Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2136 Raw 2241 : I’ll Take In This Little Brother

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Chapter 2136 Raw 2241 : I’ll Take In This Little Brother

The light scattered, and Xiao Chen’s and Mu Yunzhu’s figures slowly appeared before everyone’s eyes on the Comprehension Platform.

He moved back!

The one who moved back was not Xiao Chen, but Mu Yunzhu!

Deciding the victor in one move. If Xiao Chen could receive one move from Mu Yunzhu and not move back, he would win. However, no one expected that he would use offense as a defense. He had activated the Alloy Battle Armor and his Great Desolate Eon bloodline and used the strongest move of the Supreme Dragon Fist with Martial and Soul as One. To think that he managed to force back Mu Yunzhu instead.


“Mu Yunzhu was actually forced back!”

Mu Yunzhu paled on the Comprehension Platform. He had calculated for everything, even the horrifying burst from the Supreme Dragon Fist. However, he could not have anticipated that Xiao Chen grasped the mystery of Martial and Soul as One, perfectly merging his will of soul and the Martial Dao.

The Martial Dao was boundlessly ethereal. Only a cultivator with an extremely high mental state cultivation and a clear understanding of their own heart could sense it.

Many people cultivated the Martial Dao all their life yet only knew how to grow stronger continuously. Even on their deathbed, they still could not sense the will of the Martial Dao.

Being able to sense one’s will of the Martial Dao was already extremely rare. Being able to perfectly merge one’s will of the Martial Dao with one’s will of soul would make anyone envious.


Golden light flowed in Xiao Chen’s eyes as he absorbed the backlash. A corner of his lips quirked with a trace of determination.

Honestly speaking, Xiao Chen’s injuries were more severe than Mu Yunzhu’s.

This was how it was with offensive techniques. No matter how much damage one received, one’s aura would always surpass that of one’s opponent. One might inflict one thousand damage to the opponent but sustain eight hundred damage to oneself. Within the same realm, one would be unrivaled. If the other party’s cultivation was much stronger, one might not persist to the end until the opponent died.

“Mu Yunzhu, the victor is already obvious. You can roll off now.”

Ao Jiao came over, smiling with her eyes narrowed slightly like crescent moons. Her young face appeared mischievous.

Mu Yunzhu clenched his teeth and showed an uncertain expression.

Rolling down before everyone would be a great humiliation. How could he, Mu Yunzhu, possibly do something so embarrassing?

However, Mu Yunzhu was the one who raised this bet in the first place. If he did not do it, no one would ever trust him again. He would not have any way to mix around in the Faux God World anymore.

“Senior Brother, I’ll roll off on your behalf.”

Hong Tao, who was at the side, felt very anxious. Mu Yunzhu had lost the face of the Profound Heaven Holy Land. If Mu Yunzhu rolled off, he would greatly embarrass the Profound Heaven Holy Land.

Before Mu Yunzhu could agree, Hong Tao started rolling on the ground, heading for the one hundred thousand steps.

“Come back!” Mu Yunzhu shouted and yanked Hong Tao back. He said sullenly, “I’ll roll on my own!”

After that, Mu Yunzhu stared coldly at Xiao Chen and said, “Today, you got me to roll off these one hundred thousand steps. Next time, I, Mu Yunzhu, will make you climb up these one hundred thousand steps on your knees!”

Xiao Chen simply could not continue watching while Mu Yunzhu put on such a wronged and upset expression, appearing quite determined to succeed. He said indifferently, “Interesting. You speak different things before and after, spouting all sorts of principles. You are even able to fume in rage between gritted teeth as you concede a defeat that you initiated. Who was it who looked down on me for my lower cultivation, trying to agitate me into making a bet to teach me a lesson? Was it not you, Mu Yunzhu?

“Who was the one who monopolized the Comprehension Platform and behaved oppressively? Someone just came up to take a look, and you attacked to teach that person a lesson? Right now, you fell into the trap that you dug, and yet you want to turn things around and take revenge on me? Mu Yunzhu, if that is all you are capable of, quickly scram. Have you not embarrassed yourself enough?”


Xiao Chen lectured Mu Yunzhu to the point where Mu Yunzhu felt like he had no place to hide. He turned livid in extreme frustration.

“You are not convinced of it? Do you feel that I only won because of the Martial and Soul as One? Well, the only thing you have over me is that you came to the Faux God World a few years before me. If I had half a year here, I could defeat you in a frontal confrontation.”

Xiao Chen felt that he would have no problem defeating such a narrow-minded person.

If Mu Yunzhu had not said anything and rolled off now, Xiao Chen would have had a better opinion of him. He made a mental note to be careful of this person in the future.

Right now, Mu Yunzhu put on airs, appearing like he could not afford to lose. Where was his breadth of heart?

“Good. I, Mu Yunzhu, will give you half a year. Half a year later, I will wash off the shame from today’s defeat!”

“Dong! Dong! Dong!”

Feeling very wronged and sullen, Mu Yunzhu started rolling off without saying anything more.

