Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2157 Raw 2262 : Leaving amid Loud Laughter

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Chapter 2157 Raw 2262 : Leaving amid Loud Laughter

Xiao Chen used the Taiji Dao to suppress the Primal Chaos Energy in the flame sea, then unleashed that power together with his palm strike when Fang Shaobai charged over.

After getting suppressed, the flame sea became even more berserk as it clashed with Fang Shaobai’s palm strike.

“Pu ci!”

Fang Shaobai immediately vomited a mouthful of blood as the blow sent him flying back. It also cracked the barrier of his Yinyang Fire Parting Pearl.

This immediately startled Fang Shaobai. Without the Yinyang Fire Parting Pearl in this Primal Chaos flame sea, he would find it hard to survive.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Figures flickered, and Buddhist light tore through the waves. The Hidden Spirit Temple disciples had arrived while Xiao Chen and Feng Shaobai fought. These monks all cultivated the Indestructible Iron Body. Their physical bodies gave them a huge advantage in this Primal Chaos flame sea, allowing them to catch up to Fang Shaobai quickly.

These monks pressed their palms together, and Buddhist light shone behind them, lending them a holy and dignified appearance.

However, they did not show any mercy to Xiao Chen. After catching up and landing beside him, they immediately attacked without saying a word.

Every move was unyielding and oppressive, containing great force.

These monks’ physical bodies were as tough as divine material. When Xiao Chen’s fist light struck their bodies, it produced a metallic ‘clang.

Amid the flame sea, Xiao Chen moved back as he fought, not feeling much fear.

An indistinct Ten Thousand Dragons Picture appeared behind him. Using the Supreme Dragon Fist, Xiao Chen clashed head-on with this group of Hidden Spirit Temple disciples.

As dragon roars rang out, countless dragon images leaped about the flame sea, soaring into the air and diving into the sea. This materialized a scene of ten thousand dragons soaring.

The many Hidden Spirit Temple disciples merged their fist lights, and Buddhist light spread out. Arhats chanting, bodhisattvas speaking about the Dao, the eight legions, and various other Buddhist sect mysterious phenomena appeared.

Although these people cultivated different Cultivation Techniques, these were all from the Buddhist sect. When they attacked together, their Buddhist sect mysterious phenomena combined, presenting a Buddhist pure land.

However, despite being pressed like that, Xiao Chen did not appear to be disadvantaged. He did not get flustered as he moved back while fighting.

“Ow! Why is this person’s physical body stronger than ours?”

“How can this be? Despite us pressing close, we still cannot instantly capture him.”

Although these Hidden Spirit Temple disciples’ expressions did not change, they were already crying bitterly in their hearts.

This group of monks wanted to get close and draw out the fight, so they could use the advantage of their Indestructible Iron Body to suppress Xiao Chen.

However, the outcome was the complete opposite.

After repeated clashes of fist light, it was the monks’ physical bodies that gave out first.

“Acquired Divine Body!”

A bright light flashed in the eyes of the Hidden Spirit Temple’s Yuan Zhen, who had not made a move all the while. Suddenly, he said, “Benefactor Xiao is really startling. To think that you acquired a Divine Body; you are truly awe-inspiring. However, you are alone in the end, unable to last for long. Hand over the Ice Fire Lotus Platform now, and we will stop.”

Xiao Chen raised his eyebrows and laughed softly, “If not for having some relationship with your Hidden Spirit Temple, I would not have been so nice. As long as we are in this Primal Chaos flame sea, I will remain undefeated. It does not matter how many people there are. I did not come and seek trouble with you, but you are targeting my lotus platform.”

Yuan Zhen felt slightly stunned. Naturally, he did not know about Xiao Chen and the little monk. However, he did recognize the In the Mortal Realm that Xiao Chen executed earlier.

Yuan Zhen identified it as the Mahāmāyā Abstinence Violation Saber Technique, a Buddhist sect forbidden technique.

He could not help having misgivings. Could it be that he really has a relationship with our temple?

“Stop!” Yuan Zhen shouted.

The many Hidden Spirit Temple disciples immediately released their bated breath. Upon hearing Yuan Zhen’s command, they stopped and moved back.

When Xiao Chen saw the situation, he also released his bated breath. This group of monks was tough to deal with.

If this fight continued, it would be hard for Xiao Chen to bear it. In the end, he would have to take out the Golden Letter to get them to stop.

“Truly decisive indeed,” Xiao Chen praised as he looked at Yuan Zhen. Then, he left and went far away.

“Senior Brother, why did you choose to let him go?” the Hidden Spirit Temple disciples asked while looking at Yuan Zhen in confusion; they felt it was strange.

Yuan Zhen muttered in reply, “This person executed In the Mortal Realm, a move from the Mahāmāyā Abstinence Violation Saber Technique. This happens to be a move that our temple has. Without some relationship, it would be impossible for him to learn this Saber Technique. His body does indeed possess a Buddhist nature. So, his identity is hard to ascertain… I have to ask my master about it after I return.”


A figure quickly flew by. Yuan Zhen took a look; it was the Profound Heaven Holy Land’s Mu Yunzhu.

