Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2155 Raw 2260 : Divine Origin Appears

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Chapter 2155 Raw 2260 : Divine Origin Appears

“Is anyone going to hand over some islands, or does this Fang have to make a move and start a massacre?”

Threat filled Fang Shaobai’s words.

At this moment, the other three super factions occupied six reefs each of the eighteen available. They had rested there for a long time and were spirited.

Compared to the dusty group of people who rushed over, the people of the other super factions were in much better condition.

The people of the other super factions did not fear Fang Shaobai and the other Universe Origin Sect disciples. Even if Fang Shaobai’s group were in their peak state, the other three super factions would not fear them.

However, this Fang Shaobai was very vicious. When he made his move, he would not hold back.

Once Fang Shaobai fixed his heart on something, he would attack relentlessly, as challenging to deal with as a madman.

Aside from Fang Shaobai, the others saw that the Universe Origin Sect had sent several experts.

Two of the people beside Fang Shaobai were among the top ten Universe Origin Sect disciples in the Faux God World. They were half-step Sovereign Emperors who already merged their Dao Domains and their Soul Energy, forming their Divine Seals. The rest were heaven-defying Sovereign Personages.

Without exception, all of them were elites.

The three super factions could suppress the Universe Origin Sect when working together. However, fighting would still be troublesome. Some people might even die.

The leaders of the Profound Heaven Holy Land, the Martial God Palace, and the Hidden Spirit Temple discussed with each other and yielded three islands.

When Fang Shaobai saw the situation, he snorted coldly. However, he did not say anything.

Obtaining three islands was already pretty good. After all, his group came late, and he could not blame others for that.

If a fight really broke out, aside from him and his two half-step Sovereign Emperor junior brothers, the others would likely have a bad ending. When the three super factions worked together, they would completely suppress the Universe Origin Sect group.

“Everyone, get on the islands and recover your strength first.”

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

After landing on the islands, Fang Shaobai and the others took out their Yinyang Fire Parting Pearls. Then, they sat cross-legged to recover the Veritable Essence Energy that they exhausted along the way. At the same time, they warily eyed the other three super factions.

The Martial God Palace occupied the largest island. Two people stood next to each other there. One of them wore fluttering white clothes and had a scarlet mark on his forehead and a cold and sinister air. The other person wore azure clothes and wantonly showed off his sharpness, appearing unruly.

One was Bai Yunfei, the White Marsh Beast Empire’s crown prince. The other was Xiahou Wu, the Hound Lion Empire’s crown prince.

This was really coincidental. Both of them had some grudges with Xiao Chen, and they now both appeared in the Faux God World together.

Xiahou Wu looked at Fang Shaobai, and a murderous intent flashed in his eyes. Then, he said sullenly, “This Fang Shaobai is really arrogant. It is not like he is a Tianwu Dynasty royal clan disciple. To think he dares to be so unruly before us!”

Bai Yunfei said indifferently, “Although he is not a royal clan disciple, the Fang Clan is the leader of the four great clans in the Tianwu Dynasty. Its clan head has been conferred as Duke Pu. Most importantly, the Fang Clan’s position in the Universe Origin Sect is secure since its ancestor is one of the sect’s eight Fire Guardian Elders. Hence, his position is no lower than a royal clan disciple’s.”

“Can he compare to the two of us?” Xiahou Wu asked in disdain.

Bai Yunfei replied after some thought, “It is hard to say. The crucial thing is that the other two super factions might not be of the same mind as us. Look at that Mu Yunzhu; he is not someone to be provoked. If we get sneak-attacked by him in a fight later, we would have nothing to show for our efforts. That baldy Yuan Zhen is not a person to offend, either.”

The leaders of the four super factions were all scheming people. They did not trust each other much.

Everyone came for the Ice Fire Divine Origin, but there was only one. At that time, there would be a fight for it.

The eighteen reefs were divided into nine extreme Yang and nine extreme Yin, forming a ring in the vast flame sea.

This place was the center of the Ice Fire Wasteland’s core zone, where the Ice Fire Divine Origin would appear.

On the reef where the Profound Heaven Holy Land’s group was, a disciple asked Mu Yunzhu, “Senior Brother Mu, what exactly is this Ice Fire Divine Origin?”

Mu Yunzhu looked around and explained softly, “The Ice Fire Divine Origin is similar to the Origin Liquid we exchange for in the Holy Domain’s Divine Capital. However, it is of a much higher grade. You can consider it the manifestation of the entire Ice Fire Wasteland’s essence. It appears only once every three years, and compared to ordinary Origin Liquid, its quality is tenfold—even a hundredfold or a thousandfold—higher. More importantly, Origin Liquid does not have any attributes, but this Ice Fire Divine Origin does. If you cultivate the Great Dao it contains, there will be indescribable wondrous effects.

“There was once a person who instantly broke through his bottleneck to the Dao Domain after refining one kind of Divine Origin, saving him more than ten years of bitter cultivation. So, do you think that it is precious or not? Furthermore, this is something of both ice and fire origins, two conflicting attributes linked. It is worth studying in the first place. Even if you do not need it, you will gain boundless benefit by selling it to a Faux God expert.”

The person who asked the question could not help feeling an insuppressible desire. Unexpectedly, the Ice Fire Divine Origin was something so wondrous with such great value.

