Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2146 Raw 2251 : Ice Fire Wasteland

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Chapter 2146 Raw 2251 : Ice Fire Wasteland

A Faux Beast was a special lifeform found in the Faux God World, born from nothing in the Primal Chaos.

The Faux Beasts came in all shapes and sizes but were all horrifyingly strong. A few of the strong Faux Beasts could deter even Faux God experts.

Aside from the absolutely safe Divine Capital, there were many shattered continents in the Faux God World, with all sorts of Faux Beasts living there.

A Faux Beast was not a true lifeform. It could not survive anywhere but the Faux God World. After dying, it would return to the depths of the Faux God World and reform after a long time.

Xiao Chen did not know much about Faux Beasts. However, Qiong Ying, Yun Fei, and Nangong Feng had gone out to hunt them several times before.

Xiao Chen took out the Heavenly Alliance medallion and communicated through it. The three were in the Holy Domain’s Divine Capital, not outside, so he arranged to meet with them.

One hour later, they gathered at Xiao Chen’s courtyard.

“Xiao Chen, haha! You finally got restless. You want to go out?”

The three arrived on time. When they heard Xiao Chen ask about Faux Beasts, they laughed softly.

These four were people of the Heavenly Alliance and had come to the Faux God World together. They had a good relationship with each other.

Over the past year or so, the other three had come to see Xiao Chen several times. They found it strange that he remained silent after breaking the record of two floors. Since then, nearly everyone had forgotten Xiao Chen’s name already.

In any case, Wu Meng, Mo Yu, and Gongzi Lan had grown stronger and continuously climbed the Trial Tower. Of the three, Wu Meng had broken the record for the eighteen floor—a terrifying feat.

Back when Xiao Chen broke the records, many people said he used tricks to clear the first three floors.

Xiao Chen’s silence made the others feel even more sure of it.

However, Nangong Feng and the other two were familiar with Xiao Chen’s strength. With the strength he gained over the past year, the three were not his match.

Even if they worked together, they would find it challenging to deal with him.

However, Xiao Chen did not go out. He either practiced alone or remained in closed-door cultivation. He ignored both the overt and covert fights between the various super factions.

“It’s time to be active after a prolonged quiet. My cultivation has reached a bottleneck. It will be difficult to break through without some battles,” Xiao Chen said softly.

Yun Fei said, “Over the past year, the three of us have gone out to hunt Faux Beasts. Faux Beasts are powerful. Even if they are of the same cultivation, they cannot be underestimated. Several super faction disciples have died because of Faux Beasts.”

“People have died?”

Xiao Chen was shocked to hear that. All of the super faction disciples were geniuses or outstanding disciples; they had life-protecting measures.

Just like how the Heavenly Alliance prepared a set of Alloy Battle Armor for all its members, regardless of the price, the other super factions took similar measures, as well. For example, the Universe Origin Sect disciples all had a Heavenly Flame Medallion that could call out the Universe Origin True Flame at any time.

For such disciples to die in the hands of Faux Beasts was genuinely shocking.

Nangong Feng said, “As long as you don’t wander too far from the city, there is no need to worry about your life. The strong Faux Beasts have been chased far away by the Faux God experts in the Divine Capital.”

“How about we accompany you out of the city? That way, we can look after each other. It is a good thing,” Qiong Ying suggested. “The Primeval Divine Liquid that Faux Beasts leave behind after they die is a great aid to cultivation. There are many benefits to absorbing it.”

The Primeval Divine Liquid was one of Xiao Chen’s objectives in killing Faux Beasts.

Faux Beasts were born in the void. After they died, they left behind a clump of mysterious energy known as Primeval Divine Liquid.

The concentration of the Primeval Divine Liquid varied according to the Faux Beast’s strength and grade.

Xiao Chen shook his head and said, “There’s no need. If there is no danger, it will go against my original intention. Thank you, everyone, for your kindness. Please explain to me the things to pay attention to when facing Faux Beasts and where to hunt Faux Beasts.”


Four hours later, Xiao Chen left the city after completing his preparations.

The Holy Domain was the only complete continent in the Faux God World; the other places were all shattered pieces of continents. They might be large or small. The large ones could be as large as the Holy Domain. The small ones might not even be the size of a city. Their distance from each other varied as they drifted about the cloud sea of the void.

Aside from the absolutely safe Holy Domain’s Divine Capital, the environments of the other places of the Faux God World were fickle, and it was hard to guarantee safety.

Xiao Chen stood under the mountain-like city gates and glanced at the Divine Capital words on the walls. They still inspired fear like before, deterring others from looking too long.

Xiao Chen stood at the edge of the Holy Domain and looked over. The entire world looked gray and hazy, without much color.

