Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2144 Raw 2249 : Preparing for Closed-Door Cultivation

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Chapter 2144 Raw 2249 : Preparing for Closed-Door Cultivation

“Strange. He broke two records in a row but stopped on the third floor, not continuing further?”

“Is he too tired? There should be special privileges for breaking records. Those should allow him to rest…”

“Given that, he might have already used the special privilege for breaking the first two records.”

“The one that we need to pay more attention to in the Heavenly Alliance is still Lin Feng. He managed to clear eight floors on his first attempt and reach the ninth floor. That is true strength.”

“That’s right. Compared to breaking records, true strength and personal accumulations are what the Faux God experts pay attention to. That’s why Lin Feng managed to attract four Faux Gods to descend at the same time earlier.”

“Right. If he possessed true strength, there would definitely be Faux Gods appearing. After breaking two records in a row, he should already have attracted the attention of Faux Gods. Since no Faux Gods came down, that means it is just superficial strength. The judgment of Faux Gods is much more accurate than ours.”

Many came upon hearing the news. The super faction disciples who rushed over to the Trial Tower all appeared surprised.

These people all anticipated Xiao Chen breaking another record. Who could have imagined that he would back out?

However, Xiao Chen did not care about any of this. He returned to his group, meeting with Ao Jiao.

“Brother Wu Meng, sorry. I made you lose.”

Wu Meng and Mo Yu had bet on whether Xiao Chen could make it to the sixth floor or not. Now, the results were out. Xiao Chen did not make it to the sixth floor.

However, the matter of breaking the records of two floors had made Wu Meng and Mo Yu forget about this wager long ago.

Compared to the prizes for breaking records, the wager of one hundred Faux God Coins was not worth mentioning.

Wu Meng recovered his wits and said, “Haha! Little Brother Xiao Chen is joking. We already forgot about this bet. Oh, right. Little Brother Xiao Chen, why did you not continue climbing the floors?”

Xiao Chen answered honestly, “I am too drained. I carelessly activated the hardest difficulty of the third floor. My Soul Energy, Veritable Essence Energy, and mind are all drained. If I continue to the next floor, I might be defeated.”

“The hardest difficulty?!”

Wu Meng and Mo Yu breathed in sharply. They appeared extremely shocked as they gazed at Xiao Chen.

To think that Xiao Chen made it through the hardest difficulty on his first attempt. That felt inconceivable.

“We are ashamed of our inferiority.” The two smiled bitterly and performed a cupped-fist salute, promising to gather again in the future.

After the two were far away, Ao Jiao smiled and said, “Congratulations. Let’s go. I’ll bring you to the Ten Thousand Treasure Pavilion. As long as you have sufficient Faux God Coins, you can obtain any resource you want there.”

“Alright, let’s go.”

Now that Xiao Chen had a lot of money, he naturally had to spend it on resources to increase his strength.

Although the two left, the crowd continued to throng the Trial Tower, influenced by the excitement of Xiao Chen breaking two records.

Many people felt that today was a good day, and they had to give it a try. Perhaps they might break a record too.


Up in the sky, in a certain Faux God’s palace:

Xi Mu appeared somewhat unsightly. He sulked in silence.

The old man across Xi Mu knew his friend’s character. Xi Mu was reclusive and had very few friends. He was very proud, and his temper could be called eccentric. However, he was extremely strong and proud of his saber skills.

Clearly, Xi Mu found the defeat of his statue in the Trial Tower somewhat unacceptable.

“Don’t overthink. Most people left their statues in the Trial Tower so these juniors could trample on them. My statue already lost over a hundred years ago. Furthermore, those statues only represent our previous strength. It is nothing—”

That old man had only gotten halfway with his consoling words when Xi Mu interrupted him. “That is not what I am feeling frustrated about. Earlier, four or five Faux Gods sent voice projections to me, asking if I will take in Xiao Chen.”

The old man’s eyes lit up as he immediately understood. Clearly, Xiao Chen’s potential caught the attention of some Faux God bladesmen.

These Faux Gods felt interested, but Xiao Chen defeated Xi Mu’s statue. Hence, they had to ask Xi Mu first before they took Xiao Chen in as their disciple.

“What did you say?”

“I told them to stop targeting Xiao Chen. A bunch of mediocre people misdirecting their disciples.”

Despite being a Faux God, Xi Mu did not hold back when criticizing his fellow Faux Gods.

“In that case, do you intend to take in Xiao Chen?”

“How can I take him in? I already lost to him. How am I to face him?” Fiendish Saber Xi Mu exclaimed in frustration, appearing quite upset and depressed.

“Hahaha! So, that’s the case. I was wondering why you appear so conflicted. What are you planning to do? It’s not good if you don’t let others teach him but do not teach him yourself,” the old man said with a smile.

“What should I do…what should I do…” Fiendish Saber Xi Mu said some thoughtless words before going off, leaving the other old man alone.

“My old friend will be frustrated to death by his temper sooner or later,” the old man said with a smile. Then, he shook his head and sighed.

