instantly crumbled, reduced to ashes.

“Good thing we left quickly.”

Extremely far away, Zhang Yushan heaved a sigh of relief, showing an appalled expression. The final burst of shock waves was even more terrifying than he imagined.

Zhang Yushan’s two junior brothers were stupefied, marveling at the scene.

“How strong and truly terrifying! I can’t imagine that we previously dared to challenge that strange person.”

“Indeed. Fortunately, we ran quickly. Otherwise, we would look like pigs’ heads too, just like Senior Brother.”

“That’s hard to say. Senior Brother is strong. Both of us might not last until we become pigs’ heads; we might die first.”

Zhang Yushan showed an unsightly expression as he listened with gritted teeth from the side. However, he could not do anything. He swore in his heart that he would teach these two pig-minded junior brothers a lesson after he recovered.

Suddenly, the starlight fell together with a flood of water. This startled Zhang Yushan awake, causing him to cry out, “Junior Brothers, quickly, save me.”

Who knew, his two junior brothers had fled already when they saw that the situation was bad.

Zhang Yushan’s two junior brothers only remembered their senior brother when the starlight fell. However, it was too late to save him.

“Boom!” An enormous crater appeared in the ground. Zhang Yushan’s fate was uncertain.

This frightened Zhang Yushan’s two junior brothers into rushing over to search for him.


Naturally, none of the Faux Gods outside the Trial Tower paid attention to this scene. They all wanted to know who the final victor of the clash was.

“Logically, Gu Yuhan should have won. His music was perfect, without flaws. He infused all his Martial Dao into the final note, truly incredible.”

“That eccentric fellow should be from the Divine Dragon Empire. That final dragon roar was no way inferior to the music.”

“I thought about it, and this strange person can only be the Heavenly Alliance’s Xiao Chen. However, I heard that Xiao Chen failed in forming a perfect Divine Seal. That information can’t be false. How could he possibly recover in three days?”

“Indeed. After suffering from the rebound of failing to form a perfect Divine Seal, one would lose one’s cultivation at the very least. At worst, one could die. How could he be so vigorous and lively after three days?”

“A mystery, truly a mystery.”

The final dragon roar completely exposed Xiao Chen’s identity. However, based on the information that the Faux Gods received, he had failed in forming his perfect Divine Seal. Xi Mu’s disciples had personally seen it.

Some people had even directly asked Fiendish Saber Xi Mu, and Xi Mu had given the same answer.

The identity of the strange person immediately turned into a mystery, difficult to figure out.

“It’s clearing up!”

The shockwaves and mysterious phenomena disappeared, and the scene reappeared on the light screen. The discussion about the strange person’s identity ended. Everyone wanted to see who won.

“Gu Yuhan is still there!”

Gu Yuhan appeared on the light screen, holding his pipe. He seemed pale as he scanned his surroundings. Clearly, he was searching for Xiao Chen.

“Where is he?”

“Did he run away?”

Although Xiao Chen’s dragon roar forcefully shattered the blue sky and jade-green sea, the many Faux Gods could sense that he was a spent force. They believed that he could not have blocked the shock waves.



A strong wind blew with a thunderous roar as it carried the dust away. Then, the bandaged eccentric appeared. His bedsheet looked like a cloak as he used it to sweep away the dust. His sharpness did not seem diminished, and his aura was like it was at the start.

“What a ‘The Loneliness the Faithful Widow Feels Every Night I nearly died there. However, many thanks. I had not experienced a huge battle since advancing to half-step Sovereign Emperor yet. Since I am not dead, I will definitely rise,” Xiao Chen said softly. His voice came through the bandages, making it sound deeper. However, this made him seem even more mysterious and unfathomable.

Gu Yuhan revealed a doubtful look. Right now, he found Xiao Chen inscrutable. His expression also turned somewhat sullen.

Naturally, Gu Yuhan did not want to let Xiao Chen off. However, the earlier battle was not easy for him to bear, either. Right now, he did not dare to act rashly, as he found Xiao Chen unfathomable. When he heard Xiao Chen thanking him for his help, he could not help feeling depressed and murderous.

The two continued to face each other, clashing with their auras. However, they did not truly fight each other.


Suddenly, a tricolor spiritual light tore through the sky, forming a wavy rainbow bridge.

“A one-hundred-thousand-year-old Herb King!”

The expressions of Xiao Chen and Gu Yuhan changed, both of them splitting their attention to check it out.

Gu Yuhan hesitated for only an instant before finally reaching a decision. Then, he turned and left.

“Trying to leave? Have you asked me for permission yet?”

Xiao Chen snorted coldly. When the other party revealed an opening, his fighting spirit soared, and he charged over again.