Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2151 Raw 2256 : Break Through in Strength

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Chapter 2151 Raw 2256 : Break Through in Strength

The lush mountains exist for the lush mountains! The white clouds exist for the white clouds!

Wearing the Alloy Battle Armor, Xiao Chen had activated his bloodline and entered the state of Martial and Soul as One, entering his strongest peak state. Then, he had to use his strongest killing move. What is a Fiend? I rejoice together with all things.

With just one move in his strongest state, he killed all the mastiffs within five hundred thousand kilometers.

As Xiao Chen’s bloodline slowly deactivated, and he withdrew from the state of Martial and Soul as One, he felt refreshed. Despite draining all his Veritable Essence Energy and Soul Energy, he was full of energy instead of weakness.

I broke through!

With this enlightenment, Xiao Chen broke through the final bottleneck of Great Perfection Sovereign Personage, becoming a Peak Sovereign Personage. All his fatigue and weakness were swept away, and his strength improved further. The old adage “All the resources in the world cannot compare to a moment of enlightenment” held some truth.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Xiao Chen’s figure flashed as he moved as fast as lightning, arriving before the white mastiff’s corpse.

The white mastiff’s strength had merely been at the level of a half-step Sovereign Emperor. Given Xiao Chen’s strength, he would not have felt any pressure if it had been alone.

This was because Faux Beasts were different from humans. They did not know Martial Techniques, Dao Domains, or even mental states.

Within the same cultivation, the mediocre could not match up to Faux Beasts. On the other hand, a Faux Beast that was nothing special could not defeat an outstanding talent.

However, this white mastiff managed to imperil Xiao Chen several times. Fighting it alone also seemed somewhat difficult.

If not for finally comprehending the painting from Faux God Fiendish Saber Xi Mu, Xiao Chen would have ended up with a miserable victory even if he won. He would also still have had to face the remaining mastiffs.

Such intelligence inspired fear…

Xiao Chen felt curious. What was special about this white mastiff? Why was it so difficult to deal with?

Compared to the corpses of the other mastiffs, the white mastiff’s corpse faded exceptionally slowly. Half of its body was still there.

“What is this?”

Xiao Chen raised his eyebrows slightly after spotting a black jade pendant in the fading head of the white mastiff.

Clearly, this jade pendant came from a cultivator. A Faux Beast would not grow such a thing in its head.

Xiao Chen’s expression immediately changed slightly, turning somewhat sullen. Someone had controlled this white mastiff.

Someone laid a trap for him, waiting for him to jump into it from the moment the mastiffs strangely started fleeing.


Perhaps it started when Xiao Chen left the Holy Domain’s Divine Capital; someone might have already targeted him.

After Xiao Chen had been killing mastiffs for a whole month, that person finally found the opportunity to lay this trap.

If Xiao Chen had died, this scheme would be perfect. After all, several outstanding talents had died of Faux Beasts.

Over the past month, many people had seen Xiao Chen frantically killing mastiffs.

Saying that Xiao Chen died in the mastiffs’ revenge sounded plausible and would not attract any suspicions. It was simply flawless.

The black jade pendant no longer had Spiritual Energy. It looked like an ordinary black rock.

Xiao Chen picked up the black jade pendant and checked his surroundings. The perpetrator clearly had a lot of considerations when drafting such a scheme. Either this person feared exposure or was not in the Ice Fire Wasteland.

“Who would kill me?”

Xiao Chen looked at the black jade pendant and entered deep thought. His mind raced, thinking of a lot of things.

Many faces appeared in his mind. However, he suddenly laughed in the end.

“Si! Si!”

Xiao Chen tightly clenched his right fist, crushing the black jade pendant into powder. Then, he let the powder spill out of his hand.

It was not essential to find out who it was. The important thing was that he had survived.

As long as he kept surviving, the truth would eventually come out. There was no point in overthinking. He managed to gain some enlightenment, making a breakthrough in his cultivation and gaining plenty of comprehension about his Martial Dao. There was no need to waste time on this.

“Demon Blood Vulture, come out!”

Xiao Chen summoned out the Demon Blood Vulture. Now that he had broken through his bottleneck, he no longer needed so much Primeval Divine Liquid.

Master, what’s wrong?

After being awakened, the Demon Blood Vulture appeared, looking weak. It was stunned to see the vast amount of Primeval Divine Liquid in the surroundings.

Oh, my goodness! Master, how did you do it? To think that you killed all these mastiffs!

