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Chapter 2137 Raw 2242 : Familiar Name

Xiao Chen sat down, cross-legged, on a True God’s prayer mat. Soon, he sensed the Dao contained in the prayer mat. It felt like a sea spreading out before him.

When he sat down, it was as if a sea materialized from the Dao and swept away all his other thoughts.

Xiao Chen opened his “heart’s eye” and took in everything. These were the marks of the Dao that the various senior experts materialized, showing various mysterious phenomena and worlds.

[TL Note: Heart’s eye likely refers to seeing with the mind.]

The thousands of Dao appeared very complicated. Xiao Chen calmly sought the Dao in this world, materializing the Mahāmāyā Abstinence Violation Saber Technique’s In the Mortal Realm.

In that instant, the many mysterious phenomena disappeared. Only In the Mortal Realm’s mysterious phenomena, which Xiao Chen materialized, remained above the sea.

With the Great Dao sea nurturing Xiao Chen, he could materialize his various thoughts to the limits.

This was boundlessly profound, inspiring marvel. Xiao Chen came immersed, forgetting about everything else.

Soon, he turned into a great Buddha with no expressions as he looked around the surroundings. Who was in the mortal realm? Buddha was in the mortal realm!

Xiao Chen used the swastika Buddhist symbol to summon a supreme killing Buddhist to descend to the world. He used the might of Buddha to shake the world, suppressing everything.

Soon, killing intent gathered in the surroundings, coalescing on the swastika on Xiao Chen’s forehead. Who is in the mortal realm? I am in the mortal realm!

Buddha is me, and I am Buddha. With the saber in my hands, I walk the mortal realm on behalf of Buddha, subduing demons and eradicating evil.

As the mysterious phenomena that Xiao Chen materialized changed more and more, he slowly came to an understanding and gained a sense of clarity.

So, that is what’s happening. It actually does not matter whether it is Buddha in the mortal realm, or I am in the mortal realm.

It depends on how one wants to comprehend and make use of the Mahāmāyā Abstinence Violation Saber Technique’s fourth move, In the Mortal Realm.

If Buddha is in the mortal realm, it leans towards defense and deterrence. It calls the killing Buddha to the world, defending from attacks in all directions and shocking the world’s evils.

If I am in the mortal realm, my murderous intent will be heavier. I walk the mortal realm on behalf of Buddha. I am Buddha, and Buddha is me. I can start a massacre with the saber in my hand. Those who do not honor me are evil.

How tyrannical!

After Xiao Chen gained clarity and comprehended more, he felt somewhat startled. He had not expected the Buddhists, known for their benevolence and beneficence, to have such a tyrannical Martial Technique.

However, after thinking about it, Xiao Chen concluded that it was nothing to be surprised about.

The supreme principle of the world dictated that only the strong could be benevolent. One had the choice of being benevolent only when one was unrivaled. The weak could not even survive; how could they be benevolent and pity others?

The phrase “Buddha is benevolent” actually showed the supreme principles of the Buddhist sect: Unrivaled experts hold mercy in their hearts; the weak are incapable and thus should kneel to Buddha and seek life.

This principle was too profound and abstruse; Xiao Chen did not want to think too deeply about it. Right now, he had two choices before him: am I in the mortal realm or is Buddha in the mortal realm? One focused on offense, and the other focused on defense.

After thinking for a while, Xiao Chen made his choice. He chose defense: Buddha is in the mortal realm.


Once he chose, all but one of the various mysterious phenomena that he materialized vanished. The mysterious phenomenon of a supreme killing Buddha turned into a beam of Buddhist light and entered his forehead. He comprehended the true meaning of In the Mortal Realm.

Xiao Chen opened his eyes and saw several people sitting on prayer mats around him.

He looked around and saw that Ao Jiao and Little Yellow Feather had already left the Comprehension Platform.

Xiao Chen stopped a person and asked, “This brother, do you know how long I spent comprehending here?”

At first, that person looked somewhat impatient. However, when he saw Xiao Chen’s appearance, he asked uncertainly, “The Heavenly Alliance’s Xiao Chen?”

“That is me.”

“So, it is you. Your clash with Mu Yunzhu took place a month ago. You are truly incredible. You just arrived, and you managed to make Mu Yunzhu roll down the Comprehension Platform, letting us benefit. However, speaking of which, you should be careful. Mu Yunzhu said that he would definitely come and look for you half a year later.”

It turned out that one month had passed. This made sense. Xiao Chen had materialized all the various possible mysterious phenomena of In the Mortal Realm above the Dao sea before finally coming to the two correct choices.

As Xiao Chen immersed himself in comprehending, he had forgotten about the time.

“Many thanks.”

Xiao Chen expressed his gratitude and went down alone. Since one month had passed, Ao Jiao should have returned to her residence.

