Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2135 Raw 2240 : Who Won and Who Lost?

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Chapter 2135 Raw 2240 : Who Won and Who Lost?

The first thing that appeared in everyone’s vision on the one hundred thousand steps was a glistening, golden little bird with flames burning on all the feathers of its body.

The moment the bird appeared, the other Profound Heaven Holy Land disciples on the Comprehension Platform retreated with some fear.

Even Mu Yunzhu’s expression changed slightly. However, he did not move back.

Closely after that, the main character appeared. An exquisite, petite, and proud figure with the face of a young woman appeared.

The one who came was Ao Jiao, the Golden Crow Empire’s Solar Divine Daughter.

Ao Jiao glanced at Mu Yunzhu and said coldly, “You’d best pray that nothing happened to him.”

As Ao Jiao spoke, she walked quickly to Xiao Chen’s side and checked on him.

The Dao-infused voice had infiltrated Xiao Chen’s Soul Pool. This shook his soul and was somewhat challenging to deal with. However, it was not fatal.

It would not be a big problem after some rest.

“Unexpectedly, we meet again under such circumstances.” Xiao Chen smiled bitterly.

When Xiao Chen heard Ao Jiao’s voice, he knew who it was. He felt somewhat embarrassed at letting her see his weak side.

However, this feeling only lasted an instant. The joy of seeing Ao Jiao again overcame it.

When Ao Jiao saw that Xiao Chen was fine, her worried heart immediately relaxed.

Glaring at him, she scolded, “You stupid fellow, what are you saying? Had I come one moment later, you would have fallen off these one hundred thousand steps. It would have been excruciating.”

A scene of him rolling down the steps immediately appeared in Xiao Chen’s mind. He imagined being seen by Ao Jiao after rolling off and falling to the ground, unable to get up.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly. In comparison, the current situation was indeed much better.

“How come you are here?” Xiao Chen asked curiously. He was astonished to see Ao Jiao in the Faux God World.

Ao Jiao smiled and replied, “Don’t you know that the Martial God Palace backs the eight great empires? After hitting the requirements, I naturally can enter.”

Xiao Chen now understood. Actually, he could have figured this out after some thought.

He just had not seen Ao Jiao for too long, so his mind went blank for a while.

The super faction disciples watching from a distance all felt stunned. Unexpectedly, the Martial God Palace’s Ao Jiao would stand up for a Heavenly Alliance newcomer.

“Damn! Who is this newcomer?! He seems to be an old friend of the Solar Divine Daughter.”

“No…my goddess. Is it all over?”

“This is an eyesore. Seeing the two’s conversation, you can tell that they share a deep relationship.”

The many super faction disciples’ expressions showed envy and confusion as they looked at the Comprehension Platform.

Mu Yunzhu appeared somewhat unsightly. It was already sufficient that Ao Jiao personally made a move. However, she ignored him after arriving. “I say, are you two done whispering sweet nothings to each other?”

When Ao Jiao heard that, she turned around and said, “Mu Yunzhu, since you are already done with your comprehension, stop monopolizing the Comprehension Platform. Previously, everyone gave you face and did not interrupt your comprehension. Don’t think that this Comprehension Platform really belongs to your Profound Heaven Holy Land.”

“What if I don’t leave?”

Mu Yunzhu’s lips curled up slightly into a cold smile. “You interrupted my comprehension, and you want to chase me away? Ao Jiao, do you really think that I, Mu Yunzhu, fear you?”

“Pu ci!”

Before Ao Jiao could speak, Little Yellow Feather spread its wings and spewed resplendent Solar True Flame at the Profound Heaven Holy Land’s group.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

A strong wind blew, and the Solar True Flame containing Divine Might swept through the place, along with a vast Divine Might.

Mu Yunzhu threw a palm strike and scattered most of the Solar True Flame. However, it still forced him back several steps.

While Mu Yunzhu was still fine, the other Profound Heaven Holy Land disciples found it almost unbearable. The Solar True Flame forced them to retreat to the very edge of the platform.

“Come back,” Ao Jiao called out softly. Little Yellow Feather turned around and landed on Ao Jiao’s shoulder.

“The Golden Crow!”

Mu Yunzhu stared at Little Yellow Feather with defiance in his eyes. Damn it! To think that a pure-blooded Holy Beast appeared in the Martial Epoch.

Furthermore, it got tamed by someone. Although it is young, we will not have any advantages when facing Ao Jiao if she has the Golden Crow’s help.

“Let’s go,” Mu Yunzhu said coldly. As he passed Xiao Chen, he paused and said indifferently, “Trash. Had you not hidden behind a woman, I could crush you with one hand.”

Xiao Chen retorted softly, “Is that so? In that case, make your move and test me out.”

Mu Yunzhu immediately smiled in his heart. I was just waiting for you to say this. He turned around, and a strong wind blew from his body at Xiao Chen, forcing Xiao Chen to squint.

“If you dare to exchange one move with me, just one move, and I cannot defeat you, I will give you one thousand Faux God Coins.”

When Ao Jiao heard this, she raised her eyebrows. However, she did not say anything.

Ao Jiao understood Xiao Chen. He had always been a calm person and would not make a rash decision. She asked softly, “Are you confident?”

“Right now, I am indeed not as strong as him. However, there are no problems with receiving one move from him.”

