Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2140 Raw 2245 : The Heavenly Alliance’s Xiao Chen

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Chapter 2140 Raw 2245 : The Heavenly Alliance’s Xiao Chen

A blazing sun hung high in the sky, and yellow sand filled the place. Endless sand dunes were everywhere, looking like a golden sea.

The content of the trial?

As Xiao Chen stood on the sea of sand, he looked around cautiously. He thought about how the trial would take place, not daring to let down his guard.

Although he felt fully confident of making it past the third floor, several people of the Heavenly Alliance fell on the first floor after getting careless.


Suddenly, a black-clad person, with only his eyes exposed, erupted from the sand. This cultivator had twin sabers on his back as he charged at Xiao Chen.

The boundless sand sea soared up like sea waves behind the black-clad man amid rumbling sounds.

This showed how powerful this black-clad man’s aura was.

As the black-clad man drew his twin sabers and chopped them down, he created a terrifying, mysterious phenomenon. The sky instantly turned pitch-black, and a vast and terrifying Saber Might pressed down.

Xiao Chen turned around, drew his saber, and instantly spread out his Thunder Dao Domain.

He endured the other party’s Saber Might as he easily blocked the other party’s twin sabers with his Tyrant Saber. The sand under his feet did not move at all.

“Dang! Dang! Dang!”

The black-clad, masked cultivator did not stop after failing to land a strike. His twin sabers danced around as he launched a frenzied attack in midair.

Thunderclouds immediately covered the sky. Every move carried the power of lightning. This stunned Xiao Chen somewhat. Unexpectedly, the other party had the Thunder Dao Domain as well. The other party’s usage of the twin sabers was also an eye-opener.

This black-clad cultivator’s attacks were very intense, nearly catching Xiao Chen by surprise. His saber skills were extremely exquisite and showed no apparent openings.


Xiao Chen revealed a smile. He temporarily dodged the blades, moving back as he calmly analyzed the opponent’s strength.

In the blink of an eye, the two exchanged more than one hundred moves. Xiao Chen dealt with the moves as they came, not getting flustered at all.

The two fought with their Thunder Dao Domains and clashed with their saber skills. They fought an intense battle in the vast yellow desert.

The other party’s cultivation is one grade higher than mine, and he possesses rich combat experience. He also grasps the Thunder Dao Domain like me. He does not fear pain, and all the damage I dealt him does not seem to affect him.

Why does this feel familiar?

As Xiao Chen analyzed the opponent’s strength, he felt surprised to discover a sense of familiarity.

The Black and White Eggs, combat puppets!

Suddenly, inspiration flashed in his mind.

The black-clad masked cultivator before him seemed very similar to the Black and White Eggs. Could it be that the opponents in the Trial Tower are combat puppets similar to the Black and White Eggs?

If that was true, it would be understandable why some could not even clear the first stage.

After all, Xiao Chen had been humiliated by the Black and White Eggs for four years previously.

While the black-clad masked cultivator before Xiao Chen might be weaker than the Black and White Eggs, not as intelligent as them, and did not possess the strength of Faux Gods, it would be hard for others to adjust to this combat puppet quickly when facing it for the first time. Losing on the first floor was very normal.

If it is as I guessed, then I hold a huge advantage in this trial.

After all, Xiao Chen had fought the Black and White Eggs for four years. He was extremely familiar with such combat puppets, having trained against them for four years.

Compared to the other newcomers, he simply held an enormous advantage.

There’s no rush. I’ll take it slowly…

Xiao Chen thought of a possibility. There might be a massive opportunity before him, and he had to grasp it properly.


The many Heavenly Alliance members outside the Trial Tower and the members of the other super factions paid attention to Xiao Chen’s trial.

After all, Xiao Chen was the youngest Heavenly Alliance member in history. One month ago, he kicked up a massive storm.

If Xiao Chen did not show any results in the Trial Tower, others would mock him.

This was especially so for the Profound Heaven Holy Land’s people. They wished that Xiao Chen would get eliminated on the first floor.


Up in the palace in the sky, the old man across Faux God Xi Mu said indifferently, “It looks like this Xiao Chen is just average and does not really stand out.”

