Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2159 Raw 2264 : Not To Be Offended

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Chapter 2159 Raw 2264 : Not To Be Offended

With the group of Hidden Spirit Temple disciples as bodyguards, Xiao Chen’s return could be said to be very peaceful.

There were many crafty and sinister Faux Beasts in the mysterious ice forest. However, Xiao Chen did not need to do anything.

Along the way, Yuan Zhen behaved very warmly, feeling that he probably could obtain the Ice Fire Lotus Platform.

Yuan Zhen did not show the delight hidden in his heart as he conversed with Xiao Chen.

Their chat changed Yuan Zhen’s impression of Xiao Chen. Xiao Chen had unique understandings of Buddhist principles, unlike other outsiders who understood little of the Buddhist sects. Those people thought that monks should not bother with the mundane world and just immerse themselves in peace and no desire.

Many of Xiao Chen’s understandings were new to Yuan Zhen, feeling very fresh.

Given this, Yuan Zhen no longer felt the need to rush back. Xiao Chen was even less anxious about rushing.

While the two did not rush, Fang Shaobai and the other three became so anxious that rage filled their hearts. They gave wild chase all the way to the Holy Domain’s Divine Capital. Even so, they saw no shadow of Xiao Chen.

“How could it be like this?”

Fang Shaobai felt confused. The four of them were half-step Sovereign Emperors with deep cultivations much higher than Xiao Chen’s. Even if Xiao Chen managed to leave the flame sea first, his lead should not be so large that they did not even see his shadow.

After merging one’s Dao Domain with one’s Soul Energy to form the Divine Seal, one’s Soul Energy would become severalfold higher than a heaven-defying Sovereign Personage’s.

The distance that the four could search far surpassed what Xiao Chen could. However, the four did not see Xiao Chen’s figure at all along the way.

“It looks like he had a treasure on him that can send him straight to the Holy Domain. Damn it!”

Spatial transfers were extremely dangerous in the Faux God World. This was because of the flows of space-time. If one got careless, one might suffer from interference.

Although it was dangerous, it did not mean that it was impossible. The Ten Thousand Treasure Pavilion had such treasures, which one could exchange for with Faux God Coins.

However, the price of such treasures was high, while their practicality was low. So, people rarely exchanged for them.

After the four thought about it, there was only this possibility. Otherwise, Xiao Chen could not have disappeared from their sight.

“What should we do now?” Mu Yunzhi asked sullenly as he looked at the other three.

Fang Shaobai paced in front of the Holy Domain’s Divine Capital as he entered deep thought. After a while, he said, “After arriving at the Holy Domain’s Divine Capital, there is no longer a chance to kill him. We also do not know what happened with the Ice Fire Divine Origin. In hindsight, we acted on our anger. Now, we really cannot do anything to him.”

Aside from some special places in the Holy Domain’s Divine Capital, where one could exchange moves, fighting was banned.

Both parties had to be willing to fight. Even so, no one was allowed to kill another in the Holy Domain’s Divine Capital.

This was the law of the Holy Domain. If anyone broke this rule, even the super factions could not protect them.

The four felt very frustrated, unable to swallow this frustration in their hearts. However, they could not do anything about it.

Just as they could no longer bear their frustration, they heard some people anxiously calling out to them from a distance. When they turned their heads back to look, they saw that it was their junior brothers.

“Senior Brother! Senior Brother!”

Fang Shaobai saw his junior brothers rattled, appearing extremely anxious. He frowned and asked, “What’s going on? Why are you so flustered?”

After that person caught his breath, that person said, “Senior Brother Fang, that Xiao Chen did not go far. He is still behind!”


The expressions of Fang Shaobai and the other three changed significantly. Now, they truly felt shocked, not daring to believe it.

“That’s impossible. The four of us gave chase all the way. How could we let him slip behind us under our noses?!” Mu Yunzhu insisted stubbornly with certainty, not daring to believe this.