Ao Jiao nodded slightly. Then, she stepped aside without saying another word.

This was trust. A trust and tacit understanding that came from sharing life and death, from interacting with each other for twenty-odd years in the Kunlun Realm.

“Is he seeking death?”

“Mu Yunzhu has been in the Faux God World for four years already. His Light Dao Domain has reached the second layer. His Profound Heaven Art is at the third layer. Among the disciples of the Profound Heaven Holy Land, his strength definitely ranks in the top five!”

“Youths are still unable to endure agitation. With the Golden Crow around, this Mu Yunzhu cannot touch him. To think that he took the initiative to step forward.”

The many watching super faction disciples found this scene somewhat strange.

Even if it was just one move and the rules prohibited killing in the Divine Capital, Mu Yunzhu could render Xiao Chen bedridden for one and a half years if their strength differed by too much.

This would waste a significant portion of Xiao Chen’s time in the Faux God World. The thing everyone valued the most here was time.

Xiao Chen looked at Mu Yunzhu and asked, “How do we decide the victory in this one move?”

Mu Yunzhu smiled coldly. “Whoever retreats loses. If you lose, I do not need you to do anything. If you do not retreat, consider it my loss, and I will give you one thousand Faux God Coins.”

Confidence filled Mu Yunzhu’s words. He simply did not believe there was any possibility of Xiao Chen winning.

As long as Xiao Chen dared to receive a palm strike from him, Mu Yunzhu felt confident of severely injuring the other party. It would be worth it to vent his hatred.

Xiao Chen retorted indifferently, “I do not want your Faux God Coins. If you lose, roll off these one hundred thousand steps by yourself.”

“Unfortunately, I cannot lose. You have no idea how wide the gap between us is.” Mu Yunzhu guffawed and directly attacked.


Dazzling light burst out of Mu Yunzhu’s body. A light as resplendent as the sun appeared on the Comprehension Platform. Everyone within five thousand kilometers could see the piercing light.

Simultaneously, a terrifying Dao Might erupted from his body before he made a move.

The Dao Might coming from Mu Yunzhu could knock out most ordinary Sovereign Personages, something extremely terrifying.

“Peak second-layer Light Dao Domain!”

“No wonder. No wonder Mu Yunzhu is so angry. It turns out that he was trying to break through to the Dao Domain’s third layer but got interrupted by Xiao Chen.”

“Don’t speak so carelessly. Even if he was not interrupted, he might not reach the Dao Domain’s third layer.”

“However, this Heavenly Alliance newcomer will definitely lose. Look at his Dao Domain; it has not even stabilized at the first layer yet. The difference is too great.”

Before the exchange started, Mu Yunzhu’s powerful Dao Might made everyone feel that Xiao Chen had lost already.

“I will show you the true Profound Heaven Fist. Hundred symbols together!” Mu Yunzhu roared and punched after bringing out the second-layer Light Dao Domain.

One hundred profound symbols formed a light wave on the fist light, accompanying a ruthless punch at Xiao Chen. A small world materialized where the fist light appeared. As it swept out, space even twisted slightly, producing ripples.


This punch showed everyone Mu Yunzhu’s mighty strength once more. Everyone knew that this person was arrogant, but he did have the capital to be arrogant.

“Idiot master, don’t let anyone truly injure you.”

When Ao Jiao saw the situation, she frowned heavily and could not help worrying, afraid that Xiao Chen had taken on too much.

Great Desolate Eon bloodline, Alloy Battle Armor, Only I Am Supreme!

Xiao Chen did not dare to be careless. He brought out his various trump cards.

He instantly activated his Great Desolate Eon bloodline. At the same time, a set of silver battle armor covered his entire body. Then, without even thinking, he stepped forward and used offense as defense.

Supreme Dragon Fist, Only I Am Supreme!

A Ten Thousand Dragons Picture appeared behind Xiao Chen. His strongest killing move, enhanced by the Ten Thousand Dragons Picture, surged forward to counter the other party’s move.

That was not all. Martial and Soul as One!

The instant Xiao Chen attacked, he entered a state of Martial and Soul as One. The fist light he burst out with made the world lose its color right away. Besides his fist light, only the colors black and white remained in the Comprehension Platform.


The two fists clashed. A thunderous sound surged out in all directions. Terrifying light waves radiated everywhere.

The ancient Comprehension Platform seemed to tremble slightly.

“Martial and Soul as One!”

Neither the Alloy Battle Armor nor the Great Desolate Eon bloodline shocked anyone. Everyone could sense the Great Desolate Eon bloodline in Xiao Chen’s body, and as someone from the Heavenly Alliance, he definitely possessed a set of Alloy Battle Armor.

Mu Yunzhu had definitely anticipated this.

However, Mu Yunzhu and the watching super faction disciples did not expect Xiao Chen to have comprehended Martial and Soul as One.

That was a state that even Sovereign Emperors sought in their dreams.

Resplendent light burst out from the Comprehension Platform. This light was so piercing and dazzling that no one could clearly see what happened there.

“Who lost?”

After Xiao Chen entered the state of Martial and Soul as One, everyone felt that this initially one-sided situation might bring some surprises.

To think that no one could see the situation inside at the crucial moment. Everyone immediately turned anxious.