Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2147 Raw 2252 : Dog Killing Wild Demon

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Chapter 2147 Raw 2252 : Dog Killing Wild Demon

Ice Fire Wasteland:

The desolate plains made of ice and the “snowflakes” made of flames looked very strange. However, it was not odd in the Faux God World.

The sky of the Primal Chaos space appeared hazy, looking like heaven and earth had not split apart yet.

The various chaotic Dao, the primeval aura, the eternal and scattering cloud sea, the cracks in the sky, and many other signs showed that besides the Holy Domain, the Faux God World was undeveloped savage land.

There were opportunities and supreme treasures there. Of course, there was also danger and forbidden lands.

Xiao Chen’s decision to activate his Alloy Battle Armor upon his departure was correct.

The moment he landed on the desolate plain, a pack of Faux Beasts charged at him.

These Faux Beasts appeared ferocious, looking like vicious dogs half the height of a regular person. They had flaming fur all over their bodies; even their faces had long fur. And since their long fur dragged on the ground, it revealed only a pair of eyes filled with Primal Chaos and the void.

The physical bodies of these Faux Beasts appeared both illusory and substantial; they looked very strange.


Xiao Chen had made ample preparations before coming here. This allowed him to recognize the Faux Beasts before him. These were mastiffs. They were exceptionally ferocious and hunted in packs. Each mastiff possessed the strength of a Peak Sovereign Personage. They could be considered the tyrants of the Ice Fire Wasteland.

Even a heaven-defying Sovereign Personage would have to flee if he ran into them alone. Otherwise, he would not survive.

Ten-odd mastiffs appeared, howling endlessly. The flaming snowflakes landing on their bodies did not harm them at all, strengthening them instead and making their blazing fur look even more vibrant.

As the mastiffs pounced over, they appeared very ferocious and mighty. If the mastiffs managed to knock a person down and all of them charged over, they could instantly tear a super faction disciple into pieces.

Xiao Chen wore the Alloy Battle Armor. Even if the mastiffs knocked him down, it would be hard for them to tear him apart. However, it was still best not to get surrounded.

“Go on, then.”

Xiao Chen raised his left hand, and a red light flashed on one of his fingers. The Demon Blood Vulture appeared. It let out a loud cry as it fearlessly faced the ten-odd mastiffs.

The Demon Blood Vulture spread its wings. Its feathers looked as vibrant as blood, the flowing light as beautiful as flames.

The Demon Blood Vulture had wandered the Faux God World for half a year with the little Golden Crow. Xiao Chen had also purchased some resources for it. Hence, its strength had grown considerably. Now, it was a great help for Xiao Chen.

Furthermore, the Demon Blood Vulture was a king of ferocious beasts in the first place. It possessed a strong innate demonic nature, and its bloodline had mutated.

The Demon Blood Vulture did not fear these mastiffs at all. It spread its wings and started fighting with these ten-odd mastiffs, not letting any of them go.

However, Xiao Chen knew that although the Demon Blood Vulture was strong and filled with ferocious Demonic Might, it could not last long when ten-odd mastiffs surrounded it.

“Thunder Monarch Spear!”

He waved his right hand. Then, the Five Element Divine Lightning formed a half-meter-long spear driven by his Thunder Dao Domain. The short spear immediately gave off dazzlingly bright electric light, radiating boundless Thunder Might.

The Thunder Monarch Spear was a killing move of Xiao Chen’s, and the Five Element Divine Lightning was a mysterious treasure of the world. Now that his Thunder Dao was stronger, the might of the spear formed by the Five Element Divine Lightning went without saying, especially after he drove it with his Thunder Dao Domain.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

The half-meter-long Thunder Monarch Spear appeared substantial as it shot out. Then, it split into nine and instantly struck nine mastiffs, blasting and mangling the flesh of the mastiffs, but they did not bleed. Only some gaseous Primal Chaos leaked out.

Xiao Chen attacked relentlessly, shooting out several Thunder Monarch Spears. The mastiffs, which initially held the upper hand, yelped on getting blasted.

The Demon Blood Vulture let out strange laughter as it beat down the fallen mastiffs and ferociously spewed flames from its beak while radiating an overwhelming Demonic Qi.

The two forced back the ten-odd mastiffs. However, the mastiffs charged back in ferociously; they were remarkably resilient.

When the mastiffs returned, they seemed to have gone berserk. Their figures enlarged, becoming like small mountains.

Xiao Chen did not care. To heaven-defying Sovereign Personages, this group of mastiffs would be a challenge. However, they were not worth mentioning to him. He had the means to deal with them.

Many purple flowers spun in Xiao Chen’s right eye and layered over each other, forming a single purple flower.

“Divine Lightning Eye!”

“Whoosh!” The Divine Lightning Eye had already reached the sixth layer. When Xiao Chen executed it, twenty-four thunderclouds appeared and covered the sky.

“Boom!” The bolts of tribulation lightning fell as one, blasting the many mastiffs. They rolled on the ground, twitching endlessly.

