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Chapter 2132 Raw 2237 : Holy Domain

Chapter 2132 (Raw 2237): Holy Domain

This feeling?

Engulfed by the pillar of light, Xiao Chen felt a strange pressure. It slowly started to hurt and threatened to become unbearable.

However, Xiao Chen was still relatively fine. Some of the one hundred ten newcomers started screaming. Their eyes turned bloodshot, then bled.

Lord Mu showed a grave expression, not saying anything. The other old men beside him did not feel surprised.

“How unbearable!”

“My eyes! Ah!”

Every time newcomers were sent to the Faux God World, some would die in the process. The Faux God World and the Great Thousand Realms were on two completely different levels, practically different planes of existence.

The time in the Faux God World flowed slowly, ten times slower than in the Great Thousand Realms. One’s physical body needed to endure this pressure in the process of being sent over.

I wish you all good luck.Lord Mu sincerely blessed the newcomers in his heart. He wanted to help these people, but he could not do anything. Whether one could endure or not would depend on oneself.

This was one of the main reasons why the Heavenly Alliance’s membership threshold was so high. If they lowered the requirements, many people could not make it into the Faux God World. On the contrary, they would harm themselves instead.

If one could not enter the Faux God World, there would be no point in joining the Heavenly Alliance. The time spent in the Faux God World was critical.

Why could a super faction pull so far ahead of the other factions? It was because their core members enjoyed the special privilege of entering the Faux God World before becoming Sovereign Emperors. The other factions could not offer this.

Not to mention the various lands of experiential training and availability of Secret Techniques that were hard to find in the outside world, just the tenfold slower flow of time could already put a distance between them and others.

Consider two cultivators of similar strength. If one cultivated in the Great Thousand Realms for one year, and the other cultivated in the Faux God World for ten years, it was obvious who would be stronger.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Lights flickered in the empty hall as Xiao Chen and the others vanished one by one.

Lord Mu felt slightly startled and shocked. “How rare! The entire batch managed to enter the Faux God World. None of them exploded in the process.”

“These one hundred ten people selected from more than one million Sovereign Personages are indeed extraordinary,” a gray-clad old man beside Lord Mu sighed softly.

Lord Mu nodded slightly and said, “Go to headquarters and deal with the handover. I will bring them to report to the Holy Domain.”

“Yes, Milord.”

Lord Mu’s body slowly immaterialized and vanished. He managed this very easily.


Amid haziness, Xiao Chen opened his eyes, his complexion pale. The pressure was somewhat unbearable. When he looked around, he discovered the others kneeling on the ground and holding their heads; all of them showed expressions of fear.

The surroundings appeared blurry, glowing with flowing seven-colored lights. Xiao Chen knew that these were the flow of space and time.

“Very good. I am thrilled that all of you survived. In every batch, there would be people dying in the transfer process.”

Lord Mu’s figure appeared before everyone. His words made everyone celebrate.

“We should reach the Faux God World in another fifteen minutes. For now, come over to me and use the time to rest. Remember, don’t move about carelessly. We are surrounded by the flow of space and time. If you enter it, you will die unless you are a Faux God.”

With a grave expression, Lord Mu formed hand seals with both hands. Then, ripples appeared from under his feet.

Xiao Chen and the others could not understand what was going on, but they still hurried over, not daring to tarry.

After everyone got close, Mu Zifeng crossed his hands, and the light ripples formed an energy ball encasing the group.


“We’ve arrived,” Lord Mu said softly. Immediately, everyone perked up, feeling extremely curious.

“We have arrived at the Faux God World?”

Everyone quickly looked out, peering through the energy ball. Xiao Chen looked up and took in the boundless darkness.

There was a mysterious energy flow in the air. This energy flow permeated the energy ball and entered everyone’s body, bringing a feeling of comfort.

The discomfort and fatigue everyone felt vanished.

“This is the power of the world, the most ancient and primeval energy in the world. This is the foundation of all living beings and even non-living things. Unfortunately…there is already very little of it. You do not need to intentionally absorb and refine this power of the world. With your cultivation, you cannot comprehend the power of the world. For you, it is just like air,” Lord Mu said indifferently when he saw the joy on the newcomers’ faces.

It’s air?

Xiao Chen took a deep breath and felt gratified.If this is really air, I want to breathe it in forever.

Xiao Chen looked into the distance. The sky appeared chaotic; winds and clouds roiled, showing all sorts of scenes. Strange cracks and ripples appeared indistinctly overhead. It was like the heaven and earth of this Faux God World had yet to split apart.

