Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2148 Raw 2253 : How Great a Grudge

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Chapter 2148 Raw 2253 : How Great a Grudge

The Ice Fire Wasteland was one-tenth the size of the Holy Domain. To any Sovereign Personage, it was still a vast area.

The Ice Fire Wasteland could be split into the periphery, the inner area, and the core zone. A boundless lightning sea lay past the core zone. Even Faux Gods could not fully explore this lightning sea.

Xiao Chen did not feel overly ambitious. For the days to come, he remained at the Ice Fire Wasteland’s periphery and killed the mastiff Faux Beasts. He had already hunted more than one thousand over one month.

This was an alarming number. It meant that Xiao Chen killed more than thirty mastiffs a day on average.

Even Mu Yunzhu would have to put in a lot of effort to hunt thirty-odd mastiffs attacking together.

Of course, it was more likely that Mu Yunzhu would not hunt mastiffs.

The mastiffs’ strength was still alright. The main problem was that they moved in packs. Another critical problem was these mastiffs would go berserk, a deeply ingrained response. Compared to the crafty and intelligent Faux Beasts, they would be relentless after targeting someone. Hence, killing mastiffs was a waste of effort for so little reward.

Given that, one might as well enter the inner area or hunt the high-value Faux Beasts in the periphery.

Of course, this did not apply to Xiao Chen. Now, he could hunt more than one hundred mastiffs in one go. With his various means, the mastiffs could not run even if they wanted to.

“In the past month, I have refined more than one hundred fifty kilograms of Primeval Divine Liquid. My bottleneck already loosened significantly. Compared to closed-door cultivation, my improvements are great. Even so, I still have not broken through my bottleneck!”

Xiao Chen, who was currently hunting a group of mastiffs in the Ice Fire Wasteland’s periphery, frowned, somewhat dissatisfied with his progress.

He had collected one hundred fifty kilograms of Primeval Divine Liquid as a Great Perfection Sovereign Personage. If others knew of such a harvest, countless people would envy him. His friends would have to work together in the Ice Fire Wasteland to obtain a similar harvest.

However, Xiao Chen was very strict with himself.

“Time in the Faux God World is too precious.”

Xiao Chen casually knocked away a mastiff pouncing at him. He multitasked and pondered some other things, letting the Demon Blood Vulture fight the mastiffs.

During this period, Xiao Chen had discovered by chance that the Demon Blood Vulture could consume the Faux Beasts.

The ferocious might in the mastiffs was exceptionally compatible with the Demon Blood Vulture’s nature, allowing it to grow quickly.


Xiao Chen raised his eyebrows when he suddenly discovered the one hundred-odd mastiffs he was hunting had turned to flee when their situation turned desperate.

They are running away?!

The mastiffs possessed a ferocious nature and were prone to running amok. One of the main reasons anyone who saw them in the Ice Fire Wasteland’s periphery would run was their relentless frenzied attacks.

However, right now, this group of small-mountain-size mastiffs actually took to their heels in the face of death.

They can’t have gotten scared of me after I killed so many of them, right…?

Xiao Chen had hunted more than one thousand mastiffs, but this was his first time encountering this situation. After being stunned for a moment, he reacted.

“After them!”

Xiao Chen gently leaped up, landed on the Demon Blood Vulture, and set out in eager pursuit.

Just as he was about to harvest the one hundred-odd mastiffs, they started fleeing. How could he let go of a cooked duck?

[TL Note: Let go of a cooked duck means letting go of a done deal.]

“Thunder Monarch Spear!”

Standing on the Demon Blood Vulture’s back, Xiao Chen waved his hand and shot out nine short spears containing the metal, wood, water, fire, and earth elements.

Each half-meter-long Thunder Monarch Spear looked like a treasure weapon, glowing with flowing light and electric light. When the lights merged, they appeared like a five-element world emitting extremely strong pressure.


