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Chapter 2163 Raw 2269 : At a Loss

“Stay farther away from Junior Sister Ruyue…”

Zhang Yushan’s threat rang out in Xiao Chen’s ear. However, Xiao Chen did not hear it.

Xiao Chen was immersed in his memories. Seeing Liu Ruyue again threw his emotions into turmoil. He simply could not be bothered with a fly like Zhang Yushan.

The Demon Blood Vulture appeared and turned into a beautiful, little, scarlet bird and perched on Xiao Chen’s shoulder. Then, it said in anger, Master, this person is very repulsive. Should I teach him a lesson?

Xiao Chen replied indifferently, He is just a fly; there is no need to mind him.

He followed the group. After about seven or eight minutes, he saw Fiendish Saber Xi Mu in a large hall.

The plain and simple large hall had simple decorations incongruous with the many varied exteriors.

Lu Benwei stepped forward and bowed. Then, everyone performed a cupped-fist salute and greeted, “Greetings, Master.”

As Xiao Chen bowed, he silently sized up Fiendish Saber Xi Mu. Xi Mu appeared very old; white hair covered his head, and wrinkles filled his face. As he looked at the group, he nodded slightly.

Xiao Chen thought to himself, This Senior Xi Mu before me is very different from the one I saw at the Trial Tower.

The Senior Xi Mu in the Trial Tower looked strangely handsome, with a non-feminine sense of beauty and prettiness. He had the air of a Fiend, living up to the name of Fiendish Saber.

This Senior Xi Mu before Xiao Chen exuded extraordinary air but was a lethargic old man, appearing very ordinary.

If there was anything special about this old man, it would be his eyes. His eyes still shone with their past sharpness while also showing a depth and vastness that came from age.

“In obedience to Master’s commands, disciple and his various junior brothers are here, together with Young Master Xiao.”

After performing introductions, Lu Benwei brought Liu Ruyue, Zhang Yushan, and the others out of the hall to watch from a distance.

“Greetings, Senior Xi Mu. I am honored that you called for me.”

Xiao Chen stepped forward and bowed formally in greeting, expressing his respect and awe for a Faux God expert.

There was sincere respect in Xiao Chen’s heart. Cultivating the Martial Dao was difficult and became even more difficult after the Heavenly Realm shattered. Ever since then, crossing the limits of mortality to become a Sovereign Emperor was rare. People who managed this feat could dominate their area, considered powerful experts.

Those that could light up their divine flame and surpass Sovereign Emperor to become Faux Gods were even rarer. Faux Gods already stood at the peak of the Martial Epoch. All Faux Gods were powerful people worthy of respect.

Lu Benwei aside, Liu Ruyue and the other disciples did not know why Xi Mu called Xiao Chen over.

“Junior Sister seems to have some old grudges with this fellow. If it is not convenient for you to make a move, Senior Brother is willing to help out,” Zhang Yushan offered earnestly. He had heard Liu Ruyue’s earlier words.

Liu Ruyue did not have a good impression of this Zhang Yushan. If not for cultivating together in these mountains under the same master, she would not have bothered with him at all. Zhang Yushan’s butting in for no apparent reason put her in a bad mood.

Furthermore, Liu Ruyue was the White Dragon Holy Daughter. Her fame already shook the entire northern region, and her sights were set high. Her talent and bloodline were excellent. Hearing that offer upset her. She retorted coldly, “Do you think that I am not strong enough?”

Upon getting an unsatisfactory result, Zhang Yushan smiled in embarrassment and said, “I don’t dare to. I don’t dare to.”

Lu Benwei, who was at the side, found this funny. However, he was older and had already seen past these childish matters.

Lu Benwei’s expression did not change, and he did not say anything, either.

Zhang Yushan moved aside. Then, the other two disciples went over and said seriously, “Senior Brother, I think this fellow definitely has a deep grudge with Liu Ruyue. The White Dragon Holy Daughter is famous for being decisive in killing in the northern region. She is not much inferior to the Divine Dragon Crown Prince. If she has a grudge with Xiao Chen, how could she forgive him so easily?”

“Naturally, I have already thought about that. I was just testing it earlier. It should more or less be accurate.”

Zhang Yushan looked at Xiao Chen, who stood upright in the hall. A cold light flashed in his eyes, and he stopped speaking.

“Why do you think Master is looking for this fellow? Could it be that he wants to take this fellow as a disciple?”

“Could it be that none of the four of us interests Master?”

“What nonsense! You are the one who does not interest Master… First Senior Brother should know. However, First Senior Brother is tight-lipped; he won’t say anything about it.”