Bai Yunfei demanded coldly, “Since he is behind, why did you not capture him? With so many of you, could you not do it?”

Feeling somewhat wronged, a Martial God Palace disciple explained, “Senior Brother Bai, he is with the Hidden Spirit Temple’s group. They have been together since they left the flame sea. They seem to be chatting merrily and have a good relationship. We did not dare to attack.”

Bai Yunfei and the other three were very intelligent people. The moment this person spoke, they immediately turned ashen.

We were fooled!

Back when Xiao Chen purposely mocked them, he wanted the four to get angry and blindly give chase. However, he actually slipped behind them and met up with the Hidden Spirit Temple’s people.

The great empire’s crown princes and sect outstanding talents are only so-so.

When the four thought back to Xiao Chen’s jarring words, they blushed.

The other disciples did not dare to say anything lest they anger the four.

“Damn it! Damn it! This Xiao Chen actually fooled us like we were monkeys!”

Bai Yunfei’s elegant face completely turned dark in indescribable rage.

In Cloud Water Marsh in the Desolate Sea, Xiao Chen already fooled him once. Back then, Bai Yunfei even respectfully addressed him as Senior.

That had already been a great humiliation. However, this time, he got fooled again.

As the adage went, Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. Bai Yunfei truly got fooled twice.

The first time, Ban Yunfei got fooled into addressing Xiao Chen as Senior. This time was worse. Not only was he fooled, but he also got mocked in front of everyone.

How could Bai Yunfei bear this?

The other three’s expressions appeared equally unsightly, no inferior to Bai Yunfei’s. They felt so frustrated that they nearly vomited blood. However, they could not think of a good way to handle it.

“Senior Brother, they’ve arrived!”

A person pointed to the back. Everyone saw Xiao Chen descend from the sky with the Hidden Spirit Temple’s group and slowly land above the Holy Domain’s Divine Capital.

Xiao Chen was currently chatting happily with Yuan Zhen.

“I will kill him!”

Bai Yunfei was so livid that blood threatened to leak out from the vibrant scarlet orchid formed by three scarlet droplet marks on his forehead.

Such a scene startled the other people from the Martial God Palace. They quickly pushed Bai Yunfei back.

“Senior Brother, calm down. This is the Holy Domain’s Divine Capital. We cannot attack here. People are watching us from the walls.”

“Indeed. Senior Brother, this person is not worth it.”

The group feared that Bai Yunfei would do something rash in his anger. Instead of killing Xiao Chen, he might end up getting tossed into the Holy Domain’s Heavenly Prison.

If so, Bai Yunfei would be ruined entirely, falling into Xiao Chen’s trap.

“Hahaha! Yuan Zhen, Brother Bai wants to kill me. As a person of the Buddhist sect, you should advise him to manage his murderous heart. If he gets angry so easily, it would not be good for him.”

Xiao Chen walked over and noticed Bai Yunfei’s utterly frustrated appearance, so he laughed without any fear.

Yuan Zhen stepped forward and pressed his palms together. “May the Lord Buddha preserve us! Benefactor Bai, why the bitterness? Since we already arrived at the Holy Domain’s Divine Capital, stop struggling with your murderous heart. My Buddha is merciful. Benefactor Bai, please don’t feel frustrated. Calm down. Don’t get murderous. Otherwise, it would be hard to remove the resulting heart demon, and a bloody disaster will happen.”

“Pu ci!”

To think that this baldy Yuan Zhen really started preaching to me. Bai Yunfei immediately let loose tons of curses in his heart. However, he could not give voice to them. The anger got to his heart, and he could not help vomiting a mouthful of blood. His complexion instantly paled, and his spirit turned depressed.

His elegant face, coupled with the pale complexion, appeared heartbreaking.

“Senior Brother! Senior Brother…!”