Unlike the people below, Faux Gods could look into the Trial Tower. The two Faux Gods could see Xiao Chen’s every action in detail.

Xi Mu shook his head and said, “That’s not necessarily so. Look at his eyes; they are pure and clear. From the very start, they showed no fluctuations, like still water in an ancient well. Clearly, he possesses an extraordinary mental state, and the saber skills he has shown are even more exquisite.”

“Exquisite?” The other old man appeared confused. Although he was not skilled in the saber, he could tell that Xiao Chen’s saber skills did not stand out in any aspect.

Xi Mu smiled faintly as he said, “Yes, very exquisite. He is testing the strength of this combat puppet. However, he uses his saber skills to prevent the combat puppet from advancing further as he tests it. He has perfect control of his strength, not a bit more or less, wasting nothing, greatly benefiting him. While he appears ordinary, in reality, this is impossible without a firm foundation.”

After all, Xi Mu was a Faux God famed for his saber skills. His eyes were sharp and accurate. From Xiao Chen’s performance, he already understood that he had erred in his evaluation of him.

This Xiao Chen was definitely not an arrogant person who overreached.

“However, this is the Faux God World, the place where the capable and talented gather. While he is pretty good now, that is all. It is far from sufficient for the Faux God World,” Xi Mu said, changing the topic. He had set his sights very high, and the meaning of his words was obvious.

Xiao Chen was pretty good but was still too inexperienced. To others, he might be an outstanding talent. To Xi Mu, he was still too inferior, unable to reach the standard necessary to carry on Xi Mu’s mantle.

The old man across Xi Mu smiled faintly. It looks like the lucky person to carry on Fiendish Saber Xi Mu’s mantle will be the Heavenly Alliance’s Wu Meng.


Inside the Trial Tower, amid the vast desert:

“I’m nearly there. It is as I guessed. The opponent in this Trial Tower is a weaker version of the Black and White Eggs.”

In which case, there was no need for Xiao Chen to continue messing with it.

With this thought, Xiao Chen’s aura suddenly changed.

Flawless saber Dao! My body as a saber, my items as a saber, my thoughts as a saber!

In that instant, saber light appeared all over Xiao Chen’s body. His white robes were sabers, his hair was all sabers, the grains of sand around him were sabers, everything became sabers.

“Ka ca!”

One swing. With just one swing, thousands upon thousands of saber lights instantly stabbed the black-clad cultivator, piercing thousands of holes in it. Intense saber light burst out of every hole. Then, there was a ‘crack, and the black-clad cultivator crumbled into a pile of debris. It was indeed a combat puppet.



The two Faux Gods paying attention to Xiao Chen in the palace felt indescribably shocked.

How could Xiao Chen suddenly destroy the combat puppet in the blink of an eye with one saber strike?

One moment earlier, Xiao Chen appeared calm and steady, looking gentle. In the next moment, he appeared sharp with saber intent soaring into the clouds. This felt unbelievable.


A thunderous sound roared again, and the sand sea surged on both sides of Xiao Chen, like huge waves sweeping over. Another two combat puppets appeared.

“Good timing.”

Xiao Chen’s battle hunger was at its peak. He smiled and did not hold back, continuing to execute the Flawless Saber Technique.

“Dragon Subduing Stance! Falling Moon Stance! Cloud Reaching Stance!”

Saber intent instantly drizzled throughout the vast desert. The desert churned under Xiao Chen’s feet like a real sea.


Three moves. In just three moves, Xiao Chen chopped the two combat puppets into pieces, appearing very tyrannical.

This performance flabbergasted the two spectating Faux God old men. He did not look like a newcomer.

Xiao Chen grasped all the openings and weaknesses of these combat puppets. His self-created saber Dao made the old men gasp in amazement, their eyes lighting up.


Xiao Chen did not get cocky. If he had not improved after being humiliated by the Black and White Eggs for several years, he might as well commit suicide.

After he destroyed the two combat puppets, three combat puppets appeared. After he destroyed them, four more appeared.

This continued until nine combat puppets appeared before Xiao Chen. Then, the voice of the Trial Tower’s Item Spirit rang out beside him.

“Trial Taker Xiao Chen, this is the final wave. If you kill off all your opponents, you will pass the trial.”

