Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2161 Raw 2267, Raw 2266 Nonexistent : One Drop of Rain Can Destroy the Firmamen

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Chapter 2161 Raw 2267, Raw 2266 Nonexistent : One Drop of Rain Can Destroy the Firmamen

Somewhere in the Faux God World, where clouds shrouded a group of mountains:

The majestic mountain range appeared like a huge dragon coiling and soaring amid the clouds.

The mountain peaks looked like sabers piercing into the firmament, standing tall and proud.

This was where Fiendish Saber Xi Mu cultivated in the Faux God World.


Sonic booms rang out, and a figure pierced through the clouds. That person appeared like a celestial, moving nimbly and giving off an extraordinary air.

This was Lu Benwei, one of Fiendish Saber Xi Mu’s nominal disciples.

There was an upside-down peak in the deepest part of the boundless clouds among the mountain range. Countless vines dangled off it, appearing very ancient.

Lu Benwei flew very quickly, then slowly descended when he approached this place.

He arrived on the flat platform above the upside-down peak, where there were many ancient buildings. After that, he walked towards a pavilion.

Lu Benwei’s master, Fiendish Saber Xi Mu, awaited him there.

Strange, why did Master suddenly call me over? Lu Benwei wondered to himself, puzzled. His master rarely summoned him without any explanation.

If there were some instructions to give, Xi Mu would inform Lu Benwei beforehand so that Lu Benwei could prepare.

Feeling somewhat confused, Lu Benwei bowed respectfully in greeting when he saw Fiendish Saber Xi Mu. Then, he said, “Greetings, Master. Might I know why Master called disciple over this time?”

Fiendish Saber Xi Mu had a head of white hair, and wrinkles covered his face. However, his eyes appeared scarily sharp.

“Nothing much. I have a question. Did Xiao Chen come to look for you?”

Lu Benwei felt surprised upon hearing that question. However, he still answered honestly, “In reply to Master, Xiao Chen did not come to look for disciple over the past year or so. There was not a single contact.”

Fiendish Saber Xi Mu could not help feeling stunned. As he caressed his beard, he muttered, “That should not be the case. Could it be that he could not see the mysteries behind the painting, not even feeling suspicious about it? Given his talent, he should be able to make out something extraordinary about it.”

Xi Mu did not believe that Xiao Chen could figure out the mysteries behind the painting so quickly. However, Xiao Chen should still be able to recognize how extraordinary the painting was.

According to Xi Mu’s guesses, since Xiao Chen could tell that the painting was extraordinary but could not understand it, he should have gone to Lu Benwei to seek advice.

However, even after one year or so passed, Xiao Chen never contacted Lu Benwei.

Xi Mu felt confused. Strange. Could it be that I misjudged him, and he really could not make out the mysteries behind the painting, unable to guess the opportunity behind it?

If he knows about the opportunity and the inheritance that it represents, why is he not tempted at all? Any other person would have gone to Lu Benwei long ago.

After thinking for a while, Xi Mu felt that this situation was pretty good.

This proves that this fellow is still not comparable to my younger self. It was only a coincidence that he managed to defeat my statue in the Trial Tower.

With this thought, Fiendish Saber Xi Mu smiled and said, “Go and bring him here. Tell him I want to meet him.”

Lu Benwei could not help finding this strange. He asked, “Master, what do you intend to do?”

Fiendish Saber Xi Mu smiled and said, “This fellow is pretty good. I want to take him in as a disciple and give him some pointers.”

Lu Benwei felt speechless. He could not figure out his master’s logic. However, since he received this instruction, he would just carry it out.

“Yes, this disciple obeys!”


In the Holy Domain’s Divine Capital, Xiao Chen had already been sitting on the Ice Fire Lotus Platform, working on his comprehension, for half a month.

In his eyes, the painting before him no longer showed the scene that it previously did.

Xiao Chen’s vision fully focused on the lake in the painting and the droplet of water slowly falling in the air.

Comparing the water droplet and the lake, one was small, and the other was large; one was nimble, and one was still.

The seemingly peaceful and quiet scene actually hid a ferocious conflict. The water droplet and lake clashed with each other.

To Xiao Chen, this water droplet seemed like a powerful bladesman with great ambition, showing off his sharpness. It fell from the sky, carrying the courage to risk death.

It felt greatly ambitious, a water droplet wanting to challenge a lake.


The scene continued to change. Xiao Chen felt like he was in the scene. All he saw was a void.

The sky looked like it was about to rain. Thunder roared, and millions of droplets fell from the sky.

However, there was one drop of water that remained in the sky, not moving. It let the other droplets move about, obeying the heavenly command and falling from the sky.

