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Chapter 2134 Raw 2239 : Who Is It?

The Profound Heaven Holy Land, one of the eight super factions, controlled the major characters of the Shenwu Dynasty.

The Profound Heaven Holy Land possessed deep accumulations. They had already existed a long time before the last great war between the righteous factions and the demonic factions.

If Xiao Chen recalled correctly, the Heavenly Alliance’s Sword Venerate Gongzi Lan came from the Shenwu Dynasty.

The thirty-kilometer-tall platform had one hundred thousand steps. At the summit, the surroundings were already shrouded in clouds and fog. The cloud sea churned, appearing like a celestial realm.

There were one hundred thousand steps. Walking them was not easy.

To be suddenly told that the place was fully booked, no one would be happy at that.

Naturally, Xiao Chen was no exception. A total of four people blocked him in front—all of them Peak Sovereign Personages.

These people had been in the Holy Domain’s Divine Capital for some time already. Their auras were exceptionally dense, and their cultivations felt as heavy as a mountain, like a vast sea. When the four stood together, the combination of their auras was genuinely incredible.

Xiao Chen looked behind the four and saw no one else but one person on a True God’s prayer mat on the Comprehension Platform.

“What are you looking at? Quickly, scram!”

When the person in the middle saw that Xiao Chen had no intention of leaving, he got somewhat angry. He took a step forward and pressed his aura over.

The pressure from every step of the one hundred thousand steps was extremely intense. People standing above would have a huge advantage by sending down their aura with the steps’ pressure.


Without saying anything else, the other party punched at Xiao Chen from above.

The fist light flickered with mysterious, profound symbols. This was the strongest Martial Technique of the Profound Heaven Holy Land, the Profound Heaven Fist.

The light of the profound symbols spread out, and the fist light materialized a one-hundred-meter-wide beam of light. Nine profound symbols circulated through the light beam. As the fist descended, it felt like a small world pressing down on Xiao Chen.

“Senior Brother Hong Tao’s Profound Heaven Fist has gotten more exquisite. He managed to bring out nine seal symbols with one punch.”

“The newcomer is really arrogant. He overestimates himself.”

The group of Profound Heaven Holy Land disciples smiled coldly. They imagined their senior brother Hong Tao knocking Xiao Chen into the air in the next moment. Then, Xiao Chen would crawl away miserably like a dog after rolling down the one hundred thousand steps.


However, an unexpected scene appeared. Xiao Chen counterpunched, clashing head-on.

Xiao Chen, who was below, forcefully received the punch—and he remained unmoving like Mount Tai.

An indistinct Ten Thousand Dragons Picture appeared behind him. Dragon roars came from his body as he perfectly blocked this punch.

“Competing in Fist Techniques with me?” Xiao Chen smiled coldly. The indistinct Ten Thousand Dragons Picture behind him suddenly flared bright. Supreme Dragon Fist, Leaderless Dragons.

The ten thousand dragons behind Xiao Chen immediately roared furiously before turning into strands of fist light and crashing relentlessly into the nine-symbol light beam in the other party’s fist light.

“Crack! Crack!”

Xiao Chen’s fist light crushed the world-like nine-symbol light beam, shattering it to bits in mere moments. Hong Tao stumbled and nearly fell over.

“He is from the Dragon Race!”

“How strong! What Fist Technique is this? Its offensive power is nearly comparable to the Emperor Dragon Fist of the Martial God Palace’s Qin Ming.”

The others felt greatly startled. Unexpectedly, Xiao Chen’s punch managed to push back their senior brother Hong Tao.

This is a person who just arrived in the Faux God World?

Hong Tao’s expression turned slightly unsightly as he roared furiously at Xiao Chen. His aura erupted, and his hair fluttered messily. Then, he pressed over to Xiao Chen again. A profound symbol appeared on his forehead, and his punch immediately displayed a might several times stronger than the previous one.

Xiao Chen felt startled. The Faux God World was genuinely incredible. These people came here only a few years earlier, but their strength was already comparable to the four heaven-defying Sovereign Personages in the Heavenly Alliance’s test.

However, since the other party specialized in Fist Techniques, the other party was destined to lose this battle.

The vast and mighty group of dragons wanders the world, entering the sky and the sea. Who is honored?

The group of dragons is leaderless in the four seas and eight cardinal directions. The world is unfair, and the evil dragon rules. Why is he honored?

Commanding the Dragons!

Xiao Chen executed the Supreme Dragon Fist’s second move without having to think. A tyrant that subdued a group of dragons and ruled the world appeared in his fist light.


Xiao Chen forcefully received the other party’s punch and grunted slightly. However, he did not take a single step back.

Regretless Heavenly Dragon!

Xiao Chen executed the Supreme Dragon Fist’s third move. A terrifying offensive power surged out from him.

The boundless aura gathered into a grand aspiration coalescing in Xiao Chen’s punch. As he punched, it was like a regretless Heavenly Dragon charged forward without looking back, carrying determination and a willingness to sacrifice itself.

