Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2164 Raw 2270 : Heart of an Exper

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Chapter 2164 Raw 2270 : Heart of an Exper

Fiendish Saber Xi Mu appeared somewhat weak. Nevertheless, he was still a Faux God. No one dared to underestimate him. However, Xiao Chen did not understand why he suddenly vomited blood.

“What a fellow! How dare he disrespect Master? Kill him!”

Upon seeing the situation, Zhang Yushan rejoiced in his heart. He knew that his opportunity had arrived. This was an excellent opportunity to kill Xiao Chen.

By killing Xiao Chen, firstly, Zhang Yushan could prevent Xi Mu from taking Xiao Chen as a successor. Secondly, he could prevent anything from happening between Liu Ruyue and Xiao Chen. He could kill two birds with one stone.

Earlier, Xiao Chen shocked the nominal disciples with his All Things Rejoicing Together. If he grew and formed a Divine Seal, he would become even more incredible.

Coincidentally, Xiao Chen just executed All Things Rejoicing Together. Zhang Yushan could launch a strong attack and catch him off guard.


Zhang Yushan and his two junior brothers were scheming people. With someone taking the lead, the other two immediately understood his intentions.

When they attacked, they did not show any mercy, fully bringing out the might of a half-step Sovereign Emperor.

Before Liu Ruyue could react, the three charged over and executed various killing moves above Xiao Chen, sealing off all escape paths.

No matter what Xiao Chen did, a killing move would strike him. Once that happened, it would severely injure him. Then, they just had to finish him off with another move.

Xiao Chen was at a loss when he saw Xi Mu vomit blood, his attention entirely focused on this senior, not knowing what happened.

By the time Xiao Chen reacted, the three had already charged over and seized the advantage.

Inevitably, their shamelessness enraged Xiao Chen. Having always been decisive, he instantly figured the situation out. These three were half-step Sovereign Emperors, their cultivation suppressed his, and they executed killing moves.

He had just executed All Things Rejoicing Together, exhausting a lot of his Soul Energy and Veritable Essence Energy. Even if he brought out one hundred twenty percent of his strength and dodged two killing moves, he could not dodge the third one.

Given that, there was no point in dodging. Xiao Chen looked around and locked his gaze on Zhang Yushan.

Then, Xiao Chen snorted coldly. Only Zhang Yushan remained in his world.

Zhang Yushan’s expression flickered when he saw the flash of determination in Xiao Chen’s eyes. Based on Xiao Chen’s stance, Xiao Chen was going to…

Even at the cost of receiving two killing moves, Xiao Chen intended to go all out against Zhang Yushan.

That was right. That was Xiao Chen’s plan. Since he could not dodge one of the killing moves, he might as well endure another one. It was better to die in glory than live in dishonor. If anyone wanted to kill Xiao Chen, they had to be prepared to die.


At the critical moment, Xi Mu shouted coldly. No one saw any movement from him, but blood leaked out from Zhang Yushan and the other two as something sent them flying. After they landed, they tumbled in extremely sorry states.

“Even if I want to kill, it is not up to you to make a move on my behalf. The three of you, go lock yourselves up in the Thunder Saber Prison for one month!”

Zhang Yushan and the other two showed a trace of fluster in their eyes. Xi Mu had collected Primal Chaos lightning in the Faux God World and used his strength to forge the Thunder Saber Prison.

This was a place for training his disciples where they could undergo experiential training. However, that place was extremely horrifying, simply torture.

Training there for one or two days was fine. However, if one stayed there for a month, ordinary people would end up half dead.

However, Zhang Yushan and the other two had to obey. It was hard to get a Faux God to give them pointers, allowing their strength to grow rapidly.

Although they were just nominal disciples, many people would beg to become nominal disciples to Faux God experts.

These three could not possibly give up this opportunity so easily. The three knelt and said, “Disciple knows his mistake. We will immediately obey Master’s order.”

The three felt somewhat upset but still obediently withdrew and headed for the Thunder Saber Prison.

Xi Mu looked at Xiao Chen in silence for a long time. Then, he turned and left without saying anything.

Xiao Chen felt extremely confused. Sometimes, it was not good to clearly separate right and wrong.

As Xiao Chen watched Xi Mu leave, he felt guilty for some reason. Perhaps he had been somewhat too rash and too rude earlier.

No matter what, it was Xi Mu who gave him this inheritance painting.

Earlier, when Zhang Yushan and the other two wanted to kill Xiao Chen, it was Xi Mu who dealt with them.

Liu Ruyue said softly, “To think that Master gave you the inheritance paintings already! It looks like he really wants to make you his successor.”

Xiao Chen was startled. He turned his head and asked, “Then, why did he suddenly flip out on me?”