If it were not startling, the Ice Fire Divine Origin would not have attracted the experts of four super factions.

Mu Yunzhu remained relatively calm. He said seriously, “Don’t overthink. This time, the people from the Universe Origin Sect, the Martial God Palace, and the Hidden Spirit Temple are all not nice people. It is hard to say whether we can obtain the Ice Fire Divine Origin or not.”

As Mu Yunzhu spoke, he glanced at Bai Yunfei. Deep fear flashed in his eyes.

If Fang Shaobai was a mad dog that no one dared to provoke, Bai Yunfei was a venomous snake. Even Sovereign Emperors feared his Thousand Taste Revolution.

This poison could enter deep into the soul. If one got careless, one might die unawares.

Then, Mu Yunzhu looked at the monks from the Hidden Spirit Temple. All of them looked kind and benevolent, but he knew that they were not nice people, either. These monks who cultivated the Buddhist sect’s Indestructible Iron Body held the strongest advantage in the vast flame sea due to their physical bodies.

The leaders of the four super factions were all monsters. They all feared each other and thought about how to snatch the Ice Fire Divine Origin, which would soon appear.


Suddenly, the eighteen reefs started shaking. Eighteen fire pillars soared up from the surrounding flame sea. The fiery light appeared as dazzling as mercury. After the pillars soared into the sky, they scattered like fireworks, making the sky look gorgeous.

Fang Shaobai, Xiahou Wu, and Mu Yunzhu, and the Hidden Spirit Temple’s Yuan Zhen all showed joy on their faces. Then, their expressions immediately turned grim.

“After waiting for ten days, this beautiful, sunny sky appears!” the Hidden Spirit Temple’s Yuan Zhen murmured on his reef as he looked at the beautiful sky.

The beautiful sunny sky was the sign of the Ice Fire Divine Origin’s advent. After this sign appeared, the Ice Fire Divine Origin would not be far away.

“Everyone, be careful. Don’t carelessly lose your lives to the falling flames later.”

Anything extraordinarily beautiful in the Great Thousand Realms should be avoided. This vibrant, beautiful, sunny sky was no exception.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Once the flames from the fireworks fell, the disciples of the four super factions started executing their various means to either dodge or forcefully scatter the sparks.

Loud explosions rang out endlessly. The unremarkable-looking flames actually rivaled the peak strike of half-step Sovereign Emperors and were possibly even stronger.

Of the four super fractions, the ones who had the easiest time dealing with the flames were the Hidden Spirit Temple’s monks. They all cultivated the Buddhist sect’s consummate body tempering Cultivation Technique, Indestructible Iron Body.

Their physical advantage was on display here. They did not have much of a problem resisting these flames.


The flames slowly dissipated. Gurgling came from the center of the eighteen reefs. Soon after that, a beam of light shot to the clouds, scattering the mysterious phenomenon of the vibrant, beautiful, sunny sky.

“It’s coming!” Fang Shaobai muttered. At this point, his guard was at its highest. The Ice Fire Divine Origin was about to appear.

Now, no one could remain indifferent. The disciples of the four super factions showed grave expressions. All of them started clashing covertly with their auras, causing the flame sea to churn and howl. Waves splashed, undulating endlessly.

Various terrifying mysterious phenomena appeared in the surroundings. However, no one moved rashly, everyone showing a calm expression.

Even when a flame wave surged over like a powerful beast, they did not move. They only stared at the area where the light beam was.

Within the pillar of golden light, something seemed to rise slowly in the flame sea.

Soon, a small portion of that thing revealed itself, emerging from the flame sea.

It was a lotus bud with flame petals in two different colors wrapped tightly in many layers, flashing with two different colored lights. This provoked one’s imagination.

“To think that it has three hundred sixty lotus petals. The Ice Fire Divine Origin appearing this time should be the best in the past millennium!”

“The previous time the Ice Fire Divine Origin appeared, there were only one hundred lotus petals. Even so, it was already considered very precious. To think that one with three hundred sixty petals appeared this time. This is probably the limit of what the Ice Fire Wasteland can produce; there can’t be anything stronger!”

Seeing the number of lotus petals thrilled Mu Yunzhu and the others. Their hearts pounded heavily.

The fiery light of desire flickered in their eyes.

The Universe Origin Sect’s Fang Shaobai thought to himself, To think that it is the best in the past thousand years. I have to obtain this Ice Fire Divine Origin. After obtaining it, my Universe Origin True Flame can break through Rank 6 to Rank 7!

The others had similar thoughts.

After putting in so much effort to come to this dangerous flame sea, they managed to see the best Ice Fire Divine Origin in the past millennium. No one would be willing to yield it to another.

Everyone wanted this Ice Fire Divine Origin.

The lotus petals slowly peeled open one by one. With the Ice Fire Divine Origin appearing soon, everyone held their breath.

However, when all the lotus petals opened, they saw a person seated cross-legged amid bright lights on the lotus platform inside.

Fang Shaobai was about to say “attack” but swallowed that word back. He felt utterly stupefied.

“What the heck is this? Where is the Ice Fire Divine Origin?”

It was not just Fang Shaobai who felt like that. Anyone who saw a person in the lotus flower where the Ice Fire Divine Origin should be would feel shocked and flabbergasted, like their brains short-circuited.