If Xiao Chen knew that this was why no Faux Gods appeared, what would he think?


At this moment, Xiao Chen and Ao Jiao were already in the Ten Thousand Treasure Pavilion.

The glorious and grand Ten Thousand Treasure Pavilion had a total of three floors. Many shocking supreme treasures were on display there—precious Spirit Herbs, Cultivation Technique secret manuals, Profound Tools, treasures, all sorts of divine materials and strange items, and many others. It did not lack anything.

The various treasures had the corresponding Faux God Coin price indicated below. Xiao Chen and Ao Jiao could only buy things on the first floor. They could not go to the higher floors.

“Divine Firmament Nine Variations (incomplete), a lightning-attribute Movement Technique from the ancient period that was the peak of the Martial Epoch. It has been passed down for a long time…”

A brown metal fragment caught Xiao Chen’s eye. This was an ancient Movement Technique, created during the peak of the Martial Epoch. Although it was incomplete, it still held an extremely strong attraction for Xiao Chen.

“How expensive! This Movement Technique costs five thousand Faux God Coins,” Ao Jiao muttered after seeing it.

“Furthermore, it is incomplete and might not be that useful. Wait, I nearly forgot. You broke two records in a row, so you do not lack Faux God Coins.”

Xiao Chen nodded and said, “It is rare to find a high-ranked Movement Technique that is compatible with me. Even if it is not worth it, there is no harm.”

He placed sufficient Faux God Coins under the pedestal, and the restrictions automatically disappeared, allowing him to take away this metal fragment.

Since there is an ancient Movement Technique like the Divine Firmament Nine Variations, are there any incomplete copies of the Mahāmāyā Abstinence Violation Saber Technique?

Xiao Chen went to the counter and asked the woman behind it whether he could exchange for the Mahāmāyā Abstinence Violation Saber Technique.

“Sorry, there are no incomplete copies of the Mahāmāyā Abstinence Violation Saber Technique in the Ten Thousand Treasure Pavilion. Even if there were, we could not sell it to you.”


“The Hidden Spirit Temple has been searching for this Saber Technique. So, we cannot sell this Buddhist sect forbidden technique to you.”

Xiao Chen was slightly surprised to hear that. He had forgotten about that.

“Very well. Help me exchange for five thousand Faux God Coins of Origin Liquid. Also, please give me a list of all the Extreme Yin or Extreme Yang flames you have. Help me find an ancient Saber Technique, as well.”

“Sure, please wait for a while.”

Xiao Chen had obtained over twenty-three thousand Faux God Coins on this day. He did not feel any heartache at spending them. Ao Jiao grew slightly flabbergasted as she watched from the side.

When the two left the Ten Thousand Treasure Pavilion, Xiao Chen had only one thousand Faux God Coins left.

“You exchanged for a lot of Origin Liquid. Are you going into closed-door cultivation to raise your cultivation?”

Origin Liquid was a pure spiritual liquid generated by Spirit Jade Origins. It was extremely precious and worth cities. Even Sovereign Emperors used it to cultivate. No matter how much one used, it would not have any side effects.

Back when Xiao Chen entered the Heavenly Alliance, he received some Origin Liquid and had not used it yet.

Xiao Chen nodded. “My cultivation is still somewhat too low. As long as I have sufficient Origin Liquid in the Faux God World, my cultivation can advance rapidly.”

Right now, Xiao Chen was only a Great Perfection Sovereign Personage. Compared to the other people in the Faux God World, his cultivation was too weak.

“By the time you come out, I will probably have left the Faux God World already.”

Ao Jiao saw that Xiao Chen had prepared a lot of resources, including one thousand five hundred kilograms of Origin Liquid, and had the Divine Firmament Nine Variations Movement Technique to comprehend. He could not finish all this without at least one and a half years.

Xiao Chen said after some thought, “It’s fine. When I leave the Faux God World, I will go to the Golden Crow Empire to find you. You just need to wait one year for me outside.”

Ao Jiao smiled and said, “I’ll wait for you, then. However, make sure to keep your word.”

“I promise.”

Xiao Chen felt that it was a pity, as well. They had just reunited and had not had much time to chat before they had to part again.

However, time was precious in the Faux God World. This place gathered all the geniuses and outstanding talents of the various super factions.

If one did not work hard, it would be too late for regrets when one had to leave the Faux God World.

After saying goodbye to Ao Jiao, Xiao Chen returned to his courtyard, only to discover a middle-aged man waiting for him there.

Xiao Chen could not help feeling suspicious, finding this strange.

This middle-aged man emanated saber intent from his body and was a Sovereign Emperor. He appeared handsome and extraordinary.

The strange thing was this person’s cultivation. It was not unusual to see Faux Gods or Sovereign Personages in the Faux God World. However, Sovereign Emperors were rare.

“You are?” Xiao Chen asked curiously after stepping forward.

“Young Master Xiao, I am Lu Benwei. I am here on the order of my master, Xi Mu, and have waited here for a while.”

Xiao Chen’s eyes could not help lighting up when he heard that. Xi Mu!