These three people had interacted with each other for a rather long time. After seeing the saber skills Xiao Chen revealed against the Fiend mountains, they felt hostile to him.

They all worried that Fiendish Saber Xi Mu wanted to take Xiao Chen as a disciple.

Unfortunately, Fiendish Saber Xi Mu called Xiao Chen to do that very thing.

Xi Mu stood up and looked at Xiao Chen, observing Xiao Chen’s words, actions, and bearing. He felt very satisfied with Xiao Chen’s temperament and strength of character, nodding slightly. He smiled and said, “Not bad. I heard that the Heavenly Alliance took in the youngest member in its history, and this member possessed talent with the saber. From the moment you entered the Trial Tower, I have been paying attention to you. Your breaking the millennium-long record of the first floor was very memorable.”

Actually, Xiao Chen defeating Xi Mu’s statue on the third floor was even more memorable.

However, Xi Mu had a stubborn personality and was very proud. He would not mention this embarrassing incident.

Honestly speaking, Xi Mu felt conflicted when he faced Xiao Chen. On one hand, he cherished talent and wished he could immediately pass on his mantle. On the other hand, he refused to admit defeat.

This time, he decided to take Xiao Chen as a disciple mainly because he determined that Xiao Chen had not comprehended the inheritance paintings he gave him.

Xi Mu believed that Xiao Chen was still not comparable to himself when he was young. Hence, he managed to convince himself, giving himself a way out of embarrassment. Then, he quickly summoned Xiao Chen.

Xi Mu’s words had Xiao Chen thinking to himself, I really cannot understand this senior. Since he thought highly of me, why did he delay for nearly two years before summoning me? Furthermore, he prevented other Faux God bladesman from taking me as their disciple.

Naturally, Xiao Chen could not show such feelings. He could only express that he felt honored.

The two chatted for a while, talking about some miscellaneous and minor matters. The topics were varied, but Xi Mu’s words contained hidden meanings, all related to the Saber Dao. Xiao Chen dealt with them easily, to Xi Mu’s immense satisfaction.

“Xiao Chen, have you taken a master before this? If you did, who is your master?” Xi Mu suddenly asked, changing the topic.

Xiao Chen felt excited. At this point, he finally understood Xi Mu’s intention in summoning him.

While Xiao Chen’s expression did not change, the expressions of Zhang Yushan and the other two drastically changed. Xi Mu was taking Xiao Chen as a successor.

Typically, one did not have to worry too much about backgrounds and other details when taking nominal disciples. There would not be a need to ask so much.

Successors were different. Such people were taken with the intention of inheriting the one’s mantle, to be nurtured as one’s successor. One needed to ask if the prospective disciple had learned under anyone before and whether there was any clash. It required one to make long-term plans.

Lu Benwei did not feel surprised. Before he came, he already knew of his master’s intention.

Nevertheless, when Lu Benwei saw it for himself, he still felt somewhat gratified. He had followed his master for several centuries already. Although their relationship was deep, he remained only a nominal disciple.

Lu Benwei even knew the reason behind it. It was because he was not talented enough. If he succeeded his master’s mantle, he would only embarrass the name of the Fiendish Saber, unable to bring glory to it. He did not want that, either.

Lu Benwei knew that his master was very anxious to find a genuinely talented bladesman.

Xi Mu wanted to pass on everything he learned before he died, resolving one of his final wishes.

However, Xi Mu was proud and stubborn, unwilling to compromise at all. Hence, he had been feeling depressed over this.

Now that Xi Mu was taking in Xiao Chen, he would resolve one of his greatest wishes. This was good.

Liu Ruyue felt relatively calm about this. Xi Mu had taken her in, giving her some pointers, to repay a debt to the White Dragon Old Ancestor. However, her style was different from the Fiendish Saber. Furthermore, even if she did not succeed to the Fiendish Saber’s mantle, she was confident she could carve out her own path.

However, the expressions of Zhang Yushan and the other two changed greatly, somehow darkening. They could not accept this in their hearts.

Xiao Chen replied calmly, “This junior did indeed have a master. There is only one person. She is the most important person in my life, my initiating master. She is also the person I love the most.”

Upon hearing that, Xi Mu revealed a smile. If it was only an initiating master, then there would be no problems.

As for Xiao Chen’s relationship with this initiating master, Xi Mu did not care about it.

Outside the hall, when Liu Ruyue heard what Xiao Chen said, she thought, The person I love the most? He already has a lover?

When Liu Ruyue thought this, she felt a slight heartache for some reason.

“Good! Good! Good! Xiao Chen, since this is the case, I’ll be direct. I would like to take you as my disciple and pass my mantle on to you. Not a nominal disciple but a successor.”

