Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2175 Raw 2282 : The Loneliness the Faithful Widow Feels Every Nigh

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Chapter 2175 Raw 2282 : The Loneliness the Faithful Widow Feels Every Nigh

A False Emperor!

With one look, it was clear that the person arriving was a false Emperor. Among the Profound Heaven Holy Land disciples, this person probably ranked up there with Mu Yunzhu, also a peak existence.


Outside the Trial Tower, the Profound Heaven Holy Land Faux God powerhouse Gu Fei’s eyes lit up.

“Gu Yuhan arrived. This is good!”

[TL Note: Gu Fei and Gu Yuhan appear to have the same family name in English. However, this is not the case in Chinese; they are different Chinese characters with the same pronunciation. Hence, they should not be related, aside from being from the same sect.]

Gu Yuhan was a false Emperor, someone who could condense Divine Energy. He had advanced from half-step Sovereign Emperor many years ago.

The pipe music he played, “The Loneliness the Faithful Widow Feels Every Night,” sounded ethereal, like the sounds of nature. It was like the waves crashing into the rocks, the blue sky and jade-green sea appearing vast and boundless. While it seemed slow, it actually moved quickly.

As Gu Yuhan piped, he activated his Divine Seal, merging his Dao Might into the music. When he brought out the might of the Divine Seal, the tune appeared much more exquisite than simple sound waves.

Xiao Chen’s face sank. Even from such a distance, he already felt like he faced a great enemy, coming under tremendous pressure.

If Gu Yuhan were nearer, who knew how strong the might of the pipe music would be?

If Xiao Chen left now, it would be fine. The other party might not be able to catch up.

It clearly was not wise to face a false Emperor in his current state.

However, Wu Meng and another fellow Heavenly Alliance member were behind Xiao Chen. The pipe music already affected them. If he left, it would be over for the two of them.

Xiao Chen would not be able to remain at peace. If his heart was not at peace, how could he maintain his character?

“Let’s go,” Xiao Chen shouted.

Xiao Chen pressed his tongue against his palate, letting out a dragon roar. The pipe music paused for a moment, and rips appeared in the surrounding space, kicking up overwhelming waves. The pipe music scattered, and the tune “The Loneliness the Faithful Widow Feels Every Night” crumbled.

At this moment, Xiao Chen quickly made his move. He picked up Wu Meng and the other Heavenly Alliance member. Then, using his full strength, he hurled them forward.

This strong, electric force pushing Wu Meng, sending his body flying into the distance like a beam of light, startled him awake.

Seeing that Xiao Chen remained, Wu Meng could not help feeling guilty. He shouted, “Might I ask who your distinguished self is? I will never forget this gratitude. If you survive, I, Wu Meng, will repay this gratitude in the future!”

Xiao Chen sent a voice projection. We are all people of the Heavenly Alliance, so we should take care of each other. Brother Wu Meng, there is no need to be polite. There is no need to worry about me.

It’s someone from the Heavenly Alliance!

Wu Meng felt considerably shocked when he heard that. A bright light flashed in his eyes. Why do I not know of such a person in the Heavenly Alliance?

How laughable, truly laughable! To think that I thought that I was the strongest in the Heavenly Alliance after Xiao Chen and Grim Reaper Lin Feng. I am truly ignorant and narrow-minded.

Had I not been so self-opinionated and had bitterly cultivated every day, I would not have lost so miserably, even though Zhang Yushan is Xi Mu’s disciple.

This lesson sparked an invisible change in Saber Demon Wu Meng, making him undergo a metamorphosis.

Xiao Chen’s full-power electric force quickly sent the two into the distance. However, Xiao Chen had to remain.

“Toot! Toot! Toot! Toot!”

The pipe music intensified, becoming harder to deal with. That Gu Yuhan clearly increased its power. Furthermore, he continued to approach, giving Xiao Chen some difficulty.

Some ripples appeared in Xiao Chen’s Soul Pool. Occasionally, musical notes flashed.

Xiao Chen’s golden Divine Seal suffered a heavy impact, which he found extremely unbearable. Faint cracks actually appeared in his Divine Seal. If this continued, he might end up dying here.