The place looked extremely primeval; even the air felt ancient. After staying in the Holy Domain’s Divine Capital for so long, Xiao Chen left the city for the first time.

He felt the shock that this broken world brought once more.

Wind, fire, thunder, and many other Dao merged with the air. It was like the Primal Chaos had not split yet. It was pure yet complex, filled with contradiction.

As Xiao Chen breathed, he could sense the various Dao at any time. It felt mystical.

The area before him was a foggy sea of Primal Chaos, hazy and mysterious, filled with the unknown. Xiao Chen was near the Holy Domain; there was not too much danger. He could see people moving about at any time.

He opened a map of the Faux God World and checked it. Then, he put away this map and activated the Alloy Battle Armor.

Immediately, Xiao Chen appeared valiant and dashing. With the silver Alloy Battle Armor covering him, he looked extremely tyrannical. As his hair flew about, he exuded sharpness. Then, he placed his Tyrant Saber on his back before soaring into the air.

When fully armored, Xiao Chen could bring out his greatest strength at any moment.

He did this because the super faction disciples who died had mostly died before they could bring out their trump cards.

Maintaining the Alloy Battle Armor resulted in a significant drain. However, Xiao Chen could replenish his energy with Origin Liquid at any time.

Compared to his life, this drain was nothing.


The moment Xiao Chen left the Holy Domain, he immediately felt the astral winds blowing and the chaotic Dao in the wind.

There were all sorts of strange energies—fire, ice, and many others. This made it hard for one to resist. Fortunately, Xiao Chen had the Alloy Battle Armor to protect him.

Cuirass, sabatons, pauldrons, vambraces, greaves, and the many other parts comprised a whole. They flowed with a silver light, forming an invisible barrier blocking these astral winds.

Indeed, the Holy Domain had Divine Energy protecting it. After leaving the Holy Domain, the savage side of the Faux God World showed itself.

Xiao Chen pondered this in his heart as he flew cautiously towards his destination.

The place Xiao Chen headed for was known as the Ice Fire Wasteland. It was about a tenth of the size of the Holy Domain. This could be considered a rather large continent. However, its environment was harsh, and Faux Beasts wandered the place. This was a land of experiential training.

The many super faction members usually came here for experiential training, hunting Faux Beasts.

The Ice Fire Wasteland was not very far but was not that near, either. It mostly contained Sovereign-Personage-level Faux Beasts. If one went deep into it, one would reach the depths of the Faux God World. The danger there would be completely different.


Suddenly a beast’s claw appeared in the sea of clouds below without any warning, trying to grab Xiao Chen.

Even though it was just a beast’s claw, it was the size of a small mountain. When the claw came over, it completely obscured Xiao Chen’s vision.

“Divine Firmament Nine Variations, Traceless Lightning Shadow!”

“Whoosh!” Only a dim, purple electric mark remained where Xiao Chen had been. He appeared at the side as though he teleported.

Then, he grasped the Tyrant Saber on his back with his right hand and instantly drew it, then chopped down with a purple saber light.


The saber light cut open the beast’s claw, and a clump of blue liquid shot out, looking like blood.

Clad in the Alloy Battle Armor, Xiao Chen held the Tyrant Saber upraised and watched calmly as the beast’s claw disappeared. The sea of clouds sank in, and undercurrents flowed. Who knew what other dangers hid in there?

“I got pretty lucky.”

Xiao Chen sheathed his saber, took out a jade bottle, and collected the blue liquid that had shot out. The collected Primeval Divine Liquid needed to be refined before one could absorb it.

When the Heavenly Realm shattered, the entire Primal Chaos space lost its previous stability. The order of space and time fell into disorder. The place under the cloud sea was an absolute forbidden land. Even Faux Gods did not dare to venture there casually.

The strength of Deep Sea Faux Beasts—the Faux Beasts born under the cloud sea—was exceptionally horrifying. However, they usually would not appear.

Once these Deep Sea Faux Beasts appeared, the Faux God World’s experts would sense them. If they were no longer under the cloud sea, it would be relatively easy for the Faux God experts to kill them.

The Primeval Divine Liquid that the Deep Sea Faux Beasts left behind after they died was also highly tempting to Faux Gods.

However, if a person like Xiao Chen went out, the Deep Sea Faux Beasts would occasionally target them. If they caught Xiao Chen, he would die for sure.

The sky was chaotic, and the ground was made up of boundless shattered land. An ancient savage primeval aura spread in the air.

After Xiao Chen left the Holy Domain continent, the Faux God World that appeared before him seemed completely different.

Four hours later, a huge icy continent came into view.

It looked cold and desolate, but the “snowflakes” drifting down on the icy continent were actually flames. If they landed on an ordinary person, they would burn that person to ashes.

Xiao Chen had arrived at his destination, the Ice Fire Wasteland.