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Chapter 2171 Raw 2278 : Paradise

The great roc flies with the wind, moving more than forty-five thousand kilometers in an instant.

Just before the black whirlpool closed, Xiao Chen’s figure entered.

“What speed!”

“It looked like a bedsheet entered Paradise earlier?”

“It was not a bedsheet. It was a person draped in a bedsheet.”

“An outsider barged in?”

“That should not be the case. If it were someone surpassing Sovereign Personage, that person would not be able to enter. It should be one of the super faction disciples. I just don’t know which. Did anyone manage to see him clearly?”

That beam of flowing light from earlier carried the power of a roc as it flew over. It moved so quickly that even the Faux Gods felt shocked.

Everyone reacted only after a while.

A Sovereign Emperor would not even have seen the beam of flowing light, only sensed a vast aura.

Lu Benwei’s Great Gale Force was genuinely startling, giving Xiao Chen a powerful boost.


After the black whirlpool reverted into an iridescent spot, it vanished. Then, a vast light screen appeared above the Trial Tower in the next instant, showing scenes within Paradise.

“Why was that strange person draped in a bedsheet? Was he not wearing any clothes?”

Mu Zifeng found this somewhat strange, feeling confused.

It was not just Mu Zifeng. The other Faux Gods also did not know what was going on. When they saw Xiao Chen’s figure on the light screen, they all showed strange expressions.

This person seemed eccentric. Everyone looked at him like they were looking at a freak.

“Haha! I wonder which faction he is from. The way he appeared was rather frightening,” a Faux God expert of the Profound Heaven Holy Land said with a smile. His words clearly showed that he rejected the thought of this person being from his faction.

The various super faction powerhouses started asking around, trying to determine if this was someone from their own faction. They only released their bated breath after being sure of the answer.

“Lord Mu, this strange person should not be from our Heavenly Alliance. If he were, he would definitely be wearing the Alloy Battle Armor,” a Heavenly Alliance subordinate said after going over to Mu Zifeng.

Mu Zifeng nodded and released his bated breath. Although cultivators tended to be carefree and unruly, wearing just a bedsheet in public was too much. It would be easy to become a laughing stock.


At some point, Xi Mu appeared by Lu Benwei in Fiend Cloud Hall. He frowned and said, “What a scandal! Don’t you know to give him some clothes?!”

Lu Benwei only recalled now. Feeling somewhat awkward, he smiled bitterly. “Time was too tight; I forgot about it.”

Xi Mu sighed and said, “This fellow is too hasty… Let’s see how well he does.”


In Paradise:

The disciples of the various super factions had arrived long ago. Be it false Emperors or heaven-defying Sovereign Personages, no one acted rashly. They carefully sized up their surroundings.

No matter how strong they were, they had to be careful and proceed slowly. They still needed to familiarize themselves with the environment.

However, as these people sized up their surroundings, a beam of flowing light flew by. Xiao Chen had already slowed down considerably, but he was still moving very fast as he flew over them.

This stupefied the elites of the five super factions.

The person who flew over them was wrapped entirely in white bandages, exposing only a pair of eyes. That person wore nothing but a draped bedsheet. No one could think of anyone who would dress so bizarrely.

“Where did this madman come from?” Bai Yunfei asked with a frown. He could not connect this person with anyone he knew. Of course, he could not imagine that this person was Xiao Chen.

In Bai Yunfei’s mind, Xiao Chen always wore white robes or the Alloy Battle Armor. The air and image of this bedsheet-draped person were inconsistent with that.

Xiahou Wu, who was at the side, found it outlandish. He said after some thought, “This fellow is a little strange. Go and test him out later; see if we should be wary of him.”


The other Martial God Palace disciples nodded their heads. Xiahou Wu and Bai Yunfei were both false Emperors already. They were the leaders of the current Martial God Palace disciples without a doubt; no one dared to disobey them.

Bai Yunfei waved his hand and asked, “Brother Xiahou, who do you think he is?”

Xiahou Wu entered deep thought, then shook his head. “I can’t think of anyone that matches this description in the five super factions. This is really strange.”

One did not fear a strong, undefeatable enemy; one feared an unfathomable and unpredictable enemy.

The people of the Profound Heaven Holy Land, Hidden Spirit Temple, Universe Origin Sect, and the Heavenly Alliance all showed strange expressions as well, as they looked at Xiao Chen.

Everyone appeared confused, wondering if one of the super factions was purposely acting mysterious.


