Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2168 Raw 2275 : Perhaps Tomorrow, Perhaps Never

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Chapter 2168 Raw 2275 : Perhaps Tomorrow, Perhaps Never

Today is the day that Liu Ruyue leaves the Faux God World…

Xiao Chen appeared stunned. Then, he suddenly understood. The eighty-first floor of the Trial Tower was about to open. At that time, the experts of the super factions would appear. The false Emperors who were in closed-door cultivation would not miss out on this chance.

If Xiao Chen were still a heaven-defying Sovereign Personage when he entered the Trial Tower’s eighty-first floor, it would be perilous.

However, Liu Ruyue did not know that Xiao Chen could advance to half-step Sovereign Emperor at any time, so she had to see it for herself before leaving.

Only then could she leave in peace. Damn it…

Xiao Chen felt heartache. Indeed, he could advance to half-step Sovereign Emperor at any time; he had not lied to Liu Ruyue.

However, he had also indeed lied to Liu Ruyue. He had many things he wanted to say to her but could not.

He could not do it; he did not dare to. He could only grit his teeth and put on a blank face, pretending that nothing had happened.

After interacting with each other for five years, the two’s tacit understanding reached a deep level. Given Liu Ruyue’s intelligence, how could she not guess that?

Liu Ruyue would not feel such familiarity and warmth from a stranger for no reason at all.

Even if Liu Ruyue lost all her memories, forgetting Xiao Chen, forgetting the Sky Dome Realm, forgetting Qingyun Peak, what she felt when interacting with Xiao Chen could not lie to her.

Liu Ruyue had waited, enduring for five years.

Even when Liu Ruyue was about to leave, Xiao Chen still showed no intention of saying anything. Thus, she would only guess.

Xiao Chen once said that he had a person he loved the most, so Liu Ruyue could only let her imagination run wild. Even if she felt a strong passion in her heart, she could only warn herself not to think about him.

Since you are not willing to tell me, then there is no need to force it.

Seeing you advance to half-step Sovereign Emperor before I leave is sufficient for me to feel at peace.

Ever since Xiao Chen saw Liu Ruyue upon his arrival here, he felt heartache every time they met or interacted. It was like a silver needle stabbing into his chest.

Over the past five years, who knew how many such silver needles had stabbed into Xiao Chen’s chest and entered his heart?

What about me…

I interacted with you for five years, knowing everything. However, I have to keep it all in my heart, unable to say anything.

I have all my martial skills, able to form a perfect Divine Seal with a thought.

I can fight false Emperors as a half-step Sovereign Emperor. When I become a Sovereign Emperor in the future, my strength will be immeasurable.

However, what is the point? In the end, I can only watch as the person I love the most leaves.

Xiao Chen could not tell Lu Benwei about this pain, nor could he tell Liu Ruyue about it. He could only hide it in his heart, pretending to be indifferent.

Xiao Chen felt utterly helpless, only able to swallow all these heartaches.

The heartaches suppressed for five years completely erupted at this moment. Xiao Chen felt incredible anguish. The silver needles stabbed in his chest exploded, all the well-hidden wounds turning into thousands of holes riddling his heart.

“Come with me to send off Junior Sister Liu. The two of us are really stupid. To think that we forgot about such an important thing. She must be angry with us for forgetting.”

Lu Benwei felt somewhat self-reproachful. He turned around, wanting to give chase. However, he discovered that Liu Ruyue already disappeared.

Lu Benwei’s expression turned somewhat unsightly. He sighed softly, “It looks like Junior Sister Liu is furious.”

Lu Benwei thought about it and felt that it made sense. After all, they had interacted with each other for so many years. Since he actually forgot about sending Liu Ruyue off, how could she not be angry?

Lu Benwei turned his head to look at Xiao Chen. Just when he was about to speak, he discovered that Xiao Chen’s delicate face appeared terrifyingly pale, completely drained of blood.

“Little Brother Xiao Chen, what’s wrong with you?”

Lu Benwei immediately felt somewhat flustered. Clearly, something was not quite right with Xiao Chen’s current state.

How could a person who just advanced to half-step Sovereign Emperor have such a scary complexion?

“Pu ci!”

The only reply Lu Benwei got was a mouthful of blood. Without any signs, Xiao Chen vomited blood and fell over.

Lu Benwei could not dodge in time; the blood splashed him. When he recovered his wits, Xiao Chen had already fallen to the ground, lying supine.

“Damn it! What’s going on?!”

Lu Benwei stepped forward and checked Xiao Chen’s pulse. This immediately frightened him, making him panic slightly.

Xiao Chen’s heart showed a tear. The Veritable Essence Energy in his body turned chaotic, gushing uncontrollably through his meridians. They were like wild horses struggling free from their restraints, charging around and crashing into everything within his body.

Xiao Chen’s body turned cold in one moment, and then extremely hot later. After a while, he brimmed with sharp saber intent.

Just from touching Xiao Chen, Lu Benwei sustained multiple injuries that washed his hand in blood.

Xiao Chen’s Ice Dao Domain and Thunder Dao Domain also rampaged.

Xiao Chen’s lifeforce slowly weakened, startling Lu Benwei.

This was completely unexpected. How did a person who seemed fine be on the verge of death all of a sudden?