Xiao Chen glanced at the white mastiff’s corpse, which had not completely faded away yet. “Cut the crap! Quickly consume all these; they are all for you. The white mastiff’s corpse is also yours. I won’t contest you for it.”

The Demon Blood Vulture felt like it was dreaming. Really?

“Since when did I joke?”

Gagaga! Thank you, Master. In that case, I will not stand on ceremony. They are just a bunch of trash. To think that they want to swallow up this great me! Perhaps I can make a breakthrough with this opportunity.

The weak Demon Blood Vulture immediately perked up and let out strange cries. It sounded very arrogant and cocky.

Xiao Chen looked around and found a secluded place. Then, he took out the first painting that Lu Benwei brought him.

Lush mountains, green water, white clouds, and wild cranes leisurely flying in the sky.

Previously, Xiao Chen could not understand it. He could only vaguely feel that the painting contained an inexplicable Dao. There should be a special Saber Technique inheritance in it. Unfortunately, Lu Benwei did not say anything, and Xiao Chen did not even see Fiendish Saber Xi Mu.

When Xiao Chen fully focused on raising his Flawless saber Dao to the limit, he finally comprehended it.

“Perhaps I can make use of this opportunity to patch up my saber Dao in one go and comprehend the Saber Dao Domain.”

A bright light flashed in Xiao Chen’s eyes as he stared at the painting. The lush mountains, green waters, and white clouds in the painting all came to life in his eyes, demonstrating his Dao.

Then, he let go of the painting. Despite a lack of any external force, it remained floating in front of him.

All things rejoicing together. This is my comprehension. My Flawless saber Dao clearly benefited from this.

If I can make further breakthroughs and gain more comprehension, I can definitely comprehend the Saber Dao Domain.

Xiao Chen’s expression turned increasingly resolute as he stared at the painting, slowly becoming immersed in it and forgetting everything else.

Xiao Chen forgot his Flawless saber Dao, he forgot where he was, he forgot his original purpose here. It was like he got lost in the painting.


After some time, the painting before Xiao Chen ignited, burning ferociously. This startled him to his senses.

Earlier, Xiao Chen felt like he had dreamed for a long time. In the dream, he had turned into a rock, into a river, into a tall mountain… It was not that his soul was bound to those things but like he really became the tall mountain and the river. He could feel the majesty of the mountain, the joy of the river, the calm of the tree, and various other emotions.

Xiao Chen had forgotten about everything else in this dream. Now that he startled awake, the painting before him burned up.

Xiao Chen went forward hastily to put out the fire. This was something a Faux God passed to him.

It was invaluable. The main problem was that no one said whether this was a gift or not.

If the other party asked for it back, Xiao Chen would not be able to cry even if he wanted to.

However, the fire burned too quickly. By the time Xiao Chen reacted, the painting had already burned up and turned into ashes.

The Demon Blood Vulture slowly descended from the sky as Xiao Chen sighed helplessly. Then, he asked, “How long did I spend comprehending?”

Master, you maintained your strange posture for a total of ten days.

“Just ten days? Why do I feel like centuries passed…” Xiao Chen muttered, feeling somewhat disappointed. Then, he took in his surroundings and found them very mystical. The entire Ice Fire Wasteland seemed to have changed in his eyes.

He looked around curiously and was shocked to discover that the world really was different.

Without making an effort to sense it, he could feel the flow of all things. He could even see the wind.

The wind was invisible. If there were no points of reference, there would be no way to notice it. However, to Xiao Chen, the wind became like a little child jumping about.

This experience felt very mystical. While his combat prowess did not increase because of this, its wonder was indescribable.

“Unfortunately, I’m still a little shy of the Saber Dao Domain. I feel that if I had a Faux God giving me pointers, I would grasp it immediately.”

Xiao Chen shook his head. Then, he turned his head to look at the Demon Blood Vulture. He was shocked to see that its eyes were golden. All its feathers had gained a faint golden line. It seemed to have undergone some subtle changes.

“This is?”

Master, many thanks for granting me this. My mutated bloodline seems to have improved further. It feels like I have reverted to how my ancestors were. My current strength is now fifty percent higher than ten days ago.

Xiao Chen smiled and said, “Your improvements are even greater than mine.”

I don’t dare to compare myself to Master. Now, the Demon Blood Vulture had fully submitted to Xiao Chen. It no longer dared to show its arrogant and cocky side to him.

Just at this moment, Xiao Chen’s expression changed slightly. Then, he looked at the wasteland under him and muttered, “Strange, why do I feel the ground undulating like there are waves?”

Master, I don’t feel it?