The White Marsh Beast Empire disciples of the Martial God Palace immediately felt very anxious upon seeing this scene. At the same time, they were startled and horrified.

The repulsive monk said that their senior brother would experience a bloody disaster, and it really happened.

When Fang Shaobai and the other two saw this scene, they could not help feeling startled. They quickly calmed themselves, restraining their anger. It looked like this monk was indeed allied with Xiao Chen. No one also knew what Bai Yunfei experienced for him to hate Xiao Chen this much.

After calming himself down, Mu Yunzhu looked at Xiao Chen and Yuan Zhen. Then, he said, “I was wondering why the Ice Fire Divine Origin disappeared for no apparent reason this time. It looks like it was the work of your Hidden Spirit Temple.”

Fang Shaobai’s expression turned cold as a murderous intent flashed across his face. “They are probably working together to obtain what they each wanted. One sought the Ice Fire Divine Origin, and the other sought the Ice Fire Lotus Platform. We were really fooled. A great scheme. This Fang is in awe!”

Yuan Zhen immediately felt somewhat anxious. He tried to explain, “You have accused me wrongly. The Hidden Spirit Temple has nothing to do with the disappearance of the Ice Fire Divine Origin.”

Xiahou Wu said indifferently, “It does not matter; you don’t have to explain. Even now, you are trying to play us for fools. Do you think that we are really stupid? As sure as the lush mountains will remain the same and the green rivers will continue to flow, I will settle this account with your Hidden Spirit Temple sooner or later.”

Xiahou Wu looked coldly at Yuan Zhen before shifting his gaze to Xiao Chen. Then, he turned and left without saying anything more.

Yuan Zhen showed a slightly unsightly expression, feeling helpless in his heart. You really are stupid, as stupid as a pig. After speaking all that nonsense, you still think that you understand everything. You even want to settle this account with the Hidden Spirit Temple… There is really no way to communicate with you.

Mu Yunzhu and the others left one after another, feeling very frustrated. They did not want to remain here a second longer. When they saw Xiao Chen, their anger surged spontaneously. They did not want to end up like Bai Yunfei, angered into vomiting blood and fainting.

After everyone left, Yuan Zhen looked at Xiao Chen and said, “Benefactor Xiao, have you considered? Can we trade for the Ice Fire Lotus Platform?”

Xiao Chen nodded and said, “I have considered it through already. This Ice Fire Lotus Platform is of great significance to the Buddhist sect. I’m prepared to offer it to your temple in the future without expecting any payment.”

Yuan Zhen felt startled. Then, he smiled helplessly. “Benefactor Xiao is really kind. Let me represent the Hidden Spirit Temple in thanking you in advance.”

“You are too polite. I will take my leave first, then.”

Xiao Chen performed a cupped-fist salute and left, disappearing from the group’s sight.

“Senior Brother, he is deceiving us. While he said he would offer it, he did not mention any time frame. Even if he did so ten years or even one hundred years later, we can’t say anything about it.”

Yuan Zhen watched as Xiao Chen left. He took this relatively well. He smiled and said, “How could I not know? He is such an intelligent person. How could he hand over the Ice Fire Lotus Platform just because of some words from me? This is to be expected. Let’s go. This person has a deep relationship with our temple’s little ancestor. Remember to treat him respectfully when you see him.”

Little ancestor!

The Hidden Spirit Temple had many old ancestors. However, there was only one little ancestor. That was someone that even the abbot had to avoid, someone not to be offended.

Upon hearing Yuan Zhen’s words, the other Hidden Spirit Temple disciples all trembled, feeling very fortunate.

No wonder this Xiao Chen could fool others into spinning around. How could anyone who could survive a deep relationship with their little ancestor be easy to deal with?

No. It was not a matter of whether Xiao Chen was easy to deal with or not. It was as Yuan Zhen said, they absolutely could not offend him.

As the monks watched Xiao Chen leave, they felt that his figure had enlarged significantly.