Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2169 Raw 2276 : Divine Capital’s Divine Master

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Chapter 2169 Raw 2276 : Divine Capital’s Divine Master

Fiendish Saber Xi Mu’s words sounded vague, giving Lu Benwei no reassurance. He said gravely, “Master, there are only three more days till the opening of the Trial Tower’s eighty-first floor. If Xiao Chen does not make it in time, it would be such a waste.”

The Trial Tower’s eighty-first floor was mysterious. Most people would stop on the eightieth floor.

The eighty-first floor was normally not open.

Only some of the older generations knew that the eighty-first floor connected to an herb field known as Paradise.

Back then, before the Heavenly Realm shattered, Paradise existed within the True God Paradise in the Primal Chaos space. Unfortunately, when the Heavenly Realm shattered, the True God Paradise also suffered a devastating blow.

The True God Paradise immediately crumbled, and most of it no longer existed.

A few surviving True Gods took action to preserve a rather large chunk of the True God Paradise, sealing it in the Trial Tower’s eighty-first floor. Then, they turned it into a land of experiential training.

Now, Paradise was sealed. Faux Gods and Sovereign Emperors had extremely difficulty entering it.

Only Sovereign Personages could enter. This presented an opportunity for all the super faction disciples.

The opening of Paradise was a great test for the various super factions, also a competition.

At that time, all the super faction disciples in the Faux God World had to enter as long as they had not advanced to Sovereign Emperor.

There was also another crucial reason. Paradise had Divine Herbs that could extend the life of True Gods and Faux Gods. Not only those that obtained Divine Herbs but also the super factions they belonged to would be greatly rewarded.

However, Divine Herbs were too rare. In the past one hundred thousand years, only one stalk of Divine Herb had been found in Paradise.

The more common ones in Paradise were ten-thousand-year-old Herb Kings.

What was an Herb King?

Any Spirit Herb that survived to ten thousand years of age could be called an Herb King.

As long as one obtained one stalk of a ten-thousand-year-old Herb King, one could receive a huge reward. Besides that, there were also plenty of rare divine materials and various natural treasures.

It would be a great pity if the Sovereign Personages in the Faux God World missed this opportunity.

Originally, Xiao Chen planned on taking part in the trial on the eighty-first floor after advancing to half-step Sovereign Emperor.

Who could have imagined that something like this would happen?

Lu Benwei felt somewhat anxious but could not do anything about it. If his master could save Xiao Chen, his master would have done so already.

Xi Mu asked coldly, “You are still thinking about Paradise? You are really optimistic. If he cannot wake up, then he will never wake up. Even if his injuries healed, he would only be a living dead man.”


When Lu Benwei heard that, he felt slightly startled. He had still underestimated the severity of the situation.

Xi Mu stretched out his hand and took back the Faux God Flame at Xiao Chen’s forehead. Then, he sighed, “Wait here, then. His physical injuries are already fine…hey?”

Xi Mu stopped speaking and moved closer. He squinted, and a flash of divine light appeared in his eyes as he placed his hand on Xiao Chen’s heart.

“Strange, why does the tear in his heart not heal? The tear is clearly there, but the lifeforce in his heart is very strong. There does not seem to be any problems. Strange, very strange…”

Xi Mu showed some doubts on his pale face.

Lu Benwei said, “Little Brother Xiao Chen seems to have a Martial Technique called the Heartbreaking Stance. Every time he uses this move, his heart tears open; he uses pain to stimulate his body’s potential to launch a sure-kill strike. However, he rarely uses it. He said that when this move reached its peak, one would no longer have a heart to feel pain…”

Xi Mu showed a contemplative look. He muttered, “When the pain reaches the peak, there would no longer be a heart to feel pain?”

Then, Xi Mu’s eyes lit up with admiration as he looked at Xiao Chen, who was wrapped in white bandages and deeply asleep.

This was a sincere admiration. Xiao Chen’s talent at the Saber Dao truly surpassed Xi Mu’s.

In the future, when Xiao Chen became a Faux God, he would probably become a second Pan Huang.

When Xi Mu thought about Pan Huang, he could not help thinking about his sorrowful past with his clan. Then, he shook his head and sighed before turning to leave.

“Master! Master! What are we going to do about Little Brother Xiao Chen?”

“The Heartbreaking Stance… How could someone with such determination remain lost? I believe he will walk out of it.”

After finding out about the Heartbreaking Stance, Xi Mu no longer worried about Xiao Chen not waking up.

It was just a matter of when Xiao Chen woke up.


Three days passed in the blink of an eye.

On this day, many people surrounded the Trial Tower in the Holy Domain’s Divine Capital.

The disciples of the Heavenly Alliance, the Profound Heaven Holy Land, the Universe Origin Sect, the Hidden Spirit Temple, and the Martial God Palace gathered here—at least a thousand people.