Yuan Zhen could not help thinking, Even if I let him off, he will have difficulty escaping this vast flame sea.

Not long after Xiao Chen left, Mu Yunzhu caught up in relentless pursuit.

Although Mu Yunzhu was slower than Fang Shaobai and Yuan Zhen, nothing interfered with him. After seeing Xiao Chen delayed, he immediately pushed his Movement Technique to its limits and eventually caught up.

“Half a year ago, you rejected my challenge. Back then, I thought that you were just cowardly. Now, it looks like you were actually being patient,” Mu Yunzhu said as a murderous intent flashed in his eyes.

Based on the strength that Xiao Chen showed, he clearly could hold his own against Mu Yunzhu. This showed that he had a very firm and steady mental state. No matter what, Ice Fire Divine Origin or not, Mu Yunzhu was determined not to let him leave this vast flame sea, to eliminate a potential danger.

“Xiao Chen, it has been a long time!”

Just as Xiao Chen prepared to fight, two figures appeared behind him. Bai Yunfei and Xiahou Wu had gone around and approached him from behind.

Seeing these two familiar faces, Xiao Chen could not help frowning slightly. Today’s troubles were bizarre.

The situation turned dangerous above this vast flame sea.

Xiao Chen glanced at Bai Yunfei, and a trace of murderous intent flashed in the depths of his eyes. He said indifferently, “It has indeed been a long time. Back then, at Cloud Water Marsh, you nearly pushed me into a dead-end.”

At the mention of Cloud Water Marsh, Bai Yunfei could not help getting angry. Back then, Xiao Chen managed to scare him into turning and fleeing in fright.

Bai Yunfei had thought that he had run into a Demonic Dao Sovereign Emperor. In hindsight, it was simply a great humiliation.

“Humph! Let’s see what other pretenses you can come up with this time on the vast flaming sea!”

Bai Yunfei held his flute up. The scarlet orchid mark formed by three scarlet drops on his forehead looked vibrant and beautiful. His expression was extremely cold.

Xiahou Wu said indifferently, “Xiao Chen, it is time to settle the accounts from today and the Peach Blossom Wine Festival.”

Xiao Chen retorted mockingly, “The one who embarrassed you at the Peach Blossom Wine Festival is the Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor. What does it have to do with me? If you want to seek trouble for me, just say it straight. There is no need to come up with excuses.”

Mu Yunzhu marveled in his heart, Unexpectedly, Bai Yunfei and Xiahou Wu have such a grudge against Xiao Chen.

These two were not people to provoke. One was the White Marsh Beast Empire’s crown prince, and the other was the Hound Lion Empire’s crown prince. They both held noble status and great authority. Their talent and bloodlines were excellent. They had unlimited potential in the Martial God Palace.

“How bustling!” a figure said coldly after descending. It was Fang Shaobai, who had fixed his Yinyang Fire Parting Pearl.

When Fang Shaobai saw the others, he warned seriously, “Everyone, be careful. This fellow has a strange technique to suppress the Primal Chaos flame sea. He can use the power of this Primal Chaos flame sea in his palm strike. Even I nearly fell for his tricks.”

The four experts surrounded Xiao Chen but did not take the initiative to make a move.

This was especially so after Fang Shaobai said that Xiao Chen grasped a special technique to use the Primal Chaos flame sea.

“Hand over the Ice Fire Divine Origin. We can settle the grudges between us later.”

Bai Yunfei frowned slightly. With Mu Yunzhi and Fang Shaobai around, he became more restrained. He could not make a killing move on Xiao Chen lest others take advantage.

“Sorry, I don’t know what the Ice Fire Divine Origin is. Even if I did, given my character, I would not give it to you, either.”

Xiao Chen raised his eyebrows, clearly noticing Bai Yunfei’s lack of confidence. Then, he smiled coldly. “All of you are either crown princes of a great empire or outstanding talents of a sect. How is it that none of you dare to make a move on me? Still, it makes sense… I still have not activated my Great Desolate Eon bloodline, and I am wearing the Alloy Battle Armor. If we fight here, who can guarantee their survival?

“Since you lack the resolve to die, then move aside. I will fight to the end anyone who blocks me in this vast flame sea!”

With a war cry, Xiao Chen’s aura surged out ferociously, augmented by his Alloy Battle Armor. His tyranny perfectly revealed itself.

When Fang Shaobai and the others heard this, their hearts skipped a beat. They realized that if Xiao Chen relentlessly targeted them in this Primal Chaos flame sea, even if they took him down, they might end up dying here, as well.

Xiao Chen strode off amid loud laughter, leaving the four conflicted experts looking at each other with awkward expressions.

Once one cowered, raising one’s courage back up would be extremely hard.

Before attacking, one would keep thinking about the Primal Chaos flame sea being a bad place for a fight to the death. Even if one won, one might be severely injured and fall here too.

One would have all sorts of reasons to convince themselves not to attack.

“The great empires’ crown princes and sect outstanding talents are only so-so. Hahaha!”

As the four remained silent, laughter came from the distance, endlessly echoing over the vast flame sea.