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Chapter 2162 Raw 2268 : Meeting Again

“Big Brother Lu, might I know why Senior Fiendish Saber is looking for me?” Xiao Chen asked Lu Benwei out of curiosity along the way.

Lu Benwei, who was leading the way, did not answer the question. After a while, he said, “We can discuss this after we meet Master. Since he did not tell me to tell you, he clearly does not want you to know before you meet him.”

How mysterious, Xiao Chen thought in his heart. Such an answer made him even more curious.

After fifteen minutes, the two slowly got farther away from the Holy Domain’s Divine Capital. Lu Benwei said seriously, “Follow me closely. I will bring you through a few spatial tears. Don’t lose me. Otherwise, it will be very problematic.”


When Lu Benwei mentioned the spatial tears, Xiao Chen could not help becoming more careful. It would be very problematic if he got lost.

Lu Benwei spoke the truth. Not long after he spoke, his figure flashed, entering a spatial tear.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Xiao Chen quickly followed, not daring to be slow. After passing through six spatial tears in rapid succession, the scene before him suddenly widened.

He saw an incredibly vast mountain range blanketed with clouds. Occasionally, mountain peaks split the clouds.

These peaks looked like powerful, sharp sabers shining with a sharp, dazzling light. When one tried to take a careful look at them, they returned to hiding in the clouds, making one marvel.

For however much the mountain peaks meander, there will be however many demonic geniuses. This phrase immediately appeared in Xiao Chen’s mind. He felt that these mountain peaks held a spiritual nature. The moment they cleaved the cloud sea, his blood could not help surging. His saber intent seemed to want to break out of his body to clash with the mountain peaks.

It was like the mountain peaks were not mountain peaks but powerful bladesmen.


Before Xiao Chen could react, he suddenly failed to suppress his saber intent, allowing it to break out.

A mountain peak appeared from the cloud sea and sent out saber intent as well.

The two saber intents clashed intensely in the vast cloud sea, producing clangor that echoed in the sky.

“Dang! Dang! Dang! Dang!”

In that instant, the countless mountain peaks hidden in the clouds appeared at the same time. When the mountain peaks appeared, they gave off strands of saber intent. Boundless saber intent surged about the boundless cloud sea.

Xiao Chen’s expression immediately changed. What’s going on?

“Big Brother Lu.”

Xiao Chen turned his head to look. At some point, Lu Benwei had vanished silently.

Little Brother Xiao Chen, this is Master’s test. Don’t worry. Lu Benwei’s voice rang out in Xiao Chen’s mind, but he was nowhere to be found.

Xiao Chen did not have time to think, as hundreds of strands of saber intent shot towards him in an instant.

“Senior Brother, this Xiao Chen does not seem very impressive…he only took a few steps, and he could no longer suppress the saber intent in his body.”

Outside the cloud sea, five people stood side by side. There were four males and one female, all of them looking at Xiao Chen deep in the cloud sea.

The female appeared boundless graceful, possessing a beauty that could destroy nations. She looked very charming, but she showed a slightly complicated expression as she watched Xiao Chen.

This was the Divine Dragon Empire’s White Dragon Holy Daughter, Liu Ruyue.

These five were Fiendish Saber Xi Mu’s nominal disciples. Aside from Lu Benwei, the others were super faction newcomers.

These were people who showed an extraordinary talent for the Saber Dao, and Xi Mu had taken an interest in them. However, he did not take any of them on as formal disciples.

“I think his situation is bad. He was too careless and activated hundreds of the Fiend peaks. All it takes is for one to hit him, and it’s over. Junior Sister Liu, what do you think?”

The one who spoke was a handsome man from the Profound Heaven Holy Land, whose name was Zhang Yushan.

Liu Ruyue felt somewhat disgusted in her heart, but her expression did not change as she replied indifferently, “It’s hard to say.”

Smiling, Zhang Yushan countered, “How is it hard to say? I don’t believe that he can retreat safely.”


Right after Zhang Yushan spoke, Xiao Chen drew his saber and started dancing in the cloud sea.

Flawless saber Dao, using the body as a saber and using my thoughts as a saber.

In this instant, Xiao Chen gave off many strands of saber light from all over his body.

“Ding! Ding! Dang! Dang!”

Xiao Chen’s fine black hair danced about as saber hums rang out like zither music. At the crucial moment, he brought out his Flawless saber Dao to the limit.

In an instant, he sent out more than a thousand saber strikes, draining his Veritable Essence Energy by a third.

Saber Qi surged out, illuminating the cloud sea with resplendent light. Xiao Chen braved danger after danger, blocking the hundreds of saber lights from the Fiend mountains.

