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Chapter 2131 Raw 2236 : Faux God World

Chapter 2131 (Raw 2236): Faux God World

“This Xiao Chen, I, Mu Zifeng, will protect him.”

The gray-clad old man was not surprised at Lord Mu’s decision. After all, Xiao Chen was the Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor’s follower.

With Xiao Chen’s talent and comprehension ability, it would be worth the Heavenly Alliance protecting him. Since Lord Mu already decided, there was no need to pursue the topic.

“Only these two are somewhat problematic. There are basically no issues with the others. If Milord has no other arrangements, I will withdraw first,” the gray-clad old man said respectfully.

Lord Mu said after a while, “Find some time and get this Grim Reaper Lin Feng to come and meet me. I want to test him out.”

No matter that, this Lin Feng came from the Underworld God Hall. Mu Zifeng needed to make sure there was nothing wrong.

“Got it.”

The Immortal Alloy warship leaped through space in the boundless Starry Heavens, traveling past the many stars as it headed for the Heavenly Alliance’s headquarters.

One month passed before Xiao Chen and the others realized it. They were told that they had traveled only half the distance.

Even with the Immortal Alloy warship’s speed, they had traveled only half the distance after one month.

If these newcomers had to travel independently, it would take them more than ten years to reach the Heavenly Alliance’s headquarters.

Xiao Chen did not find this time boring. He already finished practicing the first three moves of the Mahāmāyā Abstinence Violation Saber Technique. He could use this time to think about the next three moves—In the Mortal Realm, Three Life Flower, and Merciless Killing.

There was a total of twelve moves to the Mahāmāyā Abstinence Violation Saber Technique, which was derived from the one move of the Gautama Divine Palm, a Primogenitor Grade Cultivation Technique. This Saber Technique possessed overbearing might.

Even a Sovereign Emperor would find this Mahāmāyā Abstinence Violation Saber Technique powerful.

Unfortunately, the saber manual was already scattered all over the Great Thousand Realms. It would be somewhat difficult to collect all of the moves.

Initially, Xiao Chen had only the first three moves. Later on, he made an exchange with the little monk Yan Chen, obtaining another three moves.

Xiao Chen spent most of this one month thinking about In the Mortal Realm. This was a fascinating Buddhist sect Saber Technique. The Mahāmāyā Abstinence Violation Saber Technique’s first move was Breaking the Mundane. The mundane world was full of troubles, age, illness, love, hate, parting, and desire.

Hence, one needed to cut off the mundane. However, this fourth move, called In the Mortal Realm, contained very profound Buddhist principles.

It was not easy to comprehend.

Fortunately, Xiao Chen possessed the śarīra that the Maheśvara Buddha left behind. After the śarīra merged with his body, his Buddhist nature far surpassed that of many esteemed monks.

Xiao Chen already made some headway after one month.

In the Mortal Realm?

Who is in the mortal realm? Am I in the mortal realm, or is Buddha in the mortal realm? Who am I, and who is me? Who is Buddha? Was it I who went to the mortal realm where Buddha is, or did Buddha come to the mortal realm that I am in?

After one understood this seemingly simple Buddhist hymn that contained all sorts of enlightenment, one could comprehend the true meaning of this move.


Time crept by. As Xiao Chen pondered the Saber Technique, the Immortal Alloy warship got increasingly closer to the Heavenly Alliance’s headquarters.

Two months had passed. On this day, Nangong Feng announced joyfully after entering the room, “Xiao Chen, I heard that we would arrive at the Heavenly Alliance’s headquarters soon.”

“Is that so?”

The other three revealed expressions of anticipation. They were finally arriving. After two months, the four showed significant improvements, having gained a lot. However, the routine had started to pall. They anticipated truly entering Heavenly Alliance’s headquarters.

“However, I heard in the tavern that we will not stay at the Heavenly Alliance’s headquarters for long. This is because we will be sent to the Faux God World. Only after ten years of bitter cultivation can one truly enter the Heavenly Alliance.”

Faux God World?

As the name suggested, the Faux God World was, simply put, the world where Faux Gods lived. Without reaching the Faux God Realm, even the Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor would have to pay a stupendous price to enter the Faux God World.

Xiao Chen had heard about the Faux God Realm before. After the World Tree broke, the Heavenly Realm collapsed, no longer existing. Once things settled down after the last great war between the righteous factions and demonic factions, the surviving True Gods and Faux Gods established the Faux God World on the Heavenly Realm’s rubble.

While it was a special space like the Heavenly Realm, it could not compare to the Heavenly Realm.

The original Heavenly Realm had the World Tree to send out the power of the world. The Faux Gods there could use the power of the world to turn faux to real and become a True God, gaining an eternal lifespan.

However, the current Faux God World had only half the World Tree. The lifeforce it possessed could not allow the Faux Gods to turn into True Gods.

Right now, in the Martial Epoch, the highest one could reach was the Faux God Realm. One could no longer cultivate to the True God Realm.

The current True Gods were the surviving True Gods from the last great war between the righteous factions and the demonic factions, who lived on carefully.