When the nine Thunder Monarch Spears landed, they killed nine mastiffs. Then, they exploded, killing another ten-odd mastiffs.

Xiao Chen gently pushed off with his feet to hover in the air as he let the Demon Blood Vulture continue giving chase. He landed and waited for the mastiffs’ corpses to scatter and leave behind Primeval Divine Liquid.

When the Primeval Divine Liquid appeared, Xiao Chen waved his hand and collected it into a jade bottle.

“Divine Firmament Nine Variations, Traceless Lightning Shadow!”

After Xiao Chen collected the Primeval Divine Liquid, he executed the Divine Firmament Nine Variations. Leaving behind a purple mark, he reappeared on the Demon Blood Vulture’s back.

One hundred-odd mastiffs fleeing at the same time created a huge commotion.

This scene scared other people on experiential training along the way. It caught some people off guard, and the pack of mastiffs even crashed into some of them, injuring them.

“Did I see wrong? How can someone be chasing the mastiffs?!”

“The mad dogs are actually running…this is not a hallucination, right?”

“This is my first time seeing someone chasing mastiffs. Previously, all I would see is people fleeing mastiffs.”

“It’s him, the Dog Killing Wild Demon!”

“No wonder. So, it is the Dog Killing Wild Demon.”

At first, the cultivators along the way were shocked to see the many small-mountain-sized mastiffs running frantically. However, when they saw Xiao Chen, wearing the Alloy Battle Armor and standing on the Demon Blood Vulture, they showed expressions of understanding, their surprise gone.

The nickname Dog Killing Wild Demon had already spread throughout the Ice Fire Wasteland’s periphery; everyone knew about it.

Some people fleeing mastiffs with nowhere else to run would even take the initiative to head to where Xiao Chen was. Xiao Chen never said anything about it.

“This is that person?”

A group of cultivators clad in black uniforms with fiery cloud insignias, rushing along their way in the Ice Fire Wasteland’s periphery, felt surprised to see this scene, so they stopped to take a look.

The one who spoke was a youthful male with extraordinary air who stood out from the crowd. This person’s cultivation surpassed heaven-defying Sovereign Personage, reaching half-step Sovereign Emperor.

“Senior Brother Fang, that is the Heavenly Alliance’s Xiao Chen, the youngest Heavenly Alliance member. Back then, he was the one who broke the records of the Trial Tower’s first floor and the second floor.”

“How incredible! To think that he is chasing a pack of mastiffs!”

“How is he strong? I heard that back when he first went to the Comprehension Platform, he declared that he would not need to fear Mu Yunzhu half a year later. However, after half a year passed and Mu Yunzhu went to look for him, he declined battle.”

“I also heard that he used some tricks when breaking the records back then. Furthermore, what capabilities does he need to chase these mastiffs? They are just some mad dogs. Most people just don’t want to deal with them. The true experts, like Senior Brother Fang, all head to the Ice Fire Wasteland’s core zone.”

This group of Universe Origin Sect disciples felt disdain for Xiao Chen. After the man with the family name Fang heard everything, his interest dried up. However, he looked distractedly at Xiao Chen’s Alloy Battle Armor. “How unfortunate! He wears a set of Alloy Battle Armor to kill dogs… If it were mine, I would be fully confident about this trip.”

Alloy Battle Armor was the foundation of Heavenly Alliance members. Since they did not have sufficient accumulations, they made up for it with resources. When the members of any super faction saw the Alloy Battle Armor, their eyes would turn red with envy. However, it stopped at envy. If non-members of the Heavenly Alliance snatched away the Alloy Battle Armor, they would not be able to activate it, only look at it.

“Come on. We still have things to do.”

The man with the family name Fang withdrew his gaze. Then, he led the Universe Origin Sect disciples into the Ice Fire Wasteland’s depths.

The appearance of this group in the Ice Fire Wasteland’s periphery attracted some attention.