Fiendish Saber Xi Mu’s ancient, wrinkle-filled face radiated happiness. He smiled so widely that some of his wrinkles disappeared, making him look significantly younger.

A Faux God—a peak Faux God bladesman, at that—wanted to take Xiao Chen as a disciple.

Even if Xiao Chen did not receive the Fiendish Saber inheritance, he would not have any reason to reject the offer. That inheritance gave him even more reason to accept it.

“I am extremely honored,” Xiao Chen said with a cupped-fist salute.

Fiendish Saber Xi Mu caressed his beard and said, “Good. Take out the first painting that Lu Benwei gave you, then. I will explain it to you in detail. With your comprehension ability and my guidance, you definitely can comprehend it in less than a month.”

Xiao Chen’s heart skipped a beat on hearing that. It’s over. That painting turned to ashes long ago.

However, after thinking about it, Xiao Chen realized that there should not be any problems in telling Xi Mu about comprehending the inheritance and obtaining the Fiend blood. After all, he was already the other party’s disciple.

“Reporting to Master, this disciple already comprehended the first painting, and the painting turned to ashes. I am unable to take it out. At the moment, I am working on comprehending the second painting. However, there are parts that I do not understand. How can one raindrop destroy the firmament?” Xiao Chen said, seeking guidance as he took out the second painting.

However, Xi Mu remained silent for a long time after Xiao Chen spoke. Xiao Chen continued holding the painting open, immediately feeling somewhat awkward.

The hall fell somewhat scarily silent, the atmosphere immediately turning strange.

Outside the hall, Zhang Yushan and the others rejoiced in their hearts. Given the tension, it looked like the situation had changed.

What’s happening?

Liu Ruyue noticed Xi Mu’s expression changed greatly after Xiao Chen took out the painting.

Xiao Chen’s heart pounded, and cold sweat started to cover his body. Feeling somewhat confused, he said, “Master…”

“Who is your master?” Xi Mu sneered, sending a chill down one’s spine. He had already withdrawn his smile.

When Xiao Chen heard that, he awkwardly said, “Senior, you said that earlier.”

Xi Mu said coldly, “I do not take in people who lie and speak nonsense. You think you comprehended it just because you said it?”

Xiao Chen felt some rage in his heart. Even if you are a senior, even if you are a Faux God expert who stands at the Martial Dao’s peak, even if I am not even comparable to an ant before you, there is no need to fool me like that!

You were the one who gave me the painting and prevented other Faux God experts from accepting me. You were the one who summoned me and wanted to take me in as your disciple. It was not me, Xiao Chen, begging you to take me in.

What did I do wrong?

“What do you mean, lie and speak nonsense?! I, Xiao Chen, never brag. If I say one, it is one. Look carefully and see if I did comprehend it or not!”

Xiao Chen was irate. Previously, he already had to suppress his emotions when he saw Liu Ruyue.

Now that his bottle burst, he could not suppress his emotions anymore. His reverence for Faux God experts got tossed to the back of his mind.

Xiao Chen’s hot-bloodedness surged. Saber intent appeared all over his body, bursting out with the rage in his heart.

He drew his saber and pointed it to the sky. The ground seemed to sense his rage and unhappiness, resonating with his saber move as though it was alive. It started surging and undulating like waves.

What is a Fiend? All things rejoice together with me!

Thousands of strands of saber light instantly burst out of the ground. The saber lights instantly pierced thousands of holes in the hall, despite the formations reinforcing it.

Beams of light entered through the holes and settled on Xiao Chen, displaying the tyranny of the Fiendish Saber.

The light existed for only a second. In the next moment, the ancient hall crumbled. This ancient hall, which had existed for who knew how long, turned into lifeless rubble.

Outside the hall, Zhang Lushan and the others were stunned and flabbergasted. At this moment, they were shocked by Xiao Chen’s bearing.

“Senior, was I speaking nonsense?” Xiao Chen asked seriously as he withdrew his saber and sheathed it.

Fiendish Saber Xi Mu’s expression turned even more unsightly. The aura he radiated gave one palpitations.

Xiao Chen felt extremely insignificant before it. However, he had already vented his emotions. Even if he died at the hands of the other party, he would accept it.

Xiao Chen would not compromise when he was not the one in the wrong.

“Pu ci!”

Just as Zhang Yushan and the others anticipated Xi Mu killing Xiao Chen with a palm strike, Xi Mu vomited a mouthful of blood.

After vomiting blood, that ancient face appeared even more aged. Xi Mu even wobbled.

Xiao Chen felt stunned, somewhat at a loss.


Lu Benwei rushed over and arrived beside Xi Mu to support him.