Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2141 Raw 2246 : Clearing a Floor Once More

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Chapter 2141 Raw 2246 : Clearing a Floor Once More

“Trial Taker Xiao Chen, congratulations. This is your reward,” the little light figure, the Trial Tower’s Item Spirit, said as it looked at Xiao Chen.

Then, the desert scene vanished, and Xiao Chen reappeared in the Trial Tower.


A chest fell, and Xiao Chen reached out and caught it. When he opened the chest, he saw piles of Faux God Coins neatly arranged.

With a quick scan, he felt surprised to discover a total of thirteen thousand one hundred Faux God Coins.

Ten thousand was the reward for breaking the record. One hundred should be the basic reward for passing the floor.

Where did the remaining three thousand come from?

Xiao Chen looked at the Item Spirit in confusion. The little light figure smiled and said, “There are two ways to break a record. The first is after making multiple attempts. The other is breaking the record on the first attempt. The latter will receive hidden rewards.

“The hidden reward for the first floor is three thousand Faux God Coins.”

Now, Xiao Chen understood. He looked at the Faux God Coins and grabbed a fistful with his right hand. Then, he let the coins slide through his fingers.

Breaking a record!

When Xiao Chen figured out that the black-clad cultivator was a simplified combat puppet, he felt that he had the opportunity to break the record.

At first, he had held back. That was so he could figure out his opponent’s strength and erupt with his full strength, easily unleashing his most powerful killing move.

Grim Reaper Lin Feng had made his way to the ninth floor on his first attempt, prompting four Faux God experts to come at once, shocking everyone.

However, Lin Feng had not broken any records.

Perhaps Lin Feng could break the records of the higher floors after many attempts. However, he had not broken any records on his first attempt, unlike Xiao Chen.

“It appears easy to break the record for the first floor. However, it is actually challenging to do so. This is because of the Trial Tower’s rules. After you clear the first floor, you cannot rechallenge it. You will continue from where you last got defeated.”

The little light figure said after a pause, “As a result, no one broke this record in over one thousand years. Hence, the total reward accumulated to ten thousand Faux God Coins. The record for the second floor has not stood for that long, broken one century ago. The reward is only three thousand Faux God Coins.”

So, that was the case. The longer a record remained unbroken, the greater the reward.

Of course, if one broke the record of a higher floor, such as those for floors above twenty, the reward would be more generous since the corresponding basic reward would reflect the increased difficulty.

“Now, you have a special privilege: you can freely choose the trial location for the second floor and get to know the content of the second floor’s trial in advance.”

That nice? However, this does not seem fair to the others.

Actually, there was nothing unfair about this. Xiao Chen gained this special privilege with his own strength. The others could obtain the same thing with their strength.

“First, tell me about the second stage’s trial content.”

“The trial content of the second stage is the same as the first stage. You will fight against combat puppets. However, they will be twenty percent stronger, and instead of nine waves like on the first floor, you will face a total of eighteen waves.”

The difficulty increased significantly, more than doubled. It was truly horrifying.

However, since his opponents were still combat puppets, even if they were stronger than the Black and White Eggs from back then, Xiao Chen remained confident of breaking the record.

Xiao Chen had four years more experience than others in fighting combat puppets—more than four years struggling against Faux-God-level combat puppets.

Now, he needed to consider the location of his battle.

After thinking for a while, Xiao Chen chose the snowy plains, a land of snow and ice.

Why did Xiao Chen not choose a place like a thunder marsh? It was because his opponent possessed the Thunder Dao Domain as well. Although such a location could strengthen him, it would strengthen his enemy as well. On the other hand, while he did not grasp the Ice Dao Domain, he comprehended the Ice Great Dao, which would give him an edge in the snowy plains.

“Are you sure you want the snowy plains?” the little light figure asked.

“I’m sure.”

“Trial Taker Xiao Chen, I bid you good luck.”

The little light figure gave Xiao Chen its blessings and sent him to the Trial Tower’s second floor. It was as he expected; vast and endless snowy plains with heavy snow falling appeared before him.


Compared to Xiao Chen’s calm indifference at breaking the record, the members of the Heavenly Alliance and the other super factions outside the Trial Tower still felt stupefied.

“Miss Ao Jiao, how come no one broke the first floor’s record in the past one thousand years?”

Wu Meng and Mo Yu still felt excited. Finding this development inconceivable, they could not help asking Ao Jiao about it.

Ao Jiao said after some thought, “It is not just unbroken for one thousand years. Since this Trial Tower’s existence, the first floor’s record has been broken only three times in total. Xiao Chen’s record is the fourth time.”

Wu Meng and Mo Yu were startled. Unexpectedly, the seemingly simple first floor had its record broken only four times.

