Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2149 Raw 2254 : Desperate Struggle

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Chapter 2149 Raw 2254 : Desperate Struggle

When Xiao Chen looked around, he saw at least four thousand mastiffs.

While it looked like he had easily dealt with one hundred-odd mastiffs, that was already his limit. If the number increased by half, he would find it a challenge. If the numbers doubled, that would be all he could deal with. If the numbers tripled, he would have to flee without taking a second glance.

When the numbers reached such a level, there was no longer a rush to run; he could not run even if he wanted to.

Since when did dogs become like wolves, understanding how to use schemes and follow commands?


Xiao Chen looked around and finally saw a mastiff in the east that was different from the rest.

This mastiff was completely white. It stood out among the mastiffs draped with flaming fur.

A light flickered in its chaotic and expressionless eyes, full of intelligence.

The instant Xiao Chen’s gaze met that mastiff’s, he felt a slight chill run down his back.

This white mastiff should be the king of this pack of mastiffs. If Xiao Chen guessed right, it was the one that planned this scheme.

Despite being in danger, Xiao Chen did not panic. He calmly considered countermeasures.

“Grr! Grr! Grr!”

Deep growls rang out in the surroundings. All of the mastiffs eyed Xiao Chen coldly, waiting for the command to tear him to pieces and trample on him.

The growls sounded terrifying. Xiao Chen looked up at the sky, but black clouds covered the shattered sky; he could not make out much about the situation up there.

One could not fly too high in the Faux God World, as the sky was broken. Spatial tears and space-time streams were everywhere. If one got careless, who knew where one might end up?

One might remain stuck for eternity. Hence, except in the Holy Domain, the sky of the Faux God World was a no-fly zone.

This pack of mastiffs stirred up the black clouds and covered the sky, preventing one from seeing the space-time streams and spatial tears.

If Xiao Chen were to flee to the sky, he would definitely die without a corpse.


Suddenly, that white mastiff let out a prolonged howl, and cracks appeared in the desolate plain. The surrounding mastiffs charged at Xiao Chen, shooting over like sharp arrows with their small-mountain-sized bodies.

This pressure forced out the Demon Blood Vulture’s Demonic Might as it screeched.

Then, the Demon Blood Vulture flapped its wings, and a berserk scarlet tornado appeared.

“Plop! Plop!”

The mastiffs that charged over crashed into the scarlet tornado, their bodies getting mangled as the tornado ruthlessly knocked them back.

However, there were simply too many mastiffs. As they continuously charged over, the might of the tornado gradually weakened.

Several mastiffs leaped through the tornado, howling with ferocious expressions as they charged at Xiao Chen.

Before the mastiffs got close, their howls made his mind feel bloated and dizzy. The sound waves entered deep into his Soul Pool and reverberated.

Faux Beasts were born in the Primal Chaos space and innately grasped the various Great Dao. They did not understand any techniques to use the Great Dao, their application limited to a rudimentary level. However, in reality, they were mighty and very strong.

Xiao Chen remained calm as endless dragon roars came from his body and spread out to clash with the mastiffs’ howls. Intense sounds rang out, echoing in the surroundings.

Before the two sides clashed, the battle already appeared extremely intense.

Xiao Chen showed a calm expression as he stretched his right hand back to grasp the Tyrant Saber’s handle. Then, he looked coldly at the mastiffs charging towards him. He held his weapon without moving or panicking, not getting flustered at all.

The figures of these mastiffs grew larger in his eyes until they filled his vision.


At the crucial moment, Xiao Chen drew his Tyrant Saber and brought out Martial and Soul as One.

“Whoosh!” The Tyrant Saber gave off a resplendent saber light. Under the state of Martial and Soul as One, Xiao Chen stored up power and waited to attack. Then, he chopped down with his saber.


A few mastiffs yelped miserably at the same time. Some liquid spurted out, but no color showed despite being illuminated by the saber light.

Using the Sharp Spirit Finger was not very practical. While the Sharp Spirit Finger could knock the enemy back, it could not kill them.

The Sharp Spirit Finger was excellent for knocking back the mastiffs when he hunted them, preventing them from getting close.

However, now, Xiao Chen needed to prevent this pack of beasts from returning. Any mastiff that dared to come would die.

Under the state of Martial and Soul as One, Xiao Chen executed the Flawless Saber Technique. He showed no mercy to the mastiffs that charged over. Using his full power, he killed them all in one strike.

Amid miserable howls, Xiao Chen immediately killed ten-odd mastiffs. However, the number of mastiffs seemed infinite, not appearing to dwindle, no matter how many he slaughtered.

Master, I can’t hold on anymore, the Demon Blood Vulture said to Xiao Chen after one hour.