Xiao Chen moved too fast, somewhat out of control as he landed on a mountain peak.

Fortunately, he managed to mitigate the impact. Otherwise, the entire mountain peak would have crumbled when he crashed into it.

Xiao Chen dusted himself off, then sized up his surroundings, discovering that everyone was in a vast herb field.

A long time ago, Paradise was altered into a land of experiential training, sealed in the Trial Tower’s eighty-first floor.

The first thing to do in this Trial Tower was to search for Spirit Herbs.

The one who found the most Spirit Herbs would be the winner. The strong could obtain Herb Kings or even legendary Divine Herbs. Of course, Divine Herbs were extremely rare; no one would hope for that.

Being able to obtain a ten-thousand-year-old Herb King was already pretty good.

However, one supposedly could not remain in this herb field for too long. As it was the first stage of the trial, one had to leave after a set amount of time and head to the next stage.

“The baleful aura here is very heavy.”

Wrapped in layers of bandages, Xiao Chen bared only his eyes. However, he still could sense the strangeness of the surroundings.

Baleful aura and Death Qi filled the turbid air. Corpses covered the herb field.

By all accounts, a huge, intense battle had taken place in the True God Paradise when the Heavenly Realm shattered.

Even after a hundred thousand years, the resentment had not scattered, making Paradise a land of danger.

This was why no one moved rashly when they arrived in the herb field.

While the herb field appeared desolate and quiet, no one knew what dangers it hid, so no one dared to be careless.

Xiao Chen sized up the mountain peak. A large, endless herb field spread out before his eyes. The sky appeared chaotic, with energies of two polar extremes mixed together. They pushed each other, circulating slowly.

One of these energies was replete with spirituality, feeling like Immortal Qi. It was pure without any filth. The True God Paradise must have been filled with similar pure Immortal Qi in the past, which allowed it to nurture a vast and boundless herb field.

The other was extremely turbid, filled with filth, baleful aura, Death Qi, resentment, and all sorts of terrifying auras, forming a chaotic Demonic Qi.

The Death Qi and baleful aura in the air of this vast herb field came from there.

As the two energies filled the sky, they clashed in the darkness, forming a peculiar sky.

“Ignore that strange person. Quickly move. We do not have much time.”

After familiarizing themselves with the herb field’s environment, the super faction disciples could no longer hold themselves back and started to search the area.

Ten-thousand-year-old Herb Kings already formed spirits. One had to resort to special methods to find them.

“Let us start too.”

Mu Yunzhu stopped looking at Xiao Chen. He led the Profound Heaven Holy Land disciples away and started searching the herb field.

“Make your moves. Once you discover a ten-thousand-year-old Herb King, immediately send out the signal. Don’t let any of them off!” the Universe Origin Sect’s Chu Feng shouted coldly, appearing extremely overbearing as he got the Universe Origin Sect disciples to spread out.

The boundless herb field abounded with fertile black soil and baleful aura. Aside from the Spirit Herbs, there were many flourishing weeds and trees of all types, looking very strange. It was not easy to find Spirit Herbs among all these.

However, the various super factions were clearly prepared.

The Universe Origin Sect disciples held clumps of flames in their hands. When they found Spirit Herbs, they would be excited. When they ran into weeds or other plants that gained spirituality, they would feel very frustrated.

The Martial God Palace’s people formed groups of twos and threes. The leaders of each group controlled a Spirit Devouring Mouse, a ferocious beast with an extremely strong sense of smell.

Even the Heavenly Alliance members came prepared. No one came empty-handed.

Only the bandaged, bedsheet-draped Xiao Chen looked at the herb field, feeling somewhat helpless.

“I have to think of a way. I am at too great a disadvantage as I am.”

Xiao Chen frowned slightly. He tried taking treasures out from his storage ring but found it difficult.

Any fluctuations from the storage ring would definitely break the bandages applied with the Primal Chaos Heaven Replenishing Ointment. Xiao Chen still had not fully recovered from his injuries. He did not want to leave behind any future problems, so he needed to absorb all of the Primal Chaos Heaven Replenishing Ointment’s Medicinal Energy.

I got it! All Things Rejoicing Together!

A bright light flashed in Xiao Chen’s eyes. He had absorbed some Fiend blood. Back then, he relied on a drop of Fiend blood to see the underground of the entire Ice Fire Wasteland. Perhaps he could do the same here.