The expression of Zhang Yushan, who just spoke, changed slightly, and he fell silent upon seeing this scene.

Lu Benwei remained silent. Previously, when Xiao Chen activated the hundreds of Fiend peaks, it was not because he got careless. It was because the saber intent in his body was too sharp, and he had not comprehended the Saber Dao Domain yet. However, the sharpness of his saber intent surpassed that of the four people beside Lu Benwei.

This is someone Master took an interest in, after all. Since he dodged the first calamity, the rest of the test should not be a problem.

It was as Lu Benwei expected. When the first Fiend peak appeared, it had caught Xiao Chen off guard.

It had been quite dangerous, and Xiao Chen nearly fell.

After coping with the first attack, Xiao Chen could now bring out his normal strength. It would be easier for him to deal with the later parts.

Soon, the clouds scattered, and the Fiend peaks withdrew.

An ancient, upside-down mountain peak with thousands of vines hanging down appeared before Xiao Chen.

He withdrew his saber and sheathed it, knowing that he passed the test and could see Senior Xi Mu already.

However, Xiao Chen still felt somewhat upset in his heart. This Senior Xi Mu was extremely strange. It was clearly Xi Mu who wanted to see him, and yet Xi Mu tested him like that.

If it were in the past, Xiao Chen would have just left, given his temper.

However, Xiao Chen thought about it. The other party was a Faux God expert, a powerful bladesman. There was no point in him harping on the other party having a bit of a temper.

“Xiao Chen.”

Someone called out to Xiao Chen. He turned his head and saw Lu Benwei appear, along with four other people.

Xiao Chen’s expression immediately changed as his gaze fell on Liu Ruyue. To think that she was here too.

“These are nominal disciples that Master took in; they are all super faction newcomers. Let’s go and meet Master now. I will introduce them to you later,” Lu Benwei explained as he pointed to the four.

Aside from Liu Ruyue, the other three appeared dismissive of Xiao Chen as they looked at him. They did not even bother to greet him.

When Lu Benwei saw this scene, he smiled coldly to himself. These three people are looking down on Xiao Chen because they are already half-step Sovereign Emperors, comprehended the Saber Dao Domain, and became nominal disciples long ago.

However, they do not know that Master thinks more highly of Xiao Chen, whom he has not met yet, than the four of them. He even gave Xiao Chen two of the Fiendish Saber inheritance paintings.

These four only cultivated in the mountains and received some pointers. They did not even get to see the Fiendish Saber inheritance paintings.

Xiao Chen did not care about the attitudes of these people. He only looked at Liu Ruyue and smiled. “We meet again.”

When Liu Ruyue heard that, she blushed slightly as she recalled the first time they met.

It had been under the bright moon at the center of a lake. Xiao Chen caught her off guard and kissed her hand.

However, Liu Ruyue quickly sorted out her emotions. She said seriously, “Indeed, we meet again. This is the Faux God World, so I will not bring up the problems between you and the Divine Dragon Empire. However, if you dare to harass me here, I do not mind capturing you and bringing you back to the empire.”

On the surface, Xiao Chen was still wanted in the Divine Dragon Empire. As the White Dragon Holy Daughter, Liu Ruyue naturally had a duty to capture him and bring him back to the Divine Dragon Empire.

Although Liu Ruyue said that, she had no intention of doing so because of her younger sister.

Liu Ruyue said that purely to prevent Xiao Chen from making things difficult for her.

On one hand, this person disrespected her. On the other hand, he had been through life and death with her younger sister. It would be better if they both maintained a distance from each other.

“Many thanks.”

Xiao Chen smiled faintly upon hearing that. Then, he expressed his gratitude. However, a heavy melancholy lingered in the depths of his eyes.

If it were in the past, Liu Ruyue would not have said anything like that. She would be rushing to dote on him.

However, these two, who were once in love, were now like strangers when they stood together.

Xiao Chen was smiling earnestly, making his delicate face pleasant to look at, like an iceberg melting.

However, no one could understand the indescribable sorrow behind this smile.

Even so, Xiao Chen still felt happy. This smile came from his heart; it was sincere. As for his grief and helplessness, he would just keep those to himself.

“Let’s go, then.”

Lu Benwei did not overthink. Sensing that his master was waiting, he called out to everyone to follow.

“Stay farther away from Junior Sister Ruyue. I have ten thousand ways for trash like you to live a life worse than death.” Zhang Yushan whispered a threat as he passed Xiao Chen, giving him a cold look, then caught up to Lu Benwei.