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Chapter 2156 Raw 2261 : Only So-So

What’s going on?

Going by the pattern of the previous appearances, shouldn’t the Ice Fire Divine Origin appear after the lotus flower blooms?

How come a person appeared instead?!

Everyone felt stupefied, utterly stupefied. They could not understand what happened.

“Where’s the Ice Fire Divine Origin?”

“Can anyone tell me what’s going on?”

“My goodness! Why is there a person in the lotus flower?”

This felt maddening. Originally, the Ice Fire Divine Origin that came out of the three-hundred-sixty-petal lotus should have been the best in the past thousand years. This prospect thrilled Fang Shaobai and the others. They were eager to take action when the lotus flower bloomed.

However, the result turned out completely different. Their emotions immediately changed.

“Senior Brother Fang, he is the Dog Killing Wild Demon, the Heavenly Alliance’s Xiao Chen!” a person by Fang Shaobai’s side shouted after recognizing Xiao Chen.

Bai Yunfei and Xiahou Wu exchanged looks. They had both known that Xiao Chen entered the Heavenly Alliance and was in the Holy Domain’s Divine Capital. However, they did not care about him. After one year or so passed, Xiao Chen’s name had faded into obscurity. No one paid any more attention to him breaking the Trial Tower’s records.

“Why is this fellow here?” Xiahou Wu asked, feeling confused.

Of course, Bai Yunfei could not explain it. No matter what, he could never imagine how Xiao Chen came out from the lotus flower.

“Just capture him and question him later,” Bai Yunfei said indifferently. Back then, Xiao Chen had escaped him in Cloud Water Marsh, which made him lose a lot of face before the Dragon God Crown Prince.

Unexpectedly, the two met again in such a manner.

Xiahou Wu said indifferently, “That’s true. We just have to capture and interrogate him. We can settle old grudges and new grudges at the same time.”

On the lotus platform, Xiao Chen opened his eyes. He felt a warmth throughout his body. As he looked around him, his heart skipped a beat. Doubt and confusion filled his mind.

He had been cultivating in the water, improving his Universe Origin True Flame and Heavenly Snow Divine Flame at the same time, when a boundlessly wondrous feeling made him forget about everything else.

When he next opened his eyes, he was in this place for some reason, feeling confused.

Xiao Chen found the warm feeling very comfortable. Just as he was about to check it out, he suddenly heard the howling of wind. It was Xiahou Wu attacking.

Xiahou Wu threw a heavy palm strike at Xiao Chen.

This palm strike was boundlessly tyrannical, containing strong Great Dao Energy and supported by Dao Might. It was as heavy as a mountain and indestructible.

Under circumstances where the opponent was unaware, this seemingly ordinary palm strike already brought out the attacker’s greatest might.

Xiao Chen had just opened his eyes and had yet to understand what happened. However, he countered with a palm strike by reflex.


A Taiji diagram appeared under the lotus platform. When the two palms met, the clash knocked back Xiahou Wu, who was charging over, to his surprise.

However, Xiao Chen remained seated on the lotus platform, not budging from it at all.

Xiao Chen felt somewhat confused. Why is my palm strike so powerful? That should not be the case.

Realization suddenly dawned on Xiao Chen; his cultivation had soared.

Xiao Chen felt somewhat stunned.

He had just broken through Great Perfection Sovereign Personage, becoming a Peak Sovereign Personage. However, his cultivation had now reached the limits of a Sovereign Personage, surpassing expectations.

Even in the Faux God World, Xiao Chen should have taken at least one or two more years to reach the limit.

Unexpectedly, before he closed his eyes, he had just broken into Great Perfection Sovereign Personage. When he opened his eyes again, he was at consummation Peak Sovereign Personage.

He possessed an acquired Divine Body and a Great Desolate Eon bloodline and cultivated the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation. He gained deep accumulations along the way as he cultivated as a Sovereign Personage. Once he reached the limit, his strength would soar rapidly.

Xiao Chen looked around silently. The hateful expressions of the others aside, just the sight of the three people he knew—Bai Yunfei, Xiahou Wu, and Mu Yunzhu—sufficed to shock him.

Although Xiao Chen did not understand what happened, he clearly could not avoid fighting these three.

Xiahou Wu landed and gazed at Xiao Chen with some shock. “The Ice Fire Divine Origin! He must have refined the Ice Fire Divine Origin!”

Fang Shaobai stared at Xiao Chen coldly, the killing Qi coming from his body somewhat terrifying, as he shouted, “Where did the Ice Fire Divine Origin go? Obediently tell us—”

Mahāmāyā Abstinence Violation Saber Technique, In the Mortal Realm!

Before Fang Shaobai finished speaking, a Buddhist swastika appeared on Xiao Chen’s forehead, and the supreme killing Buddha descended from the sky.


The instant the killing Buddha descended and attacked, it kicked up an overwhelming wave. Flame waves surged out in all directions. This forced all the cultivators on the reefs to dodge.


When the killing Buddha made its move, this region of the flame sea turned chaotic. The surrounding cultivators became flustered.

Xiao Chen took advantage of the chaos to stand up. Just before he soared into the air, he turned his head back and looked at the lotus platform. After some thought, he waved his right hand and stored it in his storage ring.

“Divine Firmament Nine Variations, Traceless Lightning Shadow!”

Xiao Chen left a faint purple mark as he escaped the encirclement, fleeing to the front.