Damn it… What Fist Technique is this? To think that it is so oppressive, Hong Tao cursed angrily in his heart.

He understood that his proficiency in his Fist Technique surpassed the other party’s, and his cultivation would suppress the other party.

However, the offensive prowess of the other party’s Fist Technique forcefully suppressed his own Fist Technique, driving him back.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

After another three punches, Xiao Chen stood on the tall platform and knocked the other party into the air as ten thousand dragons roared ferociously.

“Plop!” Hong Tao fell to the ground, and blood leaked out of his mouth. He gazed at Xiao Chen with some horror, his eyes wide with confusion. To think that he lost to the other party’s Fist Technique.

“Senior Brother Hong Tao!”

The others felt shocked. They rushed over and helped Hong Tao up.

Then, they glared at Xiao Chen in anger. “What a fellow! You just arrived here, and you dare to injure the people of our Profound Heaven Holy Land? Don’t you know that the Comprehension Platform is our Profound Heaven Holy Land’s territory? We have already given you, a newcomer, a lot of face by telling you to come tomorrow.”

Xiao Chen smiled coldly in his heart. He said indifferently, “Given me face? Forget it. My skin is too thin; I can’t take it. The Holy Domain envoy did not say that cultivating at this Comprehension Platform depended on the mood of your Profound Heaven Holy Land.”

“The Supreme Dragon Fist truly lives up to its reputation! However, this is not the place for you to do as you please!”

The one person on a prayer mat on the Comprehension Platform suddenly opened his eyes. His voice contained a Great Dao. At first, it felt inconsequential, but it slowly became ear-piercing. As the sound rumbled, it felt like a raging river gushing and roaring.

It was just one sentence, but it made everyone’s Qi and blood churn. Xiao Chen vaguely felt some tiny tears in his internal organs. As his Qi and blood churned, his complexion turned red, and he tasted something sweet in his throat. He nearly could not stop himself from vomiting blood.

The Dao-infused sound spread out, scattering the surrounding clouds and spreading throughout the Divine Capital.

Immediately, several cultivators cultivating in their residences opened their eyes and looked towards the Comprehension Platform. Then, they showed strange expressions.

“Isn’t Mu Yunzhu coming out of closed-door cultivation tomorrow?”

“Something is wrong. It seems like someone interrupted him; I have no idea who. Interesting…”

“This time, Mu Yunzhu seems to have gained a lot at the Comprehension Platform.”

“Let’s go and take a look.”

Several super faction members felt somewhat curious. They either went to the highest points of their residence or directly flew over to check out the situation.

“Pu ci!”

In the end, Xiao Chen could not hold back, vomiting a mouthful of blood.

Xiao Chen dropped to one knee as the Dao-infused sound lingered in his ears. The other party merged his Great Dao with his Soul Energy, causing it to reach deep into Xiao Chen’s Soul Pool. Just a simple sentence achieved the same effect as Xiao Chen’s Candle Dragon Eyes.

“Senior Brother Mu!”

Upon seeing this person open his eyes, the other Profound Heaven Holy Land disciples quickly knelt in horror.

“We are incapable, allowing someone to interrupt Senior Brother Mu. Senior Brother, please punish us!”

Hong Tao appeared terrified, not daring to look over. He really did wrong this time. Had he known earlier, the group would have attacked together and directly knocked away this rabble.

Hong Tao could only suffer this hatred; he had underestimated the other party. Unexpectedly, the Heavenly Alliance newcomer grasped such a formidable Fist Technique.

“Stand up and speak. How can you kneel before outsiders? What a scandal!” Mu Yunzhu said indifferently as he stood up slowly.

Mu Yunzhu wore clothes of alternating blue and white. He had a stern expression and gave off a startling sharpness.

“So, it is a Heavenly Alliance newcomer. It’s over. He just arrived, and he offended the Profound Heaven Holy Land’s Mu Yunzhu.”

“Among the two hundred-odd people of the Profound Heaven Holy Land, Mu Yunzhu ranks third. He possesses terrifying strength. How can a newcomer to the Faux God World resist him?”

The onlookers sighed softly as they watched from afar.

Mu Yunzhu swept his gaze around and fixed it on Xiao Chen, who knelt on one knee. He showed a cold expression as some loathing flashed in his eyes. “Where did this dog come from? You overestimate yourself. Scram!”

“Mu Yunzhu, try and touch him, I dare you to!”

Just as Mu Yunzhu prepared to attack Xiao Chen, a melodious, pleasing voice rang out from the foot of the one hundred thousand steps.

While the voice sounded pleasing, the rage and murderous intent it contained inspired chills, making others tremble.

Mu Yunzhu’s expression flickered, and his movements paused. Doubt flashed in his eyes.

Why is this person from the Martial God Palace suddenly interfering in the Profound Heaven Holy Land’s matter?