However, it made sense after they thought about it. When they first entered the Trial Tower and faced the first trial, they were inexperienced and got caught off guard. They even nearly lost. By the time they calmed down, they had already spent significant precious time.

The two had taken much more time than Xiao Chen had.

The others had probably lost even more time than them.

“How did this fellow break the record for the first floor? No, I have to inform Senior Brother Mu.” Horror flashed in the eyes of a Profound Heaven Holy Land disciple. Then, he said after a pause, “Wait here and watch that fellow. See how many floors he can clear. I’ll go and inform Senior Brother.”


As this person dashed away, many other cultivators flew over from all directions. They all rushed over to take a look after seeing the profound light illuminating the entire Divine Capital and hearing that someone broke a record.


In a certain Faux God’s palace in the air, Fiendish Saber Xi Mu and the old man across him remained silent for a long time.

“Old fellow, what do you think?” the other old man asked with a grave expression.

At first, this old man did not think much of Xiao Chen, considering him too inexperienced and lacking in maturity compared to Saber Demon Wu Meng.

However, Xiao Chen broke the first floor’s record on his first attempt—something outside the two Faux Gods’ expectations.

That was not the main point. The main point was Xiao Chen’s final strike, the Mahāmāyā Abstinence Violation Saber Technique’s Entering Hell.

Xi Mu remained silent for a long time before letting out a drawn-out sigh, “A little strong…”

The other old man felt slightly startled. Xi Mu’s evaluation was a little over the top. When Xi Mu said “a little strong,” he was not referring to Xiao Chen’s strength but to Xiao Chen’s saber Dao. Xi Mu was known as the Fiendish Saber and had lived a long life. Regarding bladesmen, he could be said to be the strongest after a particular person.

Right now, Xiao Chen was only a Sovereign Personage, and his saber skills could catch Xi Mu’s attention, even gaining Xi Mu’s praise.

“To think that two such incredible geniuses appeared in the Heavenly Alliance in this batch,” the old man muttered. The other genius naturally was Grim Reaper Lin Feng.

At this moment, the two already filed Xiao Chen under the same category as Lin Feng. However, due to Xiao Chen’s youth, he had even more potential.


At an underground secret room in a secluded courtyard in the Holy Domain’s Divine Capital:

“Senior Brother Mu, things are not good…”

This place was where Mu Yunzhu was undergoing closed-door cultivation. After his gains at the Comprehension Platform, he entered closed-door cultivation to digest his comprehensions.

Mu Yunzhu slowly opened his eyes and said indifferently, “Didn’t I say before, do not interrupt me unless there is something urgent? What do you want? Blurt it out.”

“Senior Brother, that fellow that you asked us to keep an eye on, he…he broke a record today. He broke the record for the Trial Tower’s first floor!”

“What?! The first floor’s record? Is that true?!”

“It’s true!”

Mu Yunzhu immediately stood up. A strange light flashed in his eyes. If Xiao Chen had broken the record for another floor, he would not feel this surprised.

The Glory Stele outside the Trial Tower also had Mu Yunzhu’s name.

Mu Yunzhu was also a genius that had broken the Trial Tower’s records, more than once even. However, no one had managed to break the first floor’s record for more than one thousand years.

Even the despair-inducing Universe Origin Sect’s Chu Chaoyun could not break the first floor’s record, yet that Xiao Chen succeeded.

What did this mean? It meant that Xiao Chen’s current strength was greater than theirs when they first arrived in the Faux God World.

The potential of such an opponent inspired terror.

In reality, Mu Yunzhu overthought. Xiao Chen’s current strength was not much higher than theirs when they first came to the Faux God World.

His extraordinary strength aside, Xiao Chen could break the record mostly due to his four years of experience fighting the Black and White Eggs.

However, Mu Yunzhu did not know this. Now, he felt somewhat unsettled.

“No, I have to go and take a look. Is his strength that terrifying? How come I did not see it back then?”

Without saying anything more, Mu Yunzhu quickly walked out of the secret room with a sullen expression.

Just as Mu Yunzhu reached the courtyard’s doors, an intense light suddenly appeared before the two.

The Profound Heaven Holy Land disciple who came to deliver the news found the light too piercing and had to shield his eyes with his sleeves.

“Trial Taker Xiao Chen, congratulations on breaking the record of the Trial Tower’s second floor. This record remained unbroken for one hundred years. Hence, the Heavenly Alliance’s Xiao Chen is rewarded with an extra three thousand Faux God Coins!”

The light scattered, and a resonant voice rang out in the two’s ears, leaving Mu Yunzhu slightly stunned and stupefied.

Xiao Chen had cleared the second floor and broken another record.