When everything had calmed down, Fang Shaobai and the others appeared to be in somewhat sorry states. Fury filled their faces. To think that Xiao Chen dared to take the initiative to attack them.

How bold of him. He is seeking death!

“Where is he?!”

After looking carefully, everyone discovered that Xiao Chen had disappeared, no longer where he had been.

The expression of the Hidden Spirit Temple’s Yuan Zhen changed slightly; the lotus platform was gone.

In reality, the group of Hidden Spirit Temple disciples was not targeting the Ice Fire Divine Origin but the Ice Fire Lotus Platform.

However, the lotus platform disappeared. This immediately flustered the Hidden Spirit Temple disciples.

“There he is! He is escaping!” someone shouted, and everyone looked over. They saw Xiao Chen quickly running far away on the vast flame sea.

“After him! We absolutely cannot let him get away!”

If Xiao Chen managed to flee from under their noses, these people would be greatly embarrassed. If word of this spread, they would become a big joke.

“Where is this place?”

Xiao Chen, who was quickly running forward, frowned slightly. He had not gone far on the vast flame sea before becoming quite afraid. The Yin and Yang of the flames were not separated in the flame sea. The flames switched between extreme Yin or extreme Yang without any pattern. There was no way to resist them.

Xiao Chen quickly activated the Alloy Battle Armor. Fortunately, the softened Alloy Battle Armor had already recovered.

With a thought, the 2-Star Alloy Battle Armor instantly covered Xiao Chen, blocking most of the heatwaves.

Once the Alloy Battle Armor completely covered Xiao Chen’s body, he released his bated breath. However, his expression remained grave.

None of the people behind were easy to deal with. This was especially so for people like Fang Shaobai. Moreover, there were ten or so half-step Sovereign Emperors. Xiao Chen felt unconfident of winning even with his increased cultivation.

What happened here that this group of peak outstanding talents gathered here?

Xiao Chen could not understand what was going on. However, the people behind were chasing him relentlessly, so he did not have time to think.

“Stay still!” A loud shout came from behind Xiao Chen; it was Fang Shaobai, who was leading the pack, at the very front of the pursuers.

This shout contained the Great Dao. It sounded like spring thunder as it roared by Xiao Chen’s ears.

Half-step Sovereign Emperor!

This was a half-step Sovereign Emperor, someone who had merged their Dao Domain with their Soul Energy to form a Divine Seal. With one shout, such a person could make the sound waves infiltrate another’s soul, echoing endlessly in there.

When Xiao Chen first met Mu Yunzhu on the Comprehension Platform, this trick made him suffer greatly at the other party’s hands.

Now, Xiao Chen was different from before. Naturally, he would not fall for the same trick twice.

The moment the other party shouted, dragon roars came from Xiao Chen’s body. Azure Dragons surrounded his body, and the hot-bloodedness in him surged.

“Roar! Roar! Roar!”

The dragon roars spread out, clashing with the sound waves. Increasingly louder sounds rang out over the vast flame sea, kicking up enormous waves.

The Sun and Moon Shining Together mysterious phenomenon appeared, then entered his body.

Xiao Chen did all this in an instant, preventing the other party’s sound waves from entering his soul.

However, this delayed Xiao Chen for the blink of an eye. Fang Shaobai seized this delay and took advantage of it.

“Gale Force!”

Fang Shaobai threw a palm strike that perfectly displayed his Wind Dao, which had already reached the second layer.

The flame sea for five hundred kilometers around became like a castle crushed by the palm strike, looking very horrifying.

As the castle crumbled, the gale sliced up the remaining fragments like it was countless sharp knives, completely eradicating the flames within this five hundred kilometers.

Amid the flames, Xiao Chen went flying into the air with some of the flames before he could react.

As the gale cut up the flames like knives and extinguished them, blowing them away, it completely exposed Xiao Chen in midair.

“Dang! Dang! Dang!”

A boundless strong wind struck the Alloy Battle Armor, producing ringing sounds. By the time the gale ended, some blood had leaked out of Xiao Chen’s lips.

Xiao Chen saw Fang Shaobai arriving with the wind. The others were close behind, not far away.

This delay allowed them to catch up.

“The Faux God World is filled with hidden talents indeed,” Xiao Chen said indifferently as he wiped the blood off his lips. If not for the Alloy Battle Armor blocking most of the attack, the consequences would have been dire.

“Kneel and beg for mercy!” Fang Shaobai shouted coldly upon seeing that his killing move injured Xiao Chen. As he descended from the sky, he threw another palm strike at Xiao Chen.

Despite the situation, Xiao Chen’s lips curled up spontaneously in a cold smile.

Does this fellow think that I am already helpless because I stopped?

With such arrogance, he is only so-so. I take back my earlier words.

The so-called talents are only so-so… Taiji splitting Yin and Yang!

Xiao Chen thrust his two hands to the left and right, expanding the Taiji force field. The Primal Chaos flame sea, which did not have its Yin and Yang split, immediately stabilized.

At this moment, the berserk and chaotic flame sea calmed down miraculously.

The expression of Fang Shaobai, who was charging over, changed slightly as he sensed something off. Why does it feel like someone suppressed the energy of the flame sea?

He noticed it? It is too late…

“Explode!” Xiao Chen shouted, and the Taiji force field instantly exploded. The berserk flame sea, which had been forcibly split, exploded, along with Xiao Chen’s palm strike, with an even more intense berserk force.