Everyone had only ten years in the Faux God World. Time was limited; no one would waste it.

Without much thought, Xiao Chen headed for his residence.

He had gone to the Comprehension Platform at the start and worked on In the Mortal Realm, the Mahāmāyā Abstinence Violation Saber Technique’s fourth move. He managed to comprehend this move’s true meaning and could execute it in one breath without any obstructions.

Xiao Chen’s choice for In the Mortal Realm fated it to lack a strong killing nature, more focused on defense and deterrence.

However, this was the effect that Xiao Chen wanted.

The might of Entering Hell, the Mahāmāyā Abstinence Violation Saber Technique’s third move, already sufficed as a powerful killing move.

None of the various moves of the Mahāmāyā Abstinence Violation Saber Technique was superior over the others. Each move had its unique points and was suitable for different settings.

Every move was a powerful killing move and could be used as a trump card.

As Xiao Chen grew increasingly familiar with In the Mortal Realm, he sheathed his saber and entered deep thought.

Every move of the Mahāmāyā Abstinence Violation Saber Technique could be a killing move. However, in a normal fight, one could not directly use a killing move; the expenditure would be excessive.

Previously, Xiao Chen had the Army Breaking Saber Technique for normal fights. Now that he had reached the Sovereign Stage, the Army Breaking Saber Technique could no longer keep up.

One could obtain Cultivation Techniques, Martial Techniques, powerful weapons, and any resource that one might want in the Holy Domain’s Divine Capital, provided one had sufficient Faux God Coins.


Just at this moment, Xiao Chen noticed a figure flying towards him from afar.

When he could clearly make out who it was, he saw that it was Ao Jiao. He waved his hand and dismissed the formations and restrictions of his residence.

“Congratulations. You managed to last for an entire month on the Comprehension Platform. You must have gained a lot,” Ao Jiao said with a smile after she landed.

Little Yellow Feather and the Demon Blood Vulture chased after Ao Jiao in the air.

Xiao Chen fixed his gaze on Ao Jiao and smiled softly. “It’s still alright. I managed to comprehend the true meaning of a killing move. At least I did not waste this one month.”

Ao Jiao suggested to Xiao Chen, “Let’s go to the Trial Tower. The first place most newcomers go to after familiarizing themselves with this place is the Trial Tower. Firstly, they can test their strength. Secondly, they can earn Faux God Coins.”

“Should we go later? Right now, my strength still has room for growth.”

According to the Holy Domain envoy’s introduction of the Trial Tower, it was the primary method for newcomers to obtain Faux God Coins.

However, Xiao Chen feared that there were limits to attempts. If he were not strong enough, going would just waste his opportunity.

“It’s fine. There is no limit to the Trial Tower attempts. You can go anytime.”

“Let’s go, then.”

After chatting idly for a while, the two arrived at the Divine Capital’s Trial Tower.

The Trial Tower sat by the largest lake in the city. A small alley covered in bamboo wood led straight to the Trial Tower.

That was a treasure tower made of jade, with a total of eighty-one floors, looking like a treasure sword piercing into the clouds.

The Trial Tower had not opened for the day yet. Several cultivators thronged the entrance, most of them Heavenly Alliance members queueing and waiting.

Xiao Chen sized up the Trial Tower and asked out of curiosity, “How does one obtain Faux God Coins?”

Ao Jiao explained, “When you break through the floors, you will obtain the corresponding Faux God Coins. You can only get Faux God Coins once with this method. This is just the basic reward. Aside from that, there are extra rewards for extraordinary performances.”

“Extraordinary performances?”

“Yes. There is a record of how fast one clears every floor. Getting into the top ten is considered an extraordinary performance. If you can break the record, that would be an incredible feat, and you will receive large sums of Faux God Coins. You might even attract the attention of the senior Faux Gods, who might give you pointers in the Faux God World.”

So, that is the case. This Trial Tower is filled with benefits. Not only can one test one’s strength, but one can also obtain Faux God Coins. If one excels, one can even attract the attention of the Faux God powerhouses.

“Xiao Chen.”

Several people from the Heavenly Alliance recognized Xiao Chen. They had come to know him on the way here, so when they saw him, they greeted him.

Xiao Chen nodded slightly in reply.

“This is…”

Suddenly, Xiao Chen noticed a stone stele in front of the Trial Tower with many people around it.

“This is the Glory Stele. The record holder’s name for every floor is recorded on it.”

Xiao Chen went over and looked from top to bottom. The top row was empty; there were no records set for the eighty-first floor.

He continued looking, and a very familiar name appeared before his eyes.

The record holder for the eightieth floor: Universe Origin Sect—Chu Chaoyun.

Xiao Chen felt startled for a while. Then, he muttered, “Is this the Chu Chaoyun that I know?”