Furthermore, they no longer had an eternal lifespan. In the end, they actually regressed to Faux Gods.

However, to Xiao Chen and the others, the Faux God World still held a boundless attraction. It was like a legendary or mythical world.

Yun Fei and the others felt somewhat surprised. Unexpectedly, they could enter the Faux God Realm to cultivate.

“Is that true?”

Nangong Feng nodded and said, “It is true. Only the eight super factions have the qualifications to send their newcomers to the Faux God World to cultivate for ten years. However, we will have to pay an astronomical price to enter the Faux God World again in the future once these ten years pass. Otherwise, we will have to wait until we are Faux Gods to do so.

“Time passes extremely slowly in the Faux God World, ten times slower than the outside. That is to say, ten years in the Faux God World is only one year outside.”

Everyone felt mystified upon hearing Nangong Feng’s introduction.

Yun Fei asked, “How did you learn all this?”

Nangong Feng smiled and said, “The three of you remained here without going out for two months. How could you possibly know? There are people with powerful backgrounds or well-informed people among our batch of newcomers. It is not difficult to find out all this by going to the tavern and asking around.”

Just at this moment, Xiao Chen turned his head and noticed a strange sight in the Starry Heavens scene outside the window.

A vast and boundless continent floated in the distance with the illusory Starry Heavens as a backdrop.

That continent was made up of seven golden fragments. When seen from the Starry Heavens, this supercontinent glistened, flickering with light and looking like stars.

“The Heavenly Alliance’s headquarters!”

Nangong Feng and the others quickly went to the window. The sight of the distant hovering golden continent shocked them.

This supercontinent was much larger than many stars, simply shockingly huge.

There seemed to be someone refining a star above it, extracting the star’s flames to temper and forge treasures.

Occasionally, a light flickered above the incredibly huge golden continent as many grandmaster Alchemists and blacksmiths of the Heavenly Alliance worked busily and anxiously.

There were millions of medicine cauldrons or forging cauldrons within the light.

Some of these cauldrons were gargantuan, as much as thirty kilometers tall. They blazed intensely as they refined stars.

Figures packed the surroundings of humongous cauldrons, busily moving about and continuously tossing in various ingredients. Thousands of blacksmiths formed hand seals simultaneously, using the flames of a star to forge a treasure.

This golden continent looked boundless from the Starry Heavens. The vast scene that Xiao Chen and the others saw was only the tip of the iceberg.

“This Heavenly Alliance’s headquarters is ridiculously huge.” Xiao Chen felt shocked. He saw many stars above the Heavenly Alliance’s headquarters, appearing like green beans dotting the boundless continent’s sky.

However, after thinking for a while, he realized that this was nothing. With his current strength, many of the stars in the Starry Heavens could not hold up against him if he used his full power. After all, this place could not compare to the Central Great Realm, the heart of the Martial Epoch. The Central Great Realm contained the power of the epoch; destroying it was practically impossible.

Nangong Feng said after some thought, “Do you see the seven golden fragments? I heard that they are fragments of the Heavenly Realm. After the Heavenly Alliance obtained them, it forged them for more than ten thousand years to form the scene before us.

The Heavenly Realm’s fragments can be forged?

From the Alloy Battle Armor to the Heavenly Realm fragments before him, then the Faux God World that he would enter soon, Xiao Chen felt that his ken kept getting raised, already feeling somewhat numb to the revelations.

“The ship is about to arrive at the headquarters. Everyone, please enter the cultivation rooms and do not make any strange movements.”

Lord Mu’s voice rang out in everyone’s ears. The four entered their cultivation room, which had formations protecting it, and settled down to wait.

Soon, they heard a loud crash, and the entire warship shook intensely.

Fortunately, Xiao Chen and the others were in the cultivation room and did not get affected.

“Everyone, disembark!”

Lord Mu’s voice sounded again. The four obeyed the instructions and left the warship.

Everyone found themselves in an empty hall. The one hundred ten new members curiously sized up their surroundings.

The roof of the vast hall soared ten kilometers high. Complex and profound formations shone overhead; just one glance induced a headache.

Lord Mu looked at everyone and said, “According to tradition, the newcomers will be sent to the Faux God World for ten years of bitter cultivation. I hope you treasure these ten years. It is not easy for the Heavenly Alliance to send you there. When in the Faux God World, remember to follow the rules of the Faux God World. When you come out ten years later, you will be formal members of the Heavenly Alliance.”

This group of powerful Sovereign Personages did not even dare to make a sound when facing Lord Mu. Be it the other party’s might and pressure or his prestige in the Heavenly Alliance, Xiao Chen and the others always maintained a reverential attitude towards this Lord Mu.

“Don’t think that you are very incredible for entering the Heavenly Alliance. I can tell you that everything you have experienced is just the tip of the Martial Epoch’s iceberg. The true grand stage has only just begun. The real experts are far more terrifying than you imagine. I wish you all good luck.”

Right after Lord Mu spoke, a pillar of light fell from above, engulfing the Heavenly Alliance newcomers.

“Begin. Enter the Faux God World!”