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Chapter 2172 Raw 2279 : Making a Move


Xiao Chen jumped off the mountain peak and entered the herb field.

Paradise’s herb field was different from regular herb fields.

In the Heavenly Dragon Palace’s herb field in the secret realm that the Third Palace Master managed, for example, Spirit Herbs filled one’s sight at a glance.

However, this herb field had a somewhat complicated environment, with both Spiritual Energy as pure as Immortal Qi and extremely filthy Demonic Qi.

This resulted in many wild trees and plants growing in this herb field. Weeds filled the place.

This simply looked like an overgrown desolate brushland.

The true Spirit Herbs hid in the brush. Not only were they difficult to find, but if one got careless, one might even run into danger.

“I hope it works.”

Xiao Chen looked around, and his figure started moving as he cautiously monitored his surroundings.

Although the various super faction disciples had started searching for Spirit Herbs, they moved very carefully. Before Xiao Chen activated the Fiend blood, he still had to be cautious.

After Xiao Chen verified that there was no one around, he bent down and pressed a bandaged palm on the black soil.

With a dignified cast to his eyes, he slowly activated the Fiend blood in his palm. The bandage wrapping his palm gave off a faint red light.

In the next moment, the scene before him changed considerably. The black soil seemed to become transparent to him.

Xiao Chen’s eyes immediately lit up with joy. Indeed, this was possible.

He saw many hidden Spirit Herbs in the black soil, giving off a dazzling spiritual light that no one else could see.

In fact, while flourishing weeds grew on the surface, there were one-thousand-year-old Spirit Herbs underground.

Xiao Chen continued looking farther down. Five kilometers…fifty kilometers…five hundred kilometers…he discovered more and more. The joy in his eyes grew increasingly brighter.

Many ten-thousand-year-old Herb Kings entered his view. There were even some one-hundred-thousand-year-old and one-million-year-old Herb Kings.

That is…

Xiao Chen suddenly discovered stacks of buried corpses five hundred kilometers down. These corpses had been there for who knew how long. There were humans, Fiends, Great Desolate Eon ferocious beasts, Asuras, Flood Dragon Humans, Rakshasas…an endless number of them, all corpses.

The truly startling thing was that all the corpses buried underground were prostrate.

All of these corpses faced the same direction, a throne at the deepest parts of the underground. A withered skeleton sat on that throne, wearing a white mask that concealed its facial features. A group of corpses knelt respectfully at its side.

The endless corpses were all either prostrate or down on one knee, none standing before the withered skeleton on the throne.


Xiao Chen grunted as his body got knocked back. His palm left the ground, and he quickly stood up.

Shock appeared in his eyes. To think that there was such a horrifying existence underground.

That withered skeleton on the throne had to be either a supreme God King or an ancient Demonic Sovereign who died in the great war between the righteous and demonic factions one hundred thousand years ago.

“It looks like we cannot remain in this herb field for too long. After startling these corpses, we have to leave soon. I have to make my move as well.”

Although Xiao Chen got interrupted midway, he managed to see the positions of hidden underground Spirit Herbs and remembered them.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

After about seven minutes, Xiao Chen arrived in a flat area dominated by a towering black tree. The trunk of the tree had a whorl on it like a ferocious beast’s eye. The withered tree branches looked like the claws and fangs of ferocious beasts.

With one look, it was obvious that this was not a Spirit Tree and could not bear any Spirit Fruit.

On the contrary, it was replete with Death Qi and a baleful aura. Most people would stay as far as possible from this tree, not wanting to remain in its vicinity.

However, Xiao Chen knew there was a ten-thousand-year-old Herb King under the tree, an Ice Cloud Fruit.

This Ice Cloud Fruit was great nourishment for ice-attributed cultivators. A ten-thousand-year-old Herb King could directly raise their cultivation and Dao Domain. It did not even need any special refinement and could be consumed directly.

The whorl on the tree’s trunk gave off a faint light like a ferocious beast opening its eye.

A strange mental fluctuation immediately appeared in Xiao Chen’s mind. This gigantic, one-eyed tree was threatening him to make him leave.

The thousands of tree branches danced about, looking like treasure sabers being unsheathed and showing their sharpness.


The sharpness turned into a strong wind and blew over. The bedsheet on Xiao Chen flapped in the wind, like a cloak.

“The more you pretend, the more it proves your cowardice.”

Xiao Chen smiled coldly in his heart. If this gigantic, one-eyed tree were truly strong, it would have attacked directly instead of menacing him.

“Divine Firmament Nine Variations, Traceless Lightning Shadow!”

Leaving behind a faint purple mark, Xiao Chen charged at the gigantic, one-eyed tree. The thousands of tree branches danced like a group of demons wielding swords and sabers, instantly launching thousands of attacks.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Xiao Chen weaved through the attacks. While the attacks seemed chaotic, there was actually some sort of pattern to them. This was a Secret Technique that this gigantic, one-eyed tree comprehended on its own after growing here for a long time. If anyone dared to get close, it would pierce thousands of holes in them before hanging them out on its branches, turning them into dried corpses.