“Senior Brother!”

The Profound Heaven Holy Land’s people immediately felt shocked and flustered. They looked at Xiao Chen and said, “You are dead meat. Your girl has less than half a year in the Faux God World left. Let’s see what you are going to do then!”

These people glared at Xiao Chen, then chased after Mu Yunzhu hurriedly.

Xiao Chen felt slightly shocked to hear that. He looked at Ao Jiao and asked, “You are leaving half a year later? Is that half a year of the outside world or half a year in the Faux God World?”

“Half a year in the Faux God World. As long as one meets the requirements, the members of the other super factions can enter the Faux God World. They have many slots, unlike the Heavenly Alliance, which used up its slots for five hundred years in one go. Looking at the time, I have been here for very long,” Ao Jiao explained to Xiao Chen while smiling.

After getting to meet each other after much difficulty, Xiao Chen, unfortunately, had only half a year with Ao Jiao.

“Hehe! There is no need to be sad. After you go out, you can come to the Golden Crow Empire to look for me anytime. I only need to wait one year for you. Oh, right, Liu Ruyue also came to the Faux God World. However, she does not seem to remember anything. She does not even have an impression of me,” Ao Jiao said with wide eyes, feeling it was somewhat strange.

Xiao Chen’s heart skipped a beat. Unexpectedly, Liu Ruyue was also in the Faux God World.

However, this was not surprising when he thought about it. The Martial God Palace backed the eight great empires. If nothing had happened, Xiao Chen would have joined the Martial God Palace too. He probably would have entered the Faux God World using the Martial God Palace’s slot, so it was not strange that Liu Ruyue came here.

“What’s wrong with you? How can you be so calm when hearing that Liu Ruyue is here?” Ao Jiao asked with a smile as she blinked.

Xiao Chen recovered his wits. He said somewhat sadly, “I have already seen her. The White Dragon King sealed her memories, so she did not have much of an impression of me, either. I also do not know how to face her. I can only help her restore her memories after growing stronger.”

“How silly! Listen to me. She is still single. Who knows how many pursuers she has rejected? How could she so easily forget about Qingyun Peak? She definitely did not forget her feelings from back then. Are you not going to try to pursue her again? Now, she is still single. However, what if—a small chance, but what if—someone manages to chase her before she recovers her memories? You won’t be able to cry if you want to then.”

Ao Jiao criticized Xiao Chen, making him feel somewhat speechless.

Xiao Chen thought about it and agreed. However, he was indeed not that good in this area.

“Let’s take things slowly first. Since there is no one on the Comprehension Platform, I will work on comprehending for now.”

Xiao Chen did not have any good ideas at the moment. He could only keep this in mind and finish up what he had on hand.

After Xiao Chen sat down cross-legged on a True God’s prayer mat, Ao Jiao sighed helplessly. When she saw Little Yellow Feather fly over, she smiled happily. “What an idiot. He is still as silly as before. Little Yellow Feather, what do you think?”

Xiao Chen was indeed an idiot, a silly and foolish blockhead. However, he was still himself, the trashy master that made Ao Jiao worry helplessly and feel her heart shatter.

Little Yellow Feather retorted disdainfully, its voice ringing in Ao Jiao’s mind, Stupid, definitely. Foolish, not necessarily so. If this little big brother did not give a hand with my flames back then, who knows when that stupid fellow would do it with you? Fortunately, he did make a move in the end. He is not hopelessly stupid.

Ao Jiao immediately blushed slightly upon hearing that. She said embarrassedly, “You! Keep speaking nonsense, and I will beat you up.”

Hahaha! I did not speak nonsense, just facts. Haha!

The young girl and the Golden Crow cheerily teased each other. After a while, she grabbed hold of Little Yellow Feather and said with a smile, “Alright, that’s enough. Don’t make any more noise. Xiao Chen is comprehending.”

Alright, I’ll stop making noise.

“Ga! Ga! Ga! Ga!”

Just at this moment, a strange cry rang out. Scarlet light flashed on Xiao Chen. The Demon Blood Vulture appeared, and its eyes reddened. Then, it excitedly flew towards the Golden Crow, letting out strange cries.

Ao Jiao frowned slightly. This should be Xiao Chen’s demonic pet. However, why does it feel…a little stupid?

Golden Crow! Golden Crow!

The Demon Blood Vulture was a mutated beast that had a trace of some Holy Beast’s bloodline. It immediately felt the pure Divine Might coming from the Golden Crow and became uncontrollably excited.

This was like how a human might react upon seeing the idol that they worshiped for a long time.

Who are you?

Big Brother, I am Demon Blood Vulture. At the Golden Crow’s response, the Demon Blood Vulture’s excitement immediately waxed even stronger. That’s not right. I should call you Bird King, Great King Golden Feather. I’ll hang around with you.

Hahaha! Everything can be discussed. Everything can be discussed. Your master used to hang around with me in the past as well. You have good eyes. I’ll take in this little brother, Little Yellow Feather said while chirping.