False Emperor! He truly lives up to being a false Emperor!

As Xiao Chen experienced this, a lofty aspiration stirred in his heart.

Xiao Chen had long heard of the strength of false Emperors. Five years ago, he wanted to fight against a false Emperor.

Unfortunately, he did not find an opportunity to do so. After waiting for five years, he finally had that opportunity.


The battle hunger that Xiao Chen suppressed for five years turned into hot-bloodedness and lofty aspiration, spreading out.


Sensing the hot-bloodedness and lofty aspiration, the spectators outside the Trial Tower were lavish with their praise. Xiao Chen showed courage and boldness, not cowardice, when facing a strong enemy—and even a strong battle hunger.

“What a junior! If this person were my Martial God Palace’s disciple, I would definitely take him in as my final disciple and hand my mantle over to him. My Martial God Palace requires such hot-blooded and aspiring people. No matter who wins or loses, fight first and deal with it later. So what if it is a false Emperor?!”

Earlier, when Xiao Chen defeated the Martial God Palace disciples in a humiliating fashion, that Martial God Palace powerhouse felt put on the spot.

Now that the Martial God Palace powerhouse saw this scene, he could not help calling out praise.

No matter how strange and incomprehensible this junior was, provoking ridicule, he had shown a perfect Divine Seal earlier. Now, he even displayed such startling battle hunger when facing a Profound Heaven Holy Land false Emperor expert.

Xiao Chen already satisfied all the criteria for a powerful outstanding talent. He just lacked an opportunity to soar.

“It can’t really be Xiao Chen, right?” Mu Zifeng muttered to himself. If it were an outsider, he would not have saved the Heavenly Alliance disciples.

However, when the image of the white-clad Xiao Chen with fluttering hair and hidden sharpness in his face appeared in Mu Zifeng’s mind, Mu Zifeng could not match him to this strange person draped in a bedsheet; they showed completely different styles.

No matter what, Mu Zifeng could not imagine that the two were the same person. The only similarity was the lofty aspiration, hot-bloodedness, a pride that never admitted defeat, and tyranny.


So what if you are a false Emperor? I will still fight you!

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

As Gu Yuhan flew through the air, he used his pipe music to drive his Divine Seal. When he felt Xiao Chen’s battle hunger, he took it as a challenge and could not help feeling murderous. His “The Loneliness the Faithful Widow Feels Every Night” turned cold and bleak.

Frost covered the herb fields within five thousand kilometers of Gu Yuhan. All the huge, towering trees in sight became covered in ice, then withered; the killing intent destroyed their lifeforce.

A great blue sky! The boundless sea! Waves rising! Descending pipe notes! Cold killing intent!

Each music note was louder than the one before. “The Loneliness the Faithful Widow Feels Every Night” carried a cold and bleak intent, trying to kill everything in the world. It does not matter if you show overwhelming battle hunger, lofty aspiration, or hot-bloodedness, I will kill you!

Xiao Chen immediately felt he had plunged into an icy cave. Before he could bring out his soaring battle hunger and burning hot-bloodedness and vast lofty aspiration, someone chopped them apart, a very unbearable feeling.

“Hahaha! Great! Great! Great!”

Blood leaked out of a corner of Xiao Chen’s lips. This stained the bandages around his mouth red. However, he could not help rearing his head back and guffawing, shouting “great” three times.

No matter who this person was, Xiao Chen got the feeling of an expert from him, an impression that inspired deep veneration and admiration.

A powerful outstanding talent like this was not someone that despicable trash, like Zhang Yushan, could compare to.


Xiao Chen swung the bedsheet in his hand around and draped it back on his body like a cloak. Seeing his hot-bloodedness shattered by the pipe music did not discourage him.

Although he could not contain his excitement, he remained silent and motionless.

“Is he about to die?” Zhang Yushan could not help smiling in excitement at seeing Xiao Chen in this situation as he leaned against a rock with much difficulty. His face had already swollen up until it resembled a pig’s.


Right after Zhang Yushan spoke, there was a crisp sound in the air. After storing up power for very long, Xiao Chen had launched a punch at full power.

His fist light swept through the air, ringing out with surging saber intent.