The Demon Blood Vulture was different from Xiao Chen; it did not have the Alloy Battle Armor. If the mastiffs bit down on it, they could nearly kill it. It had already been very hard for it to block most of the mastiffs up to now.

“Come back, then.”

There’s no rush. I still have one final attack.

The Demon Blood Vulture ignored Xiao Chen’s words. It suddenly left Xiao Chen, and its entire body started burning with intense flames.

As a result, the Demon Blood Vulture’s huge body shrank and condensed gradually.

However, the smaller the Demon Blood Vulture became, the brighter the light it gave off. It even recovered its color, which had disappeared due to the saber light Xiao Chen sent out under the state of Martial and Soul as One.

When the Demon Blood Vulture became palm-sized, the surrounding scarlet tornado suddenly disappeared.

In that instant, the hundreds of mastiffs blocked outside charged at Xiao Chen while howling.

The situation turned perilous. Aside from In the Mortal Realm, none of Xiao Chen’s Martial Techniques could kill off all these mastiffs. If the hundreds of mastiffs reached him, the consequences would be horrifying. Even with the Alloy Battle Armor’s protection, he would still sustain severe injuries.

Just as Xiao Chen prepared to execute In the Mortal Realm, the palm-sized Demon Blood Vulture, shining with a bright scarlet light, shot forward like an arrow.


The Demon Blood Vulture charged into a mastiff’s eye, then used its wings to spin around, drilling through the mastiff’s brain.

“Ka! Ka! Ka!”

The Demon Blood Vulture became like an arrow as it turned into a scarlet beam of light, piercing through many mastiffs’ heads. At this moment, the hundreds of mastiffs seemed like paper before the Demon Blood Vulture’s strongest move, dying in large numbers.

The initially densely packed hundreds of mastiffs, which stifled Xiao Chen, all fell.

Xiao Chen took a sharp breath of cold air. How strong!

Even if Xiao Chen executed Entering Hell, he could not have killed all of these hundreds of mastiffs. However, the Demon Blood Vulture managed to.

Before Xiao Chen could sigh, he saw the Demon Blood Vulture’s body dim and turn lightless after it finished this killing move. It wobbled and looked like it would fall.

A mastiff pounced over and opened its ugly maw, wanting to swallow up the Demon Blood Vulture.


“Divine Firmament Nine Variations, Traceless Lightning Shadow!”

Leaving behind a faint purple mark, Xiao Chen appeared in front of that mastiff and kicked it into the air.

The Demon Blood Vulture quickly turned into a beam of scarlet light shooting towards Xiao Chen’s finger. Then, it turned into a ring.

Master, I learned this killing move from Big Brother Little Yellow Feather. It’s pretty good, right? The Demon Blood Vulture voice rang out in Xiao Chen’s mind. It sounded weak, but it seemed to be anticipating Xiao Chen’s praise.

Feeling heartache, Xiao Chen said, “Quickly rest. It is very strong. You managed to do what your master, I, could not do.”

Hehe…! Damn it! I am too tired. I cannot help Master any further…

At first, the Demon Blood Vulture let out a peal of strange laughter. Then, its voice trailed off, fading into silence.

Xiao Chen looked around his surroundings. Mastiff corpses lay strewn all over the ground. After the Demon Blood Vulture’s massacre, there were more than one thousand of them.

Martial and Soul as One required one to merge one’s Martial Dao with one’s will of soul. Every time one attacked, one could bring out one hundred twenty percent of one’s combat prowess—possibly even one hundred fifty percent.

Hence, Xiao Chen could kill one mastiff with each strike.

However, the drain on Veritable Essence Energy and Soul Energy was significant under the state of Martial and Soul as One.

With the Alloy Battle Armor for physical protection, Xiao Chen’s body would be fine. However, who knew how long he could last in such an intense battle?

Xiao Chen looked around and spotted the white mastiff commanding its forces.

Despite the massive loss, this pack of mastiffs did not get flustered as they prepared the next wave of attacks.

Such reckless attacks, with no concern for consequences, appeared abnormal.

Xiao Chen took a quick count. There were at least four thousand more mastiffs. If he continued fighting, he would die when he ran out of Veritable Essence Energy.

I need to break out!

Xiao Chen swept his gaze around and fixed it on the white mastiff.

Then, he immediately moved swiftly, charging at the pack leader.

The key to breaking out of this situation was the white mastiff. With this beast commanding the other mastiffs, there was no way to break out in any direction.

Xiao Chen could only fight against the white mastiff, preventing it from commanding the other mastiffs. That way, he could fight for a chance of survival.

Even though Xiao Chen knew that the white mastiff was at least as strong as a half-step Sovereign Emperor, he still had to take a risk and make a desperate struggle.