Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2138 Raw 2243 : Grim Reaper Lin Feng

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Chapter 2138 Raw 2243 : Grim Reaper Lin Feng

“Chu Chaoyun? Is that the Chu Chaoyun that I know?”

Ordinary people would not come in contact with the eight super factions. They could only know about the factions that represented them.

The faction that represented the Universe Origin Sect was the Tianwu Dynasty, one of the three dynasties that occupied the Central Great Realm’s central region, a major faction.

Furthermore, the person who held the eightieth-floor record was the Universe Origin Sect’s Chu Chaoyun.

That was to say, this person should have come from the Tianwu Dynasty. So, this could be the Chu Chaoyun that Xiao Chen knew, the Chu Chaoyun that came to the Great Thousand Realms from the Kunlun Realm using the divine item that the Tianwu Emperor left behind.

Ao Jiao affirmed Xiao Chen’s guess. She said softly, “That’s right. It is the Chu Chaoyun that you know. I met him five years ago. However, he caught the attention of a powerhouse of the Faux God World and received closed-door guidance. It is hard to say whether he is still in the Faux God World or not.”

It really is him!

Xiao Chen could not help reminiscing. After a while, he asked, “Why do you say that it is hard to say whether he is still in the Faux God World or not?”

Ao Jiao explained, “According to the Faux God World’s rules, one has to leave upon reaching the Divine Vein Realm, even if the ten years are not up. He possesses extraordinary talent and received closed-door guidance from a Faux God World powerhouse, so he might have already reached the Divine Vein Realm.”

Ao Jiao’s words shocked Xiao Chen.

After so many years of separation, Chu Chaoyun has already grown this strong?

If that is the case, then there is only one possibility. He must have contacted the Tianwu Dynasty’s royal court and enjoyed the royal court’s resources in the past years. After that, he entered the Universe Origin Sect and got sent to the Faux God World.

This placed some pressure on Xiao Chen, but it did not make him overly anxious.

He had acquired a Divine Body and possessed a Grade 8 Azure Dragon bloodline. His cultivation would definitely be slower than others If his physical body were similar to that of other people, he would have reached Peak Sovereign Personage long ago.

All he had to do was continue on his path without hurrying, slowly building up his accumulations. He would eventually arrive at the endpoint, possibly ahead of others.

Xiao Chen had confidence in himself. These ten years in the Faux God World was the most crucial time for his climb to the peak.

He continued scanning down the Glory Stele and discovered that the record holder for many of the floors was Chu Chaoyun.

“This fellow…I really want to meet him again,” Xiao Chen murmured, feeling shocked.

The other people of the Heavenly Alliance also felt shocked at seeing this name appear so many times; many of them felt envious.

“The other super factions indeed have deeper accumulations. There is no one from my Heavenly Alliance on this Glory Stele!”

“I heard that we cannot use the Alloy Battle Armor in the Trial Tower. Aside from our own weapons, all other treasures are prohibited.”

“However, we have the four heaven-defying Sovereign Personages in our batch. Perhaps there will be a change.

“I hope so.”

As the crowd discussed the situation, an old man with white eyebrows and beard walked out of the Trial Tower. After eyeing the crowd, he smiled and said, “So, the Heavenly Alliance newcomers have arrived. No wonder so many people appeared together.”

Clearly, this white-bearded old man was the person in charge of the Trial Tower. After explaining the rules, he said seriously, “Only five people at most can enter this Trial Tower at any one time. Remember, after entering, do not use any treasures besides your weapons. I will not elaborate on the rest; do as you please.”

After the white-bearded old man spoke, five people immediately entered the Trial Tower, feeling confident.

However, the first eliminated person appeared after seven or eight minutes, showing an unsightly expression.

This person failed on the first floor.

Time crept by. At first, everyone was raring to try. Gradually, their expressions turned somewhat grim.

Four hours passed, and most people remained stuck on the first floor. Only a rare two or three people made it to the second floor. Not a single person managed to make it to the third floor. The difficulty surpassed everyone’s expectations.

The white-bearded old man smiled and said, “Don’t be too shocked. There is a small hurdle every three floors and a major hurdle every nine floors. Most newcomers get stopped before the third floor. You are very incredible if you can break through the first three floors on your first attempt.”

“So, that is the case.”

“What happens if one breaks through six floors on the first attempt?”

“Haha! If you can break through six floors on your first attempt, all of the Holy Domain’s Faux God powerhouses would fight over you,” the old man replied while chuckling and caressing his beard. He did not believe anyone could break through six floors on their first attempt.

Xiao Chen contemplated the Trial Tower. Is it really that difficult?

“Look! Someone broke through the third floor!”

“It must be Saber Demon Wu Meng!”

A light flickered on the Trial Tower’s fourth floor. Of the five people in there, only Saber Demon Wu Meng possessed such strength.

Fourth floor, fifth floor, sixth floor!

Saber Demon Wu Meng rode the momentum, barging through another two floors after breaking through the third floor. However, he did not last long before suffering defeat on the sixth floor.


Wu Meng appeared, looking somewhat fatigued. However, he could not hide the excitement in his eyes. He said, “Delightful!”

The white-bearded old man’s expression changed slightly as his eyes lit up. A person who could reach the sixth floor on the first attempt was rare, even among the other super factions.