One-meter-thick ice would not form in a single day of snow. All Lu Benwei knew was that Xiao Chen just broke through to half-step Sovereign Emperor and his lifeforce turned weak in the next moment.

Lu Benwei did not know about the heartaches that Xiao Chen felt over the past five years.

Xiao Chen came to the Great Thousand Realms to seek the moon. However, when he finally found the other party and interacted with her for some time, he felt extraordinarily sorrowful and lonely. No one could explain this pain; no one could understand it.

Lu Benwei wanted to help Xiao Chen stabilize the Veritable Essence Energy. He thought that this should be easy given his own cultivation.

However, when Lu Benwei tried, he found it harder than he thought.

Lu Benwei did not know what Cultivation Technique Xiao Chen cultivated. The Veritable Essence Energy in Xiao Chen’s body was vast and dense. When it turned chaotic, it became like a pack of demons running wild.

Even though Lu Benwei’s cultivation was much higher than Xiao Chen’s, he did not dare to make a move after his Divine Energy entered.

Lu Benwei tried several times, wanting to suppress the Veritable Essence Energy forcibly. However, he ended up suffering intense rebounds. If he got careless, he might end up dying before Xiao Chen did.

This scared Lu Benwei into backing out, feeling flustered. Suddenly, his eyes lit up as he said, “I must have been panicked out of my mind. I should seek out Master. Master definitely can save him.”

Ignoring the strangeness of Xiao Chen’s body, Lu Benwei picked him up and soared into the clouds.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

When Lu Benwei vanished, three people appeared above Fiend Cloud Hall—Zhang Yushan and his two junior brothers.

After these three saw the mysterious phenomena above Fiend Cloud Hall on their way down, they felt extremely shocked.

To think that Xiao Chen formed a perfect Divine Seal. Hence, they immediately doubled back to see whether it was true.

Coincidentally, they happened to see Xiao Chen vomit blood, appearing close to death.

A cold smile appeared on Zhang Yushan’s face as he said, “Xiao Chen is crippled! After forcibly making a breakthrough and forming a perfect Divine Seal, he suffered from a rebound. This is great. I believe that even if Master manages to save him, he will still be crippled.

“As I said long ago, this fellow is trash. To think that Master gave him the inheritance paintings and did not even take another look at us. Just thinking about it is frustrating!”

“This is really delightful. He only has himself to blame for inviting disaster upon himself. Who asked him to force a breakthrough? Serves him right!”

“Senior Brother, what should we do now? Should we go over and show some care?”

After all, they were all under the same master. They were wondering whether to put on a facade of caring in front of their master to improve his impression of themselves.

Zhang Yushan cursed, “Care, my ass. I wish that he would just die right away. Although Master does not say it, in his heart, he considers Xiao Chen his successor. First Senior Brother shows him a lot of care, and his relationship with Junior Sister Ruyue is unclear. Just thinking about it makes me angry. If not for his appearance, both the Fiendish Saber inheritance and Junior Sister Ruyue would be mine.”

“Come, let us go and drink. This matter is worth celebrating. The eighty-first floor of the Trial Tower opening in three days will have nothing to do with him. Now that he has suffered a rebound and become crippled, I can do whatever I want to him.”

Zhang Yushan felt delighted. The resentment he suppressed for five years all got unleashed in one go.


“Master, can Little Brother Xiao Chen be saved?” Lu Benwei asked as he looked at Xi Mu anxiously.

At this moment, Xiao Chen lay on a jade bed. There were white bandages all over his body. Xi Mu had applied the Primal Chaos Heaven Replenishing Ointment he hoarded on the bandages. This ointment was extremely precious, able to fully heal even fatal damage to a Faux God’s physical body.

Even Xi Mu had only one portion. After using it, it would be gone.

Using the Primal Chaos Heaven Replenishing Ointment was overkill. However, when Lu Benwei brought Xiao Chen over, Xiao Chen was already on the verge of death.

Xi Mu did not even think before taking out the Primal Chaos Heaven Replenishing Ointment to pull Xiao Chen back from the gates of hell.

There was also a clump of flame containing Divine Might at Xiao Chen’s forehead. This flame gave off a gentle light that encased Xiao Chen.

That was Xi Mu’s Faux God Flame. As he was not a healer and did not understand much about this Dao, he was not good at saving people.

Thus, Xi Mu could only use precious medicine to stabilize Xiao Chen’s injuries and use his Faux God Flame to suppress the chaotic Veritable Essence Energy and Great Dao in Xiao Chen’s body.

His handiwork was rough but effective. Despite the simplicity, it was much more effective than what many healers could manage.

Of course, it would be practically impossible for a Faux God to try and rescue someone without care for anything else, even their status.

Otherwise, the healers of the Great Thousand Realms would be out of a job.

“His physical body is fine. He’ll survive… However, even a divine healer cannot heal his heart injuries.”

“What should we do?”

Xi Mu had no answer. He said seriously, “Tell me everything that happened today.”

When Lu Benwei finished, Xi Mu entered deep thought. There is a cause for every disease. The root of Xiao Chen’s problem definitely has something to do with Liu Ruyue.

However, others would not know what exactly happened with regard to that.

“When will he wake up?”

“Perhaps tomorrow, perhaps never…”