Moreover, Xiao Chen used his Flawless Saber Dao Domain to drive his Divine Seal under the pipe music’s pressure.

Flawless saber Dao, using my body as a saber. I have no saber in my hands, but I can use my body as a saber and my thoughts as a sheath. Every time I punch, my battle hunger spreads out, drawing this saber from its sheath.

The sound of a saber being unsheathed, carrying Xiao Chen’s hot-bloodedness and lofty aspirations, defended against the pipe music, which was growing increasingly more challenging to deal with.

“Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Two figures landed. They were Zhang Yushan’s two junior brothers. When they saw Zhang Yushan’s appearance, they could not help finding it funny. “Senior Brother, why is your head swollen like a pig’s? Who did this?”

Zhang Yushan immediately felt angry and annoyed. “You two bastards, to think you have the cheek to come back! Is it very enjoyable to see me getting beaten up by someone?”

“Senior Brother, you wronged us. Didn’t we call reinforcements over for you? With Big Brother Gu Yuhan here, that fellow will die for sure.”

The two kept their cool and showed no changes. In reality, running into Gu Yuhan had been a coincidence.

Zhang Yushan seemed to see something very terrifying that banished all other concerns. He shouted, “Quickly bring me away. We can’t remain here. Quick! Quick! Quick! I’ll forget about what happened earlier; just quickly bring me away!”

Zhang Yushan’s two junior brothers mocked, “Senior Brother, have you been beaten silly by someone? Senior Brother Gu Yuhan is here. What are you afraid of?”

“You two pigs, look behind you!”

The two quickly spun around to look. What they saw stupefied them.

Before the two’s smiles could even fade, the bedsheet-draped Xiao Chen used his body as a saber and his thoughts as a sheath. The sound of a saber draw echoed continuously in the surroundings. It actually managed to shatter the pipe music that had already become several more times intense.

The surrounding mysterious phenomena—the shattering sky and the waves curling up—could not hurt Xiao Chen at all.

“To think that someone blocked Senior Brother’s ‘The Loneliness the Faithful Widow Feels Every Night

“This…how could this be possible? Quickly leave. Otherwise, when Senior Brother Gu arrives, the shock waves will definitely affect this place.”

The two took fright. Without thinking, they retreated hastily.

“Damn! You two bastards, bring me along as well!” Zhang Yushan, whom Xiao Chen had severely injured and beaten into a pig’s head, shouted hoarsely.

“Whoosh! Whoosh!”

The two figures quickly rushed back, and each grabbed one of Zhang Yushan’s legs. Then, they picked him up and fled far away, moving like lightning.

The clash between the pipe music and the sound of a saber draw intensified even further. This was no longer a simple clash of Divine Seals.

Instead, this was the clash of the two’s Martial Dao. The pipe music and the sound of a saber draw contained the two’s understanding of the Martial Dao.

Neither could afford to lose. Once they lost, their minds would be damaged.


A figure flew through the air. Gu Yuhan finally arrived before Xiao Chen. He showed a serious expression as he looked at Xiao Chen coldly, but he did not stop piping.

The pipe music swept out like surging sea waves as Gu Yuhan landed.

Xiao Chen’s expression turned graver. As he moved, he brought his Flawless Saber Dao Domain to its limits.

Gu Yuhan walked forward slowly, the pipe music ringing out continuously. While it looked like there was no rhythm to his footsteps, in reality, every step he took contained the supreme truth of the world. At this moment, he had already pushed his “The Loneliness the Faithful Widow Feels Every Night” to the limit.

The two already reached the point of no return. Both also kept a killing move in reserve.

As Gu Yuhan’s “The Loneliness the Faithful Widow Feels Every Night” came to its end, the musical notes would definitely layer over each other and unleash the cadence of all the notes at the last moment.

As for Xiao Chen, he prepared the Dragon Tone Art that the Azure Dragon Emperor had left behind back then. With his current cultivation, he could fully unleash the Azure Dragon’s power in his bloodline when executing the Dragon Tone Art.

While the clash seemed extremely intense, with battle hunger surging high, in reality, both sides were just biding their time, holding back, and waiting to launch their peak strike.