The mastiffs’ miserable cries filled the place. Their huge bodies cracked the ground as they crashed into it, shaking the desolate plain.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

The Demon Blood Vulture turned into a flowing light moving about. Then, it used its claws to grab the mastiffs, nearly tearing them in half.

What powerful Faux Beasts, Xiao Chen thought to himself.

Even a Peak Sovereign Personage cultivating the physical body would be ripped to pieces by the Demon Blood Vulture’s claws. Yet, these mastiffs remained intact, sustaining only severe injuries.

The Faux Beasts’ bodies could not be understood with logic. If Xiao Chen got pulled into a battle of attrition, he might end up losing.

After a few clashes, these mastiffs realized Xiao Chen’s prowess. They started to skirt the Demon Blood Vulture and pounce at him regardless of the cost.

However, Xiao Chen smiled coldly. This way, the mastiffs would only die faster.

He executed his Movement Technique, and his figure trembled slightly, leaving behind a purple mark as he reappeared elsewhere.

When Xiao Chen could not dodge, he used the Sharp Spirit Finger to tap the mastiffs gently. This move sent the small-mountain-sized mastiffs flying with one finger—an extremely strange sight.

Xiao Chen did not waste time when fighting with the mastiffs. He used the Demon Blood Vulture as a distraction and brought his Thunder Dao Domain to its peak.

Then, he used his various lightning-related moves to fight. If the mastiffs got too close, he would execute the Sharp Spirit Finger.

Veritable Essence Energy, Soul Energy, and Vital Qi filled Xiao Chen’s body as they merged. He focused these energies into one finger and knocked the mastiffs into the air.

“Demon Blood Vulture, move aside,” Xiao Chen called out, and his demonic pet turned into a scarlet beam of light, quickly distancing itself.

After the Demon Blood Vulture left, a Great Desolate Eon Candle Dragon image appeared behind Xiao Chen. Candle flame swayed in his eyes. In the next moment, boundless icy flames landed on the pack of mastiffs, torturing them. The extremely resilient mastiffs could not move at all.

The Candle Dragon’s flames slowly burned away the mastiffs’ long fur.


Xiao Chen grabbed the Tyrant Saber’s handle, which he had slung on his back after he equipped the Alloy Battle Armor. Then, he drew his saber and spun it around once before walking over.

He appeared to be taking a leisurely stroll, yet with each swing, he ended the life of a mastiff.

The mastiffs that sent heaven-defying Sovereign Personages fleeing in fear—Faux Beasts that even half-step Sovereign Emperors found problematic—were helpless against Xiao Chen. He made it look extremely easy.

The mastiffs’ corpses vanished, turning into a flowing light that entered the cracks in the sky, leaving behind only clumps of floating white Primeval Divine Liquid.

Xiao Chen collected the Primeval Divine Liquid and refined it before absorbing it into his body. Ripples appeared in his 9-Star Primal Core. When he finished absorbing the Primeval Divine Liquid, his cultivation bottleneck loosened somewhat, making him reveal an expression of joy.

This was the first time his cultivation bottleneck loosened in the past half-year or so. It looked like this Primeval Divine Liquid was effective.

“Ga! Ga! Ga!”

The Demon Blood Vulture circled the sky once before turning into a palm-sized little bird and landing on Xiao Chen’s shoulder.

“We will hunt mastiffs, then. The other Faux Beasts are crafty. If we fight them alone, they might easily defeat us, possibly kill us; that would be very problematic. These mastiffs are naturally ferocious and do not understand tactics. Furthermore, they move in packs. That suits my intent.”

If Yun Fei and the others were to learn that Xiao Chen started by focusing on killing mastiffs during his first visit to the Ice Fire Wasteland, their jaws would probably fall off from shock. They had to flee upon seeing these mastiffs, the tyrants of this desolate plain. When mastiffs attacked in packs, no one dared to linger.

However, Xiao Chen killed the mastiffs by himself. How could others not be shocked?

In the following month, Xiao Chen hunted mastiffs. He became increasingly familiar with the Faux Beasts and grew more efficient at killing them.

He then increased the difficulty. At first, he just targeted packs of ten-odd. Then, he targeted dozens. The number increased until it exceeded a hundred, an extremely alarming number.

During Xiao Chen’s leisure time, he would study the paintings that Fiendish Saber Xi Mu gave him. Lu Benwei already gave him the second painting.

Xiao Chen noticed some tricks behind the paintings. They seemed to contain some kind of Saber Technique that he could not grasp.

He did not rush, slowly studying them. For now, he focused on raising his cultivation.

As time went on, all the cultivators undergoing experiential training in the Ice Fire Wasteland’s periphery came to know of this ruthless person. They gave Xiao Chen the nickname Dog Killing Wild Demon.

Typically, when people saw large packs of mastiffs charging over, any intelligent person would flee, avoiding a prolonged fight with these mad dogs.

However, Xiao Chen did the opposite. He would hunt more than one hundred mastiffs in one go.

Furthermore, he forbade others from helping. Anyone watching would be scared witless, even more afraid of Xiao Chen than of the mastiffs.