However, Xiao Chen did not show much care at first. He only brought out his Flawless Saber Dao Domain, ghosting about. He did not appear to be moving. As the bedsheet fluttered wildly, he became as dazzling as a saber light.

“Dang! Dang! Dang!”

The saber light chopped many tree branches in half, the broken boughs falling like rain and snow. Xiao Chen moved unhindered in the formation of tree branches, getting closer to the gigantic, one-eyed tree.

“Boom!” When it looked like the formation could not hurt Xiao Chen, the spiral eye on the trunk suddenly shot out an iridescent light.

This beam of iridescent light appeared very suddenly. If one got distracted by the branch formation, the beam would definitely strike its target.

Xiao Chen took a look and realized that this iridescent light possessed extraordinary might, containing dense Death Qi.

Even the slightest contact in his current state would have dire consequences.


Xiao Chen spun, dodging this beam of iridescent light. Before that gigantic, one-eyed tree could do anything more, swaying candle flames appeared in Xiao Chen’s eyes. Then, a Candle Dragon’s head manifested behind him and opened its eyes at the same time.

Candle Dragon Eyes!

A boundless, icy flame landed on the gigantic, one-eyed tree, immediately burning it.

A hoarse shriek rang out, and the branch formation crumbled. The gigantic, one-eyed tree started shaking, throwing the land five thousand kilometers around into convulsions. Even the sky and ground were in turmoil.


Xiao Chen charged forward, and the Ten Thousand Dragons Picture appeared behind him. Then, he threw a punch at the gigantic, one-eyed tree using the Supreme Dragon Fist.

“Bang!” The small-mountain-sized tree shattered after his punch landed. It turned into ice shards covering the sky, falling like ash and snow.

Even after the gigantic tree died, Xiao Chen did not stop. He flipped his hand over and slammed his palm down.

Firmament’s Rage!


A spiritual light charged out of the ground, looking like it purposely jumped into the enormous hand that manifested. Before that thing could react, Xiao Chen grabbed it.

An Ice Cloud Fruit, a ten-thousand-year-old Herb King, struggled in Xiao Chen’s grip, trying to get free.

However, Xiao Chen’s Firmament’s Rage was a Dragon’s Gate Secret Technique made with the Five Element Divine Lightning, his Thunder Great Dao, his Saber Great Dao, and his Ice Great Dao.

Now that Xiao Chen comprehended three Dao Domains, even a Sovereign Emperor would find it hard to struggle free once he executed it, what more this small, ten-thousand-year-old Herb King. Xiao Chen tightened his grip, destroying the Herb King’s ferocious nature.

After the Ice Cloud Fruit stopped struggling, Xiao Chen took a quick look and gave up on immediately consuming it. Then, he tossed it into his storage ring.

While he could not take things out of the bandaged-covered storage ring, he still could put things in.

The process of obtaining a ten-thousand-year-old Herb King went relatively smoothly, not kicking up a huge commotion.

“Come out, then.”

Xiao Chen did not turn around. His muffled voice came through the bandages covering his mouth, sounding hoarse and scary.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Three extremely terrifying, ancient ferocious beast auras responded behind Xiao Chen. There were also three strands of cold sword intent hidden amid the overwhelming auras, appearing as menacing as a ravenous wolf.

Xiao Chen casually tossed up the bedsheet and swept his leg across with some force.

A strong wind blew, and saber lights flashed, clashing with the three strands of sword intent in howling, ancient ferocious beast auras, easily blocking them.

When Xiao Chen turned around, the spinning bedsheet landed, draping over his body like a cloak again.

Three figures appeared in Xiao Chen’s vision. They were people of the Hound Lion Empire.

The Hound Lion Empire was one of the eight great empires controlled by the Martial God Palace. These three should be Xiahou Wu’s subordinates.

These three’s skill at concealment was exceptionally exquisite. If not for the violence of the gigantic, one-eyed tree’s struggle allowing Xiao Chen to detect some irregular motions, he would not have discovered these three.

“His Highness was indeed right. You are quite strong. To think that you can use your own skills to find Spirit Herbs.”

As the three looked at the bandaged Xiao Chen covered in a bedsheet, they did not dare to underestimate him.

“To think that you are not running after discovering my secret. In that case, none of you will be leaving.” Xiao Chen snorted coldly. Then, he pulled off the bedsheet and gently twisted it. The bundled bedsheet appeared like a long spear in his hand. Then, he thrust it forward.

Boundless electric light tore through the sky as he brought out his Flawless Saber Dao Domain.

As the “long spear” thrust forward, a sharp light burst out, making the expressions of the three Hound Lion Empire disciples change slightly as their auras and Dao Domains got suppressed.

Furthermore, that sharp light continued shooting forward. It threatened to pierce through their chests in the next moment.


At this moment, the three finally saw the terror of Xiao Chen. Horror flashed in their hearts. No longer caring about anything else, they quickly turned to flee.