[TL Note: Splitting the heaven and earth apart: this is a reference to the Chinese myths of the world’s creation. The world started as a mass of Primal Chaos, no Yin, and no Yang. Then, the Primal Chaos split apart to form the heaven and the earth, materializing Yin and Yang. Then, Yin and Yang divided into the four divisions, then from the four divisions to the eight trigrams and so on, continuing until everything was formed.]

The entire world looked gray and hazy; there was not much color to it.

This place appeared extremely primitive. Even the air felt ancient. Xiao Chen looked around, and a bright light occasionally flashed in his eyes.This is too mystical. To think that the atmosphere here contains many primitive Great Dao.

Wind, fire, thunder, these Great Dao perfectly merged with the air. It is like the Primal Chaos has not split yet, appearing pure and complex at the same time. This feels very contradictory.

However, as I breathe, I can find the signs of the various Great Dao. This is simply too incredible, too mystical.

The others also discovered the strangeness around them. They all showed excited expressions. The Faux God World was an excellent place to be.

“Lord Mu, this is too incredible. How is this place form? How is this the rubble of the Heavenly Realm? It is clearly a treasure land!” a newcomer could not help saying excitedly.

Mu Zifeng replied indifferently, “This is the Primal Chaos space. It already existed during the Great Desolate Eon. During the Immortal Epoch, it was altered into the Heavenly Court. During the Martial Epoch, it became the Heavenly Realm. Now, everyone is used to calling it the Faux God World. To us, it is indeed a treasure land. However, that is not necessarily so for ordinary people. Unlike primary worlds, it cannot bring forth life.

“Because of the Primal Chaos, everything here is the most primitive. It is much easier for us to comprehend a Great Dao here than in the Great Thousand Realms. You can see the circulation of Great Dao Energy with your naked eyes, even some laws of spacetime.

“We’ll arrive at the Holy Domain soon.” Lord Mu looked into the distance and said indifferently, “The Holy Domain used the power of the world to split the Primal Chaos, creating the only continent in the Faux God World. In the future, you will live and cultivate at the Holy Domain. Remember to follow the rules there.”

“Who controls the Holy Domain?”

Xiao Chen recalled that someone had mentioned the Holy Domain to him before. However, he did not expect the Holy Domain to be in the Faux God World.

“The Holy Domain’s master is a True God who managed to survive the last great war between the righteous and demonic factions. However, he now can live only in the Faux God World. The flow of time outside is too luxurious for True Gods considering their limited lifespans… Now, it is primarily the eight super factions that manage the Holy Domain together.”

“There are still True Gods?” Many people felt startled. True God, the peak of the Martial Dao. That was a legendary existence.

“Don’t kick up a fuss. Otherwise, I will not be able to save you if you stir up some ancient existences… We’ve arrived.”

After speaking, Mu Zifeng led the group in descending from the air.

Finally, a complete continent appeared in the hazy gray space. After landing, the newcomers felt more at peace.

Even though Lord Mu protected them earlier when they flew through space, they still felt on edge.

This was the Holy Domain, the only complete continent in the Faux God Realm.

However, a solid energy barrier appeared before everyone’s eyes, blocking their view. They could not see what the Holy Domain looked like.

“Alright, this is as far as I am sending you. A Holy Domain envoy will come to receive you in a while. You will spend most of your ten years in the Faux God Realm in the Holy Domain. Remember to follow the rules here. After all, my Heavenly Alliance is not a strong faction among the eight super factions. We cannot provide much protection. If you get into trouble, no one can save you.” Lord Mu gave some final instructions.

“Ah! Lord Mu, you are leaving?”

Many people felt startled. Unexpectedly, Lord Mu would be leaving.

Lord Mu smiled indifferently and said, “It is just ten years; ten years is not long. After that, you will all be formal members of the Heavenly Alliance. I look forward to seeing your improvements during these ten years and whether the earlier ranking will change.”

As Mu Zifeng spoke, three figures passed through the barrier and appeared before everyone.

The person in the middle went over to Mu Zifeng. After the two exchanged a few words, Mu Zifeng left.

“Come with me. Don’t be too worried. All you have to do here is cultivate in peace. The Holy Domain treats all the members from the eight super factions equally,” the blue-clad Holy Domain envoy said softly. Then, he casually tapped the air, making a mark appear on everyone’s forehead. When they opened their eyes after a blink, they found that the barrier before them had vanished.

The majestic Holy Domain appeared before everyone in its entirety.