Several discussions cropped up, trying to guess what this group wanted to do.

“That is Fang Shaobai, one of the Universe Origin Sect’s top ten disciples, a half-step Sovereign Emperor. I wonder why he is here.”

“The Ice Fire Wasteland has been quite bustling recently. It seems some of the top ten of certain super factions have come.”

“Could they be here for the core zone’s Ice Fire Divine Origin?”

“That’s possible. Look at the date; it is about time for the Ice Fire Divine Origin to appear… Should we go take a look?”

“I think we’d better not. Every time the Ice Fire Divine Origin appears, there would be people dying. Passing these ten years peacefully in the Faux God World is already a great opportunity. There is no need to risk our lives.”

“That’s right. Many geniuses and outstanding talents do not understand restraint and end up meeting violent deaths. We are not fated to be geniuses; there is no need to act like one. We should just focus on what we should do.”

This person was quite right. Compared to others, being able to enter the Faux God World was a great opportunity. For these regular talents, there was no need to get greedy. Evaluating their own strength was very important.

Even so, when some people in the Ice Fire Wasteland’s periphery heard that the Ice Fire Divine Origin would be appearing, they silently headed for the inner area.


At this moment, Xiao Chen did not know any of this. He continued his work of killing mastiffs.

The one hundred-odd mastiffs that he hunted were already down to ten-odd.

If not for having to wait for the corpses to scatter to collect the Primeval Divine Liquid, wasting some time, Xiao Chen would not have needed so much time to deal with these mastiffs.

As Xiao Chen gave chase, he thought to himself, Faux Beasts are also intelligent.

Although the mastiffs had a relentless nature that sparked their frenzy, it was not strange for them to realize what was going on after Xiao Chen had been killing them for more than one month.

However, this meant that hunting mastiffs would become more problematic in the future.

It would waste too much time if Xiao Chen had to pursue them for half a day every time. That would be inefficient. After this batch, he would enter the Ice Fire Wasteland’s inner area.

The mastiffs had wised up. This operation was no longer viable.

“What a waste of effort!”

Xiao Chen finally finished off the remaining ten-odd mastiffs. In total, he had chased them for six hours. While he was not tired, he had wasted a lot of time.

“Ga! Ga!”

Just at this moment, the Demon Blood Vulture, which was at the side, suddenly turned wary. Its feathers all ruffled up as if it sensed some danger.

Master, I feel that something is not quite right.

Xiao Chen did not notice anything wrong. However, the Demon Blood Vulture was a ferocious beast. It had an instinct for danger.

“Let’s go!”

Xiao Chen cautiously checked his surroundings. Then, he leaped onto the Demon Blood Vulture and returned the way they came.

Things appeared peaceful. However, after they had flown fifty thousand kilometers, rows of mastiffs appeared at the limits of Xiao Chen’s vision. Many pairs of chaotic and emotionless eyes flickered with a scarlet light, looking at him coldly and ruthlessly.


Large patches of black clouds appeared above the mastiffs’ heads. Roiling black clouds gathered from all directions.

Soon, the clouds coalesced, and the sky turned dark.

“Thud! Thud! Thud!”

Heavy footsteps resounded in the surroundings. The mastiffs blocked the way in all directions and started encircling Xiao Chen, moving over step by step.

It turned out that during the pursuit, Xiao Chen had reached an extremely remote location in the Ice Fire Wasteland.

The Demon Blood Vulture under Xiao Chen trembled slightly, feeling some fear before so many mastiffs.

Master, what should we do?

The Demon Blood Vulture had never seen such a large troop formation. Despite being a fearless ferocious beast filled with demonic nature, it actually started to cower.

From how densely packed the mastiffs were, there were at least four thousand of them.

Probably all the mastiffs on the entire Ice Fire Wasteland had come for Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen’s expression did not change as he muttered to himself, “To think that even dogs have started scheming like men. How great a grudge are they holding?”