A person stood in front of where the Heavenly Alliance members gathered. This person looked as handsome as a picture and wore embroidered clothes. The seven-petaled plum blossom stitched on his chest had six petals lit up. The center of the flower looked like snow, and the petals were inlaid with gold. He showed pride and nobility, looking extraordinary.

This person was Mu Zifeng, the Heavenly Alliance’s Lord Mu. The opening of the Trial Tower’s eighty-first floor affected the reputation of the various super factions.

Mu Zifeng had to make a personal appearance. The various super factions also had a major character leading their groups.

These people smiled and nodded to each other. However, there were covert clashes behind their smiles.

The opening of the Trial Tower’s eighty-first floor was a great test to see which of the super factions could stand out. It also represented the super factions’ strength and position.

Mu Zifeng was currently not in a good mood. The Heavenly Alliance’s Grim Reaper Lin Feng was presently in a life-and-death situation and could not come.

The only ones that Mu Zifeng could rely on were Gongzi Lan, Wu Meng, and Mo Yu. However, these three were only half-step Sovereign Emperors.

Xiao Chen, whom Mu Zifeng thought the most highly of, did not show up. Mu Zifeng heard that he forcibly formed a perfect Divine Seal and suffered from the backlash, turning into a cripple.

Fiendish Saber Xi Mu’s nominal disciples were the ones who spread the information. Seeing that Xiao Chen did not appear, this information seemed close to the truth.

Mu Zifeng thought to himself, The Heavenly Alliance simply has too few outstanding talents. In the end, it is because we cannot compare to the other super factions in accumulations.

Be it the Martial God Palace, the Universe Origin Sect, or the other super factions, even after their peak outstanding talents become Sovereign Emperors and leave, they still have several false Emperors remaining.

False Emperors are horrifying existences who can refine Divine Energy. No one short of a Sovereign Emperor can defeat them.

This time, we will probably be ranked last. However, it does not matter.

Getting ranked last does not matter. The Heavenly Alliance does not rely on having outstanding talents.

As long as we can remain a super faction, it is sufficient. The Heavenly Alliance is an alliance of the merchant associations in the first place. We hold boundless wealth. If the Heavenly Alliance cultivators grow stronger and become domineering, it might not be a good thing for us.

Instead, Mu Zifeng felt more worried about Xiao Chen. He wondered how Xiao Chen was doing now.

“Who is Xiao Chen?”

At this moment, a person wearing magnificent clothes, embroidered with images of the Universe Origin True Flame, and a belt of golden threads appeared where the Universe Origin Sect disciples gathered. This person had a noble air and a regal appearance. With one look, it was clear that he was from the Tianwu Dynasty’s royal clan.

The insufferably arrogant Fang Shaobai stood at the side. He said, “Your Highness Duke Jin, I heard that Xiao Chen failed in forming a perfect Divine Seal, and it is unknown whether he can survive. He will probably miss out on the opening of the Trial Tower’s eighty-first floor.”

This person was a prince of the Tianwu Dynasty, Chu Feng, conferred as Duke Jin.

Chu Feng said indifferently, “No wonder I do not see any outstanding people in the Heavenly Alliance group. How unfortunate… This duke was planning to help you get justice. It looks like I can only wait to do it.”

Fang Shaobai whispered, “It’s fine. I prefer to take revenge with my own hands.”

Aside from the Universe Origin Sect, the Profound Heaven Holy Land’s Mu Yunzhu and the Martial God Palace’s Bai Yunfei and Xiahou Wu also felt somewhat disappointed.

“This was a great opportunity. To think that fellow ended up crippling himself…” Xiahou Wu, who was already a false Emperor, was somewhat disappointed. Even so, he also felt some delight in his heart.

With Xiao Chen suffering a backlash from forming his Divine Seal, Xiahou Wu would have one less strong competitor.

“That person is already crippled. This time, the opponents that we need to pay attention to are the Profound Heaven Holy Land, the Universe Origin Sect, and that group of baldies from the Hidden Spirit Temple. We just need a fortuitous encounter in Paradise, and we can sweep our way through the younger generation after we leave the Faux God World!” Bai Yunfei murmured with a smile.

Xiahou Wu said, “That’s right. Given our statuses, there’s no need for us to fight with a mixed-blood dragon. Only the princes and Noble Clan scions are our opponents. Previously, we let Xiao Chen drag our reputations through the mud!”


Suddenly, an imposing aura came from the True God Palace. This aura spread out, putting heavy and imposing pressure on everyone.

Mu Zifeng’s expression changed slightly. Then, he looked to the top of the Trial Tower and saw a mysterious person wearing a mask. He exclaimed, “The Divine Master!”

The Divine Master, the Divine Master of the Holy Domain’s Divine Capital!