Following that, the Heavenly Alliance’s Spear Sovereign Mo Yu and Sword Venerate Gongzi Lan entered the Trial Tower before everyone’s expectant gaze.

The two did not disappoint them, managing to reach the sixth floor. However, like Wu Meng, they did not last long there before getting defeated.

Of the four heaven-defying Sovereign Personages, only Grim Reaper Lin Feng remained.

Lin Feng showed a cold expression. His expression appeared dull and lonely, not showing any color. No one dared to stare at him for long.


Without any build-up, Lin Feng silently barged into the Trial Tower.

The white-bearded old man was startled. His eyelids twitched as he said, “Death Dao Domain!”

After Lin Feng entered the Trial Tower, several of the Faux God powerhouses in closed-door cultivation in the floating palaces in the Divine Capital’s sky opened their eyes.

Grim Reaper Lin Feng. Before he entered the Faux God World, several of the Holy Domain’s Faux Gods already knew his name.

Many people thought very highly of Lin Feng. This was a person who comprehended the Death Dao Domain. Such a person would definitely become a Sovereign Emperor. If he could ignite a divine flame in the future and become a Faux God, he would immediately rise.

Lin Feng was a rare good seed. Whether taking him in as a disciple, or even a nominal disciple, one would enjoy great benefits.

Ao Jiao said after some thought, “How strong! Your Heavenly Alliance actually managed to take in such a demonic genius. I believe that as long as he breaks through the sixth floor, a Faux God will definitely appear to guide him.”

A Faux God’s time was very precious. Gaining the closed-door guidance of a Faux God in the Holy Domain’s Divine Capital was an extremely high honor, something rare and precious.

Xiao Chen said softly, “This person is indeed powerful. However, his character is somewhat strange. I have nearly never heard him speak. His killing Qi is terrifyingly heavy. However, I sense a familiar aura from him.”

“A familiar aura?”

“Yes. However, there is no need to overthink this. Let’s see how many floors he can clear.”

Before everyone’s expectant gaze, Lin Feng, titled Grim Reaper, fought firmly and did not let them down. He broke through the first floor, second floor, third floor, fourth floor, fifth floor, and soon arrived on the crucial sixth floor.

Saber Demon Wu Meng, Spear Sovereign Mo Yu, and Sword Venerate Gongzi Lan appeared somewhat nervous.

Previously, the four were ranked together. The three of them got eliminated on the sixth floor. If Lin Feng managed to clear the sixth floor, it showed that Lin Feng was stronger than them.

These proud people would definitely not be able to accept that.

Time slowly passed. Soon, Lin Feng had spent more time on the sixth floor than Saber Demon Wu Meng and the others.

“Is this fellow really going to break through the sixth floor?” Saber Demon Wu Meng said with a frown. Having experienced the horror of the sixth floor, he naturally knew how hard it was.


Just as Wu Meng, Mo Yu, and Gongzi Lan felt doubts, a light flashed in the Trial Tower, then reappeared on the seventh floor.

Lin Feng had broken through!

Xiao Chen murmured to himself, “He really managed to break through the sixth floor.”

Entering the Holy Domain’s Divine Capital with such a person made one feel a mountain-like pressure.

After breaking through the sixth layer, Lin Feng spent even more time on the seventh floor—severalfold more than on the sixth floor. Clearly, he was already a spent force.

However, Lin Feng persisted and broke through another floor, reaching the eighth floor. Then, he reached the ninth floor before everyone’s shocked gaze.

The jaws of the other super faction disciples nearly fell off in shock. Reaching the ninth floor on the first attempt in the Trial Tower—this was horrifying.

However, the miracle ended there. Lin Feng lost on the ninth floor.

The instant the Trial Tower sent Lin Feng out, four Faux God experts descended from the sky. After revealing themselves, they issued invitations to him.

The strong aura of the Faux Gods gave off an invisible pressure; some people could not breathe.

However, when Lin Feng appeared, the four Faux Gods put on smiles and walked over after withdrawing their auras.

“Haha! I say, there is no need for the four of us to fight here.”

“That’s true. This is not the place to speak. Little Friend Lin Feng, are you willing to come with us and go somewhere else to speak?”

Some hesitation flashed in Lin Feng’s eyes before he nodded silently.


In the blink of an eye, these Faux Gods and Lin Feng disappeared from everyone’s sight.

“Damn! Four powerful Faux Gods simultaneously took a fancy to him!”

The disciples of the other super factions felt somewhat envious upon seeing this scene.

Compared to the newly arrived Heavenly Alliance members, they deeply understood what kind of honor one enjoyed by having a Faux God take a fancy to one. For Faux God experts to use some of their precious time to guide people in a closed-door setting, there would be endless benefits.

However, only geniuses among geniuses could get Faux Gods to take a fancy to them and spend time guiding them.

Under normal circumstances, Faux Gods would not even bother glancing at the unremarkable Sovereign Personages.

Seeing four Faux Gods take Lin Feng away before their eyes, Wu Meng, Gongzi Lan, and Mo Yu felt somewhat helpless.

Gongzi Lan felt somewhat upset as he said, “I can form Divine Energy in advance. Why did no Faux God expert take a fancy to me?”

Wu Meng smiled mockingly. “Save it. Your tricks are nothing before Sovereign Emperors, what more Faux God experts?!”

“Humph! I will prove it to everyone.”

Gongzi Lan snorted coldly and turned to leave. His pride had probably taken a considerable blow.