The final wave?

In that case, let’s end it on a big bang. The successive victories significantly boosted Xiao Chen’s momentum, having pushed it to the peak long ago. However, it continued to soar.

The blazing saber intent and the thunderclouds covering the sky swallowed up everything, unblockable.

“Mahāmāyā Abstinence Violation Saber Technique, Entering Hell!”

For the final wave of attacks, Xiao Chen directly brought out his strongest killing move—the Mahāmāyā Abstinence Violation Saber Technique’s move with the strongest offensive power and most ruthless energy.

Buddha said, if I don’t enter hell, who will?

Saber light spread across the vast desert, and winds blew everywhere. The sound of ghosts wailing and howling rang out, presenting an indistinct Asura Hell.

The howling saber wind made the sand sea undulate with waves, never stopping for a moment.

The Asura Hell fully materialized and surrounded Xiao Chen in layers. Thousands of evil ghosts and boundless aggrieved spirits appeared. It seemed like he had incorporated the hell into his body. If he got careless, he might turn into a demon emperor of hell.

Intense flames covered Xiao Chen’s entire body, burning endlessly. He appeared crazed, with a malevolent expression. Only his eyes remained as calm as still water.

The Buddhist swastika appeared on his forehead.

The instant the Buddhist swastika appeared, the various evil ghosts, aggrieved spirits, and demons of hell on Xiao Chen entered his saber.

In that instant, Xiao Chen no longer looked like he held a saber but an evil dragon from hell that ruled the world, one that desired to destroy the world.

Xiao Chen felt that the saber in his hand could even break through the sky. The powerful energy contained in his saber made him tremble, loosening his grip.

The moment the nine combat puppets charged over, Xiao Chen roared and swung his saber.

Light exploded. Before the nine combat puppets could react, his force blasted them to dust. Then, the shock waves reduced the dust to nothing.

When the light scattered and the storm calmed, only the hum of Xiao Chen’s saber remained in the desert. Everything else was silent.


Outside the Trial Tower, everyone chatted casually. They were not worried about Xiao Chen clearing the first floor.

Of course, a group of people wished that Xiao Chen would lose on the first floor.

“Humph! Don’t get eliminated on the first floor. Otherwise, you will become a big joke!” a Profound Heaven Holy Land disciple said as he stared at the Trial Tower with bad intentions.


Suddenly, the ground started shaking intensely. A terrifying might and pressure erupted from the Trial Tower.

Besides Xiao Chen, all the disciples in the Trial Tower got ejected.

“What’s going on? My trial has not ended yet, right?”

These people felt baffled, not knowing what happened.

The people of the Heavenly Alliance and the other super factions also appeared confused, equally clueless.


Suddenly, the Glory Stele flared with a bright light, a light even more dazzling than the sun’s, illuminating the entire Divine Capital.

After the light scattered, a name on the Glory Stele changed.

Then, a resonant voice echoed throughout the Holy Domain’s Divine Capital, ringing in every corner. “Trial Taker Xiao Chen, congratulations on breaking the record of the Trial Tower’s first floor. This record remained unbroken for nearly one thousand years. Hence, the Heavenly Alliance’s Xiao Chen is rewarded with an extra ten thousand Faux God Coins!”

The members of the Heavenly Alliance and the other super factions outside the Trial Tower were stupefied and flabbergasted.

Several disciples in closed-door cultivation opened their eyes and looked in the direction of the Trial Tower.

Many Faux Gods appeared in the palaces that they lived in, silently taking a look.

“How did he break the record?”

“Is that true?”

Saber Demon Wu Meng and Spear Sovereign Mo Yu were both dumbstruck. They had not expected this at all.

“Trial Taker Xiao Chen, congratulations on breaking the record of the Trial Tower’s first floor. This record remained unbroken for nearly one thousand years. Hence, the Heavenly Alliance’s Xiao Chen is rewarded with an extra ten thousand Faux God Coins!”

The resonant voice rang out again, the announcement repeating three times. The lingering sound continued to reverberate in the surroundings, informing everyone that this was real.

“Someone finally broke the record for the first floor…” the white-bearded old man in charge of the Trial Tower said with a drawn-out sigh as he showed a complicated expression.