However, this droplet did not move. This was a lone rain droplet, a proud rain droplet.


The rainwater on the ground gathered into countless streams, slowly forming a lake before Xiao Chen’s eyes.

The lake grew increasingly vaster. However, that one water droplet continued to hang high in the sky, unmoving.

The sky turned angered. The thunderclouds scattered, and the blazing sun appeared above. The sun administered punishment on behalf of heaven, using the sun’s power to try and evaporate the droplet of water.

However, something strange happened. This water droplet glistened more brilliantly under the sunlight. It looked like a crystal. The brighter and more resplendent the sunlight became, the prouder and more dazzling and glistening the water droplet became.

The sun rose and set. This proud blazing sun roasted the water droplet for three thousand three hundred thirty-three years.

However, this water droplet remained as proud as ever, unchanging.

Heaven became incredibly enraged.

Heaven used thousands of lightning bolts to strike it, trying to eradicate it. Another three thousand three hundred thirty-three years passed.

This water droplet still did not change, appearing as proud as before.

Heaven remained enraged, using the strong wind to torture the water droplet. Another three thousand three hundred thirty-three years…

The blazing sun, the strong wind, and lightning tortured the water droplet for a total of nine thousand nine hundred ninety-nine years. However, this raindrop remained as proud as ever. For nine thousand nine hundred ninety-nine years, the lightning, strong wind, and blazing sun could not change its character.

All this only served to make its light more resplendent, cleansing it of all impurities. It looked crystalline and increasingly purer, looking as beautiful as a Fiend.

What is a Fiend?

Something as lonely as I was, passing ten thousand years hanging high in the sky. A unique existence!

What is a Fiend?

Something like me, proud and never fearing the Heavenly Might!

Xiao Chen just watched for nine thousand nine hundred ninety-nine years, watching this water droplet hang high in the sky, not changing its character.

The scene changed, and Xiao Chen left. He saw this water droplet continue its fall.


This drop of water slammed into the vast lake and instantly exploded. The firmament also shattered at this moment. This rain droplet knocked all the water in the lake into the air. After the droplet pierced through the lake, the lake exploded.

No matter how much lake water there was, no matter how vast the lake was, it could not contain the heart of this raindrop.


Xiao Chen felt shocked. In the next moment, he startled awake. Sweat covered his body as if he just dreamed a very, very long dream. When he looked at the floating painting before him, the scene in it had not changed. It was still a drop of falling water. The lake remained calm and peaceful.

Xiao Chen leaped down and put away the Ice Fire Lotus Platform. Then, he held the painting open with his hands, examining it and entering deep thought.

A raindrop can also become a Fiend. Even the blazing sun, the strong wind, and lightning cannot destroy it. All these only serve to add to its glory, making it even more distinguished. It does not go with the flow, not following the heavenly commands but disobeying the Heavenly Might. One drop of rain destroys the firmament.

Xiao Chen thought about this further. The inheritance contained in this painting seemed somewhat inconceivable.

“Fiendish Saber Xi Mu’s nominal disciple, Lu Benwei, is here to seek an audience with the Heavenly Alliance’s Xiao Chen.”

As Xiao Chen pondered, Lu Benwei’s voice rang out in the courtyard. He thought to himself, Why is he here? Is he here to give me a third painting?

Xiao Chen put away the painting and went out to welcome Lu Benwei. He performed a cupped-fist salute and said, “Greetings, Big Brother Lu.”

Lu Benwei glanced at Xiao Chen, feeling that something was off. “Your complexion looks poor. Did something go wrong with your cultivation?”

Xiao Chen knew that he drained himself too much when he worked on comprehending the second painting. He was just about to answer honestly and seek advice when Lu Benwei said, “Do you need to rest? My master would like to meet you.”

Fiendish Saber Xi Mu wants to meet me?

Great, I want to meet him as well. Xiao Chen felt curious about what this Fiendish Saber Xi Mu was like.

He wanted to know why Xi Mu stopped all the Faux Gods who wished to take him in as a disciple, but did not take him in as a disciple.

He also wanted to know why Xi Mu gave him the Fiendish Saber paintings. These were all mysteries to him.

“There’s no need. We can leave now. Big Brother Lu, please lead the way,” Xiao Chen immediately replied, not hesitating at all.

“Come with me, then.”

Lu Benwei nodded slightly. As he sized up Xiao Chen, he thought to himself, I wonder why Master suddenly wanted to take Xiao Chen in as a nominal disciple.

The two were full of questions as they rushed over to where Fiendish Saber Xi Mu cultivated.