Liu Ruyue remained silent; she did not understand, either. Master already gave the paintings. Why was he upset that Xiao Chen comprehended one already?

“I don’t know. Master’s temper has always been strange. No one can figure it out, aside from First Senior Brother.”

Xiao Chen sighed in his heart, a wrinkle between his brows betraying some worry. Xi Mu had really appeared somewhat weak.

The essence blood of Faux Gods was very precious. Vomiting just one mouthful could be fatal.

Perhaps Xi Mu had a hidden injury that never healed, possibly a very severe one. Xiao Chen’s rash actions just now might have angered him into allowing his hidden injury to act up. The situation did not look encouraging.

Not knowing what to do, Xiao Chen felt very depressed.

“Earlier, I heard you say that your first master is already your lover, right?” Liu Ruyue suddenly asked at this moment.

When Xiao Chen heard that, his originally depressed heart grew even sadder. That lover of mine is so near and yet so far. Heaven knows, the world knows, I know, only she does not know. Furthermore, she even asked this.

After a long time, Xiao Chen asked quietly, “Miss Liu, why do you ask?”

“Don’t you know? My younger sister has feelings for you. Back then, she even wanted to ask the White Dragon Old Ancestor to save you. I hope you don’t betray or let her down,” Liu Ruyue replied. “If not for her, my father would not have secretly interfered with the Golden Dragon Palace’s search for you, allowing you to leave the Divine Dragon Empire safely, only feeling startled.”

When Xiao Chen heard that, he laughed loudly. However, his laughter sounded somewhat sorrowful.

Xiao Chen felt heartache. He did not feel heartache for himself but for Liu Ruyue. To think that she would say such things.

The White Dragon Old Ancestor!

If the White Dragon Old Ancestor is not the one who erased your memories, then it is the White Dragon King. To think that you are still speaking up for them. Back then, if I had the strength, the White Dragon King would be the first that I would kill.

Xiao Chen laughed for a long time before stopping. Then, he said sullenly, “There is nothing to let down or betray between Ruyun and me. It is just sibling affection between us. After a few more years, she will understand. Miss Liu, please don’t say this again.”

Xiao Chen rejected Liu Ruyue’s kindness so firmly that she was sure there was more to the situation.

Liu Ruyue was an intelligent person, and Xiao Chen did not hide his expression from her. After a while, she said, “Young Master Xiao, it seems like you have some hidden trouble that is hard to mention.”

“There’s none,” Xiao Chen said calmly without changing his expression. However, his heart bled.

Although there were some things that one knew, one could not say it. If Xiao Chen said it, the White Dragon Old Ancestor would probably rush over to the Faux God World to kill him. Liu Ruyue would be in danger, as well.

Furthermore, it was pointless to say it. I will just look at you like this. When I get stronger…

Liu Ruyue immediately felt angry. There clearly was something, yet Xiao Chen said there was none.

I gave you a chance out of kindness, but you actually lied to me. Liu Ruyue turned and stalked off after letting out a cold snort.

Xiao Chen felt extremely depressed, hitting rock bottom from both the Fiendish Saber Xi Mu’s and Liu Ruyue’s matters. He thought that his mental state was very strong already. However, when it came to the weakest feelings in the depths of his heart, he could not stand even one blow.

He took out a bottle of Waning Moon and started drinking alone while sitting expressionlessly on the rubble.


Fiendish Saber Xi Mu looked at the cloud sea from the summit of the mountain peak. He had a lonely expression on his weak face.

Xi Mu was an extremely stubborn person. He did not want Xiao Chen to see this lonely expression, only revealing it now.

As the clouds drifted about, showing a grand scene, Xi Mu looked ancient with his full head of white hair. He muttered, “I thought that the only bladesman in this world who could defeat me was Pan Huang alone… Looking at today…how laughable. How laughable. Extremely laughable…”

“Pu ci!”

Before Xi Mu finished speaking, he vomited another mouthful of blood. This repeated three more times.

Lu Benwei felt heartache as he watched from the side, not knowing how to help.

After a long time, Xi Mu muttered to himself, “Why can a raindrop shatter the firmament? It can shatter the firmament only because of disrespect. It has a stubborn heart that can endure loneliness for ten thousand years. That is why it has the chance to shatter the firmament. With an unchanging heart, even a drop of water can become the boundless firmament…” Xi Mu muttered to himself, apparently babbling.

At first, Lu Benwei did not understand. Slowly, he realized that his master was answering Xiao Chen’s question. While he did not understand, he strictly remembered all of it, not missing out on a single word.

When Xi Mu finished speaking, Lu Benwei said, “Master, I’ll go make arrangements for Xiao Chen’s accommodations.”

Xi Mu did not say anything more, remaining silent.

Lu Benwei understood what his master meant. He performed a cupped-fist salute and left the summit.